Diary Blog, 14 May 2023, with items about John Osborne, Anatoly Golitsyn, and the Russia-China rapprochement

From the newspapers


“Labour, as we know from the blurted revelations of the Blairite functionary Andrew Neather, actually wanted to change the character of the country. The Tories wanted lots of cheap labour, and didn’t care if it changed the country. The policy continues. I doubt that the latest law on migration will make much difference.

Lord Green of Deddington – a measured former diplomat who deals in hard fact – mordantly pointed this out during last Thursday’s debate in the House of Lords. He said: ‘The Government have actively encouraged large-scale economic migration,’ and produced clear evidence of this.

He warned: ‘The current scale of immigration, of which asylum is only a small part, simply cannot be allowed to continue. The pressure on our schools and public services is heavy and increasing. We already have to build… nearly 300 homes every single day just to house immigrant families.’

[Peter Hitchens, in the Daily Mail]

[should be captioned “MIGRANT INVADERS”]

Naturally, the pro-immigration careerists and “useful idiots” will display the details of some “refugee” brain surgeon or scientist, maybe one single individual out of every thousand.

John Osborne

“Given a platform to express his views in the 1957 anthology Declaration, he took the opportunity to criticize monarchy:

I have called Royalty religion the ‘national swill’ because it is poisonous… the leader-writers and the bribed gossip mongers have only to rattle their sticks in the royalty bucket for most of their readers to put their heads down in this trough of Queen-worship… My objection to the Royalty symbol is that it is dead; it is the gold filling in a mouthful of decay.[67]


Polemical, but he had a point.

More from Osborne:

Critics saw a conservative attitude to empire reflected in West of Suez,[41][36][45] and later in the 1970s he expressed support for Enoch Powell;[76] in the words of Osborne’s biographer Michael Ratcliffe, “he drifted to the libertarian, unorganized right”.[69] Several commentators have argued that a conservative and nostalgic strain was apparent in Osborne’s work from an early stage.[77][52][76] As early as 1968, in an interview with Kenneth Tynan, he had declared himself “a patriot in the sense that my life only has meaning here, not somewhere else. This sort of spurious internationalism, where people respond to one another across nations and continents — it seems to me very unreal.[47]


I am warming to his words, especially after the pathetic “Conservative Democracy” “conference” (about 100 people), at Bournemouth yesterday, had an even more pathetic knot of pro-“refugee” (migrant-invader) protesters (about 3 or 4) outside the “conference”. They were there, apparently, to support non-existent “climate refugees”.

The unreality has now permeated all levels, from mainstream System political parties (look at the last few Prime Ministers— Sunak, Liz Truss, Boris-idiot, Theresa May) to tiny groups on all sides, even the British nationalist side in some cases.

Tweets seen

…and do not forget that millions of “me too” idiots promoted the facemask nonsense, including many many “healthcare professionals” such as doctors. Those who realized the nonsense was nonsense mostly kept quiet to protect their jobs and money.

Interesting but, if the KGB was so cunning, why was it unable to save the Soviet Union itself? The collapse of “the West” may be in train, but that of the “socialist” world already happened, starting (arguably) in 1989.

Not that that means that Bezmenov was completely wrong.

Defectors have to sell something, usually either “secrets” or some kind of analysis of events. cf. Golitsyn [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoliy_Golitsyn].

As for Bezmenov himself, he died in Canada at the early age of 53: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Bezmenov.

Talking about Golitsyn, his stock was low for decades. I recall discussing the matter in the early/mid1980s, after dinner with a senior member of the (British) Foreign Office research apparat. It was at his home in Blackheath (London), and was a merely social invitation via one of his daughters.

The FO man was dismissive of Golitsyn and, after a couple of his excellent aged Scotch whiskies, emphatically so. I had, at the time, the bad habit of playing devil’s advocate or advocatus diabolus

All the same, while the Soviet and Chinese communists may not have expressly plotted together to deceive the West about the Sino-Soviet split [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoliy_Golitsyn#Controversies], look at what is now happening— what looks very like a slowly-emerging Russia-China rapprochement against NATO/NWO.

Slightly alternatively, a Russia-China rapprochement combined with a strategy of undermining the West not only militarily but also in financial and commercial areas; weakening the dollar as the default world currency, and bypassing the financial centres of the USA, UK, and EU.

Sometimes, ideas may not become official policy yet have unexpected effects later, down the line. An example of that would be the Helsinki Accords of 1975 [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helsinki_Accords].

Many saw them as meaningless, an example of the Soviet Union “fooling” the West. That may well have been the intention of the Soviet leadership. However, the dissidents in Russia and the Baltic states, Czechoslovakia etc, used the superficially “paper” agreements to push for liberalization of the whole socialist system in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The rest is history.

Also, speculating philosophically a little, I think that, once an idea has passed through even one human mind, it has incalculable effects down the line.

A somewhat similar idea (re. Helsinki etc) was behind the episode of The Sandbaggers (for me, one of the very best spy story series on TV) called My Name is Anna Wiseman.

I confess that, when I first saw that episode, I thought it rather far-fetched. I thought the same, more or less, about Andrei Amalrik’s Will the Soviet Union Survive until 1984?, which I first read sometime in the early 1980s. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Amalrik]. In both cases, I was (at least partly) wrong. Sometimes, life can be very surprising. I have found that.

More tweets seen

Not only to “Ukraine” (the Kiev regime), but also to Israel:

The Jewish lobby in America captured Congress decades ago. The same is true, to a large extent, of the House of Commons in the UK.

I wonder how long it will be before the first nuclear missiles explode in or over Western Europe, and where they will be exactly. In the UK, for example. Faslane? Chicksands? London?

I myself live only about 20 miles from a major likely target area (Southampton). Maybe, in the end, the thing to do would be to buy an excellent bottle of Chateau Margaux or, maybe, Chateau d’Yquem, and just accept that one can do nothing to stop the madness.

If the Russians keep getting poked and prodded and, indeed, endangered by the NATO powers (egged on by the “you-know-whos”, as usual), this can only end one way.

I recall that, when I was living in the South West of the UK, ~20 years ago, a large amount of cocaine was discovered by a dog walker or the like on the wooded banks of the river Torridge, near Bideford. Obviously left by a small boat at night, probably off a larger ship (this was a couple of miles from the estuary, beyond which is the open sea).

Cannot quite remember the value, but I think it was in the hundreds of thousands, at least.

The finder reported it to the police. What else? After all, even leaving aside moral or legal imperatives, most people would have no idea how to sell such a haul. I certainly would not. I do not take prohibited drugs, and know no-one who does, or who would buy that —or any— amount of them.

Doesn’t take much to scare them, nicht wahr? I wonder where their boltholes are? USA? Canada? UK? France? Australia?

Germans know that their territory might well be the first to be obliterated if a terrible nuclear war were to start.

This is the Jewish comedian before whom the entire “Western” msm and political rabble have bowed down…

Zelensky always looks unwashed to me; frankly rather unclean.

I think that the musicians will beat the comedians…

Do you expect manners from “them”? Don’t expect it, then you will not be disappointed.

Now reverse-engineer it.

“Jack Monroe”, a complete fraud. Amazing that she is still being invited to various festivals, though I think only small ones, and she is still occasionally seen in the mass media. In fact, there are still (as of today) 429 utter mugs each sending her between £3.50 and £44 monthly via Patreon. Those idiots must have cotton wool for brains.

Yes, I know that there are other online “grifters”, such as one “Supertanskiii”, a blond woman who has made a living ranting pointlessly on Twitter about “the Tories” (because fake “Labour” under Starmer would be so much better…oh, no, wait a moment…). “Jack Monroe”, though, is a particularly egregious, and indeed pathological, liar.

That is very restrained.

I blogged about those events several times in 2022. As I guessed, there never was a libel action launched, but “grifter” Jack Monroe pretended for quite a while that there was, and solicited donations from mugs.

In fact, her one-time chosen lawyer, Israel-based self-promoter Mark Lewis (about whom I have also blogged in the past), has not even come out of his kennel on her behalf in the past year, as far as I know.

The further tweets are worth reading.

Late music

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 May 2023, with items about John Osborne, Anatoly Golitsyn, and the Russia-China rapprochement”

  1. Everything in America is bigger, even the lies.

    Criminal Lawyer Breaks Down the Indictment of George Santos.

    “Santos has made numerous false or dubious claims about his biography, work history, criminal record, financial status, ethnicity, religion, and other matters, both in public and in private. Six weeks after his election, numerous news outlets reported that large parts of his self-published biography appeared to be fabricated, including claims about his ancestry, education, employment, charity work, property ownership, and crimes of which he claimed to be a victim. Santos has admitted to lying about his education and employment.

    In 2010, Santos confessed to having committed check fraud in Brazil in 2008, but failed to appear in court in 2011, leaving the case unresolved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Very interesting. This George Santos is the epitome of the average politician in the Western world. People like him should be locked for life and forced to do some useful manual labour in return for a couple of meals a day.


      1. We almost expect politicians to lie, which is wrong and very sad, but what about the people who voted for him, what were they thinking?
        Piers Morgan interviewed Santos, it is on youtube, nothing we didn’t already know. He has zero shame when confronted with his lies.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Regarding the people who voted for Santos, we can say about them the same as we could/should say about those who voted for Liz Truss. The average person is incredibly stupid and gullible.

        PS: Regarding regional British accents I found another terribly hard to understand: the Glaswegian! Even my wife, who is English, said “What the hell is he talking about?” 😂 😂 😂 


  2. Hello: I never heard of John Osborne, although I heard of “Looking back in anger”. This man (Osborne) seems to have been a very disagreeable fellow, no wonder he was fairly unhappy and made the life of his partners a misery.

    I did not know about the ridiculous Conservative Party conference which ended-up being a failure (LOL)

    That young man called David Morgan is very good, I wonder how long he will be on Twitter before the inevitable cancellation…


    1. This David Morgan fellow is a congenital idiot in many ways. He is a self proclaimed libertarian. Most people who subscribe to that very often deeply immoral ideology are morons ie Liz Truss, and far too many others in what WAS the Conservative Party.

      David is very politically naive if he thinks that Andrew Bridgen MP joining Lawrence Fox’s ridiculous Reclaim Party represents a wave of the future. Lawrence Fox is just a con artist of the farcical GB News variety.

      We have many of these silly groups but they have no worthwhile coherent poltical philosophy and, as a result of that, they won’t get anywhere.

      What Britain needs is a party similar to Germany’s national conservative Afd or France’s National Rally.


    2. It wasn’t the official Conservative Party conference but one organised by a group of Tory Party members who, quite rightly, are disgusted and disillusioned with the clear lack of internal democracy within the party. They want to change that.

      Some of them suspect the imposed from on high extra from The Jewel In The Crown has no real electoral appeal as the local elections could well be said to demonstrate.

      Perhaps, a few are getting to the point where any further electoral defeats could be used as evidence to oust the Indian chap in the Autumn. The knives, once again, are being sharpened.

      I think the return of Boris would be a mistake though. Last Summer, some opinion polls indicated Penny Mordaut was the preferred leader, especially in the crucial ‘Red Wall’ seats.


  3. Well done Germany! Yes, Deutschland would be a prime target if evil Biden continues to push this proxy war against Russia whereby a nuclear armaghedon becomes an inevitability.

    Germans quite rightly don’t wish to see this happen. Perhaps that is why the Afd Party is on 16% of the vote in current polls.

    Luckily, the Germans can vote for parties that wish to see this terrible and potentially very dangerous conflict for the rest of us come to an honourable end. Sadly, we don’t have that choice. We have evil, anti-British , warmongering wankers like the unelected Indian chap and boring, useless , no sensible fresh ideas, Keir Starmer wanting to see this war escalate and for this country to be nuked in response.


  4. Zelensky should be nominated for the Best Actor award at the next Oscars in 2024. He is a good actor. I will give him that accolade.


  5. You really to have to be a bit dim to rant against the Tories and, in response, think Keir Starmer and his posse represents any kind of real alternative to the admittedly crap and useless fake Conservatives.

    Labour under Starmer is only about a detour to 1997 and the heady days of that evil, anti-British Bliar creature that done so much to wreck our country with his mania for open borders.

    Starmer is all about a globalist, anti-British, New Labour Tribute Act Mark 2. Starmer lies constantly. So far, he has broken ten pledges he made to gain the leadership of his own party. If he treats his own party with such stunning contempt then people should be assured we in the British electorate will come off far worse.


    1. John:
      Quite right. Starmer offers the British people precisely nothing.

      What makes me laugh is that you see “centrists”, often Jews, making the very poor point that it is better to have a Labour Party government even if it does almost identical things to the present “Conservative” shambles, than to present a bold “socialist” challenge and lose the election.

      Not sure that that kind of bold challenge *would* attract fewer voters than Starmer’s offering, the way things are.

      In any case, what is the point in electing a “Labour” government which is almost indistinguishable from a “Conservative” one?

      Still, at present, the next general election is Labour’s to lose, the way the country is being misgoverned.


      1. Starmer’s only real idea is the lutterly udicrous one of giving 16 year olds AND EVEN EU CITIZENS the right to vote in our elections.

        The citizenship of a country is a privilege NOT a right and one aspect of citizenship that makes it special is restricting the electoral franchise to the citizens of a sovereign state so that elections and the destiny of a country is in the hands of that country’s citizens. The right to vote is special and shouldn’t be given to all and sundry and certainly shouldn’t be given to citizens of a foreign organisation we have LEFT (at least in Great Britain and not as should have been the case with regard to NI as well)

        As if Blairs open door immigration policy didn’t already move elections in Labour’s favour already from 1997 to 2010!

        I notice Starmer won’t embrace a GENUINE fresh idea ie moving elections to a position whereby individual voters are EQUAL wherever they live in the country by dumping the archaic fraud of stand alone FPTP and using a Proportional Representation voting system instead.

        No, Britons don’t deserve equal votes but foreign EU citizens are welcome to tilt elections in Labour’s favour.


      2. John:
        What really matters to most people is that they can afford a decent home, that their pay allows them at least a semblance of decent life, that the health, educational, police, social and other services actually “do what it says on the tin”, and that there is social peace.


      3. His latest speech just took my breath away in its sheer Chutzpah. He only claimed the Labour Party which has always been of an anti-British persuasion could be relied upon to be conservative and defend the nation.

        Yeah, right, that would that be the same Labour Party that threw open Britain’s borders in 1997 and allowed millions of immigrants to settle here in complete defiance of public opinion and contrary to their manifesto promises in 1997 just to ” rub the Rights noses in diversity” , as an nasty way of getting back at the country for failing to elect Labour governments in the 1980’s and a way to tilt the electorate into a direction more favourably disposed towards voting Labour.

        Some of us have not and never will forgive Labour for doing this. If Britain was a decent and moral country, the evil genius behind this plan, one Tony Blair, should be executed for it. He isn’t too old at 70 to pay with his life for this treason along with his other crime of sending British servicemen and women to their deaths in Iraq using lies over so- called weapons of mass destruction.


      4. John:
        The migration invasion has pretty much destroyed the illusion that voting can change much. Some people say “but look at Hitler and the NSDAP from 1919 to 1933”, but of course Germany, though damaged by the presence of a large number of Jews and, after 1918, Communists, was still fundamentally German (indeed, the *rank and file* Communists were mostly German, and many later joined the NSDAP).

        Contrast the UK today: true, still 80% white according to the latest census, but that is rapidly diminishing. Look at the schools in the large cities. Mostly non-white. How long before the UK becomes majority non-white? Maybe another 40 or 50 years, maybe only 20-30 years. Those people will, most of them, never vote social-national.

        As for the Jews, in terms of numbers they are of course almost negligible in the UK, well under half of one percent, but in terms of their stranglehold on politics, the legal professions, mass media, and of course business, they are far more influential and indeed powerful. You only have to look at their abuse of law (“lawfare”), their attempts to shut down free speech in this country, their attempts to censor people etc.

        Still, with 75%-80% of the people in the UK still white British, there is still all to play for, either in ordinary political terms, or in terms of “para-politics”.


  6. The way he treats his own party by contemptuously rejecting PR even though his own party members overwhelmingly endorsed the principle of PR for general elections at their last conference, his breaking of ten supposedly solemn leadership pledges etc makes him untrustworthy and the country should view him with a certain degree of suspicion and trepidation.

    He would give the leader of North Korea a run in the undemocratic authoritarian stakes. Ordinary Britons beware!


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