Diary Blog, 23 November 2021

Amusing cartoon

I had not seen the following satirical cartoon for years:

Laughter, the best medicine“…

Tweets seen

A reminder of reality:

I really should encourage the Jew-Zionist cabal which has persecuted me for (especially) the past decade, to get “vaccinated”! Jesting aside, the worst members of that cabal are now all slowly expiring anyway.

The stars in their courses fight on the side of the just” [ancient Chinese proverb].


The rambling “speech” offered up to the CBI by “Boris” [A. B. Johnson] yesterday seems to have finally woken up even (most of) the woodentopped denizens of Daily Mail-land.

The Daily Mail has published a kind of exculpa for “Boris”, written by well-known scribbler on economics and finance, Alex Brummer, a Vice-President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Brummer; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Board_of_Deputies_of_British_Jews.

This is that article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-10232209/ALEX-BRUMMER-Boris-Johnsons-critics-missing-point-Peppa-Pig-British-success-story.html.

Take a look at the readers’ comments section! It seems that the readers have been unimpressed both by Johnson’s car crash yesterday and by Brummer’s ludicrous article.

“Boris” is of course part-Jew, and the Jewish lobby (aka, more or less, Israel lobby) has always been favourable to him, even when disrespecting him: see the video showing peculiar Israeli political intelligence bod Shai Masot [below]. Masot likes that “Boris” is “solid on Israel” (he even worked for a couple of weeks on a kibbutz when aged about 18), but still says that “you know, Boris…he is an idiot...”

See for yourselves:

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2017/jan/07/israeli-official-shai-masot-discredit-uk-mps-undercover-video; or https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/1/12/israel-diplomat-forced-to-resign-after-aj-investigation. That second video is far more detailed.

While a minority of people (some, like me, mere outside commentators, others those who have known “Boris” well for decades, people like Max Hastings, Nicholas Soames, John Major) have opposed “Boris” for many years, the mass of voters have been fooled by the constant msm puffing of “Boris” as “Prime Minister in Waiting”. That sort of nonsense has been going on for 10-15 years, and influenced the masses, especially the elderly members of the Conservative Party.

Reality did not break in even when “Boris” made, in the old phrase, “a pig’s ear” of being Foreign Secretary (useless). Well, now the “idiot” has been Prime Minister, or posing as such, for just on 2 years. Look at the result(s)!

“Boris” has given up trying to appear hugely intelligent by quoting little bits of rote-learned Latin or Greek, or trawling the O.E.D. for obscure English words that almost no-one ever uses. That sort of nonsense is now well past its sell-by date.

There is a type of person who thinks that oft-using very obscure words is clever. The egregious Nicholas Fairbairn was another, though he did have his good points [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Fairbairn].

The problem for British voters is that, even if “Boris” is removed, the same or similar government will drag on; and even if equally-unfit (and misnamed) “Labour” were to form some kind of government, Keir Starmer is also in the pocket of the same lobby, is a member of Labour Friends of Israel, and is married to a Jewish woman. Indeed, Starmer’s children are being brought up as if full-Jew, and Starmer celebrates Jewish religious holidays (I have been unable to discover whether he wears a little skullcap at such events, or indeed whether that would be mandated).

I am unsure as to why “Boris” is still being supported by some Zionists; can they really believe that the scammer can just carry on scamming the British people? The rest of the Cabinet of clowns is also completely pro-Jew and pro-Israel. Anyway, the Lobby has Starmer-Labour as its fallback position now.

The losers are the British people.

England, my England

This afternoon, for reasons too trivial and unnecessary to mention, I drove through a fairly unspoiled and rare part of the South of England. Mostly on unclassified roads, and mostly through a great estate.

The beneficial effects of careful estate management were evident: beautifully trimmed hedgerows, and massive trees which must have been centuries-old, and lining the roads devoid of traffic (I saw scarcely another vehicle). The only hazard on those roads consisted of silly young pheasant, too silly to get out of the way, though I managed to avoid hitting any.

An all-too-rare example of England as it once was, and now hardly ever is.

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Smersh never sleeps“…

Early evening music

[“07″…Soviet /Russian long distance telephone code]

Night. For me there is no law!

Late tweets

So it begins…


Migrant-invaders (many criminal) get free housing, food, cash, medical, but British people are literally on the streets.

Good grief! Jefferson?! How long can it be before America’s cities are just collections of ruins and piles of rubble, with feral non-whites crawling all over them?

Late music

7 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 November 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: That video about the anti-racist Hitler was great! I love it! LOL

    Talking about humour here is a wonderful sketch of “The Two Ronnies”, today it would be banned for being “racist and insensitive” LOL


    1. Claudius:
      Ha. Good grief…imagine that today! All concerned would probably be “cancelled”, or at the very least have to go on an “anti-racism awareness” course, and/or appear tearfully on TV, recanting any views they might hold, have held, or might be thought to have held.

      Actually, though superficially crude in its satire, that sketch hits the 1970s quite well, especially in how the *English* (from lawyers, finance bods, and politicians through to taxi drivers and attendants at Ascot) rolled over for Arab big money in those years.


  2. I have just seen the video where that absolute imbecile of Boris lost it completely and began raving about “Peppa the Pig”. I could not believe it! As we say in Argentina, “He will never get the Nobel Prize for Stupidity because he is too stupid!” (LOL) If I was a Brit I would be terribly ashamed.

    Changing the subject, here is a very good article about that sham called “Green energy”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudius:
      “Boris” is a huge embarrassment, even to those who, like me, always saw through his pathetic act (the am-dram Churchill impression, the carefully-contrived “classical scholar” fakery etc.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just to make you laugh, Nigel “The Cuck” Farage has said that “if Boris doesn’t do something drastic about inmigration I will be back into politics” WOW! Boris must be terrified! I bet he has not been able to sleep! (LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claudius:
      The battle of the con artists! “Boris” v. Farage.

      Farage is truly “controlled opposition”. Had he been sincere, it is not impossible to envisage him as having become Prime Minister by now, but he stabbed his own Brexit Party supporters and candidates in the back; he cannot, I think, come back from that, though it has to be said that many ordinary Brit voters are so desperate now that they might clutch at the Farage straw. Where else can they go? Con rubbish and NWO/ZOG government, and NWO/ZOG official Opposition…There *is* no real social-national party.


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