Diary Blog, 10 June 2022, including discussion of the British armed forces

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[nb. no assumptions should be made about any political agreement with the unavoidable symbolism attached to the music below]

[Shishkin, Before the Storm]

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Britain’s defence: big talk, with (regrettably) nothing much behind it


As we know, the UK has been cutting defence for years, indeed decades. Large numbers of Army, RAF, and Royal Navy bases are now private housing tracts, and the graphic above makes clear how deep the cuts have been.

At the same time prime ministers of the UK have taken to talking big on defence and war. We have seen, for example, how David Cameron-Levita wanted to get rid of Gaddafi (or rather, the Israelis did, and “Scameron” was but one useful idiot there to do it). Disastrous, allowing millions of migrant-invaders to flood through Libya to Europe, apart from anything else. Leave that aside, though, and look at the forces used.

Even in 2011, British forces were actually incapable of launching an invasion of a state even as weak (beyond outward show) as Libya. They would have been unable to transport enough soldiers by air or even by sea, if they had enough front-line soldiers to transport in the first place.

Thus it was that Britain relied on French and Italian help to refuel the small RAF forces deployed, mostly bombers. The French Navy also had greater resources to deploy than the British.

In the end, as we know, rebel Libyan forces, semi-barbaric, overthrew Gaddafi, brutally killed him, and instituted a period of chaotic lawlessness which today, 11 years later, still reigns.

This is not an analysis of the results of the pathetic strategic ineptitude, but of the fact that Britain was weak in 2011; it is far weaker today. Still, it is worth just looking at the results of David Cameron-Levita-Schlumberger’s stupidity (though I am sure that his Israeli relatives and their government were pleased).

Migration-invasion through Libya to Europe; also, human rights abuses inside Libya, dwarfing those perpetrated by Gaddafi.

Environmental disaster too:

Libya was a pioneer state in North Africa in species protection, with the creation in 1975 of the El Kouf protected area. The fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime favoured intense poaching: “Before the fall of Gaddafi even hunting rifles were forbidden. But since 2011, poaching has been carried out with weapons of war and sophisticated vehicles in which one can find up to 200 gazelle heads killed by militiamen who hunt to pass the time. We are also witnessing the emergence of hunters with no connection to the tribes that traditionally practice hunting. They shoot everything they find, even during the breeding season. More than 500,000 birds are killed in this way each year, when protected areas have been seized by tribal chiefs who have appropriated them. The animals that used to live there have all disappeared, hunted when they are edible or released when they are not,” explains zoologist Khaled Ettaieb.” [Wikipedia]

What I find risible about Admiral Lord West’s Daily Mail article is that he (perhaps understandably) thinks in terms of fighting a seaborne or other invasion force, as in the days of the Armada, Napoleon, or the wars against Germany in the 20th Century, or conflicts such as that of the Falklands Campaign in which he himself served (the ship he commanded was sunk under him, he being the last to abandon the vessel). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_West,_Baron_West_of_Spithead.

For one thing, Britain now faces no threat of the traditional kind from any quarter. The expansionist Soviet Union ground to a halt in the 1980s, and was replaced in the 1990s by the present Russian Federation, which has no intention of occupying Central and Western Europe; moreover, it no longer has any ideology (akin to the old Marxism-Leninism) that might underpin such an intention or wish.

Likewise, I doubt that any serious person imagines that China has any intention of invading Western Europe, let alone the UK. Why would it? Anyway, remember the most famous words of Sun Tzu: “to win without war is the highest excellence” [Sun Tzu, The Art of War: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_of_War and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Tzu.

When we look at Western Europe, at the UK, do we see Chinese battle fleets or air fleets approaching? No, but we do see not only Chinese manufactured goods everywhere, but actual Chinese people everywhere. That process of gradual and peaceful colonization has increased in flow in recent years. “Boris-idiot” has even invited potentially millions of Hong Kong Chinese to settle in the UK, to add to the very large numbers already here.

Whatever may be said about all that, the fact is that the UK armed forces could not stop such migration-invasion. Au contraire, the modest Royal Navy forces available in the English Channel are actually helping the multikulti “dinghy people” or “RIB people” of many origins to cross over, land illegally, and then claim (usually bogus) “asylum” here.

The only country which has any desire to occupy Western Europe has, in effect, already done so. The USA has bases and personnel all over Europe, including the UK, and treats the UK more or less as a colony. However, Admiral Lord West’s suggested larger armed forces would be expected to work with those American occupation forces, not against them. Take another look at the graphic; the huge military power available to the USA’s leaders is inescapable.

Yet we see Boris-idiot vicariously fighting Russia by supplying arms and ammunition to the regime of the Jew Zelensky in Kiev. We see intellectually-challenged MPs such as Johnny Mercer crowing “bring it on” (war with Russia). Same with Ben Wallace, the current Defence Secretary. Both ex-officers, though not senior ones.

Here is another nitwit, the former Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_Williamson#Defence_Secretary_(2017%E2%80%932019).

My assessment of Williamson, from 2019: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/02/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-gavin-williamson-story/.

Williamson wanted both to cut defence spending and to challenge both Russia and China!

No, Lord West, the present and future battle for Britain lies within our own society, and will not be won (or lost) by the number of soldiers, battleships, or bombers that “we”, as a state, may possess.

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[Dnieper dam, 1947]

Tweets seen

Starmer is just a Jew-lobby puppet, little more. Better-put, a System puppet, which is pretty much (not exactly) the same thing. The System is suffused with both Zionism and freemasonry.

…except that the perpetrator then walked off, to repeat his crime tomorrow, or the day after…

Worth reading the whole thread.

There are two possibilities for the future of the UK, assuming that there is still a country and a population left at all: the first would be the mixed-race, decadent, hopeless swamp envisaged as “ideal” by Coudenhove-Kalergi , the other possibility to be part of a germinal European super-race, which can be the foundation for a quantum leap in evolution.

Incidentally, the Jewish influence on Wikipedia is very obvious when you look at a topic such as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalergi_Plan. No objectivity.

In fact, re. the reality or otherwise of the Plan, you only have to look at what is happening in the world, and especially in Europe, to see the truth.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi; http://adam.curry.com/art/1543753587_mkXBrvrY.html.

I was looking at the TV earlier. Almost every ad had a black man and a white woman, with (usually) mixed-race children. Not (yet) reflective of reality in the UK, but an attempt to normalize mixed-race families, mixed-race children. Aimed not at people of my age (65) but at —mainly— children, so that they grow up brainwashed into believing that a mixed-race society is not only worthwhile but the norm.

Late tweets seen

Simplistic, of course, but amusing.

A contrived society, which only exists because it is protected and fed US government money in vast amounts, as well as money that Jews send from all around the world.

…and every single day, hundreds cross the Channel illegally, not to mention the thousands coming in daily “legally”.

Late music

[Katyusha rockets, 1945]

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 June 2022, including discussion of the British armed forces”

  1. When the time comes, treasonous anti- British vermin like that utterly repulsive Tory MP/common turd above should be given a mandatory death penalty via a traditional long-drop British hanging or, seeing as these intentional traitors hate this country and only love Israel and Yankee land given the death penalty through alternative and far more brutal and inhumane American methods such as the gas chamber as is still legal in Arizona or the electric chair as in Tennessee.

    I see no reason why people who hate their own country so much should be given the benefit of relatively humane British-style executions.


  2. Ben Wallace is laughably thought of as a potential replacement by utterly moronic Tory MPs and their dim members.

    Mind you, saying that, until a few months ago I was also of that frame of mind. Unless he is merely taking the line of collective cabinet responsibility and hiding his own opinions, Ben is also a fool as is Boris for thinking that Ukraine is a matter of vital British national interest.

    Put simply it is not and I highly doubt whether a TRUE Tory PM of the past such as Neville Chamberlain would have thought so but then how many real Tories are left in that party today?

    Precious few it seems and certainly amongst their MPs the figure will be under twenty or so.

    Russia has no intention of harming us unless we keep on and on raising the temperature to dangerous heights and making ourselves into active enemies of Russia whereby they will have an excuse to label us belligerents against them.

    We don’t wish to be nuked or come to any significant harm because Boris Idiot thinks he is a more scruffy version of Winston Churchill.

    Boris Moron Idiot can eff off to Russia and fight them himself along with his evil government of viciously anti-British, terminally useless crackpots.


  3. Jonny Mercer is an idiot but when compared to real nutters such as the part Jew, Tom Tugendhat he is relatively sane.

    Incredibly, the member for true blue Tonbridge and Malling in Kent is thought of as a possible leader for the party.

    Should that loon come to power we would be at war with Russia and be at risk of a possible nuclear Armageddon within weeks of his entering No.10.

    What price the often picturesque villages of his constituency then?


    1. John:
      I am increasingly concerned that at some point, whether in 2022, 2023 or later, Europe will face nuclear near-annihilation. The remaining white Europeans will then have to, not so much rebuild what will have been lost, but to create, ad novum, a culture and civilization that has not previously existed.


  4. Hello Ian! Thank you for that magnificent thread posted by US REBEL on Twitter! That graphic about the armed forces is shocking. The UK is a joke in every aspect, particularly in the military field. Do you remember when the moron of Ben Wallace said “We kicked the Tsar’s army in the Crime in 1856 and we can do it again!” Oh! Really? (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Well, of course the Crimean War was just a little more complex than that!

      I understand that Ben Wallace is quite short. Guards officers always used to be called “long and thick”. Wallace is certainly quite short.

      What worries me about the current rhetoric is not even that those who are (unmeritedly) “leading” the UK are fighting bygone wars. but that they might just trigger a real, and nuclear, one.


    2. Ben Wallace was correct in the first part of his rant. The fact is Britain HAS successfully gone to war with Russia but, of course, that was when we were a world power and our armed forces had sufficient equipment, decent training, were well motivated, numerous enough in size and were ethnically homogeneous as was the country which no doubt aided them considerably in terms of morale and effectiveness against any enemy.

      Things have changed in these respects since the Crimean War!

      Even if those aspects were the same today that doesn’t give Ben Wallace licence to rant like an unhinged madman and give Russia yet more excuses to hate us and possibly engage in a war with this country and all this when ordinary Britons like me and many millions of others have no reason to engage in war with that country. I have no essential quarrel with Russians nor do the broad mass of ordinary folk and see no reason why this wretched government wants to get me involved in such an horrific potential conflict.

      He SHOULD know better not least because he is one of the Cabinet’s few native Brits but then he owes his job to Boris Idiot along with others who have so obviously been chosen because they make Boris slightly plausible as PM.


  5. Speaking personally, I would much rather go to war with the United States of America than Russia.

    Unlike Putin and ordinary Russians, the USA IS an ACTUAL enemy of Britain as was proved during WW2 when Roosevelt deliberately took measures to undermine our Empire, when Eisenhower threatened us with a run on the pound during the Suez Crisis of 1956 if we didn’t immediately change our foreign policy, when America did little to stop Irish Americans from funding IRA terrorism in NI and the rest of the UK and when half senile Joe Biden threatens us over the NI Protocol issue.

    Any half normal country with an ounce of self respect would have long since told Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to eff off and treat their alleged friend with a modicum of respect especially as Britain lost the lives of some of our best people in Iraq in Tony Bliar’s insane war in 2003 for their benefit.

    To my knowledge, neither ordinary Russians or the Russian government has ever funded IRA terrorism in Britain nor have they interfered with the NI Protocol issue and told us to stop trying to rewrite that protocol in order to protect our internal market and restore our economic and political integrity as a country.


  6. Infact, such is Joe Biden’s extreme Irish-American bias in this regard along with the more perverse and less understandable bias of presumably Italian-American, Nancy Pelosi, we should seriously consider calling the American Ambassador to the United Kingdom to the Foreign Office for an official dressing down at the minimum or even consider expelling him.

    No other country in the world would tolerate Joe Biden and his government’s unfriendly bias against us without pushing back against it.

    It is high time we reclaimed British independence not just from the EU but in some ways even more importantly from Yankland and had our own distinctive foreign policy for the first time free from Yank influence since that awful day in May 1940 when half-decent Neville Chamberlain was dumped as British PM and we got Yank puppet Churchill instead.


      1. Ian! I am shocked! What kind of language is that? “Untermenschen” That sounds horrible! I hope you are not an admirer of the Austrian corporal. (LOL) ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†


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