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“Diversity” (blah, blah)…

As some comments say, the defendant will in fact be out in 10 months, and quite likely earlier. The sentence is not really the “nearly two years” of the Daily Mail‘s “reporting”.


Recruit numbers in the UK’s armed forces fall by 30% amid warning that supporting Ukraine in Russia war makes us weaker.

The figures, which indicate Britain’s Armed forces are shrinking at a rate, have emerged after the head of the Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, warned the country was ‘weaker’ after donating so much equipment to Ukraine.

[Daily Mail].

That is before you factor-in the extra effect of having political nincompoops at the head of affairs, people such as Ben Wallace and, before him, Gavin Williamson: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/02/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-gavin-williamson-story/

While he welcomed the equipment being put to good use to end Russia’s illegal occupation of Ukraine, General Sir Patrick said it could not be denied that the UK’s combat effectiveness would be compromised. 

The MOD is coming under increasing pressure to reconsider this commitment due to the conflict in Ukraine and the heightened security threat to the UK posed by Russia, Iran and China.”

[Daily Mail].

Take away Zelensky’s ricebowl.


The UK foreign secretary has justified the supply of Challenger tanks to Ukraine, saying it was designed to bring the war to a quick conclusion and there was a moral imperative to end the war soon due to the casualties and cost.

This war has been dragging on for a long time already. And now is the time to bring it to a conclusion,” James Cleverly told a Washington thinktank…”

[The Guardian]

Talk of “political nincompoops“… Does James Cleverly really believe that any war against Russia can be brought “to a conclusion“, let alone “a quick conclusion“, with Russia, in effect, losing?

I suppose that that sort of view, based on total ignorance, is what you get when your Foreign Secretary is a half-caste with a “degree” in “Hospitality Management”…


A furious tenant smashed up a car he found left in his parking space, despite not using the bay himself for 12 years

Gavin Glover, 58, has neither a car nor a driving licence, but descended into a fit of ‘parking lot rage’ when the Volkswagen Polo was parked in a space allocated to him as part of his lease on a flat.

[Daily Mail]

There are so many idiots of that sort around, and so many people, also, who “presume too much”.


“The Harry Formerly Known as Prince”…

Tweets seen

Emily Maitlis sometimes displays very poor judgment.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Maitlis#Allegations_of_%22lack_of_impartiality%22].

A horrible and corrupt little bastard, completely in the pocket of the Israel lobby and Jewish property speculators. As with Starmer, Jenrick is married to a Jewish lawyer, and his children are being brought up as Jewish.

See also: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/24/robert-jenrick-planning-row-the-key-questions-answered.

Ed Balls is now irrelevant, politically, but people should remember that would-be dictator Yvette Cooper, now in the Shadow Cabinet, was one of the worst expenses cheats and freeloaders in the Westminster monkeyhouse. All that and an Israel-lobby puppet as well…

Fake refugees, in fact.

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…and, once again, we see that a “Jack Monroe” fan is, again, a lady of a certain age, not (it seems) either “poor” or “struggling”, and (again) willing to tweet loudly without knowing basic facts.

Tweeter “@gillianography”, another typical “Jack Monroe” fan: not “poor“, not “struggling” (and almost certainly a reader of the Guardian), as well as, in her case, (and as she herself says) “neurodivergent nerd“, “brand strategist“, “copywriter“, and supporter of LGBTQXYZ etc.

As blogged previously, not only the “poor” and “struggling” but also the standard “working classes” of yore seem to be entirely absent from the ranks of the “Jack Monroe” supporters, as they sit reading their copies of the Guardian in, as it might be, the Waitrose cafe.

What is the point of…”Jack Monroe”?

There used to be a BBC Radio 4 series called something like What is the Point of…? Ah, here it is…seems to be still running: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lt45k. Various things, from universities to Formula 1, were, perhaps still are, examined with a view to their utility.

I ask, “What is the point of Jack Monroe?” Not as an individual, but as a minor socio-political phenomenon.

The only “point” I can see for “Jack Monroe”, in that sense, is that nearly a decade ago, she raised the fact that many many people were facing hardship unprecedented since, arguende, the 1940s. So far so good. I was still quite favourable to her, or at least neutral, months or years ago: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/09/30/diary-blog-30-september-2022-including-an-assessment-of-jack-monroe-aka-the-bootstrap-cook/.

In the well-known saying, “when the facts change, so do my opinions” [not the exact words of J.M. Keynes].

Leaving aside the “alleged” fraud and/or “grifting”, what is or has “Jack Monroe” really done to either reduce “poverty” (however defined), or to make it more bearable for “the poor” (however defined)? In my view, not much, if anything.

In my opinion, anyone can say “buy the cheapest food lines from [any supermarket]”, or (such as) “make tuna salad using canned tuna in oil, rather than buying olive oil separately” (I made that tip up myself…maybe I could be “Bootstrap Cook (2)”!).

As for the food produced by “Jack Monroe”, the less said the better, from what I have seen, though some might be acceptable. Many have said, though, that her costings are largely fictional. Again, leaving that aside, does that really help the “poor and struggling”?

Critics (including me) have made the point that to say, “I can feed a family of four for a week on £20” effectively says, by implied —if unintended— subtext, “State benefits are more than adequate“. It may be that four people could live, albeit on the most basic level, on only £20 a week, but food is of course only one expense of that hypothetical family. Heat, communications, water and electricity bills, clothing, transport. Etc.

Looking at how “Jack Monroe” has simply ignored inconvenient facts (such as her £20 shop not including items already purchased and stored), the truth is that she is just not very good at working out anything. Her various food recipes and plans are worthless, really.

As for the (non-existent) “Vimes Boots Index” of inflation, she not only has not produced it but, actually, is not capable of producing it (not with any accuracy, though she may eventually cobble something together in order to fool her hardcore Twitter fans).

Is advice such as “rinse sauce off cheap tinned pasta, replace sauce with something else, then serve” really useful? To anyone? The same goes for “take a tin of sardines, mix it up with rice, or pasta, and curry powder; heat and serve” (my abbreviated versions).

In a Britain where instant fake “celebrity” can make completely ridiculous people famous and wealthy, the “brand” of “Jack Monroe” (as supposed “single mother on State benefits, saving herself and others by clever budgeting and cooking“) gained some resonance around 2012-2013, but now that people know that she has not been “poor” for many years (and possibly never was), the “brand” is surely worthless?

I really cannot now see much point to “Jack Monroe” (the “brand”, that is), and I think that it is telling that, apart from a few idiotic journalists and (possibly) Nigella Lawson, most of the continuing fans of “Jack Monroe” seem to be people with mental problems.

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Late tweets

NWO/ZOG controls both USA and the EU. The provocative military aid to the Zelensky regime surely proves that.

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18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 January 2023”

  1. I have just read the idiotic and ludicrous piece by the Daily Mail about “the heightened security threat to the UK posed by Russia, Iran and China.” I don´t believe the Chinese government has ever considered invading the UK, do you? (LOL) The same goes for Iran and Russia.

    The senior staff from all British newspapers deserves to be put in front of a firing squad. They are the spiritual descendants of the bastards who, since 1933, were writing about “the danger” posed by Germany but never said a word about the horrendous massacres carried out by Stalin at the same time.


    1. Claudius:
      NWO/ZOG propaganda. The Soviet Union might have invaded Western Europe; Russia today not only has no *ideology* of taking over Western and Central Europe, but is actually incapable of doing so, as the poor performance of Russian forces in Ukraine has surely proven.


      1. Indeed. I remember reading a comment posted by one of your readers a few months ago; in it he mentioned a conversation with a friend of his, a British army colonel, who had served in Russia some years ago as some kind of instructor /advisor. He said that most of the equipment was fairly old and that the level of training of the soldiers and officers alike was rather mediocre. Therefore, the poor performance of the Russian army should not surprise us.


      2. Claudius:
        When it comes to anything Russian, one cannot take the elite corps, or anything in the nature of a special project, as meaning that the normal run will be even of adequate quality. That is why the Soviet Union could put the first satellite into orbit, make an atom bomb and a nuclear bomb, and create something as efficient as the Moscow Metro, but could not supply the population with much beyond the bare minimum in quality or quantity.

        I was told that Soviet experts (I think in the 1950s or 1960s) were tasked to replicate the quality of film produced by Kodak or Agfa. They set up a special laboratory and small production facility, and succeeded in making film better than the Americans and Germans, *but* once it went into large-scale production, quality plummeted, because the formula was not or could not be followed exactly, and so on.

        Same with the excellent Bulgarian jams that used to be made, and that I remember. A Soviet delegation went to Sofia to request the recipe, so that Russia could make jam as good, only to be told that “we use the recipe *you* yourselves gave us!”. In Russia, the recipe was fine, but shortages of raw material, and deficiencies in skill produced a far inferior product.

        I myself once said to my wife, we could make a fish pie. She replied that there was not enough fish. I said, well maybe make an East German fish pie. She asked, what’s that? I said “less fish, more potato”…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That moron called James Cleverly who should be behind a bar serving drinks, because that is the only job for which he is really qualified, believes that 12 Challenger tanks will turn the tide of the war in Ukraine. (LOL) How stupid can he be? As we say in my country: “If there was a Nobel Prize for Stupidity, he will win it” (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      As I blogged recently, the Challenger tanks sent to Ukraine are a further escalation by the “UK” [actually, NWO/ZOG], but —as you imply— very small in big-picture terms. The Battle of Kursk involved about *9,000* tanks, amazingly.


  3. A question for you Ian: I have just found this on TWATTER. The autistic parrot (Greta Gloom-berg) seems to have been arrested by the German police, of course the whole thing is fake, as we can see it (notice how the stupid creature is laughing during the ridiculous photo-shoot) my question is: What was the reason for her “arrest”?


      1. “Ghastly little bitch” (LOL) You don’t like her, do you? (LOL) As my wife tells me when I am swearing “Say something!” (LOL) Thank you, you have just made my day!

        PS: After 5 terribly hot days (max. average 35 degrees) today we have got a reprieve with “only” 29 degrees. MUCH BETTER!


  4. Incidentally, I do not believe what that moron writing in “The Guardian” said (i.e.: that the stupid book by the brainless “Ginger Whinger” has been a great commercial success) I think that most people do not like him and his awful wife, however we should not underestimate the stupidity of the masses…


  5. Regarding “Jack Monroe”, that moron of Luke Wright must be one of those “mugs” (love that word! LOL) sending her money or Jack Monroe herself using a sock-puppet account! How pathetic!


  6. Very good news from France that prove:

    A) The French are the only people in Western Europe with guts and national pride. I believe that, should a large, violent uprising of White Europeans against ZOG would ever take place it will happen in France.

    B) As usual, a group/family of (((bastards))) was behind the plan to receive and home the f… “refugees”


      1. I loved your choice of words “Macron is hiding in Spain” (LOL). I found out that he has gone there to sign an agreement/deal with the Spaniards who traditionally have been screwed by the French (serves them right!).

        The Spaniards are pathetic, they like to remind you of how great was the Spanish empire under Charles V and Philip II (“the empire on which the sun never sets”) but they forget to tell you that it was followed by more than 300 years of backwardness, ignorance and poverty.


      2. Regarding Greta (a.k.a. “The Hateful Puppet”) is obvious that her “arrest” was a joke, the hateful and hypocritical German government said “it was not staged” Sure! (LOL)

        About Spain, yes, you are right, in their stupidity the Spanish kings, with the exception of the excellent Charles III (reigned between 1759 and 1788) believed that the gold and silver from South America was all they need, therefore zero industrial developments; no wonder Spain became the most backward and poor country in Western Europe UNTIL THE 1990S!


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