Diary Blog, 27 April 2022

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How terrible it is when innocent animals suffer as “collateral damage” to human wars. I wonder whether the UN could set up a permanent task force with the mission to arrange with both sides to (any) armed conflict so that that animals, both in zoos and other situations, can be rescued and/or rehomed outside immediate war zones.

Presented as a defensive weapon, but how long before there are “tanks” or other basically offensive weapons fitted out with what the science fiction of fifty or a hundred years ago described as “death rays”?

The Western NWO/ZOG is fomenting a world war, and we, living in the West, will be lucky (I suppose lucky) to live through it.

If the military situation becomes seriously worse for Russia and/or, for example, if the war spreads actively to Poland later in the year, when the weather again turns very cold, Russia will turn off the gas taps, and Poland will freeze (and its industries stop dead).


I have occasionally noted on this blog the strange fact that so many Twitter-twits who have made malicious official complaints about me, attacked me, or made comments about me, have suffered serious medical or other problems, in some cases terminal. That trend has continued, with the green bottles falling one by one off the wall, as in the old song.

I note, also, that one particular Balkan fraud (who shall be nameless, for now), and who used to delight in tweeting maliciously about me, seems to have gone completely mad, claiming that NHS doctors and nurses have deliberately injured her by sticking needles into her. “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad“, in the old saying.

I see that a number of Jew-Zionist and/or “antifa” trolls have either ceased to post (about me, and in some cases generally) on Twitter, and are either not around at all now, or have locked their Twitter accounts.

Good riddance. Raus!

[“Get down there, where you wanted to send me, you unclean spirit!“— 1930s cartoon]

More tweets

Most of the inflationary pressure and the shortages of food has been fuelled by factors that have nothing to do with the Russian invasion.

Good grief! I had completely forgotten that Tim Farron was still an MP! Completely obscure now.


Anne McElvoy has always been one of the most evil scribblers and propagandists in the UK.

People always ask for “apology” etc, when what they really want to see (with some justification) is the relevant head smashed in…

Police-state mulktikulti Britain. I wonder whether any of those students will be brave enough to “just say no”, or even brave enough to strike back in some way?

Late tweets

I am not sure who exactly is that “ho”, to use the American black vernacular, but whoever it is, it should probably cease to exist.

I had better not express what I think should happen to those infiltrators; it is very boring when the toytown police state arrives at the door.

For the misnamed “detainees”, Communism has certainly arrived!

The so-called “land of freedom”…

Now that France has, in reality, about a third of the resident population non-French, there is no ordinary “democratic” “electoral road” available for the real French.

Late music

[Kreshchatik, Kiev, 1980s]

21 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 April 2022”

  1. After the lack of (under) performance of the Javelin missiles shipped to Ukraine – having previously been lauded as the means by which the Russian forces will be defeated – I remain very sceptical of claims of ‘laser super weapons’ of the sort in that Israeli video. They’ll probably turn out to be ineffective and not nearly as useful as suggested in the propaganda. Perhaps that’s just the cynic in me. Although, if there is to be a weapon of evil invented which will prove to be the undoing of mankind, it’ll probably originate in Israel.

    Perhaps the use of lasers is an expression of the desire of (((them))) to have a super weapon which will vanquish all of (((their))) enemies in an instant – very much in the same manner as the Ark of the Covenant was claimed (in the Torah / Old Testament), when carried in front of (((their))) army – to result in (((them))) defeating their enemies without even fighting.


  2. Indeed so, HennyPenney. How right you are to be nervous of the possible world consequences of weapons invented by one of the few countries in the world apart from East Asian ones like Japan and South Korea allowed, nay positively ENCOURAGED, by various lobbies and world opinion to be nationalistic. If only we in Europe could be granted the same privelege!

    Did you know our ‘ally’ of Israel has what is called the ‘Samson Option’ as an integral part of their nuclear doctrine whereby they threaten to take down the entire world in a nuclear Armageddon should Israel fall.

    Even Putin’s Russia doesn’t have that as a part of their nuclear doctrine!

    What charming people 80% of ‘Conservative’ Party MPs ally us with in that inoculous sounding but actually pretty sinister pro- Israel lobby group called the Conservative Friends of Israel.


    1. Israel apparently has its nuclear arsenal (which they still don’t officially admits exists) specifically targeted at European countries as part of that ‘Samson Option’ doctrine. We European ‘goyim’ (cattle) are to be annihilated first should Israel feel its existence under dire threat.


  3. Israel is also alleged to have developed special bio weapons that are designed to kill only Palestinians and other Arabs whilst leaving other Semites like Jews totally alone by identifying genetic markers unique to both groups.


  4. Why isn’t Boris and company threatening to sanction Israel out of existence like with Russia? After all, Israel also ignores UN resolutions and has done this for quite a few decades now!

    Answers on a postcard to ‘CONServative Party’ (or should that be KOSHERvative Party’ as David Cameron no less once dubbed his anti-British party) HQ now!


  5. So much for complaining about the cost of living crisis in the House of vile anti- British Traitors when Keir Starmer is frothing at the bit for us to go directly at war with heavily nuclear armed Russia and make this entire situation far worse.

    That sick bastard/treasonous anti-British rat does a very nice line in utter hypocrisy.


  6. Russia has banned most of the evil war mongering scum in the House of Treason from ever entering the Russian Federation as of today in retaliation for cheap Tory tart, Liz Truss’s actions along with that of others in stirring- up anti-Russian hatred in Britain.

    Good but Russia why don’t you do something far more effective than that? Why don’t you remove the evil here once and for all by [REDACTED] the wretched anti Russian and anti British filth in the Commons like her then you will be better off, we will be too and hopefully the globe as well.


    1. John:
      Regret that one word had to be redacted from your comment, before some Jew or other nuisance made a contrived complaint about “grossly offensive” or “malicious” communication or whatever.


  7. Do that NOW, Russia, as this terminally thick, patently evil and viruently anti- Russian and anti-British government is now not ruling out sending our very limited supply of fighter jets to Eastern European.countries.

    Why doesn’t the evil British government headed by that murdering arsehole, Boris Johnson, just fuck off and die? I have had it up to here with that evil anti-British fat CUNT Johnson!

    The evil fat turd is going to start WW3 and get us nuked!


  8. We were explicitly warned only yesterday by Russia that any further provocations by us would not be tolerated. What sort of abundantly clear warning does the anti-British, psychopathically constantly lying, fat, terminally scruffy, fucking useless CUNT in Ten Downing Street not understand?


  9. You are dealing NOT with weak Iraq with NO discernable nuclear weapons or any other possible weapons of mass destruction of lying The SCUM ‘ newspaper’ infamy BUT a REAL nuclear power (the WORLD’S PREMIER one infact) . I know, Mr Johnson, you are not exactly renowned for your high IQ levels or even basic governing ability but even you are surely not that terminally thick as to play REAL ‘Russian Roulette” with a country which has 6’000 odd nukes and unlike us can deliver them not by a pathetic submarine but the FULL ‘nuclear triad’ of land based silos, nuclear subs AND heavy nuclear bombers!

    Some of Russia’s nukes are the most sophisticated in the world and can fly at HYPERSONIC speeds and can’t be intercepted.


  10. You might be so puffed up with your own pathetic sense of self- importance that you are enjoying playing the cheap ‘Poundshop Churchil’ routine on the world stage but if that involves as it seemingly does this country potentially suffering a horrendus nuclear first strike by Russia causing hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths in these islands with the land irradiated then you can keep me out of it!

    Go and play your game of potentially very deadly ‘Russian Roulette’ by yourself with Putin and give the long suffering British people who you clearly despise a break.


    1. John:
      One need only consider the effect of *one* powerful nuclear strike on Central London…and it would have only one silver lining— the elimination of most of the monkeys in the Westminster monkeyhouse. At what a price, though.


      1. One of my favourite dreams is a 9/11 attack on the House of Treason instantly eliminating Boris Idiot, Liz Truss, Keir Starmer, Priti Evil and all the rest of the wretched anti-British filth and dross in there with the only possible exception of John Hayes MP who is the Tory MP for their current safest seat and seems to me to be the only real traditional Tory left in there. I would like to see him survive but as for the rest.

        The only sad thing about this happening would be that it would involve the utter destruction of the Houses of Parliament which are Grade One listed buildings and some of the best looking parliament buildings in the world alongside that of Canada’s House of Commons and Hungary’s parliament.


      2. There could well be one another silver lining in that London’s ever increasing crime rate could be curbed as we were reminded of yet again only the other day. Well the exotic inhabitants of the London open air Zoo aren’t realistically going to have their criminality and penchant for stabbing one another constantly lessened by Priti effing Useless’s demoralised and tied down by the insane cult of PC toytown KGB are they?


  11. I am surprised Sir John Hayes managed to get selected to contest his constituency considering his traditional ‘Right-wing’ Tory views which must have been evident for a long time. His seat is now their safest and has been at no real danger of going to another party for as long as he has held it.

    Normally, the Tories deliberately filter out candidates like him at the selection stage in safe seats like his they can be confident of retaining and only select leftie, PC globalist candidates for them.

    Seats which are marginal or unlikely to be obtained by them in the first place like Thurrock near me before 1987 get the ‘Right wing’ candidates. Thurrock used to have a very Right- Wing Tory (he was pro hanging) called Timothy Janman who was sadly defeated by a small margin in 1992.


    1. Timothy Janman was also good in another more important aspect in that he was an opponent of mass immigration. If our MP, Sir Robert McCrindle, had stepped down before 1987′ I would like to think Tim would have been selected for this constituency as he would have been a good fit for this seat. Sadly, we got leftist Eric Pickles instead.

      Thurrock lost a good MP in Janman. Their new female Tory MP is nowhere near as good as he was. Indeed, I believe she is the opposite of him in her views but then about 90% plus of today’s Tory MPs may as well be sitting for the Liberal Democrats.


  12. I not particularly familiar with Ann McElvoy but I happen to agree with her there. There is nothing wrong with a government imposing a bit of the old authoritarianism routine at the right time or for the right purposes. Governments should not be afraid of using the inherent power of the state.

    I think Marine Le Pen done so well at the recent presidential elections because unlike the German Afd party she didn’t really whinge too much about COVID restrictions. The Afd’s message and its constant repetition was misunderstood by the section of the German electorate most receptive to their general stance as a party. Libertarianism especially in crisis situations doesn’t sit easily with a nationalist, traditionalist ‘Right’ platform.

    To be frank, it isn’t surprising the Afd lost a couple of percentage points at the last German general election and it was no doubt caused by this.


  13. The Afd’s stance wasn’t really consistent either. At the beginning of the pandemic they were praising Merkel for doing a good job and indeed urging her to take more hardline measures and to do them more speedily.


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