Diary Blog, 22 December 2020

News from Germany

I wonder how true that is. If it is basically correct, then those social-national-sympathizing police should not be wasting their time issuing puerile death threats against stray nuisances, and making online comments, but should be keeping their powder dry, recruiting more people, and organizing quietly and secretly for when the right time may come.

Tweets seen this morning

Yes. My (small, pleasant) nearest hospital (semi-rural coastal Hampshire) had, at one time three (yes, 3) patients with “the virus” and, more recently, about two weeks ago, seven (7). That’s out of a total district council area population of 180,000 spread over 291 square miles. 95% of the population is “white British” (and nearly 3% “white Other”). As against that, the age demographic is quite high.

True, there are other, larger, hospitals not very far away (Bournemouth and Southampton, both within 25 miles distance) but even so it is clear that few people in the wider area are infected or at least symptomatic to the extent that they need hospitalization.

Much of the Western world has gone crazy and I do not believe that the public health issue is the main reason for that. Think “Great Reset”. Think 2022, and the 33-year cycle.

I interpret that as I have been suggesting for some time: the Conservative Party is winning, just about, by default. The Jewish mass media have stopped attacking Labour (because the Zionists achieved their objective of recapturing Labour and dumping Corbyn), but that alone is not enough to put Labour into the lead.

In a sense, remarkable, when you look at the sleaze and incompetence of the Boris-idiot government of fools.

Labour is not really being an Opposition. All it is doing is saying “we want stricter lockdown, more facemask nonsense, blah blah”.

There is no legitimate Government, and no real Opposition.

I first encountered “Happy Holidays” when I first lived in the USA, in the winter of 1989-1990. Basically a Jewish idea, i.e. to give “Hannukka” the same billing as Christmas on the public stage. Also thrown in as makeweight was the ludicrous invented “celebration” called Kwanza [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kwanzaa].

When logic and fact meet fear and a brainwashed mind, logic and factual reality have no chance…

Don’t agree that the Western world should cease to exist or function because 1 out of 1,500 or 2,000 people are dying with “the virus”? Then you are callous, stupid, ignorant, and/or even a murderer. Or something…

Speaking of reality v. unreality, I heard a truly absurd piece on the BBC World Service a few days ago. Some black preacher expressing the view that Jesus Christ was a black African or at least “black”, whose parents came to Palestine “as refugees from North Africa“! As said on many previous occasions, the whole UK msm, and especially the BBC, needs a real cultural purge.

More tweets

Here (below) is a supposedly Welsh tweeter, tweeting under the name “Sion Gruffudd”, and who seems to be a complete doormat for the Jewish lobby (or maybe is a Jew, tweeting under “Welsh” cover; I don’t know):

If you said that you wanted to feed Jews to the dogs, or any named Jew, the police would probably be at your door, and/or you might end up on trial (like Alison Chabloz) under the notorious Communications Act 2003, s.127. Will that happen to “Sion Gruffudd”? I doubt it…

Virtually all the tweets of “Sion Gruffudd” are about Jews and Israel. No need to bother more with it…


Still wanting their pound of flesh…

6% of Britain is non-white at this time“?! How long ago was that filmed?! The figure now is about 13% in Britain as a whole [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom#Ethnic_groups; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England#Demography ], and in England as a whole, about 17%. The point, though, is the direction of travel. About a third of primary school pupils are now non-white…


“.…Professor of History Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) of Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown Universities in America…wrote a book entitled The Tragedy and Hope (1966) which discloses an international bankers’ plan to control the world from behind the political and financial scenes. Quigley claimed that the planning by billionaires to establish a dictatorship of the super-rich disguised as workers and socially concerned democracies was already well-advanced even by the middle 1960s. Something that would be dismissed today as a “conspiracy theory” by the university departments sponsored by the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Soros; beholden as they are to an elitist cadre of alumni who fund their research, and who are monitored by the Stasi-like Equality & Diversity units who enforce ‘right-think’ with an enthusiasm that matches Mao’s Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution in China.”

This is a situation that can no longer go unchallenged by those who truly advocate for diversity of thought and intellectual rigour based on the right to open and unrestricted debate within our education system.”

Alternatively, the Spanish authorities can, though not immediately, build up the ports of Bilbao and Santander. At present (or until recently) there was only one ro-ro ferry per week from Santander to Plymouth. I believe one per week Bilbao-Portsmouth too. If that were changed to 5 per day from each port, France could be sidelined. It takes longer to get to the UK from Spain, naturally, but taking the road trip Spain-Channel ports into account, not much longer.

Of course, were cruel kosher/kashrut and halal slaughter to be banned in the UK, quite a few Muslims and Jews might feel impelled to leave the UK. “Oh dear, what a pity, never mind”…


At least MPs who happen to be barristers can no longer get “QC” letters patent on the nod, as they could until fairly recently (which is why barristers such as John Mortimer were “QC”).

It is bad enough that Lammy, among other unworthy persons, is now a Bencher of my old Inn of Court, Lincoln’s Inn, whereas I was expelled a few years ago by reason of my —politically-instigated— disbarment [https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/].

Cold comfort

I see that “the virus” has even made its way to Antarctica (a Chilean base there). Hopefully the one person who (last year, I think) accessed my blog from Antarctica will not be hit by it (I am presuming that he —or she?— is an English speaker, but could still be Chilean, of course).

Late tweets

Frankly, I think that Hitchens is too kind to “Boris”. Don Corleone at least had a sense of strategy, a sense of loyalty and, in his own way, a sense of honour. I see none of that in the unpleasant clown posing presently as Prime Minister.

Still this “angels on a pinhead” “Right” and “Left” stuff…Who is “Right” or “far Right”, and who is “Left”? What a dull exercise! Concentrate on policy and intention. Leave that fruitless exercise and deal with realities.

That girl always tweets and retweets stuff worth reading: https://twitter.com/Amy_amorie

Followed by the 2030s…

Late music

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 December 2020”

  1. So the virus has now arrived in Antarctica of all places! That was one of the last Covid 19 free places on the planet along with the tiny South Pacific former British/French ruled South Pacific nation of Vanuatu which has recently had its very first case. This all goes to show the TRUTH that morons like Peter ‘Put me in one of Maggie’s closed mental asylums’ Hitchens doesn’t recognise ie that the virus is much more contagious than the Winter Flu and that without lockdowns and social distancing regulations MILLIONS throughout the world WOULD have died!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


      1. I’m afraid we do know that! Wikipedia’s article on Covid 19 says as much. Lockdowns are a damm sight more sustainable than the course idiots like Hitchens wants ie for governments to ignore a worldwide health pandemic and let people go about their business as in normal times because that would lead to millions of deaths and a totally crushed world economy!

        Notice how Hitchens and others don’t care to mention Sweden’s so-called ‘success’ any longer? Why is that? Is it because in just over a. month another 2,000 odd Swedes have died of Covid 19 and they now have over 8,000 dead people from it in a population of only ten million?🙄🙄🙄


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        So Sweden has had a death toll “from” (with) “the virus” of 8,000, out of 10 million? One person out of every 1,200 or so of the population. About the same as the UK, and better than many “strict” countries.

        Should the whole world shut down because, in the world as a whole, one person out of about every 8,000 has died?

        Eventually, the world will have to abandon these silly restrictions such as lockdowns, facemasks (which are useless) etc, and just try to get going again, maybe using the supposed “vaccine” as a facesaver…


      3. Face masks are certainly not useless as even the most cursory read of Wikipedia’s article on Covid-19 proves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic

        It really is no accident that the libertarian loony land of the USA has one of the very worst responses and worst absolute death rate in this pandemic not only on account of ex President Trump’s utter stupidity but also because far too many ordinary Americans haven’t been wearing masks. That stands in stark contrast to the successful Asian countries of Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and China where they have effectively crushed the virus.

        As for sad, little Sweden its death toll now exceeds Denmark’s, Finland’s and Norway’s all of which are neighbouring and culturally similar countries.

        Economies have taken a hit but they can be rebuilt if they enough workers alive to repair them that is which they wouldn’t have if loony Hitchens had his way!🙄

        China has dealt with the virus effectively in a short space of time instead of doing what we are doing ie not doing so and letting the crisis drag on and on through not having strict enough measures and having virtually no enforcement of them. This has allowed China to resume its previous stupendous economic growth quickly.


  2. So Peter Hitchens is, as per usual, continuing to spout his wholly unhinged libertarian loony bollocks and is pathetically complaining about Keir Starmer. Is Peter really so dim as to not realise that Keir and others can oppose what the government is doing from BOTH his idiotic effectively Covid 19 denying viewpoint and the much more sensible position of thinking the government hasn’t done enough to combat the virus and that whatever measures they have taken have been too little and too late?🙄🙄🙄

    On this issue, I agree with Keir Starmer!😷😷😷😷


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