Diary Blog, 28 November 2020, including ideas around political sclerosis

Philip Green

The day starts with the BBC Radio 4 news report, which says that the billionaire Jew merchant, Philip Green, “has been urged to use his family money to help the employees” of the Arcadia Group which Green and his family looted in recent years! It’s too late or too early for April Fool jokes.

The sclerosis of UK politics

It is surely clear that the poliical system in the UK is sclerotic. The needs of the people are not addressed by it; neither are the wishes of the voters, who have a pathetic non-choice. More below.

Labour, coalition ideas, Clive Lewis (and “Femi Sorry”)

I have blogged, en passant, in the past about “Femi Sorry” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femi_Oluwole], a UK-born Nigerian whose parents are both NHS medics.

Family income presumably in the hundreds of thousands. Educated at a fee-paying school. Supposedly worked at several (unnamed) NGOs for about 3 years in toto (mostly, if not entirely, paid or unpaid internships, the latter something only the offspring of the affluent can do).

In fact, while his Wikipedia entry claims that he “left his job to campaign against Brexit, moving back into his parents’ loft“, the “job” was yet another internship (in Vienna), and he was only in the “job” for about 8-9 months: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/lets-take-back-control-of-our-futures-young-campaigner-femi-oluwoles-plan-to-overturn-brexit-a3768721.html?fallback=true

“Femi” and a few other young people are said to have started a pro-EU anti-Brexit campaign group, Our Future Our Choice [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Future_Our_Choice], which has no website, but still has a Twitter account [https://twitter.com/OFOCbrexit] which has however posted only twice since 2019.

So did “Our Future Our Choice”, this little campaign group run by a few young people, operate out of that Solihull attic, or from a tiny office in some poor part of Birmingham or London? Well, no. It had an office in Millbank Tower [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millbank_Tower], one of the most expensive office addresses in London. “Labour ran its 1997 General Election campaign from these offices; after the election, the party vacated its headquarters at John Smith HouseWalworth Road SE17, to move to Millbank. Five years later, however, the £1 million per annum rent forced the party to vacate the tower.” [Wikipedia]

Rent of a million a year? Well...”The United Nations also had offices in the tower, but moved out in June 2003, also citing high rents.” [Wikipedia].

Millbank Tower, Westminster, London, 24Apr04.jpg
[Millbank Tower]

Yet “Our Future Our Choice” had an office there. So who paid? The EU, via a couple of cut-outs.

Incidentally, “The tower has been owned by David and Simon Reuben since 2002” [Wikipedia].

Well, “Our Future Our Choice” is now defunct, but “Femi” has tried to use his publicity from 2019 to fuel a political and msm career for himself. I recall seeing him once recently on the late-night Sky News talking shop (the name of which escapes me). None other than Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s old spinmeister, has commended him by tweet.

Femi’s msm career has hardly rocketed, but he is seen or heard occasionally on radio or TV. I suppose that he scrapes a easy modest living out of it. Hard to say. He seems to want to become an MP, but I doubt that that will work out, even in today’s risibly-poor political milieu.

An example of the “Great Replacement”?

Below, an example of the pathetically-poor thinking skills of “Femi Sorry”…

Is there anything in the idea of a coalition of “anti-Tory” parties? Well, I blogged in the past about how Labour’s only hope in 2019 would have been to get a plurality of MPs at the General Election, and then to have cobbled together a coalition with the SNP and others.

Never happened, because Nigel Farage stabbed his own Brexit Party in the back and betrayed his own candidates, standing them down so that the Conservative Party had a free run in almost all constituencies. That alone gave the Conservative Party its present 80-seat majority. In return, we see Farage still given credence by the msm (he even has his own radio show). He may also have received a multi-million bung offshore (though I concede that I have no evidence of that, just a strong suspicion).

If the Labour Party were able to treat with the SNP at the next General Election, then what? What would the SNP want? Nothing less than a binding Independence referendum, or even a pledge of Independence outright.

If Scotland became “independent”, though, the Labour Party at Westminster would lose, on present showing, its only Scottish Labour MP, and also the support of 47 SNP MPs, as well as that of the 4 Scottish LibDem MPs.

That would leave the speculated grand “anti-Tory” coalition with 226 Labour and Labour Co-op MPs, 7 LibDems, 3 Plaid Cymru, 2 Northern Irish SDLP, 1 Northern Irish Alliance MP, and Caroline Lucas, the “solitary Green”. 240 MPs altogether, even with all of those parties on board.

As against that, again on present showing, the Conservative Party would have 358 MPs (the present complement of 364 minus the 6 Scottish Conservatives).

Result? A Conservative Party majority of 118.

It can be seen that the “anti-Tory” grand coalition mooted is a house built on sand.

The political system is sclerotic. The public in England itself has a “choice” between “two main parties” which are now (Corbyn having been booted out) again very similar. We see that vis a vis the “panicdemic”. The official Opposition is not only not opposing, but actually saving the Government’s bacon, as seems likely next week, in the “Coronavirus” debate. The only real opposition, as I predicted, is now coming from Conservative Party MPs.

Proportional Representation is necessary in the UK, but unlikely at present. Even that, though, will not save Labour. Once FPTP is gone, the System parties lose a degree of “credibility” that they now have over upstart parties.

More tweets seen

…and then, just as the people were in despair at ever escaping from “the virus” (i.e. from government “measures”, “rules” etc), there appeared a white knight on the horizon— the vaccine(s). Moreover, vaccines developed in a fraction of the usual time. Am I wrong in being just a little suspicious? It just has something of the “Kool Aid” time about it…[in fact, the lethal drink at Jonestown was a different but similar soft drink, Flavor Aid: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonestown].

Not that I believe that the vaccines are actually going to kill everyone. Certainly not in the short term. There may, however, be unexpected aspects which will only become known to people generally in the future.

Re. that tweeter, Jack Buckby (above), I had only vaguely heard the name. He has recently penned this, which I have not yet read but might be worth reading: https://fcpp.org/wp-content/uploads/FC-PS232_ExtremistOpp_SP2820_F3.pdf. This is what Wikipedia says about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Buckby.

My very provisional assessment of this Buckby is that he seems to be being funded by a North American “think tank”, possibly “libertarian”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontier_Centre_for_Public_Policy. He is now “anti-racist”, which for me is a negative, looking at the world today. I have to say, also, that anyone who thought that Anne Marie Waters had anything interesting to offer politically, must be lacking in judgment.

More tweets seen

A particularly heartbreaking and heartless example of the “virus” madness that has swept the country for most of 2020.

The “British” Government has largely abandoned “lawful, peaceful means”, so why should we be restricted to them??

Once again, I did better than John Rentoul. He got 3/10 in this week’s (harder than usual?) quiz. My score was 5/10, or 4/10 if my answer to question 8 was insufficiently precise. I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, 6, 7, 9.


Afternoon music

Late tweets seen

Unemployed “antifa” cheerleader, and perennial grifter, Mike Stuchbery, now resident in Stuttgart, vicariously threatens young people in the UK with persecution for their political views. Whatever did happen to the nearly £12,000 that he and “Roanna @antifashwitch” raised from 700 mugs via GoFundMe so that, supposedly, Stuchbery could sue Tommy Robinson?

A year or so on, and nothing has happened.

I only know what I see online about it all, but think that the police fraud people ought to take a look at all that. I am not convinced that Stuchbery and “Roanna @antifashwitch” ever intended to use the monies to fund a legal action.


I agree with Nick Griffin. It is usually pointless to threaten…

MPs who lose their seats at Westminster are usually found well-paid berths elsewhere, especially if the MPs in question are tied up with the Jewish lobby. Mere loss of a seat is inadequate.

I am not so sure that Boris-idiot ever worries (or cares) about whether he is in the right.

Late music

36 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 November 2020, including ideas around political sclerosis”

  1. Whilst this wretched ‘government’ is utterly incompetent and pathetic, I hope Labour does save the government from defeat at the hands of these worthless rebels. It is high time Boris got a spine and expelled them from the Conservative Party. Many of them are the same kind of loony libertarian extremists who gave us ‘Brexit’ or ‘Brexshit’ as the Tory version of it should be known as.

    For far too long, the Tory Party has been in the grip of libertarian extremists. It first started under Thatcher but she was a strong lady and resisted them to some extent as did John Major but then we got Cameron and he gave way to them with his Brexit referendum and now they have been allowed full reign to disastrous effect. It is time they were booted out and told firmly to have the courage of their convictions and form their own Libertarian Party and she how far it gets with the electorate instead of hiding behind the label of the Conservative Party.

    What was that again about First Past The Post supposedly protecting Britain against ‘extremism’? Well, it failed us in 1945 when two outright Communists were elected and it hasn’t done anything to guard against libertarian extremism! Quite the reverse actually! FPTP can ENABLE and EMPOWER extremism if said extremists can burrow themselves into a major party and that party wins a majority on a MINORITY voting share as every government in this country has done since 1931!


    1. Since when, m’Lord of Essex, has an economy open for business, doctors and dentists available to sufferers, and the freedom to walk, drive, or visit places (unmuzzled), been an “extremist” position?


      1. When we are trying to deal with a viral pandemic. By the way, ALL of my relatives have been able to see doctors on exactly the same basis as they had done before Priti Damm Useless stood back and done sweet FA and enabled this foreign origin virus to get such a bad grip on this country.🙄

        These libertarian ‘EXTREMIST ‘Tories’ and their fellow travellers DO NOT want to deal with the virus as they oppose EVERY measure liable to be able to combat it.

        It is called a facial mask NOT a ‘muzzle’! Only libertarian extremists like Peter Hitchens use juvenile terms like that. The virus can’t be wished away as these idiots believe nor can complete person freedom do it as the disaster in the USA shows! ONLY firm and ENFORCED social distancing can deal with it in the absence of a viable vaccine as South Korea, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Norway, Finland prove.


      2. You can’t have a completely open society in a worldwide viral pandemic ie one without facial masks or any form of social distancing unless you want there to be more deaths and a truely stupendously high case rate.

        These wack jobs in the Conservative Party ARE extremists since they oppose any real measures like social distancing to combat the virus even though abandoning them or not bothering to enforce them WILL cause more deaths etc.

        Isn’t the 50,000 odd deaths we have had and one of the world’s highest death rates enough for these cranks? Evidently it isn’t though I have a feeling if one OF their families had died they would have a different opinion.🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Their libertarian extremist ideology of the state being a supreme evil is a very dangerous one at this point in history.


      3. A “pandemic”, m’Lord of Essex, that so far has killed, at most, and over 8 months, only 1 in every 8,000 of the world population? (1 in 1,500 or so in the UK, IF you believe the inflated statistics).


      4. A pandemic that WOULD have killed MANY, MANY MILLIONS without governments introducing the lockdowns and other social distancing these libertarian lunatic extremists abhor.

        Surely it is no coincidence that the worst affected country in the world by Covid19 ie the USA is the one that is most in love with their libertarian ideology with its mantra of the state being a supreme evil and that it must ‘get off the peoples’s backs’?


      5. Firstly, m’Lord of Essex, the USA is not in fact the worst country affected in terms of deaths per x-amount of population, though it is in the worst half-dozen. The USA has 330 million people, so a death toll of a million deaths or so, though terrible, is still 1 in every 300 or so people. The Black Death killed about 1 in 3…


  2. That tweeter above is not necessarily correct when he says the Brexit ‘party’ would have won ten seats last December. Most Proportional Representation systems are used with a threshold for a party to gain seats. Germany’s excellent Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP) comes with two:

    1.) A party has to have at least 5% of the national Germany-wide vote to get seats through PR OR

    2.) A party has to able to elect AT LEAST 3 directly-elected MPs in the single-member First Past The Post constituencies.

    If I remember correctly the Brexit ‘party’ would have had ZERO MPs under that system if we had it since they only got about 2% of the vote overall thus they would have fallen below the 5% mark and they didn’t get anywhere near enough support to win a constituency let alone three.


    1. You may be right, m’Lord of Essex.

      What people forget, often, is that PR voting creates its own dynamic. Parties ignored previously as “wasted votes” are suddenly potential players. Under PR, the BNP would probably have had a bloc of MPs. Which is why the System parties are afraid of PR.


      1. Indeed. It would break-up the cosy, globalist, anti-British consensus at Westminster. If they were at all honest they would baldly state they don’t support PR because they don’t want the oiks and plebs to get ideas above their lowly station in life and elect BNP MPs to break this consensus instead of hiding behind euphemisms like ‘extremism’.

        At any rate, they don’t care about ‘extremism’ since I don’t think Attlee or Churchill complained when those two Communists were elected under First Past The Post. They are only worried about one kind of ‘extremism’ ie nationalist anti-globalists!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. The Brexit ‘party’ would have failed to gain seats under Germany’s PR system and would have failed to get an MP even by electing an MP in the single-member FPTP seats since its vote share in even its most promising seats didn’t go over about 25% in any one of them.

    In Denmark, they would have just about surmounted their threshold of 2% which is one of the lowest in the world.





    1. All parties who win one of the single-member First Past The Post constituency seats are allowed to keep them and they only get the Proportional Representation of their vote shares if they pass one of those two thresholds though what are called ethnic minority parties are allowed to by pass them but those parties don’t normally run in federal, all Germany-wide general elections.

      So, if we had Germany’s system here the SNP and Plaid Cymru could gain the Proportional Representation of their vote shares that way.


  4. I hope those protesters adhere to strict social distancing at all times and wear their masks as otherwise the police will be well within their rights to crack a few skulls open.

    The last time it happened the protesters blatantly ignored the restrictions and probably helped to spread the virus.🤬😡


  5. People who commit potential manslaughter should NOT be indulged by the police or authorities. In lovely ‘authoritarian’ Singapore they aren’t and they shouldn’t be here either!


  6. According to The Guardian newspaper, Sainsbury’s has been whinging today that it has been the subject of supposedly ‘racist’ complaints about its adverts and has even pathetically tried to enlist support from the other supermarkets to support it in its ridiculous claims.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Well, if you try to airbrush out what is still the majority of this country’s population from your adverts and they appear to be set in an African country instead of one off the coast of Continental Europe then, frankly, what in the hell do you expect?🙄🙄🙄

    Even some ‘normies’ are now waking-up to the increasingly blatant anti-white advertising industry in this country.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It is such a shame that Sainsbury’s has decided to go down this PC globalist ‘woke’ route as they have produced some good adverts in their time such as that poignant one illustrating the fabled ‘Christmas Truce’ of 1914 between British and German soldiers in WW1 they had in 2014 for the event’s 100th anniversary.

    Back in the 2000’s the adverts were not as obviously PC and crap as they are now. Indeed, some of them were virtual works of art. My favourite one was Honda’s famous ‘Power of Dreams’ advert featuring one of Andy William’s best songs.😎👌😄👌

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Well, the vaccines have indeed been developed quickly compared to the usual time scale but then truely extraordinarily sums of money have been ploughed into their development and I believe that I am correct in stating that at least one of them has been invented so quickly not just because of those huge amounts of money but because of the very recent and extremely advanced way in which vaccines can be developed nowdays using means that were simply unavailable until a year or so ago.

    Biotechnology is an increasingly advanced science.


    1. Velvet88:
      That may be. Certainly I found it suspicious that, after the initial outbreak at Wuhan in China, the hotspots were all in Alpine ski resorts and nearby, as if deliberately spread in places where ski tourists would then take the virus back with them to their home countries: France, Germany, UK etc.


      1. Only a few months ago Israel was boasting of being very close to having a vaccine, then suddenly they went very quiet. Why would the Israelis now be placing orders for millions of vaccines with Pfizer when they were on the verge of having their own? Bad optics?


    2. Out of all the often pretty crazy theories there are about the origin of the virus the one whereby it was invented in a lab in China and there was an accident and it escaped seems to be the most plausible but I really don’t think an antidote was always available.

      If it is a Chinese biological weapon then, frankly, it is a poor and amateurish one because whilst it has killed a lot of people surely an aim of a sophisticated bio weapon would be to kill many more?

      No, unclean and disgusting Chinese eating habits are what is most likely to be the blame for it rather than it being a bio weapon or the really wacky theory of a 5g origin.


      1. M’Lord of Essex:
        As with so many aspects of “the virus”, its origins are unclear.

        Is this virus a first attempt, to be followed by a *really* deadly one that, instead of killing 1 in 8,000 of the world population, will kill *most* of the world’s population?


  9. Hello Ian: Yesterday I remembered the very funny Tweet that you posted some days ago about the president/dictator of Turkmenistan inaugurating a monument to his favourite dog (LOL). I got some information about it and sent it to a friend who sent me this interesting little article by CNN. The 12 picture “slide show” is very revealing. It is a tiny kingdom ruled by a megalomaniac.



    1. Claudius:

      When I was about to go to Kazakhstan for a year, in 1996, I read a piece about Turkmenistan in some book like Lonely Planet. At that time, it said that the place to go was a McDonald’s lookalike called something like Jimmy’s or Johnny’s (I think), which catered for “everyone from 40-year-old Western businessmen in suits to 16-year-old schoolgirls”…my London girlfriend (a Finn) said “you’re not going there!”. It stuck in my mind somehow…

      I was later told that the then President of Turkmenistan was a drug addict.

      I never did get to go to Ashgabad though.


  10. And scumbags like you, Peter Hitchens, who willingly peddle what you deep-down KNOW to be unscientific nonsense just to be a contrarian, get click bait and to flog your books thereby encouraging people to break the regulations and to effectively MURDER innocent, vulnerable people deserve to receive the death penalty or to be locked-up for a lengthy period of time and you WOULD be in a decent and well-run country like Singapore with its mere 28 deaths from this pandemic but not in soft-touch, utterly degenerate, lawless, libertarian ‘Tory’ globalist ‘Britain’.🤬😡😞☹️


  11. The Chinese really do have some utterly revolting eating habits. Unpatriotic Tory morons want to allow to immigrate here up to 3 MILLION HK Chinese even though Hong Kong ceased to be a British colony over TWENTY YEARS AGO, they promised in 1990 there would be no more primary immigration from HK when it reverted to China and after Covid- 19.

    Yes, those people would probably make for better immigrants than where the Priti Useless’s of this world emanate from but allowing in that number is not only grotesquely irresponsible on account of transport congestion, housing space ect, our remaining sense of national identity etc but that they come from an ethnic group that has such unclean habits.

    Do we really want to have a new virus outbreak in the future originating from these new 3 million odd HK Chinese?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞☹️☹️☹️


  12. The Chinese are impressive on the surface but they are backward in many ways. Out of the East Asian peoples, they are the most backward with Koreans being second and the Japs at the top of the tree.

    If we are going to have massive East Asian immigration then the people concerned should not come from Hong Kong but from Japan.

    If we had 3 million Japs over here we might get a few export industries going after a while!🙄🙄🙄 After all, we need them after Tory and Labour morons decimated our British originated industrial base in the early 1980’s with Thatcher and subsequent PM’s,🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😞😞☹️☹️

    Liked by 1 person

  13. If you want to see how disgusting the Chinese can be and how this Covid-19 pandemic most probably started then just put in China and disgusting eating habits into google’s search box.😷😷😷😷

    Meanwhile, we should campaign against Tory treachery over HK mass immigration and SAY A FIRM NO TO THE TORY TRAITORS AND THEiR NEW ‘YELLOW PERIL’ FROM HK.😷😷😷😷😷🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😷😷😷😷😷


    1. Hello Steven: I think you are right about China and the Chinese. However, I don’t think you should be worried about an influx of “refugees” from HK, because they are Chinese citizens, therefore the ruthless, tyrannical Communist regime of Beijing will not let them go just like that. We know they control the movements of “suspicious” citizens down to the smallest detail.

      PS: I can’t believe Peter Hitchens is still alive after all the curses you sent him! LOL. Having said that, those who deserve to go first are the traitors in power, that means Boris the Moron and the whole cabinet.


  14. Certainy it can be said the Japs have less revolting eating habits than the Chinese and the Koreans. The Koreans aren’t anywhere near as bad as the Chinks are in this regard although I am unsure as to whether they still eat dog meat. At the time of the Seoul Summer Olympics in 1988 the South Korean government tried to ban dog meat or at least try and persuade the sellers of it to hide it away from being openly sold in Seoul so that Western tv crews and journalists didn’t report upon this Korean habit to Western audiences. The South Korean government was nervous about how Westerners would perceive Korean culture/eating habits. I think I am correct in stating you will find it difficult to find dog meat on sale in South Korea today unless you go to a very rural area or see old Koreans as the young there don’t follow the tradition in this regard.

    Still, the Koreans do have their plus points! After all, they do make good televisions and great mobile phones! I have a Samsung Galaxy myself and I am very satisfied with it!😎😂😃😁🤣😎😝🍷🍷😎😎👌👌


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