Diary Blog, 29 April 2023

Morning music

[Cloisters, Upper Manhattan]

Saturday quiz

Well, 6/10 this week, and so once again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I knew the answers to questions 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10. I did not know the answers to questions 2, 4, 7, and 9.

Tweets seen

An unverified assertion from an unknown and doubtful source who quotes two other supposed and unknown/unverified sources. Conclusion: probably bs, but it would be nice if it were to turn out to be accurate.

I have been waiting for several years for just one Canadian to step up (’nuff said…). So far, seems that that one hero does not exist…

Important questions. While I myself am totally in favour of the NHS idea of health service (“free at point of use”), in principle, I am even more in favour of a health service that works. Increasingly over the past decade or two, I have been forced to conclude that the NHS does not work, or at least does not work properly.

Late tweets seen

Translation: “we have a crumbling army that has to use press-gangs to enforce enlistment, we have no suitable people for deployment as officers, we have insufficient armament, and we are running out of ammunition.”

In the Western msm, we hear much about the possibility of a palace coup in Russia, but nothing about the arguably greater possibility of an internal putsch in Ukraine, against Zelensky and his cabal.

The Wagner Group has done most of the heavy fighting so far. How can it be left without ammunition?

Was it too truthful?

Ha ha” “They” are all screaming now…the (((usual))) “claque” in operation, yet again.

Hard to believe that the Guardian is still promoting the rubbish of fraudulent “grifter”, “Jack Monroe”.

The voting system is rigged, designed to produce seemingly “fair” or “balanced” results overall (between 2-3 approved parties), but in fact not reflecting the true views of the electorate:

See also:

The biggest single voter movement was from Labour to non-voting.

Why would an Indian money-juggler be thought suitable to be Prime Minister of the UK, either?

Late music

2 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 April 2023”

  1. Very interesting, and surprising, those statements from NATO about the Russian army. I hope is true and this awful war ends soon. I keep thinking of the civilians and the animals caught in the crossfire.

    BTW, I watched a French video 2 days ago and Xi-Jinping apparently phoned Zelensky and warned him about his inevitable destruction if he carries on fighting. It was also confirmed by two big newspapers here in Buenos Aires.


    1. Claudius:
      I agree with your concern about the civilian population and that of the animals, both companion animals and wildlife (I expect that the latter has largely fled from the active war zones). If only Russia had had the ability to launch a “Blitzkrieg for the sake of mercy” in the first week or two of the war. That might have ended the fighting.

      Now, it seems to me that, for all the big talk, the Zelensky regime is on the back foot, though if it is true that PMC Wagner is being starved of resupply, anything might still happen.

      All the same, Russia must be in a better strategic position.


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