Diary Blog, 3 May 2023

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Tweets seen

“Devil’s alternative”— risk getting hit by a Russian drone attack, or risk driving at speed on that kind of road surface…

Yet another Zionist (ex-MP, expenses cheat etc) “supporting” “Ukraine” (the Zelensky regime in Kiev) from a London armchair. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Gapes].

Will Putin respond by launching a tactical nuclear strike on Kiev? An open question.

Idiotic anti-Russia drones are applauding the attack. They seem to have missed the fact that nothing could be better calculated to result in a firming of Russian public sentiment around Putin. Maybe that is why there are already claims that the attack was a Russian “false flag”. Perhaps, but to Russians the Kremlin is almost “sacred” in a sense. Not sure that even the most ruthless Russian politician or military leader would do it.

From the newspapers


“A Bulgarian ‘professional pickpocket’ was deported from the UK but returned using a passport in her maiden name and stole £4,000 from a pensioner, a court heard.

Serial thief Keranka Nicolova, 27, was deported for street stealing in 2018 and banned from Britain.

But the Bulgarian national returned in March this year ‘to commit crime‘, a judge said. And now she has been jailed for two years after admitting theft.

[Daily Mail]

In fact, not “Bulgarian” except in terms of one of her passports. A Gypsy. Look at the photo…

That is not a “Bulgarian”, in fact not any kind of European.

More tweets

Kiev-regime individual laughs at the attack on the Kremlin. I wonder whether he will still be laughing this time next year?

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anton_Gerashchenko.

You can see the way this is going— escalation. I would say that is is no better than 50-50 as to whether Kiev and other large cities in Ukraine will still be standing in 5 years’ time.

Late tweets

He lit the blue touch-paper, and is now standing well back…

Perhaps the American leadership is now a little worried that World War Three might be triggered by the nonsense regime in Kiev and that, if it is, America’s 50 largest cities might cease to exist.

A freeloader par excellence. Even his air travel is paid for by someone else.

Looking at Gates gesturing and gesticulating, I cannot but wonder what might lurk in his ancestry…

Beyond that, human beings have an unfortunate propensity to over-value the views of those who happen to have huge amounts of money and/or social position (eg the case of the UK royals).

Slogans are merely words. Look at the Bolshevik ones from 1917.

I keep hoping to read some “interesting” news about Trudeau, but —so far— not one Canadian has stepped up…

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 May 2023”

  1. Court Filing for Harry’s Immigration Files
    Examined by The Black Belt Barrister.

    Prince Harry admitted to taking drugs in his book ‘Waaagh’ and in t.v. interviews. Will the Royal Brat be refused a visa to the US? Unlikely. If PH doesn’t turn up to the Coronation, could it be because he is afraid of being denied entry back into the US?


  2. So the ever scummy and perpetually useless loony left Conservative Party managed to deport that vile subhuman criminal from Bulgaria yet also facilitated her reentry because we have no real form of border control under their grotesque misrule thanks to their libertarian loony opposition to ID cards that every well run European country has.

    Mind you, they have no problems with ID when it come to benefit claiments or when it comes to blatantly trying to gerrymander elections like in deepest Alabama as they have forced everyone who wishes to vote to have ID on them tomorrow.

    I can’t be the only person who is fed up with seeing Romanian or Bulgarian gypsies often fraudulently claiming how hard done by they are outside of Waitrose stores in Billericay etc.

    The Tories are utterly hopeless when it comes to controlling immigration or combating REAL criminals and much prefer ordering their mindless PC Gestapo wanker thugs in uniform in Essex to violently smash down pubs in Grays so that they now close thereby increasing unemployment in a part of my county not exactly renowned for its prosperity.

    Vote CONServative Party get constant mass immigration, mindless PC thugs in uniform you have to pay ever increasing high taxes for etc who SIMPLY DO NOT care about REAL crime and REAL criminals.

    Seriously, you would have to be brain dead, have senile dementia as a lot of their elderly supporters have or be ultra wealthy to vote for those gormless, completely incompetent and virulently anti British pricks.


  3. If you wish to see just how utterly mindless anti Russian bigots and those who earnestly wish for war with that country can be just look at this Twitter account:

    God Almighty! This globalist extremist moron even denounces Jeremy Corbyn who in his more thoughtful moments has been urging the world to be a bit cautious about this dangerous situation lest it spiral out of control with the result that this country will be embroiled in a nuclear armagendon with the world’s FOREMOST nuclear power.


  4. Sweden is very lucky to have the Swedish Democrats party. They are NATIONAL Conservatives instead of the globalist libertarian wankers of our fake Conservative Party. As a party the SDs are not perfect but they do represent a step in the right direction.

    Sweden is fortunate to be a REAL democracy with a FAIR voting system instead of our rickety old undemocratic rubbish of FPTP we share with Belarus (Putins only real friend in the world). We are the only country apart from them to have this archaic affront to true democracy in Europe.


  5. Re Bill Gates being an extremely rich man whose opinions are looked upon with more respect because of his wealth. Someone else who falls into that category is Richard Branson who has been severely critical of Singapore because it once again executed a drug trafficker a few days ago.

    Whilst Branson does have some valid points to make about that country’s capital punishment practices he should respect Singapore’s argument that every country in the world should be allowed to decide how it will organise criminal justice according to its own unique situation and whether a particular country sees a need to use the ultimate punishment or not within that criminal justice framework.

    They are getting very annoyed by his continual blog posts about this subject and his apparent disrespect for Singaporean sovereignty and their judicial system.

    The Singaporean Home Secretary, Mr K Shanmugam, has invited Branson to a live televised debate but he has declined it. It is hard to escape the conclusion that Branson knows he is on weak ground with respect to this issue of hanging in Singapore and that is why the offer has not been taken up.


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