Diary Blog, 14 January 2021

“A difficult person”?

I took an online quiz purporting to show to what extent one is “a difficult person”. My result: “You are a very difficult person to get along with (68.7%)“! If I am honest, I really do not think that that is so.

Result chart

I probably judged myself too harshly…

Such tests are amusing and interesting, but probably do not mean much.

If anyone else wants to try, here is the link: https://www.idrlabs.com/difficult-person/test.php

Intrigued (as people often are when it is “all about them”, as with popular astrology), I took another such test, this a Jungian one. The result: “Versatile, dynamic, and quirky, you are tireless in your pursuit of the untested, the untried, and the fight against the status quo. You love to interact with all kinds of people and you carry yourself in an expressive and warm manner that ideally sees lots of affirmation flowing both ways. Charismatic and imaginative, you tend to have a well-honed ability to see the world through the eyes of those who do not normally have an advocate to speak for them. You are interested in the potential of others and you often long to help them develop their own aspirations more fully. Ever-inquisitive and appreciative, you have a love of fantasy and adventure and are easily bored by the business-as-usual routines of the corporate and business world. Your own enthusiasm and energy for finding a new and better way arises spontaneously and can often be quite contagious. However, you tend to have little love for resolving the factual specifics of a case, preferring to work by pure inspiration and bursts of energy instead.

Again, interesting, but I think that I took a similar test last year and came up with a slightly (though admittedly not very) different result.

This is addictive! I did a “Harry Potter” test too, but because I do not know the characters well (I have seen one or two of the films, on TV, but was probably not really concentrating) had to look up the one supposedly (according to the online test) most like me: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Eater#Lucius_Malfoy

“Enriched” Britain, 2021…


Bottom line: you cannot create an advanced society with a backward population. The migration invasion over the past 70 years has badly damaged the quality of the UK population.

Tweets seen this morning

Very good.

A connected point: if you are employed, or in a “regulated” profession, you are never free. Even the formerly quite free occupations of a professional nature, such as the Bar, are now “regulated”, which means in effect under Jew-Zionist control.

A self-employed person in an occupation unregulated by malicious parasites is in an inherently better position, whether he (or she) is a car repairer, plumber, small business owner, estate-owner, farmer or smallholder (etc), than is an employee or “regulated” professional.

20,000 votes, too. Telling, even if “unscientific”.

Reminiscent of a scene in the film of The Cruel Sea, in which scene the waiter at the Trocadero (I think), asked about dust in the water brought to accompany whisky, says “Oh, I’m so sorry, Sir. It’s the War, you know“! [the particular clip, I could not see on YouTube]

Great film.

Below, the (((enemy))) writes…

Is that kind of tyranny coming soon to the UK as well?

Vaccine passports…

Thin end of the wedge. An early attempt to bring in a “Mark of the Beast”?

Early afternoon music

Another psychological test: “8 Values Political Test”

It must really be addictive, as I noted earlier! In this case, I was assessed as being “Theocratic Distributist”:

Result chart



Another psychological test

You are the most like“:

Adolf Hitler

Well, who would have imagined?!


More tweets

Migration invasion. Nothing more, nothing less. Load up!

Google “Great Replacement” and “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”…

Another amusing test

How conspiratorial?“:

Result chart


Seems that I am not much more affected by “conspiracy theory” than the average Joe, overall.


My score re. “Fascist elements”(!):

Your fascist elements are high (61%).

Result chart


More music

More music? It seems to be a ruminative sort of day…

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 January 2021”

    1. Sorry but the “specific” article will not show up. It was essentially about Portsmouth council using drones to monitor tourists during lockdown!


      1. Those drones should be monitoring Britons as well since it is more likely the natives won’t be following the rules rather than tourists from well-disciplined countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore etc! Why not equip them with sub machine guns? Then they will be able to kill all the selfish, libertarian extremist arseholes who don’t wish to follow the rules and help save people from an unnecessary early grave AND to prolong this crisis!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

        Why can’t we reintroduce capital punishment via long drop hangings or the firing squad for encouragers of death like Peter Hitchens, Julie Hartley-Brewer, Richard Tice and all the other excretable libertarian extremist Tory vermin and others of other political persuasions who ‘think’ like them?🙄


  1. Will Peter Hitchens just do the decent thing at long last and stop his illogical, downright stupid, INCONSISTENT, boring ranting about lockdowns and social distancing?🙄🙄🙄

    Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows this gormless Tory prick doesn’t care about the fact people are dying from Covid19 and wouldn’t care even if millions in this country died from it which could well be the result if we followed his braindead theories.

    Now, that Sweden has shown the stupidity of his theories his new pet country is Japan. Of course, he fails to mention several important differences between Britain and Japan ie they have a NATiONALIST, Japan First government which totally rejects the death from Covid 19 causing globalist, open borders liberalism of this wretched government here ie they imposed strict travel restrictions to their country IN MARCH whereas Priti fucking Useless didn’t and two the Japs are some of the most disciplined, law abiding, socially conscious people on the planet and have therefore been abiding by strict Japanese government health advice regarding this serious virus uncomplainingly and very conscientiously for months on end almost without exception.

    Does he really think Britons could be trusted to do that on their own without the law mandating them do that and without possible fines when they have lived through Tory governments saying, “there is no such thing as society” since as long ago as 1979!🙄🙄🙄

    Grow-up, you thick Tory moron and look at the disgusting ideology of your own LIBERTARIAN not REAL ‘Tory’ Party for reasons why the Jap approach wouldn’t work here!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Japan ALSO has SERIOUS , professional journalists instead of rent a mob morons/gobshites like you whose only real ‘job’ in life is to be paid vast sums by the despicable likes of the Tory Sunday Mail to moan about things but never come up with constructive solutions to them and to act as a ‘media gatekeeper’ for the Establishment parties of Lib/Lab and CONServative.

    Just go away and shut-up before you encourage even more of the very numerous ill-disciplined, selfish, yobs we have in this country to ignore the restrictions and cause more unnecessary deaths from Covid which you have been doing for months now.😡🤬

    If only you went to Japan, Mr Hitchens, your selfish social irresponsibility would cause you to be rightfully socially ostracised in that great country and you certainly wouldn’t be able to write a column for their SERIOUS REAL newspapers and would be more likely to see the inside of a jail where you rightly belong.


  3. So, now we have certifiable, hard EVIDENCE in his tweets above that the dangerous scumbag that is Peter Hitchens is not just encouraging people to ignore the Covid-19 restrictions but is now egging-on people to ignore other laws as well.

    It is high time the police took action against him. The encouragement of law breaking from anyone is a serious matter and becomes even more so from a so-called ‘journalist’ – a profession that in this country is justly regarded as being on a par with dodgy second hand car dealers.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Advancing a general viewpoint that a law should be defied does not, in contemporary English jurisprudence, amount to criminally-liable “incitement”. In fact, I think that one might have to go back a couple of hundred years for that (though there were somewhat similar laws enforced during the Second World War).

      Incidentally, I have found a (now-deceased) MP who seems to have been such as to echo some of your views: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Stokes_(Conservative_politician)


  4. Peter also forgets that the Japs view blowing one’s nose in public unnecessarily as a social indiscretion to be strenuously avoided and that has helped them avoid too many deaths from Covid 19 along with strict BORDER CONTROLS (one has to use capital letters with that phrase because ethnically Indian bitches like Priti haven’t heard of the concept) and a population noted for its self-discipline and concept of the group before self-interest. They are a community-minded people and as that social etiquette against unhygienic practices like blowing ones nose in public indicates a clean and hygienic people as well. They place a high premium on personal hygiene or is Peter decrying the PROVEN science behind frequent hand washing and the use of 70% alcohol hand sanitisers as well as facial masks?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Meanwhile, in Singapore, if Peter lived there he would be likely to find himself before a judge on a charge of spreading ‘fake news’. That country has a law against those who do that you see!😂😷


  6. With respect, your comments regarding the supposed threat of Covid 19 are not worth responding to, suffice to say the use of “drones” as surveillance tools is a step too far – ala “They Live” and totally disproportionate to the alleged threat


    1. Watcher:
      I have approved your latest comment, in the interest of free speech. I was not sure, however, whether your comment was directed at me or another person commentating.


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