Diary Blog, 13 May 2023

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Saturday quiz

This week, I scored 7/10, thus again beating political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 5/10. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 6, and 7.

Tweets seen

Inexorably, the war moves towards total war. The Russian side cannot tolerate forever the continual escalation.

Ukraine (Kiev-regime) is running out of soldiers. One can see why.

Hard for the Jews (in Israel) to continue to present themselves as perennial “victims” when advanced jet aircraft supplied by or paid for by the American taxpayer mercilessly attack Arab real victims, who have no means of self-defence at all.

Comment about Starmer’s latest speech. I agree with the extract quoted by Rentoul but, having said that, one could say that “Labour” is no longer “socialist” or even broadly “social” (politically) and is (just like the “Conservatives”) also completely out of touch.

Both System parties, and both entirely in the pocket of the Jewish-supremacist lobby.

Import the uncivilized non-white world (and allow the non-whites to breed prolifically, and also fail to control them) and you import these sorts of social problems.

Not that all such problems are caused by non-whites, but most are. About 90%, even though the non-whites are “only” about 20% of the UK population, and about 40%-50% (?) of the London population.

The Eastern European states, and the poorer EU states generally, love the EU for its financial largesse, the redistribution of wealth from the “old EU” to the “new EU”. Ireland, the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, etc. For the larger, longer-membership, western and central European states, the wealthier ones, the EU is disastrous. UK (until recently), France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands; also Sweden, Denmark etc.

There is also the problem of non-white migration-invasion.

The original EEC/EC was not so bad — relaxed trade and travel, even relatively easy residence and work—. It worked because the original EEC populations were closely-related northern European nations, and because it was primarily a trading bloc, not an ever-expanding political project.

There was no non-white migration-invasion, because Libya under Gaddafi, Morocco, and Algeria all stopped Africans from coming across the Mediterranean; also, the NWO had not yet destabilized the Middle East and Afghanistan. Even the Roma Gypsies were “imprisoned” behind the so-called “Iron Curtain” until 1989, and so unable to travel to the UK and other parts of Western Europe.

In the long-term, perhaps even medium-term, Israel is doomed.

The “musicians” are still playing.

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From the newspapers


Britain’s compensation bill for victims killed or maimed by AstraZeneca‘s Covid jab could theoretically exceed £1billion, MailOnline can reveal. 

Around 90 families are currently pursuing legal action against the pharmaceutical titan, claiming the jab was essentially a defective product.

Lawyers representing the claimants believe that some of the cases could be worth up to £20m in compensation, which is roughly 160 times more than the £120,000 Government support available. They hope to be able to prove that the vaccine was to blame in court.

[Daily Mail]

The woman who developed that “vaccine” was not only applauded by the stupid rabbits at Wimbledon but also got some kind of official “honour”, I seem to remember.

Ah, yes— here it is:




The “trans” nonsense continues. What a loony!

The Daily Mail refers to the individual as “her” and “she“, and also makes spelling mistakes (but then, the “journalist” scribbling it is one “Vivek Chaudhary”…).


I think that many people, even today, will be honest if they find a purse or wallet. In the past few years, I myself have found two or three. One was a kind of wallet I happened to see in a clifftop parking place. I was there, unusually, early one morning, not long after dawn. I saw the item in the half-light, was curious, so went to pick it up.

The wallet contained about £50 in cash, I think also a debit card, a couple of other bits and pieces, and a student railcard in the name of some girl.

I went home, thinking that the girl must be fairly local, in view of the station which had issued the railcard, only about 8 miles from that car park. Her surname was unusual, so I called the few telephone numbers (landlines) with the same name. Only one answered. An old lady, so no-go.

In the end, I drove to the local police station (its desk manned by an old fellow, a civilian support person) and gave in the wallet. I made the point that there was a large college near the rail station which issued the card, so the girl was almost certainly one of the students there.

I hope that the girl got back her money and the rest. As for what a young girl aged 16-18 was doing in a clifftop car park and (presumably) after dark, and how she managed to lose her wallet, maybe it is better not to speculate…

The second wallet was larger, newer, and packed with both money and cards (an incredible number, literally dozens, neatly and individually carefully tucked into pockets), and had been left in a shopping trolley at Waitrose. I took it in to the help desk, and a member of staff took it from me. Probably the woman who lost it got it back soon afterwards. I imagine that she must have called the store in a panic.

Not that I promise to be a good citizen if someone leaves an attache case containing a million pounds somewhere, which amount of cash could not, in my view, be the property of any honest person. No, the (so far, hypothetical) million pounds stays with me, in that event.

More from the newspapers



The Conservative Democratic conference. Hall almost empty. Rows and rows of empty seats. The photos show no more than 100 in the audience. In fact, I think that I addressed a larger audience than this one when I spoke at the London Forum in 2017.

Hard to judge the age demographic accurately from the photos, but apart from a few younger persons under 30 (possibly students), and a few youngish blonde women (possibly journalists), the audience seems to have been predominantly grey-haired or bald. I should say, at a guess, that there were more people over 70 than there were people under 50.

More tweets seen

As said before, I do not, as such, “support” Golding or Britain First, but how can anyone who wants a decent Britain deny his words here?

[Ipanema, Brazil]

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 May 2023”

  1. Whilst I can’t stand the Covid murdering short arsed, confirmed criminal that is the present wholly unelected PM, it is a bit rich of another of the Indian Congress Party’s pets, Priti Patel, to be accusing him of presiding over Congress Party decline.

    You were very far from being a competent Home Secretary let alone a brilliant one so you share a lot of blame for the poor opinion poll ratings.

    The Congress Party hasn’t been Tory for a longtime now. Frankly if all the party wants to conserve is the wealth of the ultra rich, the PC society and our undemocratic voting system then what the hell do you expect?

    Start tackling issues that concern ordinary people with guts and determination like crime and continual open borders and then the opinion poll ratings might rise again.

    Take us out of the ludicrously out of date European Convention of Human Rights then we might finally start to control our borders properly.

    You know the Conservative Party is in dire straits when Labour has a lead on tackling crime and immigration.


  2. The Eastern European states were always going to pose problems for the EU if they joined and certainly were without their economies being improved to the extent there wouldn’t be a big gap between them and the Western EU states.

    They should have been banned from joining until the disparity was significantly reduced.

    Mind you, having said that, Slavic nations are quite different to Western EU countries so the cohesion of the EU would still be impaired.

    Poland, for example, is reluctant, to follow EU rules.


  3. Look at those unwashed loony left morons from the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ Marxist claptrap group in the Bournemouth Echo report. One of the globalist dimwits has a placard suggesting we welcome climate refugees.

    We don’t have the room NOW for accommodating all the waifs and strays Suella keeps on letting in from across the Chanel let alone the potential millions from climate change which could see paradise islands like the very low lying Maldives disappear.

    Why are unwashed lefty morons like him so bloody thick? The other one had a placard saying migrants are the lifeblood of the NHS.

    Yes, this bloke has unwittingly given a good reason why the NHS should be privatised or reformed so that it is replaced by health insurance schemes like in Germany. Then it wouldn’t be a constant political football for the Labour Party and extreme left groups like the Socialist Workers Party/’Stand Up To Racism’ which is a game in politics the Conservative Party can’t possibly win at and it would provide less of a ready made excuse for constant mass immigration.


    1. John:
      The few *real* “climate refugees” are from places such as Chad, and they need not flee to Europe, let alone the UK.

      If “independent” African states or pseudo-states were not such a mess, they could handle any climatic problems. If Europe still ruled Africa, there would be no need for the natives to “flee” (in any case, their own wars, corruption etc are the main reason why life is so hard there, not “climate change”).


      1. The wonderful and advanced country that was Apartheid South Africa should have been allowed to take over the Continent then those countries could have progressed. Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia/Rhodesia) should have remained under the rule of Ian Smith or civilised British colonial rule.

        It always made me laugh to hear lefties denounce Apartheid South Africa for its policies ect. If it was so bad for blacks why did that state have such a big problem with illegal immigration from the black ruled countries to its North?


    2. It proves how utterly dim these left wing cranks are that they protest outside of a Tory conference.

      The Tories are only racist towards British people. They have done sweet eff A to control immigration during their 13 years of disastrous misrule and STILL are NOT doing it NOW despite Suella mouthing off. She does talk a good game I grabt you but that is all it is in reality.

      She is as utterly useless in her job as her predecessor was ie all talk and no actions let alone providing us with REAL results.


      1. John:
        As you say, Suella Braverman talks… and little else. Married to a Jew, and in the pocket of the Jew-Zionist lobby. Useless. I never expected anything better from her.


  4. The fetish this country has for the NHS should end. Yes, the service has its virtues but there are other ways a country can enable all its people to access quality healthcare without regard for the size of an individual’s bank account.


  5. When push comes to shove, we should be allowed to [redacted] at those migrant invaders so they don’t wash-up on our shores. A country has the sovereign right to use lethal force to protect itself from an unwanted invasion eg Churchill wanted to use poison gas if German Nazi troops had invaded us in 1940.

    I would prefer non fatal means were used first but if that doesn’t work then the [redacted] must put a stop to this constant nonsense.

    Those who aid and abet the invasion ie the RNLI should be given lengthy prison sentences or [redacted]. A couple of [redacted] and professional latter day Albert Pierrepoints to operate them wouldn’t go amiss in order to send out a strong message that treason won’t be allowed to prosper.

    Where is Lee [redacted] Anderson MP when you need him?


      1. I can’t see why you can’t call Lee Anderson Lee ‘Hang ’em High’ Anderson MP. After all, he is the most famous or infamous depending upon your point of view Tory proponent of bringing back the hangman’s noose!😀😀😀


      2. John:
        I hear what you say, but the repression on free speech in the UK is so pervasive now that one cannot suggest hanging even those that thoroughly deserve it…


  6. This country is so pathetic in its repression of free speech, We should be allowed to say the death penalty should be brought back and not just used on murderers but also drug dealers as in wonderfully well governed Singapore and used to eliminate the all too pervasive treasonous leftwing and Tory globalist filth.

    Personally, for the traitors, I do not see why people who hate their own country and their own people like these people do should be given the fairly civilised and non painful British method of execution via a long drop hanging but, instead, given a pretty painful one via a ‘ride the lightening experience’ in the uncivilised Yankee electric chair.

    Hate Britain and the British then don’t expect a British execution but a ghastly, painful, Yankee one instead.


    1. John:
      You can still back hanging (as you do) publicly, but not when a specific person is named (a grey area, admittedly).

      You know my view: I oppose the death penalty in principle, but would (if I ever had the power) take *executive action* in a number of specific cases. Not hanging, though. Example: dealing with rioters via volleys from a riot squad.


      1. A lot of people turn their noses up at hanging even at the usually very efficiently conducted British form of it ie long drop hanging using a carefully measured rope and table of drops.

        To my mind and in the opinion of experts, this method is, by far, the most humane means of dispatching a criminal or a traitor into eternity. I suppose people don’t like it and think it is inherently cruel and painful because the process is a dramatic one. These people prefer lethal injection but it is frequently botched in the US and takes too long which increases the mental anguish of the prisoner. Even the electric chair is better from that point of view and, surprisingly, is botched less.


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