Diary Blog, 28 April 2022

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Covid police state


Another example of the way in which police powers were abused during the 2020-2021 “panicdemic”.

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Missed that one from a week or so ago.

Even I have been subject, over a number of years, to malicious Jew-Zionist complaints, always from the same basic cabal: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

The “blacks with everything” trend has become just ridiculous. I wrote the following blog post years ago, and its message has become more true with every passing year: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/

I have recently been watching a few “Nordic noirs” on TV. Most recently, a Danish thriller. The absurd thing was the number of blacks and other non-whites, not only in the street but also, and in particular, playing politicians, senior officials etc.

Either pure propaganda, or an alarming reflection of reality. I have never been to Denmark, so do not know.

In the UK, TV ads have now become completely taken over by the multikulti propaganda, the mixed couples, with (usually) the black man as “husband”-figure, and the white woman (often blonde) as “wife”-character.

The whole thing has become just ridiculous.

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A couple of rounds, right there, might start the process…

Untermenschen— raus!

Judaism/Zionism/Islam/Islamism. False choices. Grail Europe must strive to fly higher than any connection to these.

As if the poor creatures do not suffer enough already.

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This is the England that is worth saving.

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[Akademgorodok, Western Siberia]

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 April 2022”

  1. They were lucky I was not a police officer at that scene and the police in this country are not routinely armed as I would have been highly tempted to draw my gun on them! Well, they do say the job of a police officer has a special attraction for the ‘authoritarian personally type’ in society!

    At times, it must be quite fun to be a policeman!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  2. As a country, I don’t really like China. The Chinese are an untrustworthy and innately shifty people. Out of East Asians, I admire the Japanese the most and I am envious of their post war economic miracle and secondarily the South Koreans.

    Japs are the nearest to we Europeans in natural abilities. The Japs are sometimes called ‘honory whites’ and I think that is a fair description. Japs and to a lesser extent, Koreans, are the only non white peoples that get close to we whites.

    There is much to dislike about China but also a few things to admire too such as their non tolerance for law breaking during a pandemic with the health of the community being put first and not self centered selfish individualism.

    The Japs adopted this communitarian attitude too and it showed in their performance during the pandemic. This putting of group interest first is also a major reason for their post war rise from bomb shattered complete wreck in 1945 to economic superpower in the 1960’s and 1970″s.


  3. What on earth are those scruffy, left wing, anti-British losers whinging about?

    Priti effing Useless has one of the very worst records of ANY Home Secretary in British history in actually putting people on a plane and kicking them out!

    Who do you think she is? The wonderful woman called Marine Le Pen? Her sentiments are inline with YOURS and that is proven by her performing the LOWEST number of removals for decades which is an OFFICIAL statistic even the perpetually unfit for purpose Home Office admitted to a few weeks ago!

    Priti Leftwing is no Marine Le Pen or even the present Interior Minister under globalist Macron.

    EVERY Home Secretary/Interior Minister in Europe has a better record of deporting undesirables than she does!

    I highly suspect Priti is a Lib Dem infliltrator inside the Tories! Well, Liz Truss is a proven, ahem, ‘former’ Lib Dem and boy does that show. There are many closet Lib Dem infliltrators inside the party.


  4. I was reading a gormless, unhinged rant by former editor of Conservative Home (the Conservative Party’s online forum for party members and supporters), Mark Wallace, in The Independent newspaper the other day in which he described Marine Le Pen’s party as a ‘ neo-fascist’ one.

    Considering the fact that France is still a reasonably prosperous nation and thus can be in no way compared to Germany’s dire economic situation in the early 1930’s how can a supposedly ‘neo fascist’ party possibly obtain even 20% of the national vote let alone 41.5%?

    This thesis simply doesn’t stand up to any kind of serious analysis!


  5. Hello Ian: I don’t understand the enthusiasm for Elon Musk’s takeover of TWITTER. The man is a globalist billionaire who, as far as I could see, is OK with almost all WEF’d policies. There are lots of idiots who believe he would allow real free speech on Twitter, I don’t think so…


    1. Claudius:
      I have to agree.

      The acid test is whether Twitter users will be able to criticize Jewish behaviour and activities. I have my doubts; “they” are too-deeply embedded in the financial, legal, and other milieux of the West (and the UK is certainly one of the most-infested countries).

      Elon Musk is an interesting character, one of the occasional genuine “big beasts” of the “entrepreneurial” world, akin to those of the 19th and early 20thC. Carnegie was one such, Ford another, but there were some now-forgotten who were at least as interesting.


      1. Ever since Musk first mentioned buying part of Twitter several weeks back, about 12/13 of my followers have been suspended (i only have under 300 anyway). Up until then only 1 had been suspended in about 6 months. Not a positive sign.


  6. Prince Charles is one of the most hateful and stupid figureheads of the WEF/ZOG. What makes things worse is his colossal stupidity because I am sure he is not really evil, like Soros for example, he is just an absolute numbskull and an unbearable do-gooder in the worst sense possible. Rant over! (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      You may have read my impression of him from when I met him and had a brief few minutes of chit-chat with him, which was during his royal visit to Kazakhstan in late 1996 (October, I think).

      It was at a reception held by HM Ambassador, not at the British Embassy but at the diplomatic residence of the Ambassador, whom I had already met (once or twice) at the Embassy. Rather nice. A pretty Russian girl kept me topped up with red wine, and by the time HRH appeared, I had drunk about a bottle, I think. No wonder my “royal” conversation
      flowed fairly smoothly…

      In short, I found Charles (speaking superficially, inevitably, based on such a brief encounter) amiable, humorous, wanting to be pleasant to people, well-trained —or used to— listening to remarks made to him. My experience of “royalty” comes more from Hollywood films such as Ivanhoe or El Cid than from personal acquaintanceship, but I found no hugely “royal” persona, though he carries (like the Queen etc) such baggage of expectation that, inevitably, there was a certain charisma.


      1. A humorous story about Charles. I watched a documentary once about a guy who has Tourette’s syndrome (John Davidson). Charles made a visit to his place of work, and when John spoke to him he had a “tic attack” and called Charles a “jug-eared c**t”, then shouted “does Camilla take it up the a**e?” Haha.


      2. SaxonEngland:
        I noticed, many years ago, in the factual or semi-factual memoirs of the one-time SAS sergeant, “Andy McNab” (I think…anyway, in some memoir of that sort) a similar tale of how Charles, as honorary Colonel of the Parachute Regiment, was surrounded, not long after his wedding to Diana, by his Parachute Regiment soldiers, in numbers. After some alcoholic imbibing, an anonymous soldier at the back shouted out the same question (but re. Diana).

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Re the Ukraine situation things have come to an increasingly surreal pass when one reads mild sentiments of caution in how Britain should approach this in recent Guardian and Observer newspaper editorials.

    This just goes to show how utterly stupid, profoundly unconservative and downright way out of their depth Boris Idiot and his fellow total clowns like international embarrassment Liz Truss are!


    1. John:
      The careless gung-ho approach of idiots such as Liz Truss and Ben Wallace may lead to catastrophe, but behind those twits stands the NWO generally. They are playing a game, and the aim of the game is a Russia more or less on its knees. I can see this leading to real disaster. If so, there will be little if any “Britain” left, except geographically.


      1. To be honest, Putin would do his country, us and the entire planet a favour if he ordered some people from the Russian security services to assassinate via poisoning, gunshots or whatever the morons in ‘our’ government.

        I am feelingly increasingly unsafe living under the perpetually scruffy Worzel Gummidge and company.

        Why should I and my family potentially die in a nuclear attack simply because idiots took advice from The Scum newspaper in December 2019 and voted for this utter cretin?

        His Poundshop Churchill routine is so pathetic and his obvious intent to gain electoral advantage for his party so transparent. European and world peace is more important than Tory attempts to whip up a ‘Falkland’s Factor’ and divert attention away from appalling incompetent handling of domestic affairs and their leadership plotting.

        Never trust a man who hasn’t bothered to comb his hair for many months and therefore shows utter disrespect for the important and formerly prestigious post he holds and in turn us.


      2. I am quite surprised with Ben Wallace. Before all this started I did think he was the sole member of the Cabinet that had a degree of commonsense, intelligence, basic competence, and a tendency to think things through carefully before mouthing off in public .That was the impression he gave but it looks like I was very wrong.

        I still think he isn’t quite as bad as the others. Liz Truss thinks she is the reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher! Liz, you are no Maggie and, as with Boris, you are frighteningly out of your depth in the post you hold.

        Can we have a military coup though the quality of the British armed forces isn’t what it once was either as with the police!

        What a time to be alive!


      3. Yes, with Russia laid flat out on its back barely able to breathe or move. That is certainly America’s aim and needless to say we are pathetically going along with it. Still, we have effectively been the USA’s 51st state ever since Winston Churchill became PM in May 1940.

        We need British independence from the US as much as we ever did from the EU.

        Being the Yankee Doodle Poodle has never done us any good and this time could well lead to utterly horrific and disastrous consequences for Britain.

        This game is a very dangerous one and would be at any time with Russia. That country is a immensely proud one which has always had a strong sense of self worth and nationalism. They are not the sort of nation that will just crawl into a corner and bow down and they are at their most formidable and dangerous when backed into a corner.


      4. Having a period of international tension and instability was always my greatest fear should moronic Tory MPs and geriatric Tory members impose Benny Hill impersonator, Boris Johnson, upon us instead of the far more naturally capable and worthy candidate to be PM, Jeremy Hunt.

        Trust ‘Britain’s Stupid Party’ to get the choice so utterly wrong!


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