Diary Blog, 15 May 2023

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From the newspapers


Mad or bad? I say “both“. Crazy, but also evil.


My own experience: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

Tweets seen

For once, I have to agree with “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery. Miracles will never cease…

It is only human to think that someone with great wealth, especially when they did not inherit it, must have a great mind. Sadly, however, that is usually not the case (though Elon Musk is certainly a very interesting character).

The above tweet by Musk does indicate poor, surprisingly poor, logical skills. Poor knowledge of modern history, too.

The Jewish lobby in the UK has been trying to get rid of Neil Oliver for quite some time. They have been looking for an opportunity, an excuse.

The Jew Shapps, who was caught trying to flog get-rich-quick schemes under the false name “Michael Green”. He even used the fake ID in the House of Commons.

The UK is tainted. We need to [redacted…].

There are anti-free-speech agitators already active in various areas of UK life, the worst being the Jew-Zionists trying to shut down all criticism or comment about Jews, Israel, fake history etc: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

“…the dangers of fascism“, from a loony whose Extinction Rebellion cretins block roads, physically prevent citizens from getting to work, prevent ambulances getting patients to hospital, spray paint onto Old Master paintings and shop windows etc, all to make political points based on complete madness.

See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/;




“Extinction Rebellion” are of no more importance than the “Yippies” of the late 1960s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_International_Party.

Well, unless they have done an El Cid on him (dead but propped up on his horse to rally the troops), looks as though Lukashenko’s death or near-death has been greatly exaggerated…

The armed forces of the UK now do almost nothing for the people of the UK, and there is no credible enemy state within a thousand miles or more in any direction.

Meanwhile, the real enemies are much closer and cannot easily be stopped by ships, aircraft, armour or infantry: the migrant invaders (only 5%-10% of whom arrive in small boats across the Channel), the Zionist lobby in the UK, the supporters of militant Islamism (many of whom live in the UK’s cities), and the lawless, feral, urban hordes (some of which are even ethnically British/English).

That is the way “they” are— chuck them out of the front door and (((they))) try to come back through a rear window.

As blogged in the past, Russia is well-placed to realize autarky, especially if its economy can be further diversified, and in any case China and numerous smaller countries are still trading with Russia. In fact, Russia’s trade with many countries seems to be increasing.


Nice room. It reminds me of my own one-time drawing room (about the size of the whole of my present tiny flat). I suppose that Musk and Macron are in the Elysee Palace.

Sven Longshanks

Another nail in the coffin of free speech in the UK. The nail may have been hammered in by the police and Crown Prosecution Service, but behind them stood, as so often, (((the usual suspects))).

I never listened to the podcast in question, mainly because I have no patience with long discussions which (arguably) lead nowhere, but whatever he and his guests said, there was no real reason to censor him, let alone to imprison him. Now, unless there is any successful appeal on conviction or sentence, he will be actually incarcerated for well over a year.

The case of “Sven Longshanks” does not stand alone. It is part of a whole campaign being waged —mainly— by the Jewish/Zionist lobby in the UK.


Internet “radio” podcasts seem to be a major, perhaps the major, target. There have been a number of podcasters prosecuted and even imprisoned over the past couple of years.

Strange to think that Britain used to be known as almost the home and centre of freedom of expression in the world, along with the USA and the British white dominions.

I hope that “Sven Longshanks” has friends or comrades who will assist him while he is incarcerated, send him money via the official mechanism, and keep in communication with him. We should always support “the men behind the wire”.

More tweets

Funny. The old woman is a nuisance on the one hand, but on the other hand someone who is keeping her immediate neighbourhood safe, rather like the volunteers in parts of the socialist world before 1989 (and, indeed, in National Socialist Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s).

[badge of a “Druzhinnik”, a Soviet local law-and-order volunteer]

As a matter of fact, if that old woman lived near me, I might have avoided having one wheel (yes, I too am puzzled) stolen from my car in the middle of the night not so long ago, a theft which the police not only failed to prevent or “detect” (despite evidential material existing) but also in which they had very little interest at all. In a word, useless.

That video clip reminds me of a personal reminiscence, from a time when the police were possibly more numerous and certainly more effective.

In the early 1980s, my then girlfriend drove (with me as passenger) from London to Reigate, Surrey, where my parents lived. Her vehicle was an ex-Post Office van, a Ford Transit with side windows, which she intended (never happened) to turn into a camper van for herself and her small children. It was part-yellow, part-red-brown, having been half-painted over by the previous owner. It looked rather scruffy, to be honest.

While the van was parked outside my parents’ house, on a driveway visible from the local road, there was a ring at the door. My mother went to the door. A polite, smart-looking young policeman was there, uniformed and wearing a cap. Incidentally, no beard or visible tattoos, unlike some of the scruffy police you see today. His police car was outside in the road.

My girlfriend cowered behind a pillar (thinking that she had probably done something wrong with the van) as the policeman explained to my mother that the reason why he was inquiring was “because that vehicle does not seem to fit the neighbourhood“! By today’s standards, incredible. I doubt that it would happen these days, anywhere in the UK. Surrey Police, then, was a very efficient force. Almost a Swiss level of efficiency (and curiosity).

Not only fear, but people are imperfect— that is where law, or prevention, comes in.

In fact, that is one more misleading headline: see the YouGov poll:

Yes, technically, Sunak came third out of “two”, but he got 27%, while Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer did almost as badly— 30%.

“Don’t Know” means, here, “I despise and have no respect for either“…

What was the choice of the remaining 3%, or were the figures rounded?

Misleading headline. Fewer than half of those 18-24 actively support the idea.

There is cogent anecdotal and other evidence that at least a small number of big cats live in the countryside. I have heard tales myself (not from the msm).

So at least 79% of the public had little interest in the Coronation, to the extent of “celebrating” it (drinking, mainly). Who are the 2% called “Don’t Knows”? Those on “lost weekends”, presumably.

What a horrible and cruel scene.

As to so-called “racism”, I distinguish between purely “offensive”, and actually “defensive“, “racism” (and, indeed, “antisemitism”).

White European culture and civilization must be defended.

Odds-on that tweeter Carole Flint lives in some leafy suburb, far from the most negative effects of the migration invasion.

…and, in the Bakhmut/Artyomovsk area, the “musicians” are still playing….

Very good analogy ad extremum

Late tweets seen

In a slightly different sense, that is what has happened in the UK, USA, France and other countries.

I never much liked Gaddafi, but he is surely correct here, and Libya is now a lawless corrupt mess. At least Gaddafi ran it reasonably efficiently, and also kept sub-Saharan Africans out of Europe.

Ursula von der Leyen is an evil part of the NWO conspiracy.

However, it is no good opposing the Zionists in the Middle East while not opposing their machinations in the EU and UK.

“Ukraine” (Kiev regime), a failed state; in fact, a fake state.

Late music

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 May 2023”

  1. Extinction Rebellion do have a cause and at least a part of it is based on real science and facts.

    They use the tactics they do because contrary to idiotic national MYTH Britain is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN a genuine democracy because of our grotesquely unfair and patently undemocratic stand alone FPTP electoral system. FFS, we share that archaic, out of date rubbish only with Belarus in Europe which is Putin’s only real friend.

    IF Britain WAS a real democracy then groups like that could campaign in normal ways like they do in genuine democracies and their supporters could vote Green Party and that party would gain seats in proportion to their vote increasing as in Germany.

    The Tories should be utterly ashamed of themselves for effectively destroying free speech and the right to protest. Still, what do you expect when they keep on appointing Indians to the post of Home Secretary who, being essentially foreign, have no conception for what real freedom of speech and the right to protest entails. India is also a fake democracy so it should be expected that Indian Home Secretaries are deeply undemocratic nutjobs.

    It is shame Tory authoritarianism never extends to REAL border control. No wonder they are miles behind Labour in the polls.


  2. Global warming IS happening though not all of it is caused by humans. We humans though are responsible for a large part of it. There is only so much global warming the planet can tolerate before calamity will strike. We can already see big warning signs eg heatwaves are becoming more frequent and most of them have come have come about since the turn of the century, ski resorts in the Alps are having less good skiing conditions every year ect.

    I would be wary of getting into bed with the Daily Mail. It is a thick and gormless rag that thinks that evil bigot, Ian Dumbo Smith, did a good job.

    Yes, he DID do a good job if you think that driving vulnerable people even including disabled people to commit suicide is good.

    Ian Dumbo Smith should not be called good by anyone with decent moral values. He should be [redacted] via a hangman’s noose or given a short, sweet and cheap [redacted] in the back of the head for being an evil ####.


    1. John:
      The proportion of any global warming via human causation may be small. In any event, that proportion is caused by number of humans, at root. Reduction of numbers is the only answer, probably.

      Look at the cycles of heat and cooling that have happened even in the recent past (last 1,000 years).


  3. Re that tweet on Seattle it just goes to show why some states in America are very reluctant to give up on the death penalty though they have abolished it in Washington state where Seattle is.

    Anti death penalty people here say it isn’t a deterrent and they try to prove their case by pointing to the USA. Well, it would be difficult to prove whether it is or isn’t there since you would have to control for the fact the US has very lax gun laws and also for the fact that in America even those states which have it very rarely USE it compared to the numbers of death sentences and actual murders.

    Also, the ridiculous time period that elapses from when a person commits a death penalty eligible murder to sentencing and then actual execution. Justice delayed is justice denied and a threat of actual execution that is a very remote actual prospect of happening is not likely to be a deterrent.

    In Singapore though where the threat of being executed IS a very real one and one that will be carried out relatively quickly ie NOT allowing death sentenced murderers to spend decades languishing on death row then it is likely to be a real deterrent.


  4. So the Labour Party’s utterly blatant proposed attempt at gerrymandering the electorate in their favour still further ( along with their open door immigration policies the last time they disastrously misruled this land) is opposed and quite rightly so.

    I am surprised a large minority of Tory voters support it. The numbers of them doing so should be at really tiny levels.

    This policy is deliberately designed to make it even more difficult for that party to regain office should they lose it next year or in 2025.

    There is NO case whatever to lower the voting age. In this respect at least, Britain is consistent with the vast majority of the world’s countries who set it at 18.

    Infact, if anything, there is a case for it to be raised to 19 as it used to be in very advanced and wealthy South Korea or 20 as it was in Japan. Perhaps, a few basic educational qualifications could also be added to franchise requirements.


    1. John:
      I disagree with the “educational qualification” idea, if only because most exam passes, inc. “degrees”, are now almost worthless. Other than that, I favour, ideally, a voting age minimum of 28, as you know.


      1. I think 28 is a bit too high. 19, 20 or 21 as it is currently in very well governed Singapore (Hang ’em High City/Executions Inc😅🤣😅😀😃) or as it was in ultra-wealthy and well run Switzerland would be a good age to compromise on and set it at.


  5. Britain should have a constitutional court and written constitution to prevent self-serving and undemocratic parties like Labour blatantly trying to gerrymander the electorate into one with more favourable tendencies to voting Labour.


  6. What an utter MORON with a capital M that Carole Flint tweeter is.

    I can point to at least two VERY successful countries in the world that have very limited numbers of immigrants in them ie South Korea and Japan.

    South Korea has risen from being one of the world’s very poorest countries in the 1950’s to being an industrial and economic superpower of today, having an export led economy and some well regarded, world leading companies such as the electronics giant Samsung – a company which produces a tablet I am using at this moment to write this internet post.

    South Korea’s government and some of their leading companies such as Samsung has recently announced a ten year, multi billion pound collaboration to be the world’s leading country for the manufacture of highly advanced solid state batteries for electric cars etc by the year 2033.

    Where is any similar programme here, Carole?

    South Korea is about 96 percent ethnically Korean.

    Japan, despite its recent economic woes since 1990, still has a large and advanced manufacturing base and export led economy that is the world’s third largest. Some Japanese companies are in Forbes business magazine’s list of the top 100 firms eg Toyota which is still the largest car maker in the world.

    Japan is 98 percent ethnically Japanese.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brilliant comments John. That stupid woman must live, as Ian said, in a leafy upper-middle class suburb, and must belong to the “refugees are welcome here” sect. Asian are generally very ethnocentric, that means racists and good for them! We must not be afraid of using the word “racist” as a positive expression or a compliment because a racist is a person who puts the welfare of its tribe/ethnic group before anything else.


      1. Yes, the East Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea and China are very ‘racist’ by how loony liberal globalists such as that Bristol residing tweeter interpret the term.

        Apart from Israel, these countries are the most ethno centric, nationalist and ‘racist’ on the planet.

        Has it done them any harm? No, quite the contrary infact. South Korea and Japan are very advanced countries with strong, export led economies and China could well overtake the USA in economic terms from 2028 onwards.


  7. If Carole ( I have got loads of PC flags after my Twitter handle so LOOK AT ME!) said that tweet to the average resident of Seoul or Tokyo they would laugh manically and call for a nurse to take her away to go to the nearest loony bin.


  8. Carole Flint lives in Bristol. In the 1980’s the city was Tory for the most part and had some Liberal/SDP leanings as well. Now, there are quite a few Labour MPs and a lot of Green Party voters too.

    I haven’t visited it but from its changed voting patterns I can only imagine it is becoming yet another crime infested, Third World excrement hole like our formerly law abiding capital city.

    How sad! Residents of South Korea’s capital city and Tokyo get to enjoy having effective, REAL police forces that care about combating REAL crime and not going after those who write non PC Twitter comments and they don’t endure very often black caused crime rates ie rampant drug dealing and mass stabbings on a daily basis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      I believe that Bristol was once (1970s/1980s) considered to be very liveable. I only knew it from visits in the 2002-2007 period, when I appeared from time to time at the County Court there, which is or was in the centre of the city, opposite the Crown Court (often seen on news reports of murders etc).

      To my mind, Bristol is big enough and “diverse” enough to have some of the disadvantages of London but few of its advantages (the great museums and parks etc).


  9. I do not believe those figures about children wanting to have a sex change (1 out of 10). I think is propaganda from the evil media promoting that sickening idea. In a healthy country all those people responsible for such a thing will be [redacted] (I am sure John will agree with me).


    1. I wouldn’t execute them but lengthy prison sentences would have a measure of justification for them.

      It is sick and these people are very unwise to do it because if they are not too careful some people, including the few conservative minded MPs still within the Conservative Party, might well call for a new version of Mrs Thatcher’s infamous Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 to be brought into operation to deal with the problem.


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