Diary Blog, 21 December 2020

Some early tweets seen today

I am often critical of (some) farmers and of both their behaviour and attitudes, but it is not an unmixed picture by any means.

It becomes very obvious that “the virus” is being used, being weaponized. Coronavirus or “Covid-19” has killed about 1 out of every 1,400 people in the UK. More accurately, it has killed 1 out of every 1,400 people, who have mostly been over 80 and who mostly had several other serious conditions. Even leaving all that aside, it still means that 1,399 people out of 1,400 in the UK have either not had “Covid-19”, or have had it and survived (usually without ever having noticed that they were infected).

International organizations, such as the World Economic Forum, have openly proclaimed the virus situation as an “opportunity” for a “Great Reset” of world society.

The populations of Europe, USA etc are being taken for a ride.

“Ain’t that the truth?”…not only about Jewish talking head Portes, though. The general point is also true. Fake or supposed “professors” are everywhere now. At one time, “Professor” was an esteemed rank or title. Now? Well, of course every tertiary educational institute, however basic, is now a “university”. “Universities” need or anyway have “professors”. So now we have not only “grade inflation” and “award inflation”, but also “title inflation”. “Professors” are two a penny these days.

That’s not to say that Portes is always wrong about everything; he was right, imo, about the wrongheadedness of most if not all of the policies pursued by George Osborne, 2010-2015.

Ha ha! Lammy must have been a crap barrister! Unintentional admission implied?

Seems that “William Baldet MBE” cannot see how wide those categories are or could be (interpreted as). More likely, there is a degree of disingenousness there; https://www.radicalrightanalysis.com/people/william-baldet/?team_cpt=IMT_PAGE_TEMPLATE

As for the “professionalism” no doubt claimed by “Prevent” and its practitioners or employees, I believe that there are no Israeli settlements in Gaza; not even the most determined anti-Zionists claim that! So not terribly impressive that “Prevent” gets even basic and unargued facts wrong…Unless, of course, Channel 4 changed “West Bank” to “Gaza”.

Admittedly, I have not studied “Prevent” etc much, but such programmes always strike me as amateurs playing “Spooks“. I did blog once, a couple of years ago, about this: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/05/30/one-mans-extremism-is-another-mans-struggle-for-liberty-and-justice/.

Takes the CST Jewish snoop organization as credible?

Ooh! Swastikas drawn somewhere! Better call out the SWAT squad! Actually, just **** off…

Meanwhile (see below), the BBC fulfils its role as craven System (and present Government) mouthpiece…


Unintentionally amusing. Could be applied to one of the biggest —and unproven— “conspiracy theories” of all— the “holocaust” “gas chambers”…

Exactly. Jewish lobby puppet Starmer wants even more “lockdown”, shutdown and facemask nonsense. He’s as much of a waste of space as “Boris”…

“NWO” and “ZOG” pretty much covers the waterfront… Add in “the Great Reset” and “Great Replacement” if you like…

Ha ha! As the Irish are said to say “will ya look at that eejit?!“…

Exactly. Also, you will never get to the bottom of this if you try to apply ordinary party or other political ideas to it. This is not about the outer labels of “Conservative” or “Labour” etc, not even about trying to create a Bilderberg/WEF “one world” corporatist tyranny. That is just part of it.

This is about trying to steer the whole of the world in an oligarchic materialist-dictatorship direction. It is tied-in with occult, evil purposes which reach right down into everyday life, even into family life.

Wealth is certainly part of this but there must be more. I am not scientifically trained (just like “Boris” and his Cabinet of clowns), but it is surely at least possible that the hidden agenda of the vaccines is to secretly weaken the human immune system so that, in a year, 3 years, 10 years, a new virus will “suddenly” appear and wipe out most of the population of the world, who (thanks to robotics and AI) are thought “Not Wanted On Voyage”…

Surely Neil Clark did not seriously think that “Labour” drones in Parliament or outside (or the pathetic self-describing “Left” Twitter-twits) would stand up for freedom and civil rights? They cannot even stand up for free speech against the Jew-Zionist element.

Well, admittedly I live in a “Tier 2” area, but over a whole 9-10 months now, not only have I not known anyone personally who has had the “virus”, but I know, from questioning people, that I do not know anyone who knows anyone who has had it. Not died from it, or been to hospital because of it, just had it, or been tested and found be infected. Not one.

I read online about people in London or Birmingham who have supposedly had it. I have no reason to doubt at least some of those claims, but this is not, or not yet, a plague. The big headline today or yesterday about this was “318,000 virus deaths in USA”, which (though many did not die of the virus anyway) is a huge number, but the USA has about 350 million inhabitants, so that is still far less than 1 in every 1,000 inhabitants.

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More tweets

Late tweets seen

That Stadlen individual is typical of many in the UK today, especially those who make a living being scribblers or TV talking heads. Unlike most of their predecessors, they see nothing wrong in censoring views, either directly or indirectly (the latter by simply encouraging the BBC, Sky, Press etc to disallow dissidents to write or speak).

Ah…got it: “Stadlen is the grandson of Austrian Jews, the concert pianist Peter Stadlen and Hedi Stadlen, the activist and musicologist, both born in Vienna... He has said that he gets his ginger hair from his Jewish great, great uncle, Onkl Friedl.[5] He considers himself half Jewish and has spoken out against anti-Semitism many times.” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Stadlen.

Stadlen has a First in Classics from Cambridge, albeit gained since award inflation became rampant, yet seems never to have heard of onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat, sometimes put more simply as the rule that “he who asserts must prove“.

In the above case, the positive action taken was to institute “lockdown”. That changed the norm. Therefore it is for those who claim that “lockdowns” work to prove that they do. Not merely assume or assert; prove.

What does this Stadlen care? Wealthy Jewish background, well-paid jobs for BBC and other msm outlets. Looks like he has had a pretty easy life so far. No real concern for the millions of British people suffering (and about to suffer far more). Just crocodile tears tacked on to the end of his virtue-signalling.

All part of the “fear propaganda” brainwashing and conditioning.

Atrocious” maybe, but scarcely surprising to anyone who has seen on TV Anneliese Dodds, let alone Angela Rayner or Keir Starmer. Not that I have much time for Indian “clever boy” Sunak either.

Portes. Again…

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 December 2020”

  1. Hancock sat on the news of this latest mutation and in the exact same week the education secretary was forcing London schools to stay open and on the busiest weekend for travel in this country chose to dramatically announce the “new strain” to effectively criminalize Christmas celebrations for millions. Now this has led to 40 countries banning international travel from the UK with potential disruption to UK food supplies. And STILL he and the rest of his wicked ilk are in post.


    1. DJF:
      Little Matt Hancock, Boris-idiot etc are “still in post” because there exists no lawful mechanism to remove them at this point (and even if there were, Jewish-lobby tool/puppet Starmer would be as bad or worse). As for extra-legal methods, there is no such army…


      1. Yes, Keir Starmer is useless in many ways and is a blatant Zionist Lobby/Israel First puppet BUT I think he would have taken this virus more seriously than Boris Moron-Idiot has done if he had been PM and let us face it, for all of his faults, Keir does look like a PM whereas Boris can’t even be bothered to get a decent haircut let alone dress right!🙄🙄

        No one expects the British PM to look like a male fashion model but he could make an effort to look smart as he is representing us abroad!

        For God’s Sake, I have watched numerous documentaries on Eton College on YouTube and all of them depicted the boys of that all male and all boarding school learning how to look after themselves in a personal way and how to dress smartly in their uniforms for classes!

        Didn’t Boris learn ANYTHING at Eton?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬😡😡😡😞😞😞☹️☹️


      2. I am not a huge fan of Matt Hancock as for one thing he does come across too often as a rather slimy ex public schoolboy but, in contrast to other members of the cabinet of fools, he does appear to want to tackle the virus seriously. He doesn’t deserve to have all the hatred directed at him and it can’t be easy to be a Heath Secretary in a worldwide viral pandemic whilst other Cabinet members are undermining you at every turn eg Rishi who used his influence, apparently, to persuade Boris against imposing tougher restrictions in October.🙄😡🤬

        Also, Matt has suffered a personal loss during this crisis. Supposedly, his elderly father in law? died of Covid 19 in September/October. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but he did appear to be genuinely upset about it when speaking in the Commons.


    2. Where is your evidence for that rather bold assertion? I have seen litter to none to prove thar scurrilous allegation. The government is not making criminals out of those people at all. ALL they are required to do is to follow some simple instructions so if they are selfish, as pig headed, as ignorant as to disobey the LAW then they shouldn’t complain if the police go after them not that will in this shambles of a country. 🙄🙄🙄

      As for those other countries banning travel to this country well what the hell does this massively 19 infected isle expect?🙄🙄🙄 if you gave a government that has not taken sufficient steps to reduce transmission of a dangerous virus in a worldwide viral pandemic then other countries WILL take a dim view of it and seek to protect their populations from a country run by an utter cretin of a PM!🙄 It really is not rocket science!


    3. President Macron has, apparently, agreed to let British lorry drivers enter France but with the proviso that they must have a negative test for Covid 19 which to me is fair enough. Just because we have a government of fools that hasn’t taken this virus seriously enough that does’t mean we should expect governments in Europe or anywhere else in the world to be so careless/incompetent.

      By the way, just how embarrassing is it for the Guardian to have a report on its online site detailing the world’s newspapers describing Britain at the moment as ‘plague island’?🙄😡🤬😞☹️


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