Diary Blog, 29 April 2022

Morning music

That music always stuck in mind because it was the soundtrack to a training film I saw when I was 21 and on a (private) parachute course in Wiltshire. On that film, as the music played, a stream of parachutists exited the plane still holding on to each other, streaming down the fuselage of the aircraft, then one by one let go, only deploying their parachutes much later. Memorable.

[Parachutist exiting plane, and showing off, over St. Petersburg]

On this day a year ago

Strangely topical…

More come in

More than 700 Afghans rescued from the Taliban by Jewish lawyers in UK

Daniel Berke and Simon Myerson, who founded the charity Azadi, say they have saved about 730 people so far


Comment unnecessary, I think.

Alison Chabloz

Regular readers of the blog, as well as others, will be aware that persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz was imprisoned yet again on Thursday 14 April 2022, for —in effect— the heinous crime of poking fun in song at some aspects of Jewish behaviour.

Alison was sentenced (by District Judge Nina Tempia, sitting at Westminster Magistrates’ Court) to 22 weeks’ imprisonment. The maximum would have been 6 months, i.e. about 26 weeks. A harsh sentence by any standard, though Alison should be released from actual custody at the halfway stage— 11 weeks, meaning 30 June 2022.

Anyone wishing to send postcards, letters, or books to Alison [new books only, softback only, preferably from online booksellers, but note that the prison will not accept Amazon deliveries] can send them to:

Alison Chabloz A6478EK,

HMP Bronzefield,

Woodthorpe Rd,

Ashford TW15 3JZ.

I understand that Alison Chabloz is applying, via her lawyers, for bail pending appeal to the Crown Court. As yet, however, she still sits in Bronzefield Prison, and indeed as of today has already served over 2 weeks out of the 11 she needs to serve before she can be released (unless she gets bail pending appeal).

The Jew-Zionist “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA” crowed last year on Twitter etc that they had finally had Alison Chabloz imprisoned, after having striven to that end for 5 years. Much effort for little reward. Same this year. Alison has already served, in effect, a fifth of her sentence, yet the sentencing hearing was only the other day.

[Alison Chabloz]

Tweets seen

Ha ha!

The mask is off. The NWO has come out pretty much openly over this Ukraine thing, a sign of the importance the NWO is attaching to the “Ukraine” project (the attack on Russia, or get control back over Russia, project).

More music

Neil Parish; also, a few thoughts about Labour Party voters

Very true, though equally true of most Labour drones.

Actually, what interests me about Parish is something tangential, and nothing to do with his recent (alleged) behaviour (in respect of which, any honourable MP in more honourable times, meaning roughly “before 1990”, would have RESIGNED, at once.

My interest in Parish [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Parish] is small (in fact I had never heard of the bastard until today) but I happened to notice that, before he started his “career” of expenses-blodging and freeloading (as an MEP for South West England in the European Parliament for a decade before election as MP for Tiverton and Honiton in 2010), he had taken on the suicide mission of standing as Conservative Party candidate for Torfaen, in South Wales.

In 1997, when Parish unsuccessfully contested Torfaen, it was considered a solid Labour seat. In the General Election of that year, the Labour candidate received nearly 70% of all votes cast, while Parish managed only just over 12% in second place, marginally above the LibDems (there also three other candidates, all of whom lost their deposits).

Looking at the subsequent results in Torfaen is instructive in considering the decline of the Labour vote almost everywhere. In 1997, Lab got (about) 70% at Torfaen, Con 12%; in 2001, Lab 62%, Con 16%; in 2005, Lab 57%, Con 16%; in 2010, Lab 49%, Con 20%; in 2015, Lab 45%, Con 23%; in 2017, Lab (under Corbyn) rebounded to nearly 58%, but the Con vote also rose significantly, to 31% (best-ever).

In 2019, Lab only got 42% at Torfaen, but Con still came in second, though on 32% [all figures rounded-up or down].

The trend is clear: while Labour is still getting enough legacy votes —from the older generation who remembered the pre-1939 world and the pre-1979, pre-Thatcher world too— to win seats such as Torfaen, automatic loyalty to Labour, even in a place like that, is a thing of the past.

Late tweets

Is there not one Frenchman who will remove Macron?

and none dare call it Jewry…

UK too. Today, I was driving around more than usual, in one of the most affluent parts of Southern England, and the roads were almost untraversable. No wonder people in the region all seem to drive Range-Rovers, Porsche Cayennes, other SUVs. Potholes, ridges in the road, sunken drain covers. Like something out of somewhere like…Ukraine…, in fact. The Boris-idiot mis-government gives hundreds of millions to the Kiev regime (which has nothing to do with us), yet our own roads, hospitals etc are pitiful now.

Late music


5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 29 April 2022”

  1. Our inherently rigged electoral system is mostly to blame for this wretchedly incompetent and viruently anti-British government being elected. The CONServative Party vote share barely increased between 2017 to 2019 yet they gained loads of seats. Infact, I think it only went up by around 1%.

    What were the turnouts in that seat of Torfaen? The Labour vote has been abstaining or in the last election going to Frauulent Farage’s ridiculous non real political party rather than voting for the party that stripped places like that of their industries.

    Labour will probably strengthen their hold on their traditional seats not least because the latest polls indicate that Brexit is considered to have been a mistake with the only group of voters thinking it wasn’t amongst the 80% faction of the most dimwitted and libertarian extremist minded Tory idiots.

    What exactly have ordinary people gained from Brexit? Immigration is still wildly out of control under ethnic Indian bitch Priti fucking Useless and our foreign policy may as well be run by Brussels. Our line on Ukraine is a carbon copy of Biden’s! So much for British independence! It is still a mirage!


  2. REAL independence would come from leaving Yankee dominated NATO so that we can avoid getting dragged into their insane drive to crush Russia and potentially be subject to an absolutely horrific and very devasting nuclear attack.

    Britain should aim for peaceful and friendly relations with Russia. They are a European country along with us whereas the USA isn’t. Russia and the UK share a pan European sphere of influence.

    There is a lot of rubbish still written about Neville Chamberlain and his appeasement policy in the 1930’s but it could have worked if British governments in the 1920’s and 1930’s had worked to aim to have friendly relations with the Soviet Union. Understandably, Chamberlain had a personal hatred of Communism as did all British governments but that should not have prevented British efforts to have good relations with the Soviet Union.

    If we had had those relations then, perhaps, Stalin would not have given his agreement to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and we could have had a British-French-Soviet Union defence and mutual assistance alliance. If that had existed even Hitler might well have been persuaded by the danger of a two front war from invading Poland.


  3. There was a good article by Angus Roxborough in The Guardian/Observer a day or so ago that made much the same points as you have argued. He said that it is very likely that Russia will win in Ukraine even if that will take some time but that to keep on giving Ukraine masses upon masses of weapons is only prolonging the suffering of ordinary Ukrainians, increasing the number of deaths and the damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure and the war needs to be stopped quickly.

    He said this could only take place via two ways either NATO allows air missions over Ukraine by their crews with all the danger of provoking Russia and starting WW3 and a possible nuclear Armageddon or that all sides sit down and talk and come to some sort of peace agreement.

    He also rightly said that the increasingly bellicose rhetoric of out of their depth idiots like Liz Truss should be dialed down considerably as it only inflaming the situation and giving Putin valuable points to make in his propaganda at home.

    REAL statesmanlike Tories like Neville Chamberlain instead of renegade liberals like Churchill are probably doing many spins in their graves at stupid ‘Tories’ like Liz Truss and Boris Johnson.


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