Diary Blog, 12 December 2022

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What a “comms” and public relations disaster for…PR Week.

Whoever allowed “Jack Monroe”, aka the “Bootstrap Cook”, to be nominated (let alone win second place) should lose his or her job.

Monbiot. Jewish.

“Every Single Time”…

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Forgotten heroes, an occasional series


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Only the influence of the (((you know who))), and importation of millions of non-whites.

Whatever the causes, the fact is that the NHS is providing a service which is increasingly worse (just like the police, the legal system overall, and almost everything else).


Christmas University Challenge

Watched Christmas University Challenge. Two teams of alumni, all now prominent and even famous. Birkbeck (London) and Portsmouth (a former polytechnic).

Neither team was much good. The Portsmouth team (three out of four were non-white) knew almost nothing, or at least very little about anything. The Birkbeck team were better (and won) but were also pretty poor all the same.

The captain of the Birkbeck team was the prolific tweeter, political activist and tax barrister, Jo Maugham, also notorious for having bludgeoned a fox to death: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jolyon_Maugham.

What struck me were several aspects to Maugham’s appearance on the show: first of all, his Michael Portillo-like horrible pink jacket but, more relevantly, perhaps, his incredible ignorance (admittedly not much worse than the rest of his team).

What struck me also was the way in which, whenever Maugham got a question wrong (which was most of the time), he threw his head back and laughed as if he had just done something very clever.

Well, I am not in the sort of financial position where I need a tax barrister, but if I did need one, I have to say that I would look elsewhere (though I have no reason to doubt Maugham’s narrow professional expertise; I just disliked the look of him).

Another odd thing about Maugham was his oddly-fruity or “plummy” English accent, unexpected in someone brought up until his late teens in New Zealand. Like a character in an Agatha Christie adaptation.

If Birkbeck were a poor team, they still won easily over Portsmouth.

It may be immodest to say so, but a team composed only of me and my wife would beat both of those teams together, and without any difficulty whatsoever.

Actually, all the quiz shows are increasingly dumbed-down. Mastermind now has questions which are often embarrassingly easy. The main University Challenge show is better by far, but there are more too-easy questions even on that show than there once were. Sign of the times?

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