Diary Blog, 23 August 2022

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[Red Square, 1946]

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Wolves, as noted before, are very remarkable creatures. They kill their badly-wounded comrades rather than let them fall into the hands of enemies.

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Information for people in the UK who want to keep chickens (could be a lifesaver some day not far in the future): https://keeping-chickens.me.uk/getting-started/rules-and-regulations/.

A hen will produce an egg every 1-2 days, so a dozen or more eggs will be produced in about a week by only a handful of chickens.

…and they, or their families and other relatives, and their descendants, are not still whining about it (or making money out of it), unlike the descendants of some of the Jews detained by the forces of the German Reich and its allies in the early/mid 1940s.

There, but for the Grace of God, might have gone my own maternal grandfather, who, having already survived the Fall of France and the beach at Dunkirk in 1940, later fought in Burma against the Japanese. Fortunately, he was not captured by enemy forces.

What matters is not social media but concrete results in the world of action.

My answer: give considerable incentives for doctors to work past 60, but at the same time compel young doctors to work in the NHS for 10 years minimum once qualified, if their training has been paid for out of State funds. They should not be allowed to emigrate to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc until they have completed that obligation.

The time is coming when we shall have to quite consciously cut ourselves off from the State and even what is becoming mainstream society, which are both slowly being taken over by forces of Evil.



Elon Musk discovered that Twitter is a massive scam operation. That is why he pulled out of the purchase, before he wasted billions of dollars.

It is pretty clear now, that elements of NWO/ZOG are using Twitter both to gather intelligence material on a huge scale, and also to manipulate public opinion worldwide, and that that latter is why so many of the better Twitter “accounts” (such as mine, in 2018) have been shut down over the past few years, a programme now intensified.

Dissident voices , especially white Northern European ones, are choked off. We saw that during the “Covid” panicdemic/scamdemic, we see it around the “black lives matter” nonsense, “climate change” (through CO2 emissions), the Jewish “anti-Semitism” noise and, this year, the unthinking pro-“Ukraine” (Zelensky regime) propaganda campaign.

Illiterate “journalists”, and an unpleasant though commonplace crime


The cameras were setup after an ‘unprecedented’ amount of vandalism including shelters destroyed and someone trying to break into the club shed. So far it’s costed the club around Β£3,000.”

[Daily Mirror]

So far it’s costed...”, scribbles the Daily Mirror “journalist”, one Charlie Jones.

The rest of the story is also poorly-written.

There are several aspects of interest here.

Here we have a journalist, writing for a major newspaper, a graduate (I believe), and who has therefore been through about 16 or 17 years of full-time education of some sort, yet who struggles to write a literate sentence.

Typical of that which one sees in many newspapers online, particularly the Mirror and Daily Mail.

Leaving aside the scribbler, and moving to the substance of the story, the attitude of the police was not only absurdly politically-correct but also wrong in law (as the Mirror report does point out). The police showed themselves to be, all too typically, near-useless.

I have to say that it seems to me that the young vandals involved were far more culpable than both the police and the victims seemed to think, having planned their vandalism carefully (though not carefully enough).

London. Zoo.


Just as well that I had to sell my last Rolex (a Seadweller) in 2009, though not because of crime (I just ran out of money). I would not wear one today in London or anywhere else. In any case, I have become accustomed to doing without a watch.

Surely the police could have mobile covert surveillance units stationed on roofs in the worst-affected areas, using high-grade optics like the East German border guards used to have?

Late tweets

A nice story, but what gives me pause is that someone might have found it apparently lost, then sheltered and fed the cat for 11 years, and might have grown as attached as were the original humans; possibly more attached. Looks as though the cat may have become lost for a second time, perhaps, reading the report.

Difficult to say what is right.

It recalls to mind those German people in East Berlin and elsewhere within the DDR, and who fled to the West in the 1940s and 1950s, and then, after 1989, returned with evidence of their former residence and/or ownership. In some cases, they were able to displace those who, for decades, had called such flats or houses their homes. Not so easy to judge, morally.

Late music


41 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 August 2022”

    1. nativewarrior14:
      Another nail in the British coffin.

      It will be recalled how, about 14 years ago interfering actress Joanna Lumley “shamed” the Brown government into allowing former Gurkha soldiers to settle in Aldershot. Well-meaning but wrongheaded. They should have had increased pensions but paid in Nepal (where the money would be worth several times as much). Now, Aldershot is a Nepalese town. This latest news will add to that, wherever the NHS staff go at first.


      1. I saw a documentary Lumley did quite recently, she was in India. At one point she was talking with a man about British rule and the partition etc. The man made it clear that any “fault” for alleged wrongdoings committed by the British Raj was solely the responsibility of the British and Indian elites, the British people as a whole were not to blame. Lumley got quite visibly annoyed by this, and tried to get him to backtrack and make out it was all of us (i.e. all White Brits). The irony is Lumley’s entire family served the British Raj. A typical upper class toff liberal, with “White guilt”, lecturing us peasants over alleged crimes of the establishment, which she’s a product of.

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      2. SaxonEngland:

        Interesting to hear that. I am slightly surprised, as well. I thought that she rather liked the Empire on the quiet.

        In a way, I rather like what I have seen of Joanna Lumley, superficially, but her interference in the “retired Gurkhas” stuff was wrongheaded, and the then Government (of Gordon Brown, I think) was quite wrong to give in to her.

        She was also a great supporter of (indeed, an originator of) the Garden Bridge project, which I also favoured until it became clear that it would do considerable damage and not be worth the (continuing) cost, and it was her personal friendship with David Cameron-Levita and also Boris-idiot that got that scheme rolling.


        BTW, I am just now reading this:

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      3. I do agree with you wholeheartedly. I have been reading/studying English/British history for the last 20 years, and it is very clear to me (as to anyone with a dozen brain cells) that the majority of the British people have been used and exploited shamefully by the hateful, greedy oligarchy (I would not call them an elite because that means “a group of people selected by their outstanding qualities”)

        Therefore I always mistrusted and disliked those moronic British “nationalists” who praise the British Empire, an empire built on the blood and sweat of the British people for the benefit of a vile minority of millionaires.

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      4. Yes, London was the “capital of the empire”. People like saying that, as to make out that all Londoners lived like kings because of it, in reality most of London was a disease ridden slum. And us “peasants” are bearing the brunt of the “payback” for the empire now. The ((())) and White self haters say we owe the people from countries that were under the empire, part of the Commonwealth etc homes, money, and anything/everything else here in the UK. The vast majority of these immigrants come to working and lower class/deprived areas, inner cities etc. Whereas the vast estates, and picturesque villages where the “toffs” (the descendants of the people who really benefited from it) and middle class liberals (who are some of the biggest cheerleaders for “diversity”) live are largely untouched. A lot of these old “conservative” tory voters couldn’t give a damn if us commoners get bred out of existence, as long they’re far away from any of it.


      5. SaxonEngland:
        Indeed. London was both capital of the Empire and “the sink of Empire”.

        You often find that the affluent pro-immigration types live in Surrey, or Hertfordshire etc, or anyway far enough away not to be personally negatively-impacted by mass immigration. Rory Stewart, for example. I assessed him a few years ago:

        The more I discovered about him, the less I favoured him.

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      6. I was quite impressed by Stewart for a while, the way he came across. He seemed more “honest” than other MPs, in that he would actually answer questions, whereas the others usually “answer” with vague nonsense, or try and change the subject. But the more i found out, the more i realised he was just more of the same. I have enjoyed his TV documentaries though. I like Michael Portillo as a TV presenter as well.


      7. SaxonEngland:
        Yes, Portillo is far more acceptable as a TV presenter than he ever was when trying to become Prime Minister. He was the head of Conservative Friends of Israel, for one thing.

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      8. The thing is Saxon England the ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment’ is spreading not least because of this repellent so-called Tory government with its blatantly placed for PC reasons Home Secretary refusing to get a grip on the issue and bringing more and more of them in.

        Those ethnic criminals who live in London and Greater Manchester already go on ‘away days for crime’ to ‘nice Tory places’ such as the village of Alderley Edge in Cheshire where a lot of the multi-millionaire footballers for Manchester City and Manchester United live or to Tory towns in Essex.

        Eventually ‘nice Tory towns and areas’ like Windsor will be ruined as well and develop Labour voting habits!

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    2. Yet more broken promises to control immigration piled upon many others dating back to 2010.😠😠😠😠

      No wonder the country has finally had enough of this fake Tory government and they are now consistently behind in the opinion polls..

      The Labour Party infliltrator, Priti Leftwing, is doing excellent work for her Labour controllers!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

      WHEN, oh WHEN, is the Tory Party going to realize that all they are achieving politically by doing this is to drive people into the arms of Labour and Lib Dem and disillusion naturally conservative minded people from ever contemplating voting Tory?

      If people want insane open borders liberalism and globalism they will vote Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru NOT Conservative!

      There are precious few, if any, votes to be gained by the Conservative Party amongst people who support open borders liberal globalist values.


  1. Hello Ian: Interesting observation of yours regarding TWITTER and Elon Musk, I have to say I believe Elon Musk is not the “anti-woke warrior” that many idiots believe to be. He is a cold, ruthless businessman and saw it was not profitable. I consider TWITTER a useful tool to contact like-minded people and exchange information, a very modest way of doing something these days. I know, it is almost insignificant but better something than nothing. Regards!


    1. Claudius:
      One of the things that happens when someone makes (or even inherits) enormous amounts of money is that he is thought of generally as a great brain. Musk is a very intelligent man, but (like Gates, Bezos, Branson etc) probably no more. He *is* remarkable but, like most business people, limited by his focus on business. Even Trump, with his political ambitions, was not too dissimilar.


  2. Claudius, the British Empire may well have benefitted the British elite the most but ordinary Brits also profited from it as well to a certain extent in that it provided a ready made market for British goods and was a spur for our industrialisation. Without it we may not have become the first industrial country. When it collapsed that market went with it and our economic position in the world has not been the same since.

    Having a ready made market was a big reason why the Yanks under Roosevelt wanted to see an end to it so they could profit instead.

    Also, it gave us a big sense of national pride and self-confidence. Of course, with its demise many Brits now hate themselves and are ashamed of our history.


    1. Economic position in the World? When I hear the words “a strong economy” I always think of the rich and super rich doing well – funny that! We have had 300 odd years of Rothschild financial slavery, via control of the Bank of England etc. Apart from the demographic/immigration issue, the second top priority for any potential “Nationalist” regime should the cleansing of our financial system with the outlawing of “Fractional Reserve Banking” and “Usury” amongst other things!


  3. Electric cars do have an environmental cost as does all forms of human activity. However, on average, their damage to the environment is less than that of normal cars and especially trucks.

    At any rate, new battery technologies are being invented with Japan’s Toyota ready to begin selling solid state battery electric cars in 2025.

    In a few years time flying cars will enter mass production.

    Nationalists should be environmentalists as well. There is a natural affinity with both standpoints. We should leave the β€˜we don’t care about the environment’ stance to the now libertarian extremist globalist crackpots of the fake Conservative Party where it belongs.


  4. Joanna Lumley like far too many middle class and upper middle-class people is naive and out of touch with reality. I quite like her though but that is because I like classy women!

    She was wrong headed about the Gurkhas. One act of kindness by the British government rarely, if ever, stops there and that is how we have got an immigration problem that threatens to destroy us for all time.

    Evil British governments only ever say no to the British rather than foreigners as Japan’s excellent pro-Japanese and nationalist government does.

    She is good for one thing though. Whenever any Tory cretin says Sunak is English as he was born here then I point out that would make Joanna Lumley an Indian as she was born there but obviously she isn’t! Infact, there are few other people who could be described as a quintessential English rose as Joanna Lumley is.

    Tory morons don’t understand the concept of ethnicity.


  5. Climate change IS undoubtedly happening. After all, who would have thought even a few years ago that Britain would see temperatures of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit this Summer and that heatwaves both here and around the world are becoming more extreme and more frequent? Indeed, most of Britain’s and the world’s highest temperatures have been recorded in the last twenty odd years.

    Let nationalists not leave environmental concerns to the often official Green Parties who, with some justification, are often called the ‘watermelon parties’ ie green on the outside and red on the inside.

    Climate change denial or the deliberate downplaying of its serious nature is the realm of the crackpot libertarian loonies of the Tory Party ie Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis etc and their buddies of the Brexit Party/Reform Party.


    1. John:
      Examination of causation is *not* “climate denial”.

      Also, whatever the cause of the apparent global warming over the past half century, the UK only produces 1% of global “CO2 emissions”, so whatever we may do is going to be little more than national virtue-signalling.


      1. People like David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg aren’t interested in how it is caused. They want to ignore it entirely or say it is all just natural variation which has always happened. By believing this they want no real action to be taken. The cause of it is from both natural and man made reasons.

        It is a worldwide issue and therefore all countries need to play their part as otherwise the world and us faces disaster.

        To highlight just how serious this issue is countries like Singapore and the Maldives could disappear from rising sea levels.


      2. John:
        The world population must be reduced, perhaps to about a fifth of where it now is. At the same time, the proportion of white Northern Europeans must increase very greatly, to give the world as a whole a chance of further evolution.

        Still, the matter is not in my hands, nor yours. I am pessimistic about the chance of continuing peace (absence of war on the large scale) in Eurasia and North America, but if such a terrible event as nuclear war does occur, it may take care of the “climate crisis”. There will be other crises to think about.


  6. What with constant mass immigration and in particular no action being taken in regard to the daily huge invasions of illegals from across the Channel, other issues such as the blatant anti-British recruitment for the RAF etc it should be clear that the Tories are deliberately trying to lose the next election properly.

    They have no problem with a Labour MAJORITY government being elected as is now looking more and more likely but are utterly petrified at the thought the next election may produce a hung parliament as there is a small chance that Labour may get a brainwave and introduce Proportional Representation -something that frightens the Tories immensely.


      1. They have completely taken over the Conservative Party. Any real form of social conservatism has been systematically thrown overboard and now the party is just libertarian globalist loonies and in effect a more undemocratic version of the Liberal Democrats.

        A posher and less democratic Lib Dem party!

        I don’t know who said it but someone once said the Conservative Party was ‘the national party or it was nothing’.

        It plainly isn’t the national party now so it is becoming nothing.

        Whilst the Liberal Democrats are perfectly able to be for economic liberalism they can’t with a straight face be social conservatives.

        Social conservativism is meant to be THE dividing line between Tories and Liberal Democrats. Where is the ‘clear blue water’?


      2. No wonder they have suffered three stunning by-election defeats at the hands of the Liberal Democrats during the last year and a bit and with more to come as they fancy their chances in Mid Bedfordshire. It is rumoured that The ClownTM wants to enable Nadine Doris to go to the Lords so a by-election will have to be held in her seat if that happens.

        It could be the new leader’s first by-election defeat.


      3. Is that a roundabout way of saying Zionist Jews? You naughty little ‘anti-semite’!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        If Jews or, at least, the supremacist/pro Israel Zionist fanatic ones didn’t live here we might well be a better place.

        Perhaps one reason why Japan and South Korea are such stunning success stories is because both countries have few Zionist/Jewish Supremacist Jews in them who are
        against the nationalism of the Japanese and South Korean peoples.

        In the good old days when the Conservative Party was actually Conservative and not a paler and more undemocratic version of the Liberal Democrats:



      4. In the manner of that quite funny Tory election slogan from 2005 when they were led by Romanian Jew Michael Howard (Hecht) aka Count Dracula:

        ‘Are You Thinking What I am Thinking?’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


      5. If I recall correctly from looking at the subject on Wikipedia, Japan has a few thousand Jews at most.

        Lucky them!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  7. Of course, if PR were introduced it would be pretty much a case of ‘Goodnight Vienna’ for the fake Conservative Party.


  8. Cats tend to give me the creeps! Evil little bastards many of them. I prefer dogs as I tend to think they make for better pets.

    Penny Mordaunt has three Burmese cats apparently.


    1. John:
      I disagree completely. Cats are remarkable creatures and, though not compellable, are wonderful little friends once they accept you. The bond between human and cat passeth all understanding…


      1. I agree 100% with you Ian. Cats are amazing and adorable creatures. Having said that, I also love dogs dearly, well some breeds of dogs, after all, I am a racist and I know that “we are all equal” is crap (pardon my French!) πŸ˜…β€‹πŸ˜…β€‹πŸ˜…β€‹


  9. No wonder they have suffered three stunning by-election defeats at the hands of the Liberal Democrats during the last year and a bit and with more to come as they fancy their chances in Mid Bedfordshire. It is rumoured that The ClownTM wants to enable Nadine Doris to go to the Lords so a by-election will have to be held in her seat if that happens.

    It could be the new leader’s first by-election defeat.


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