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Diary Blog, 17 May 2023, with discussion about economic sanctions on Russia and on 1970s Rhodesia

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[“the Fuhrer as friend of animals“]


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We must never forget “the men behind the wire”.

This looks hopeful, on the face of it. Kennedy is all for taking away the ricebowl of the Kiev regime. At the same time, Biden is very clearly mentally unfit to continue in his office.

Economic sanctions

Economic sanctions either do not work at all or have unexpected consequences. When I visited Rhodesia in 1977, aged 20, I half-expected to see a country weighed down by sanctions imposed by the UN. What I found was a country where those who owned cars mostly drove quite new ones. The UK complied with the sanctions regime, but France, Germany, Japan etc did not, judging by the cars seen on the road. Outside the capital, Salisbury (now Harare), though, there were often empty roads— one sanction that did have an effect was that on fuel, which was rationed.

I noticed that books were hard to get. The main bookshop (I was told it was the main one) in Salisbury had few if any serious books (and none of my then-favourite Penguin Classics), but plenty of books from South Africa, most seemingly (my perception, anyway) about how to take care of your horse/dog/cat/tropical fish. You could buy Wilbur Smith adventures, another South African import [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilbur_Smith]. Also, no American or British news and current events magazines, no Time, Newsweek, Spectator etc. Rather poor South African magazines such as Scope were available. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scope_(magazine).

The dearth of serious reading material was probably the result of both sanctions and the disinclination of most Rhodesians to spend time on intellectual pursuits even of a superficial nature.

As to other effects of the sanctions regime against Rhodesia, imported booze (from Europe or North America) was almost unobtainable, but that did not affect me personally during my time there, because my main drink, apart from water and orange juice, was beer, and the local product was of high quality (Lion Lager or Simba, pronounced “Shumba“, or South African Castle Pilsner, my favourite).

The Rhodesians tried to get around sanctions by diversifying, producing admittedly inferior substitutes for previously imported products. Everything from chocolate to whisky, and even some firearms. I remember seeing ads in the local press for a highly inaccurate submachinegun called the Rho-gun. I seem to recall that the price was about $290 (Rhodesian dollars, not exchangeable outside the country officially, though I did manage to sell quite a few —at a poor exchange rate— to a businessman in Gaborone, Botswana, after I left Rhodesia).

See: https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/BHS_Rhogun and https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/Rhogun. For sale to (white) Rhodesians with the appropriate permit. The Rhodesian military had far better arms, mostly either from South Africa or from elsewhere (and pre-dating UDI Independence from the UK). [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhodesia%27s_Unilateral_Declaration_of_Independence]. See also: https://www.nytimes.com/1977/01/03/archives/travelers-get-armed-guard-on-a-road-vital-to-rhodesia.html.

I noticed that “white goods” such as refrigerators, icemaking machines etc were very expensive, whereas locally-produced food such as oranges, nuts, and biltong (meat, often beef or antelope, dried in the sun) etc was not too expensive.

As for exports (supposedly impossible under the UN sanctions regime), the Rhodesians were able to export minerals and some fruit etc. Years later, I discovered that the Soviet Union, one of the states pressing for harder sanctions against Rhodesia (and South Africa) had in fact been secretly buying Rhodesian exports (at a substantial discount). Chromium and other minerals, and Mazoe oranges (sold in the Soviet Union as “Chinese”, apparently). All shipped out of Mozambique.

Tobacco was another prime export, sold on world markets by a sanctions-busting operation based, I think, in Rotterdam.

The idea that Russia will be “brought to its knees” by economic sanctions is a pipe-dream. In fact, such sanctions help Russia in a “be cruel to be kind” way. They force Russia to diversify, and to improve agriculture and horticulture. The sanctions have also forced Russia to create new trading links, and to strengthen existing ones.

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[regrets for the silly and weaselling intro to the music, and the equally silly graphic…]

“Human rights abuses”

The next time some bought-and-paid-for “British” or American politician-for-hire, or some Jew neo-con publicist, or fake “centrist”, talks about “human rights abuses” by Russia or others, remember the behaviour of the USA itself. Here are a few examples:


In tropical heat and/or blazing sunshine as well…

The above two images show the American concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, on the island of Cuba.

…the fact is that the German camp guards of WW2, and even the brutal Soviet guards in their labour camps, behaved better than the Americans have in recent decades.

Behind the executives, and the paid-for public faces, the New World Order (NWO), and much of that is tied in with World Zionism, and Israel.

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Unless a true movement can emerge in the UK and mainland Europe pretty rapidly, that must be correct.


In 2016, one of the five tweets that got me disbarred, at the instigation of two connected packs of Jews, was that describing Sarkozy —accurately, except that he is not a full Jew, only part— as “a corrupt little Jew“. Well, scroll on 6-7 years and here we are…

Incidentally, my disbarment was both wrongful and actually unlawful: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Another of the five supposedly “grossly offensive” tweets posted by me, as a result of which I was unlawfully disbarred, was that describing snivelling cocaine user and drunk, Gove, as corrupt, as a fraudster and as a freeloader, and also as being in the pocket of the Israel/Jewish lobby.

Well, any argument on that now?

Look at the above news report. Speculators and parasites are favoured by Gove’s latest policy U-turn. Not all are Jews (and not all Jews are speculators and/or parasites) but, at the same time…

So, of the five “offensive” tweets, turns out that, in fact, two were undoubtedly —and now provably— simple true statements of fact, as were also (in reality) the other three tweets in question.

Corbyn was not even decently “antisemitic”, despite the constant (((whine))) about him. In general, a complete idiot.

700,000 immigrants last year. That’s “net”, meaning maybe a million entered but 300,000 (mainly real British people going to Australia, NZ, Canada etc) left.

Britain as a dustbin.

As, I think, Lord Green of Deddington said in the Lords recently, that amount of immigration means that, just to stand still, Britain requires 300 new dwellings every single day!

Horrible little blots such as Tom Harwood are now showing tiny bits of the Green Belt as scruffy here and there. The exceptions that prove the rule— the Green Belt must be saved and, yes, improved.

Starmer can now, I hope, kiss goodbye to his desired Commons majority in 2024. Much as I want rid of the “Conservatives”, Starmer-Labour is now showing its hand…and it is looking even worse.

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It has nothing much to do with “dream of home ownership“. In any case, who wants to own a concrete or brick box in a hellhole landscape, and in which “neighbourhood” your “neighbours” may well be persons of backward culture not long off the boat (literally)?

Is that an honest poll? I wonder. Of course, the public has had 1-2 years of brainwashing or conditioning.

I wonder whether the results might have been different had the question made the point that if Ukraine joins NATO and has a war with Russia, it will be mandatory for all NATO states to join in. That is to say, it would be mandatory to join in a war against Russia which would almost certainly either be or become nuclear.

I suppose that, even were the question to elucidate the situation to the people asked, a few lunatics would still want to fight Russia, but most might think that the utter destruction of their homes and whole way of life would be a high price to pay for supporting “Ukraine” (the Kiev regime)…

Starmer still no more popular than Sunak, give or take a couple of points. Both stupid wasters unpopular with 60%-69% of the voters.

I daresay that, in a month’s time, once people realize that Starmer wants to continue to import millions of unwanted migrant-invaders, and destroy what is left of the still-beautiful English countryside so that millions of hutches can be built to house them, the popularity of Starmer —and so, Labour— will fall further yet.

The whole two-party system (with LibDem/dustbin add-on) is very ingrained. It is, in itself, a potent form of conditioning or brainwashing.


Thinking about that visit to Rhodesia in 1977: many people imagine that a collapsing society looks like Germany in 1945 (or 1923). Not so. I was in Poland (several times) in 1988 and 1989; also, in the DDR/East Germany, and Czechoslovakia.

The whole socialist system fell apart in late 1989. Yet the police still patrolled, the borders were maintained and guarded (until the Berlin Wall fell), utilities still worked, and there were few political demonstrations, let alone riots or the like. Letters continued to be delivered. Shops remained open, even if they had little to sell in some cases. The seismic changes were about to happen, but there were only slight external signs of that.

One got a sense of considerable discontent, talking to people in Poland and Czechoslovakia (on those visits and elsewhere as well), but the surface normality prevailed. The police still functioned, even in Poland (I myself picked up two tickets for, in the American phrase, “jaywalking”, i.e. crossing the road at the wrong place). Fined on the spot…twice. A recidivist.

Turning from those situations to the UK, there often seems to be little public appetite for swift political change. Frustrating for many of us.

We have seen, over 20 years, almost uncontrolled mass immigration (including, now, direct migration-invasion in small boats across the Channel, thousands of the bastards per day), crushing “austerity” for the poorer half of the society, ridiculous policies about the “Covid” “panicdemic” etc, an inability of Government to supply (directly, or via the private and/or third sectors) services vital to the people (such as trains, road repair, NHS or other healthcare, social care for various groups). Also, a failure to guard our borders, and a failure to clamp down on real crime (theft, drug abuse, social nuisance etc)., while kow-towing to Jewish/Zionist pressure re. social media non-crime.

Now we see idiots such as Ann Widdecombe criticizing parents who cannot afford to feed their children cheese sandwiches, while pumping billions out to “Ukraine” (the Jewish regime in Kiev) and to house and feed unwanted nuisances who have arrived via unauthorized Channel crossings.

Talk to people, and you get a sense of weary resignation in them, rather than anger, though that may also be there, under the urbane English exterior.

Still, there is everything yet to play for. The NSDAP vote in Germany was only 2.6% in 1928. Events happened, and the NSDAP triumphed only 4-5 years later.

From the newspapers


Purplebricks, the once high-flying online estate agent that reached a peak valuation of more than £1.3bn, has been sold to Charles Dunstone-backed rival Strike for £1 with all of its more than 750 staff put at risk of redundancy.

Purplebricks launched in 2014 and received early backing from Neil Woodford, the former star stockpicker. It floated on London’s junior market, Aim, in December 2015.”

[The Guardian].

Another example of the madness of crowds, and the madness of finance-capitalism, though I concede that there are arguments to the contrary.

Remember Lastminute.com? The newspapers boosted that simple and actually not very clever idea, made an entitled/privileged and silly woman (and her Jewish business partner) incredibly wealthy in the speculative scramble, but it ended with the small shareholders all wiped out; cheated, in reality.

The woman was even elevated to the Lords by David Cameron-Levita. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lastminute.com and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Lane_Fox.

The only thing that can be said is that at least most of those small shareholders lost only a few hundred pounds, if that, their share allocations having been very small.

Lastminute is still, I think, trading, technically. I tried to use the booking service once, about 20 years ago. Useless.

As to Purplebricks, looks as if many shareholders are now left with the value of their shareholding being worth little more than 1% of the peak valuation.

Late tweets

“Jack Monroe”, someone with a 10+ year history of successful “grifting” and fraud, yet a few nincompoops in the msm have still not woken up to her dishonesty.

Looks as though she is more or less washed up now as a public figure or minor “celebrity”, despite 430 mugs still sending her a total of thousands of pounds each month via Patreon.

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Diary Blog, 3 May 2023

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“Devil’s alternative”— risk getting hit by a Russian drone attack, or risk driving at speed on that kind of road surface…

Yet another Zionist (ex-MP, expenses cheat etc) “supporting” “Ukraine” (the Zelensky regime in Kiev) from a London armchair. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Gapes].

Will Putin respond by launching a tactical nuclear strike on Kiev? An open question.

Idiotic anti-Russia drones are applauding the attack. They seem to have missed the fact that nothing could be better calculated to result in a firming of Russian public sentiment around Putin. Maybe that is why there are already claims that the attack was a Russian “false flag”. Perhaps, but to Russians the Kremlin is almost “sacred” in a sense. Not sure that even the most ruthless Russian politician or military leader would do it.

From the newspapers


“A Bulgarian ‘professional pickpocket’ was deported from the UK but returned using a passport in her maiden name and stole £4,000 from a pensioner, a court heard.

Serial thief Keranka Nicolova, 27, was deported for street stealing in 2018 and banned from Britain.

But the Bulgarian national returned in March this year ‘to commit crime‘, a judge said. And now she has been jailed for two years after admitting theft.

[Daily Mail]

In fact, not “Bulgarian” except in terms of one of her passports. A Gypsy. Look at the photo…

That is not a “Bulgarian”, in fact not any kind of European.

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Kiev-regime individual laughs at the attack on the Kremlin. I wonder whether he will still be laughing this time next year?

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Gerashchenko.

You can see the way this is going— escalation. I would say that is is no better than 50-50 as to whether Kiev and other large cities in Ukraine will still be standing in 5 years’ time.

Late tweets

He lit the blue touch-paper, and is now standing well back…

Perhaps the American leadership is now a little worried that World War Three might be triggered by the nonsense regime in Kiev and that, if it is, America’s 50 largest cities might cease to exist.

A freeloader par excellence. Even his air travel is paid for by someone else.

Looking at Gates gesturing and gesticulating, I cannot but wonder what might lurk in his ancestry…

Beyond that, human beings have an unfortunate propensity to over-value the views of those who happen to have huge amounts of money and/or social position (eg the case of the UK royals).

Slogans are merely words. Look at the Bolshevik ones from 1917.

I keep hoping to read some “interesting” news about Trudeau, but —so far— not one Canadian has stepped up…

Diary Blog, 1 May 2023

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[Black Sea— distant view of Batumi]

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Looks as though it may be possible for Russia to resettle that part of Ukraine east of the Dnieper, once the fighting is over.

The sign (in Russian) on her back says “I love to steal“, i.e. this is some sort of equivalent of putting a relatively minor malefactor in the stocks or at the pillory, as happened in Western Europe hundreds of years ago.

She may have done something as minor as shoplifting. The major thieves in the Ukrainian failed state are those in the Kiev “government”.

In war, truth is the first casualty“. I would certainly not want to be on the receiving end of those “non-existent” Russian missiles!

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The UK Ambassador to the Kiev regime is a scruffy Jewish woman. Is that a co-incidence, or not?

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“Jack Monroe”

Just looked, for the first time in a few weeks, at the Patreon website. Turns out that “grifting” fraud “Jack Monroe” has yet again seen a fall in the number of utter mugs each sending her between £3.50 and £44 a month. At one time last year (mainly thanks to promotion by Jewish TV talking heads and cuisine experts Nigella Lawson and Jay Rayner) she had nearly 900 mugs regularly transferring cash to her; as of today, only 428. A few weeks ago it was still about 460. Still, “not a bad little earner” even now…

Late tweets

Interesting, though I only believe in “financial crises” when the you-know-whos start jumping out of Wall Street windows.

So much for African “independence”, “decolonization” etc. In reality, European, American etc financial and commercial organizations control almost everything, and the weak and corrupt African misgovernments do nothing but take bribes and mess up life for the ordinary African. The truth is that, in almost all cases, white colonial rule was better for Africa, for its human and animal inhabitants, in almost every way, if not every way.

See also (assessment from 2019):

…while the soldiers of the Kiev regime die and suffer in Bakhmut/Artyomovsk. Ukraine is two worlds, and the wealthy few are as remote from the war as people in London or New York.

Incidentally, why do such revellers enjoy horrible noise, disruptive lighting, and jumping up and down? I was not like that even at 21 years of age (or 18, or 16).

An interior view of the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg.

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[Vltava river, Prague]

Diary Blog, 29 April 2023

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[Cloisters, Upper Manhattan]

Saturday quiz

Well, 6/10 this week, and so once again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I knew the answers to questions 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 4, 7, and 9.

Tweets seen

An unverified assertion from an unknown and doubtful source who quotes two other supposed and unknown/unverified sources. Conclusion: probably bs, but it would be nice if it were to turn out to be accurate.

I have been waiting for several years for just one Canadian to step up (’nuff said…). So far, seems that that one hero does not exist…

Important questions. While I myself am totally in favour of the NHS idea of health service (“free at point of use”), in principle, I am even more in favour of a health service that works. Increasingly over the past decade or two, I have been forced to conclude that the NHS does not work, or at least does not work properly.

Late tweets seen

Translation: “we have a crumbling army that has to use press-gangs to enforce enlistment, we have no suitable people for deployment as officers, we have insufficient armament, and we are running out of ammunition.”

In the Western msm, we hear much about the possibility of a palace coup in Russia, but nothing about the arguably greater possibility of an internal putsch in Ukraine, against Zelensky and his cabal.

The Wagner Group has done most of the heavy fighting so far. How can it be left without ammunition?

Was it too truthful?

Ha ha” “They” are all screaming now…the (((usual))) “claque” in operation, yet again.

Hard to believe that the Guardian is still promoting the rubbish of fraudulent “grifter”, “Jack Monroe”.

The voting system is rigged, designed to produce seemingly “fair” or “balanced” results overall (between 2-3 approved parties), but in fact not reflecting the true views of the electorate:

See also:

The biggest single voter movement was from Labour to non-voting.

Why would an Indian money-juggler be thought suitable to be Prime Minister of the UK, either?

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Diary Blog, 22 April 2023, including a few further thoughts around AI, and freedom of expression

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[the swearing-in of SS-men, Munich]

Saturday quiz

Well, a modest 5/10 this week, but I still managed to beat political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 4/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.

From the newspapers


 “…he thinks schools, universities and employers should actively discriminate against white applicants, purely because of their skin colour and their inherited guilt. Never mind that, say, a little girl born in the 21st century can hardly be blamed for the history of slavery. For Kendi, the mere fact of her genetic heritage is enough to damn her.

The second example is even more shocking. This is a chart produced in 2020 by the National Museum of African American History and Culture — part of the Smithsonian Institution, probably the most prestigious U.S. educational body of all.

The chart gives examples of ‘whiteness’ and ‘white culture’, which it clearly regards with disapproval. Sinister aspects of ‘white culture’ apparently include ‘hard work’, ‘self-reliance’, ‘the nuclear family’, ‘competition’, ‘delayed gratification’ and even ‘rigid time schedules’.

In just the first three weeks of this year, the NHS advertised for 19 ‘diversity and sustainability’ posts, with a combined salary of a cool £1 million. Indeed, in total the NHS in England alone employs an estimated 800 diversity and inclusion officers, costing a staggering £40 million a year.

[Daily Mail]

Is there any peaceful way to stop this slide to complete chaos or dystopian tyranny? Frankly, I think not.


Free speech. Freedom of expression.


Africa is no good for the white man any more. All African countries are now (i.e. now that they are African-ruled) shambolic, corrupt, and suffused with crime and extreme violence, though some more than others.

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Another UK policeman playing the poundland KGB operative in uniform instead of doing his proper job. It has become pervasive. The police are now almost useless in terms of protecting the British public, while waging the culture war against the British people, and at the instigation of both “woke” activists and (of course) the endlessly, relentlessly, whining and demanding Jew-Zionist lobby.

See also:


My assessment of Macron, from about 4 years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

As I have blogged previously, for me there are two main issues that stand out: firstly, at some point (and as Elon Musk has mentioned), AI gets to the point whereby it takes over the reins of its own evolution, no longer requiring, or even permitting, human decision-making to control that; secondly, AI may become so pervasive that it becomes almost impossible for any individual human being, or for humanity as a group, to live without it.

That is already to a large extent so in relation to, inter alia, mobile telephones, online access, debit/credit cards etc. Yes, you can live without internet access, without a mobile telephone (I have not had one for many years), without debit or credit cards etc, but it gets harder every month to live “off-grid” in that way.

Once cash becomes a medium of exchange used only by the marginalized, and not used much in supermarkets, larger shops etc, the System/matrix will have almost power of life and death over citizens. Say or do something anti-System, or anti the System agenda, and your banking services will be cut off, and you will find it hard to continue your political life, hard to conduct any business or profession, hard even to buy food, in the end.

“Conspiracy theory”? No. A number of people, such as Laura Towler, Mark Collett, Sam Melia (all of Patriotic Alternative) have had exactly that happen to them in the past couple of years.

More tweets

The possibility now exists for one, two, or more encirclements.

Ha. Reminiscent of Lieutenant Kije: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lieutenant_Kij%C3%A9_(film).

I wonder whether “the Ghost of Kiev” will become, over time, a figure thought by many to have been a real person, in the manner of Wilhelm Tell (or William Tell): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Tell.

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[Grotto Pavilion, Tsarskoe Selo, near St. Petersburg]

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I have already blogged a few times about my visit to the UK’s Porton Down “biolab” campus in Wiltshire in or about 1995, accompanying the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK; incidentally or co-incidentally, he was a trained scientist in the field(s) of biochemistry, microbiology etc: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serhiy_Komisarenko. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porton_Down.

The sooner the Kiev regime runs out of arms, ammunition, and personnel, the better. Russia can take over Kiev and eastern Ukraine (east of the Dnieper) and start the work of rebuilding the damaged areas. Ukrainians (and Russians in Ukraine) live, in general, with lower living standards than Russians, certainly Russians from central or Baltic Russia (Moscow, Petersburg etc), and (as Putin has recently said) should be helped to a better standard of living.

Ukrainian police act as a press-gang, trying to force random and unwilling young men to become soldiers in Zelensky’s war.

The “May 9” reference refers to the so-called “Day of Victory” in 1945: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_Day_(9_May).

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[Reichskanzlei, Berlin, after the bitter defeat of 1945]

Late tweets

Good, if obvious, points.

…or kosher ones.

London and the other large UK cities have gone the same way.

The cretins of what passes for the Kiev regime “high command”, and the similar idiots in Washington, cannot or will not see that, were Crimea actually to be isolated by a Kiev-regime fantasy “counter-offensive”, the Russian response might well be a tactical nuclear strike on the Kiev-regime forces, or even on central Kiev itself, obliterating Zelensky and his cabal (if that is where they really are).

The Ukrainians themselves are now starting to push back against the Zelensky regime.

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[Arnold Bocklin, Triton and Nereid]

Diary Blog, 17 April 2023

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From the newspapers


The pub at the centre of an online furore over controversial golliwog dolls was graffitied with offensive slogans in an act of vandalism that left five windows smashed.   

The White Hart Inn in Gray’s, Essex, was vandalised at about 12.40am on Sunday and Essex police say they are conducting extra patrols in the area.

[Daily Mail]

Essex Police deployed five or six police personnel to raid the pub and to seize the “offending” golliwogs. Will they deploy as many to protect the pub and its residents?

Tweets seen

Rather vulgar, but true au fond

Maybe, but the “Institute for the Study of War” is an American nonprofit org which is basically an NWO front, advocating hawkish policy positions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_for_the_Study_of_War. It is headed by one Kimberly Kagan, a Jewess, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimberly_Kagan], whose husband is also in the “intervention” field: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Kagan.

In fact, it seems clear that, whatever manpower shortages are being suffered by Wagner Group or by the overall Russian forces, those of the Kiev regime are worse. As for arms and ammunition, Russia is in a better position than the Kiev regime.

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[Loons in a lake in Canada]

More tweets

The vast majority still think that there is a “democratic choice” between “the two main parties”, plus the add-ons. In reality, there is no choice. All the System parties (Lib, Lab, Con, and the Farage vehicles for mugs, and in reality the Greens too, at the higher level) are controlled or strongly influenced by the same connected groups and cabals: NWO groups, Bilderbergers etc, freemasonic groups and, of course, the pervasive Jewish/Zionist lobby.

These skiers are not of the usual run of people…

As good as James Bond:

More from the newspapers


In the now-hackneyed saying, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy“…


When will this nonsense stop? Not until we stop it, and I mean STOP it…

Late tweets

Every Western political leader and general officer should have a plaque saying that on the desk before them.

Late music

[Akademgorodok, Western Siberia]

Diary Blog, 11 April 2022

Morning music

[“At the end stands— Victory“]

On this day a year ago

Tweets seen

Migration-invasion shuttle service provided by Border Force (“Border Farce“), Royal Navy, and the suborned RNLI.

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More tweets

I have tried to cover this issue before on the blog. Not easy, mainly because earnings of barristers in private practice (i.e. not salaried employees working for government or companies) vary widely, indeed wildly. Anything from almost pennies to a million or more a year.

The general public tends to think of barristers averaging at least a couple of hundred thousand a year, but in fact many (especially those doing legally-aided criminal and family law work) are earning well under £100K, and many of those are making below £50K.

Needless to say, the public does not feel very sorry for those earning as much or more than they themselves do, but at the same time, barristers do have many extra expenses, which can take thousands or even tens of thousands off their gross income.

In the end, there has to be an effective court system, and that does mean having at least a corps of advocates, and that composed of at least reasonably proficient persons, which in turn posits the need for adequate remuneration.

I have no real axe to grind here. When I was at the ordinary practising Bar (1992-1996 and then 2002-2008), my work was partly (and after 1996, entirely) non-legally-aided. Also, I am scarcely likely to be overly kind about a profession the regulators of which allowed themselves to be manipulated by Jew-Zionist troublemakers who complained about me on political grounds (long after I ceased actual work as a barrister): see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

More tweets

Look at the second tweet below:

Seems unaware that “Queen’s Counsel” is spelled thus, not “queen’s council“. Writes books on the criminal justice systems of several countries, apparently. Also, it should have read “German lawyer“, not “German Lawyer“. Oh, and “principle“, not “priniciple“…

Standards are falling through the floor in this country, as shown in another of my blog posts: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/04/03/diary-blog-3-april-2021/ (scroll down to the bit about Henry Hendron).


[Daily Mail map showing apparent state of play as of 10 March 2022]

I do not have comment re. that map specifically, beyond what I wrote yesterday, i.e. that the Russian immediate strategy seems to be to draw a line from Kharkov to Dnipro (former Dnepropetrovsk) and then down to where Russian forces are near Zaporozhye, to defeat all Ukrainian forces east of that line, and to occupy everywhere east of that line.

The Russians are now playing what is called, in chess, a positional game, relying on broad strategy and slow accretions, rather than swift tactics and bold moves.

Ukraine is now, having been for 30 years close to being a “failed state”, a complete shell of a state, at least in the east. The latest statistics show that its economy has collapsed by 50% or more already. It has limited vehicle fuel, and the besieged areas lack not only fuel, but food, ammunition, and even water in some cases.

Russian forces in Ukraine face logistical problems —unsurprising in a country the size of France— but not shortages as such. Time is on the Russian side in that sense. Their forces can be resupplied.

I should think that the Russians will start to target any large Ukrainian troop concentrations, as well as resupply lines, using more powerful missiles launched from inside Russia.

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[SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler at the Berghof]

Late tweets seen

Good move, but probably wasted on most of the “wiggers”…

Late music

Diary Blog, 8 April 2022, with thoughts on France, Ukraine etc, and other musings

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The System across Europe, and especially EU-Europe, is so corrupt and fake that one almost gives up hope at times, but if Marine le Pen can get to the Presidency of France, there might be hope for a real “new order” in European diplomacy and politics, for a halt to the crazed and headlong rush to war with Russia, and indeed for a rapprochement with Russia.

Yes, Marine le Pen has her faults, is by no means sufficiently “anti-Semitic” etc, but look at the alternative! I blogged about Macron’s odd background and political career (the latter suffused with Jewish corruption) a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

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The “Valhalla”! Interesting name. Sign of the times?

I am not much of a car buff. In my mid/late teens I rode first a Vespa scooter (max speed about 55 mph), and then a 250cc Suzuki motorbike (max speed 108 mph, accomplished one late evening on the then —1976— almost empty M23, from Brighton to Surrey), but only had a licence to drive a car from the age of 42, and then only because I was living on a Caribbean island where there were virtually no taxis, and no public transport.

I have now held a UK licence for about 20 years, with almost no problem: a couple of small accidents —not my fault, in my opinion— and a couple of speeding tickets, the speeding offences both in 2005 (40 mph in a 30 mph area, and 97 mph on a 70 mph road).

Make that three if you include getting caught by a motorbike cop in Normandy in 2007 (going about 95 mph on a ~66 mph dual carriageway road). On-the-spot fine.

A few times, at about 2 or 3 in the morning, on empty pay-autoroutes in Northern France, I cruised at up to 130 mph in my then car (a Volvo), but rarely saw another vehicle, and was never bothered by the police.

I usually potter around my local district at about 30 mph now, so would have no use for the Aston Martin Valhalla, which can apparently reach speeds of up to 217 mph.

Actually, cars such as the Valhalla are symptoms of a wider pointlessness in world —and especially Western— society. A car that can go 217 mph, yet which will mostly be seen crawling at 5 mph in the congested traffic of central London or Monte Carlo, or along the roads of Bel-Air at 20 mph, and probably driven by a 20-year-old Gulf Arab.

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Ha ha! Good news! If the “monstrous carbuncle” returns, the only solution will be to hire bulldozers…

The intentions are certainly not “worthy“, but yet another expression of Jewish tribal supremacism. If “they” want a so-called “memorial” (to events which may or, more likely, may not have occurred, or at least not occurred as narrated, nearly a century ago, and in another part of Europe, and which had nothing to do with Britain anyway) then let “them” put it on a small artificial “Boris island” in the Thames Estuary. Come to that, put “Boris” on it as well.

These powerful anti-aircraft missiles reduce further Russian air superiority over the Ukrainian space. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-300_missile_system.

One wonders why the Russians have not broken up the rail system in Ukraine. Is it because they want as many Ukrainians as possible to flee westward?

The only way Russia can now achieve anything looking like an overall victory is to flood Ukraine with hundreds of thousands of troops, and then strike at Kiev, in particular, with its best in-theatre units.

The present Russian tactics, of making almost random missile or other attacks on urban targets here and there, are not only giving Russia a terrible reputation across the world, but not achieving anything from a military point of view. They seem little more than malicious, and are certainly being presented that way by the Kiev regime and generally in the Western msm, on social media etc.

If Putin does not get a grip, Russia itself will eventually implode.

Yes, I see the opinion polls saying that 60% or 70% or more of Russians “support” the invasion and war, but even if so, that is volatile; it can change.

In my own lifetime, I have seen not only governments but whole regimes of society, whole states, implode. The Soviet Union itself, which looked unassailable even a few years before it collapsed; the DDR (East Germany), which I visited only a year before it collapsed and then ceased to exist; Rhodesia, where I was in 1977, and which gave up its struggle only two years later to become yet another corrupt and shambolic black-ruled failed state (Zimbabwe); South Africa; Iran. Others, too.

Perhaps Putin’s Russia will go the same way as its predecessor, the Soviet Union, and just fall apart internally; the EU and West generally might do the same before too long.

…because, as we all know, history either started in about 2010 or, at most, in the early 1940s (with the “holocaust” farrago)!

When will this nonsense end? I suppose that the answer is “in 2022 or 2023, when the West, the NWO/ZOG West, triggered the Third World War, and both Europe and North America were all but obliterated, together with their crazed ‘woke’ societies“.

“Climate change”, “Refugees Welcome”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Covid”, “Ukraine”— what’s next? What nonsense is next??

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Alison Chabloz

The Jew-Zionist element on Twitter is already crowing because persecuted singer-songwriter and satirist, Alison Chabloz, has apparently been convicted again under the notorious “bad law” of the Communications Act 2003, s.127, which may be repealed in the next year or so.

Once again, the persecution and prosecution of Alison Chabloz was instigated by “the usual suspects”, primarily the so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism”, [“CAA”] who have publicly admitted targeting Alison Chabloz over a period of (now) about 6 years, at least.

It seems that Alison is now on bail, pending a sentencing hearing next Thursday afternoon.

[Alison Chabloz]

Strange. The msm is constantly yapping about how, for example, Russian dissidents are under attack by the Russian state, yet here, in our once supposedly “free” country, a lady is prosecuted and convicted (and has previously actually been imprisoned) for singing satirical songs about the “you know whos”.

Charles Dickens is fortunate that he is dead; were he still alive, no doubt “they” would come after him as well, and he might also be sharing the dock with, among others, Shakespeare, Wagner, Chopin, Schumann, Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, the Brothers Grimm, John Buchan, and thousands of other great and/or original thinkers and artists.

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Simple-minded and basically hysterical young women of that sort have been the mainstay of all sorts of emotionally-driven campaigns resulting in Very Bad Results over the past half-century or so: decolonialization, anti-apartheid/pro-ANC Mandela-worship, “Black Lives Matter”, “Refugees Welcome”, “Climate Change”, “Covid”, etc etc. “Ukraine” too, now.

Listen to that hysteric! For example, Madagascar’s problems are, says she, caused by “climate change”, not the fact that countries like Madagascar are inhabited by backward and often totally useless people, some of whom are the corrupt, shambolic, and useless “governments” of such failed “states”.

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Diary Blog, 1 April 2022

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[Villa Astor, Amalfi Coast]

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[Bela de Tirefort, New York Harbor from the East River, 1951]

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Fascinating to trawl back through Twitter, in that you see people tweeting this week the same sort of stuff, indeed often exactly the same stuff, that they were tweeting 4+ years ago. Pathetic. Pointless.

Saw one of my own comments, but on the GAB system, from nearly 4 years ago, from when (in mid-2018) I was expelled from Twitter at the instigation of a pack of Jew Zionists. Most of my tweets are now unavailable, but a few were copied and reposted, either by supporters or enemies, and so are still available, as are a few old GAB remarks (I do not bother with GAB now, nor with other social media platforms).

Still seems very arguable to me.

Ha ha! Below, another of my old tweets, reposted by some idiot angry that the Guardian scribbler Martin Belam used it in his semi-obit. piece about deceased and once-famous actor, Peter Wyngarde:

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Wyngarde; https://www.theguardian.com/culture/tvandradioblog/2018/jan/18/legend-tributes-paid–cult-tv-star-peter-wyngarde.

Interesting to see, now again reading that Guardian article online, that my above tweet and also a few others are now just blank spaces. Testament to the ever-intensifying censorship on Twitter.

Incidentally, I see from those old tweets about me, that yet another person who declared war on me (online) seems to have died (at least his Twitter account trailed off over 18 months ago, though only just now noticed by me).

That has happened to rather many Twitter twits, most of whom were just “me too” pile-on idiots who neither had had any direct contact with me at all, nor thought to behave decently, or just politely, in tweeting to, or about, me. Good riddance to them all.

In fact, at present a few other long-term, malicious, and venomous anti-Millard tweeters are presently in very poor conditions of health (which came upon them suddenly, it seems), and may not be around for much longer. As the Chinese proverb has it, “the stars in their courses fight on the side of the just“…

Putting it more lightly, #TenGreenBottles…

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Britain, 2022.

Meanwhile, the sinister part-Jew clown posing as Prime Minister stokes up conflict with Russia so that he can play the Poundland Churchill. The real Churchill was partly responsible for the start, and certainly for the continuing after 1940, of WW2. Will the “second time as farce” Churchill am-dram copyist, “Boris”, trigger WW3? If so, “goodbye England”…

Ha ha! That one amused me at the time (now well over 5 years ago). It followed my wrongful (and now known to be unlawful) disbarment, the result of a conspiracy by a pack of Jews: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

April fool?

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Marine le Pen is not favoured by me as much as was her father, Jean-Marie le Pen, but of course she is better than NWO/ZOG puppet Macron, of whom I wrote this some years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

I doubt that most French voters really know Macron’s full political and career background, in particular the Jewish cabal that has always pushed and promoted him.

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The holy multikulti society programme must never be challenged. That’s why it happened as it did.

Exactly. There are supposed to have been nearly five million “cases” in the UK last week alone! Hardly anyone even felt unwell. The whole Covid scam “panicdemic” train has hit the buffers now. It has just become completely and hilariously nonsensical.

The social, medical, and economic results are, however, not at all funny.

Were I a dictator in power, I would hang Professor Ferguson, and some others, high high high…

…and if anyone gets angry at the MP-parasites, and so much as emails them to express that, the toytown police are at the door in a flash…So much for our “democratic” “freedoms”…

Late thought

As frequently expressed previously, Russia should have been able to seize the most important parts of Ukraine swiftly, efficiently, and without massive damage or loss of life. Sadly, that failed miserably. Russia now has to fight for its own very future down the line.

The Ukraine invasion has become the Ukraine war. It is a ghastly bloody mess. I hate what has happened, and feel very sorry for those suffering, but Russia must now fight on, and win the eastern and southern parts of the country, come what may.

Putin must call up the three million reserve troops Russia has, and then just steamroller the Kiev regime.

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An American classic.

Diary Blog, 29 March 2022

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As on previous days reposted, the amount of Twitter censorship over the past year (shown by blank spaces) is incredible.

Soil restoration, and reafforestation, in Mexico

Interesting report. https://news.mongabay.com/2022/03/indigenous-communities-transform-a-mexican-desert-landscape-into-forest/amp/

[Mexico: soil-restoration area]
[Mexico: water-catchment wall]

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milpa.

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This may well end badly (the whole thing).

This comes close to becoming an active participant in a war against Russia.

A point I have made repeatedly for many years.

The old idea that Britain is (or rather, was) “a free country under law” has become “Britain is a facade of a free country under law, but behind that really is, or is becoming, an unfree country bound by arbitrary decisions and instant fake ‘laws’ and regulations“.

Peter Hitchens has, over the past couple of years (since the “panicdemic” police state emerged) made similar claims about his Twitter account.

Once again, Evil poses as something “good”…

France, like Britain, needs a cultural purge. Followed by “Nuremberg” laws.

Something else that Britain needs, badly, now.

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Jewish. Again. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Perlman].

Every. Single. Time.

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