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Diary Blog, 9 June 2022

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The Bar continues to dig its own grave


This (read that report) is a trend that has been going on for 2-3 decades now. I could recount numerous examples from my own experience. One of the least egregious would be that involving a pupil in my own chambers in Exeter (in the early/mid 1990s, I was practising in London, but after working and living in various places overseas from 1996-2002, returned to the practising Bar in SW England in mid-2002).

The pupil to whom I refer (and who shall be nameless, partly out of courtesy but equally because I have actually forgotten her name), was from Northern Ireland.

Now I have to say that I find the Northern Irish accent one of the most difficult in the UK to understand easily but, in addition to that, the girl in question had a pretty bad speech impediment.

You might ask why on Earth someone with a bad speech impediment wanted to go to the Bar in the first place, or was not sidetracked into other career options at an earlier stage, but there it is. Of course, not all barristers spend much of their time in court.

Now, said girl pupil was, like many Bar pupils, far more obliging and pleasant when a pupil (and no doubt trying to get along pleasantly with members of chambers) than she was once taken on as a tenant or —as I think she was, cannot now recall exactly— squatter (a quasi-tenant but with no rights of tenure). I myself only saw her in passing, really, but did note that, once she was actually working as barrister, she seemed rather abrasive, judging admittedly by the very few times I saw her at (though not in) court. I never had any trouble with her myself, and in fact saw little of her.

Now the interesting thing was that not only did chambers (notably in the person of the main Clerk to Chambers) champion that young woman, but claimed that instructing solicitors loved her. Well, maybe. Seems strange to me that someone with both a speech impediment and an accent that was more like a gargle could be at the English Bar doing court work, but there we are.

I harbour a suspicion that people tend to bend over backwards to be nice, so to speak, to the physically-disabled, as many do also to some of the ethnic minorities. That is fine as far as it goes, but not when it amounts to a kind of lie.

Incidentally, I seem to remember that the person noted above returned, in the end, to her native Ulster, and maybe left the practising Bar.

Digressing further, I happened, out of curiosity today, to look at the website of the successor chambers to the one to which I belonged in Exeter from 2002-2008 (and which, an amalgam of two or three sets, is now the largest in the South West outside Bristol). I saw that several people that I liked are still there, and I saw that not only (as I knew already) is my old head of chambers now “His Honour” (a Circuit Judge) but that someone else I knew in chambers, a former magistrates’ clerk, with an encylopaedic knowledge of some aspects of (in particular) criminal law, is now also “His Honour”. Unless it is just someone with an identical name, but I think not.

That last was a nice little man, very polite and pleasant, who wore his considerable knowledge lightly. I seem to recall that he had written a well-received book on sentencing. Glad to see that his knowledge and diligence has been rewarded.

I was amused to see that two people who had rather more than a spat in chambers are now both members of that set. I liked both of them. One was a then-young man who was very eager to progress chambers (my wife called him a “Young Turk” for his enthusiastic diligence, but in these dumbed-down times, I suppose I shall have to explain that he was not a real Turk!). He was married to a pretty young woman whom I believe I met once at some chambers reception or other.

The other barrister, also young, was an ex-solicitor whose grandfather had founded one of the largest firms of solicitors in the South West. A very pleasant person.

Those people, with others in chambers, used to go shooting together, an activity of which I thoroughly disapproved. I disapprove of all hurt done to animals, particularly for sport or “fun”. I even disapprove of shooting humans, under most circumstances. Ironically, most of those I liked best in chambers were the shooters.

Anyway, one day, those two members of chambers were out shooting when a pheasant fell onto the head of the wife of the “Young Turk” and knocked her out in the field. Whether that preceded or not the affair that she apparently had with the other young barrister, I know not. It later transpired that, after much bad blood, I was the only member of chambers to be unaware of the feud that ensued, my mind being occupied by other matters (or as my wife would say, “in the clouds”) and, also, the fact that I was, by then, only spending half the month in the UK, the rest in France and some other countries.

I suppose that the two former antagonists have either buried the hatchet or (and/or) come to the realistic conclusion that that set is more or less “the only game in town” (in Exeter) now. Time heals all wounds, they say (though I remain doubtful of that, speaking generally). The events in question were after all some 15 or 16 years ago now.

Tweets seen

and no need to mention the War (I mean ‘the vaccines‘)”…

Did that apply to freeloading “charity” bod Brendan Cox, and/or barrister and former scribbler Rupert Myers, or did their offences not even get to the stage of being investigated by police? See https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5404241/Jo-Coxs-husband-admits-sex-pest-resigns.html; https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/rupert-myers-being-publicly-shamed-pushed-me-to-the-edge-a3702711.html; https://london-post.co.uk/sleazy-journalist-rupert-myers-sacked-by-various-outlets-amidst-sexual-assault-allegations/.

At last, a reality check in the otherwise useless and in fact often deliberately untruthful UK msm.

I was blogging months ago that the forces of the Kiev regime would soon be running short of military resources, particularly fuel and ammunition.

J.H. Brennan

I discovered today that J.H. Brennan, whose early 1970s books Astral Doorways and Experimental Magic I owned from 1978 (when I was 21-22 y-o), is still alive, now aged 81: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Herbert_Brennan.

A pretty good writer, in my opinion, with an easy-reading style (judging by the few books of his that I have read).

More tweets seen

Interesting analysis, and I can agree with much of it, though I do not accept that neurotic bighead, Gordon Brown’s, bailout of the bank swine was right at all— better to have let them go bust, imprison the wealthy bankers, then step in to help those with say £200,000 or less on deposit; and let the affluent and wealthy go smoke.

I agree that the “austerity” nonsense of the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne was disastrous, causing misery to millions without in any way dealing with the real problems of the financial sector and “national debt”.

As to cryptocurrencies, it is true that they are “without intrinsic value“, but that is also true of conventional currencies. I took a look at all that years ago on the blog: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/12/10/thoughts-about-bitcoin/.

If a sustained recession/slump/depression is around the corner, there yet might be time for social-nationalism to triumph. Remember 1929-1933…

Late tweets seen

That creature is Canada’s Minister of Justice?! He looks more like a refugee from the 1950s Phil Silvers Show.

Get Trudeau Out! Alternatively, just get Trudeau.

Late music

[Vladimir Volegov, Reading a Novel]

Diary Blog, 5 September 2020, including thoughts about the demise of the “Alt-Right”

Eric Joyce and India Knight

I may not always agree with her ideological positions, but Julie Burchill is rarely boring as a writer:


When I still had a Twitter account, I received a couple of rude and unsolicited replies (to a tweet not addressed to him) from the then-MP Eric Joyce, and another, though on a different topic (re. MP expenses generally) from his then-fiancee, “columnist”/book scribbler India Knight. Her tweet was both presumptuous and incorrect.

As to Joyce’s own expenses, during his time as MP he managed to rip off the taxpayer in a truly royal fashion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Joyce#Expenses_claims; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-8499753/ANDREW-PIERCE-final-shame-violent-ex-major-bragged-touch-Im-MP.html

[As some Daily Mail readers’ comments noted, Joyce was not an officer of the Black Watch (though he was a private soldier in that regiment), but later was commissioned in the Royal Logistics Corps].

As to India Knight, I laugh at her present embarrassment, but feel that it is insufficient punishment. Still, there it is.

Oh, here is the “happy couple”, at an event for dogs:

Long-term relationship: Eric Joyce and his partner India Knight pictured in London

Some tweets seen

Unfortunately, neither Jew barrister/scribbler Rupert Myers, nor former hugely-overpaid charity executive and woke-drone, Brendan Cox, both sex pests and sexual assaulters of vulnerable drunken women, were ever prosecuted. I believe that both tweeted against me in the past. Myers certainly did.

Once again, persons who deserve punishment but have escaped.

In fact, “free speech” is now severely restricted in the UK, largely because of the Jewish lobby that Julia Hartley-Brewer supports, or implicitly supports. As for “democracy”, hardy ha ha.

Still, I disapprove of the Extinction Rebellion zealots, overall, and can see that the System and its police are tolerating them for covert reasons, so I repost JHB (who was another one once rude to me and also wrong, on Twitter, in the past) out of duty on this occasion.

It is a rare day when I repost material from Jewish lobby drones like Stephen Pollard and Douglas Murray, but “no religion is higher than truth” [सत्यान्नास्ति परो धर्मः]…

Long-term readers of this blog will be aware that I have blogged in the past about “Extinction Rebellion”: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/; and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/; and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/

Other tweets seen

1902! Think about that!

So much for the “peer reviews” so beloved of the mediocre Twitterati…

Oh, and where did this “no platforming” of dissenting views start? In the campaigns by Jew-Zionists to shut down or shout down the opinions of anti-Zionists and social-nationalists. The whole idea of historical revision or inquiry being labelled “holocaust” “denial” etc. Also, people losing jobs, professions, and homes because of Jew “lawfare” (malicious complaints to police, CPS, social media sites etc).

Then there came, in parts of Europe, quasi-mediaeval laws banning what can be said or written about the Second World War, particularly the non-existent “gas chambers” etc. So called “holocaust” “denial” laws.

That tendency then spread to dissenting views about “climate change”, under the label “climate change denial”.

Now we see the same tendency in respect of “Coronavirus”. Anyone doubting any part of the officially-approved narrative, whether of the causes, spread, or treatment of “the virus” (or even things such as the facemask nonsense) is to be censored or banned…

I think that I can lay claim to having been consistently hostile, for a decade or more, to Boris-idiot, the part-Jew, part-Levantine public entertainer who has now been posing as PM for over a year, and whose jokes are starting to fall very flat.

Likewise, I can also claim that I was able to discern at an early stage that “Boris” was not the strong leader many imagined, but as weak as weak could be, made yet weaker by his complete lack of both ideology and principle. The mob now starts to catch up with me.

G.K. Chesterton, that great cynic who was also a great reverer (to paraphrase Nietzsche) would be very sad to see what has happened to what he called the “good Christian inns” of old England.

The only heartening thing is that many are awakening to how deeply sinister all of this is. Incidentally, in Russian prisons, going back to the time of Stalin at least, prisoners being taken anywhere inside a prison are ordered to face the wall whenever another prisoner is brought along the same corridor.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys; pay more, get more monkeys…

There it is again: “holocaust”, “global warming”, “climate change”, “Coronavirus pandemic”, “Black Lives Matter” (etc)…”YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO QUESTION THE NARRATIVE”…

…and few will annoy the plebs by saying the truth: that most of the negative changes in the UK have come about because said plebs are more interested in whether the “England” team (mostly non-whites anyway) has won a football game, cricket match or rugby fixture somewhere on the other side of the world than they are about the shape and structure of their own society, or the composition of their own cities.

America has not seen anything like this since the days of the Hard Hats, the Yippies, the Black Panthers, and the Weather Underground. Maybe not even then.

The “Alt-Right”

A few years ago, one heard much about the “Alt-Right”. They were the steam powering the Trump campaign, they were rallying in the USA, they were active on social media in the UK. Now? As the Americans say, “crickets”. We just hear crickets, as I did at night as a child in Sydney. The noisy sound of silence.

Look at a few examples: Katie Hopkins is now off the msm, off Twitter, though still on YouTube, Facebook and her own website.

Tommy Robinson has decamped to Spain and is barred from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, though still has his own website and is trying to get back on YouTube.

“Prison Planet” Watson is on Twitter (though briefly barred) , YouTube (I think ditto), Facebook.

The other UK “alt-Right” faces, such as Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin), have faded into obscurity.

In the UK, we see that those “alt-Right” faces who merely rant and rave, and have no real political influence, are still online. Paul Joseph Watson, aka “Prison Planet”, poses no threat to the System, despite his million Twitter followers. He has no party, though he did join UKIP (with Benjamin and others) in 2018. When he joined UKIP, that doomed party (which peaked in 2014) acquired, not a million members but…500! A timely reminder of the relationship between a Twitter “following” and a real one…

Oh, and in the real 2019 election, UKIP got less than 23,000 votes across the 44 seats it contested, an average of little more than 500 each. So much for “Prison Planet’s” real-world political influence.

Katie Hopkins had more real influence, which is why the System had her expelled from Twitter. The same is true of Tommy Robinson. He, like the others, is just “controlled opposition”, but his street army of ex-EDL bottlethrowers had at least the potential to become a real street army. It went too far, so the System closed him down.

Note that all the above are professedly pro-Jew, pro-Israel. That did not save them and will not save them, as soon as the game moves on. They are used; they are not, in the end, playing on their own behalf, even if they imagine that they are.

In the end, the “Alt-Right” and similar are just a distraction from real politics. Is there anything good about them from the social-national point of view? I suppose that they do, to a limited extent, partly set the agenda, but only to that limited extent.

Only organizations with a real world presence can survive a System onslaught, if and when it comes. Those making a living from donations etc online only will find no shelter when the wintry winds blow.

I do not regret the demise of the “Alt-Right”. It clears the decks for real action.

More tweets seen

I think that that tweet by tweeter “@FreejackFan” is not so far from my own attitude.

What is very noticeable is how many pseudo-socialists on Twitter are supporting (from the safety of their computers) the Extinction Rebellion mob. “An infantile disorder” indeed!

Need I say, at least to regular readers of this blog, how much I hate the “free Press”, more accurately termed either Lugenpresse or Judenpresse? The last two terms are more or less interchangeable.

Extinction Rebellion, like their idol, Greta Nut, have no solutions to the problems they highlight. They seem to believe that industry and modern life can be and should be shut down within about 5 years. They also seem to be saying that, if they can get 3.5% of the population to support them, that they can impose their ideas (such as they may be). Have they considered what might happen if the other 96.5% of the population start to dislike Extinction Rebellion intensely? Walls, squads. You get the picture.

Of course, Judenpresse scribblers such as Dan Hodges are hypocrites. Not one of them stood up for me in 2016 when I was wrongfully disbarred for having tweeted, in the end, five (5) completely true tweets about UK society. Not one stood up for free speech. Not Dan Hodges. Not Julia Hartley-Brewer (whom I think is part-Jew). Not the Jew hypocrite Oliver Kamm (in fact, he told the newspapers, and also tweeted, how much he approved of my disbarment).

As one of the tweeters I have cited in this blog tweeted, Extinction Rebellion is controlled opposition. Look at how the police give it pretty free rein, at least up to the point at which the public notices. Cressida Dick (again); Common Purpose (again).

Those supporting Extinction Rebellion’s activities today are ideologically pathetic, like the tweeters cited below, even though the msm does often print a pack of lies.

The Extinction Rebellion mob might be the catalyst, somewhere down the line, for a reaction that will be of a very different kind, and which may well roll its tanks over their “3.5%” (though in fact, in System elections, Extinction Rebellion candidates have never, as far as I know, even garnered 1% of the popular vote, or even a tenth of 1%.

Roger Hallam, the de facto leader of “XR”, stood in the last EU elections (as “Independent”). His vote was 0.004%, i.e. 4 votes out of every 10,000 voters! https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/

A recent Daily Mail report: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8694867/Fury-Extinction-Rebellion-founder-says-MPs-bullet-heads.html

Incidentally, if anyone thinks that I am kindly disposed to the Daily Mail, google “Ian Millard barrister Daily Mail” and see what you find…

As far as I am concerned, if all the scribblers for the Mail and the rest of the Judenpresse lose their jobs, I shall be happy. That, however, does not mean that I support the “XR” idiots. Far from it.

Look at this (below)!

When Africans can establish and run any state, or even make the ones bequeathed to them by Europeans function properly, maybe then they can think about creating a “superstate”!

The tweet below is typical of the muddled thinking common among UK pseudo-socialists today:

The tweeter is of course right, or partly-right in talking about the System newspapers, but seems to think that the revolution that “XR” will never bring about would usher in a new age of rights and freedoms. Who will control the Press then? Assemblies of “comrades”? Ever heard of Kronstadt?

System police getting rough with British demonstrators at Dover, people sick of migration-invasion. Not one robocop went down on one knee. “Is it ‘cos we is not black?”

but look at the tweet below:

A pseudo-socialist “XR” supporter yet again. A Jew. “National Policy Officer, RMT union.” Pro-“BLM”, pro-facemask nonsense; and also pro-Israel ? (his Twitter profile does not say).

Yes, because the System needs the organs of propaganda in order to impose a quasi-dictatorship on the UK. The newspapers (together with radio, TV and schools) promote the “Coronavirus” fear propaganda, the “Black Lives Matter” propaganda, the “holocaust” propaganda etc.

Diary Blog, 13-14 June 2020

Just listened to a typically self-flagellating programme on BBC Radio 4. Two people whose fathers were “racists”. There was the son of John Beckett, a maverick British political martyr, and a lady who is so racked by fake “guilt” (fear that she might be “racist”) that she apparently examines her every word in case it offends the Pakistanis among whom she works in Leeds.

Beckett jnr. said today that his father was an “anti-Semite” who was himself “Jewish”. In fact, Beckett, a Labour MP who left the Labour Party in 1931 and, in 1934, joined Mosley in the British Union of Fascists, was only half-Jew (his mother was Jewish): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Beckett_(politician)

John Beckett was interned without trial for 5 years (1940-1945), then after the war was snooped upon for 10 years by the Security Service, MI5, losing the little jobs he was able to get here and there because MI5 officer Graham Mitchell (possibly a Soviet agent) secretly told companies to sack Beckett. Beckett was even followed around, and his telephone tapped. Life in a “free” country…(still freer in most respects than we are today, though…).

Strange that Radio 4 broadcast that piece today, when a black or multikulti mob is expected to descend on Central London. Maybe not so strange…

The connection may not be particularly relevant, but I think that another once quite influential minor political figure should be remembered today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A._K._Chesterton

A.K. Chesterton made two major ideological errors, in my view: he turned against both National Socialist Germany (in 1939) and “anti-Semitism” (in the 1940s).

Tweets seen

This LBC reporter seems to support the black/multikulti “BLM” mob:


When the black/multikulti mob appear, the Metropolitan Police kneel in sign of fealty to them…

…and here (below) we see Jew sex pest barrister Rupert Myers, a prolific tweeter, tweeting against the British crowds. Needless to say, his type “support” the black/multikulti mob who were scared off today.

The barrister, Fawcett, tweeting above, shows himself to be even more anti-national. Looking at his Twitter profile photo, I have, I think, a pretty good idea of his provenance…

As for Myers, I do not recall much “kindness” from him when he tweeted about me in or about 2016, at a time when other Jews procured my disbarment for tweeting about the state of this country…see: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/ —Myers is not mentioned therein; that article is about the general scandal of my having been disbarred merely for having tweeted truth about society and politics; it is also about the leniency shown to others who have committed and been convicted of actual crimes while practising at the Bar.

“Kindness”? Au contraire; I seem to recall this Myers individual having the online equivalent of a good laugh at my expense.

I wonder what the girls he assaulted would think of his pretence of “kindness”? He was never prosecuted for anything, surprisingly, but I believe that GQ and other publications stopped using him as an occasional scribbler. https://www.legalcheek.com/2017/11/junior-barrister-whose-inappropriate-behaviour-made-women-feel-uncomfortable-admits-he-got-professional-help-after-metoo-shaming/

I suppose that he imagines that his defaults will be hidden under the sands of time…

In the meantime, he seems to have gone the Jonathan Aitken route (exculpation via belated confession).

Britain needs a complete change in terms of cultural norms and the so-called “Overton window”.

Having said the above about tweeter/barrister Neil Fawcett, I noticed this tweet, which is more interesting, because of its link to an article:


I blogged about such and/or connected matters a while ago:


Some more tweets seen today

That opinion poll is on all fours with other recent polling. The voters are stuck. The Boris-idiot government is flailing and failing, but the one alternative offered by Britain’s broken political system is the Keir Starmer, Israel-First “Labour” Party (Starmer, Angela Rayner, Rachel Reeves etc) which, even beyond its being under what amounts to Jew-Zionist control, is really just the party of the blacks, browns and/or those dependent on State funding (either because public service employees or because unemployed, disabled etc).

The result is the kind of polling just seen. In reality, behind that, is a good deal of societal unhappiness, frustration and anger.

First thoughts about the London “statues” confrontations

Firstly, that the white British contingents rule the streets, at least vis a vis the “BLM” mob. That is significant.

The BLM “leaders”, by which I do not mean that black woman with bleached hair but (((those))) behind her and her mob, thought to score an easy victory by not appearing today, thus avoiding battle. That might slightly resonate with the voter-“sheeple”, the kind of dim people who stood outside their houses clapping this failing System Britain.

The strategy has obviously been to outflank the white “statue protectors” etc by putting them in a fairly confined area, knowing that many will have brought alcohol with them, on a warm afternoon, then lighting the blue touchpaper by having the police provoke them. No bended knees today! Oh no! Only the “holy blacks” get that!

The impression given to TV viewers etc will be no better than that given by the black mobs in London, Bristol etc. Having said that, the primary fact is that the “BLM” mob ran away, in effect. The sometimes scruffy and sometimes tattooed or drunken white men there today may not look or behave much like the post-WW1 Freikorps, but they did, briefly, rule the streets. Significant.

In Wrexham, it is still 1975, apparently…

I don’t know why, out of all the uneducated and/or thick tweeters, this one caught my funny bone today, but there it is:

BBC bias

One expects a degree of anti-white, anti-British bias in the msm, but the BBC (eg BBC World News) has taken it to a whole new level today…


In the immortal words of old horror films, “It’s alive!” and “it speaks!”. The invisible shrinking “Prime Minister” has reappeared and made a typically stupid statement. Seems that it’s OK for a pack of blacks to rampage, damage old statues etc, but not for the whites to gather in protest…

This (below) made me laugh!

Several hundred did rally in Hyde Park, after a callout by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR). A witness at the scene said protesters made speeches before marching to Marble Arch and taking a knee. They dispersed soon after seeing suspected scouts from the opposing demo and fearing a confrontation.” [The Guardian]

Run, rabbits, run!



In fantasy politics, the multikulti “protesters” would have advanced on Whitehall, wave upon wave, only to be met by defence in depth: lines of Freikorps, machinegunning the untermenschen at short range, then tanks counter-attacking, crushing the enemies like insects under the tank tracks…

Sadly, the real situation looked (on video) more like a particularly rowdy pub chucking-out time.

Politically, what was the effect of today? I should say, mixed. On the one hand, the “nationalist” counter-protesters commanded the streets up to a point (the point at which the police resources and tactics defeated them); certainly the black or multikulti mob was scared off pretty well. That was good.

More negatively, just when the British people were turning heavily against the “BLM” and “antifa” mobs, the msm was able to screen film of the police struggling to suppress what looked like a scene from the worlds of football rowdiness or pub closing time. Nationalism was thus tarred with that brush for many sitting at home watching the TV news, no doubt. Already, the System politicians have been all over the msm and on Twitter, condemning the limited “far right violence”. So…not so good.

Were there an actual political party organizing today, the battle in Whitehall might have been something to build on. However, there was no party there doing anything.

Yes, John Golding of Britain First turned up, but his organization, though able to put a number of people on the streets, is not officially a party. It is not registered as such, so cannot go down a partly-electoral route (and failed when it tried that anyway).

On the other hand, there is no “secret army” of social-nationalists in the UK.

Result? A lot of noise, really. Still, it is good that the black/brown/white-traitor mobs ran away or failed to present themselves for combat.

Apart from that? More evidence that a “multicultural society” cannot work. People point to, say, Singapore, to “disprove” that contention, but Singapore is both very small (twice the size of the Isle of Wight) and effectively a police state.

In a “multicultural” (and multiracial) society, society has to be brought pretty close to a police state and, where there is a white population, the white people have to be reduced to the lower level or standard of the non-white population. Look at South Africa today. It is also happening in the UK.

A musical break at the end of Saturday…

Sunday 14 June

Newington Green also saw peaceful protests yesterday with dozens of demonstrators cramming onto a tiny patch of grass clutching signs
[above: multikulti mob, with a number of white traitors, at Newington Green, North East London, yesterday]

In the end, a white European population, unless utterly degraded, cannot be placed under the control of a non-white population.

Further, while it was possible, though unpleasant, for the English people (mainly English) to have to live with a smallish black/brown population, that black/brown population has now grown in numbers, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the whole UK population (again, mostly in England). That situation cannot continue. A race/culture war is coming. The System has caused it.

Areas that will have to be subjected to cultural purge

  • The mainstream media
  • the police
  • the political milieu (politicians, but also parties, journalists etc)
  • the directly cultural sector of arts, museums etc
  • education, particularly at tertiary level
  • publishing
  • the civil service, right down to local authority level

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


I have little time for David Vance, a petty and unsuccessful politico from Northern Ireland, who is pro-Israel and pro-Jew (even though “they” seem to hate him…what a “cuck”!). Vance was exceptionally offensive to me on Twitter when I had an account. That despite (or because of?) the fact that he really is an ignorant fellow when set beside me (if I say so myself). All the same, he is sort-of on the right track here, though there is no nuance in his tweet.

The bottom line is that most British people, even most of the ones that accept the blacks being here (because it is often felt that we cannot get rid of them now) do not want most of the blacks and other ethnic minorities here and wish that the blacks now in the UK, or their parents and grandparents, had never been allowed to invade our country.

A salty story

Interesting piece about desalination: https://www.wired.com/story/desalination-is-booming-but-what-about-all-that-toxic-brine/

Don’t think that the UK police will save you, or the country

A POLICE force has urged its officers to ‘take the knee’ in support of Black Lives Matter protesters – or face trouble from protesters.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says those who don’t kneel at rallies “may become the focus of the protesters’ attention“. [The Sun]

Had I seen that in 1980, 1990, even 2010, I would have laughed and thought it satire, or “fake news”. Now, it is reality.


By the way, this is what Hertfordshire Police used as their official notification to their “troops”. Note the clenched fist…

Officers in Hertfordshire have now been advised to kneel if asked by protesters as part of 'Op Velour'

It beggars belief. The UK police are becoming the enemies of the British (i.e. white) people of this country.

Tweets seen recently

I myself shall resist wearing a facemask wherever I can do so. If I cannot do so without being subject to arrest and penalty, or without being excluded from shops or other places, I shall regard it as my right to use the imposition as a licence to do whatever I please under cloak of invisibility.

Went to car. Turned on BBC Radio 3. Some shite about how badly blacks were treated decades or even centuries ago in North America. Jesus H. Christ! Can you never get away from this absolute shite?!

It is very obvious now that the msm System propaganda (in the UK and also elsewhere) is going all out for what amounts to the “Great Replacement” of whites by non-whites. Down the line? What amounts to “white genocide” via mixed-race births and the hugely reduced percentage in this world (even as compared to say 50 years ago) of European-race people.

We are fighting for survival now. For the survival of the descendants of the Aryans in this world and for our future, and for the future of, not only European-origined humanity, but all humanity.