Diary Blog, 16 June 2021, including final look at tomorrow’s Chesham and Amersham by-election

Chesham and Amersham by-election

I recently included an appreciation of the upcoming by-election at Chesham and Amersham in my daily blog: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/06/06/diary-blog-6-june-2021-including-the-upcoming-by-elections-chesham-and-amersham-and-batley-and-spen/.

The by-election is being held tomorrow. I thought to add my last-minute thoughts.

As I blogged previously, I see no prospect of any upset to the expected Conservative victory in that constituency. Even in 1997, the Conservative Party vote topped 50%, and has exceeded 63%. 55.4% in 2019.

Incumbency is usually helpful to a candidate, so it is an open question as to whether the new Conservative candidate will get a very high vote-share in what is, after all, a by-election.

It may be that there will be a protest vote favouring the LibDems, but I doubt that it will be anything like enough to dislodge the Conservatives. The LibDem vote in 2019 was 26.3%.

The main interest is in seeing whether Labour will lose its deposit. I think that quite likely. The Labour vote in 2019 was 12.9%: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesham_and_Amersham_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2020s.

The Green Party scored 5.5% in 2019, and it may be that that will increase at the expense of Labour. At any rate, it is hard to see many people bothering to vote Labour after Starmer’s lacklustre and indifferent attitude at Prime Minister’s Questions today.

Tweets seen

Well, you would think so, were you not aware how (to coin a phrase) “totally fucking hopeless” the Crown Prosecution Service is. The CPS is run by the Director of Public Prosecutions. Starmer was DPP. His predecessor was Alison Saunders. Both “totally fucking hopeless”, of course.

Time after time, since it started but especially in the past decade, the CPS has proven itself all but useless, stuffed as it is with mediocre (or worse) Common Purpose types.

For example, the CPS recently tried to pursue a case against persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz, based on a provision under the Public Order Act 1986. Such a prosecution requires the assent of the Attorney-General. When the matter came before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on first appearance not long ago, it transpired that not only had the CPS not received the said assent, but that the CPS had not even requested it, being unaware of the necessity!

Alison Chabloz is now being prosecuted on the same alleged facts, but under anotherAct with a far less severe maximum penalty on conviction (her trial is set down for one day on 1 September 2021).

On the above premises, why would Starmer be any good in his present role? He’s only there because the Jewish lobby wanted Corbyn binned. Who better to “regain the confidence of Jewish people” (which the msm, quelle surprise, thinks is all-important) than someone who is completely in the pocket of that Jewish lobby, and who is married to a Jewish woman lawyer, their children being brought up as if fully-Jewish (celebrating all the Jewish supremacist holidays etc)?

Starmer is about 5 years too late. If he thinks that bringing up the Jo Cox stuff now will help Labour either at Chesham and Amersham, or at Batley and Spen, he is very much mistaken, in my view.

I was looking at tweets by such as political journalist John Rentoul. For people like that, Prime Minister’s Questions is meat and drink, but for most people, PMQs is scarcely even noticed. System Clown A scores point off System Clown B.

As to little Matt Hancock, I blogged about him nearly two years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/09/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-matt-hancock-story/.

Other tweets seen

The real purpose of the facemask nonsense is quite other…

Late tweets seen

Another cliche “mad psychiatrist”. A complete mask zealot too. It is more than worrying that idiots of this sort exercise influence in the UK. I feel sorry for her children though.

I am no medic but, looking at her tweets, she gives the impression of being rather unbalanced. Says that she works and has worked (at her campaigning organization) 80 hours per week, without days off. Since 2018. As a psychiatrist, she should know that that sort of schedule has deleterious mental health results.

True, the shouting mob scene was not very nice, but in the UK, opinion that does not fit the System narrative (pro-lockdown, pro-facemask nonsense, pro “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, pro-migration invasion etc) is now suppressed, and people are repressed if they voice dissident views on social media or even in blogs. On those premises, shouting crowds may, before long, be the least of the forms of resistance.

The mainstream media are now more or less the megaphones of the System. Those who work for msm outlets are more or less System propagandists.

Just one incident in the UK’s slow (?) descent into multikulti barbarism.

Well, though I do not disagree with everything he has said, Swayne is a complete waste of space as an MP.

Voting could change everything, if there were a real and credible alternative party for which to vote. There is no alternative party, just 2.5 System parties all under the same secret flag.

Late music

Update, 15 June 2022

Well, I was fairly and squarely wrong as far as the Chesham and Amersham headline result was concerned: the LibDems beat the “Conservatives” by a country mile.

On the other hand, I was right to see signposted another way-station on Labour’s slide to fringe irrelevance. I thought that Labour might get a vote as low as 4%; in the event it was 1.6%.


34 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 June 2021, including final look at tomorrow’s Chesham and Amersham by-election”

  1. If you really think that mandatory wearing of face masks inside shops etc only (in Singapore they have to wear them in their sweltering streets) has not got anything to do with trying to suppress Covid-19 then you have taken leave of any good sense. The government DOES ‘control’ people with far more effective and subtle means than that ie with the anti freedom of speech laws Mrs Thatcher introduced ie the Public Order Act 1986 to shut people up about the effects of her government’s fairly lax ‘control’ of immigration.🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡☹️☹️😞😞


  2. Just shut-up, Peter Hitchens, you libertarian extremist crank/moron!🙄🙄

    The mandatory wearing of facial masks to combat COVID-19 has been PROVEN to work by countries as diverse as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Australia, New Zealand (a real ‘shining star’ in this crisis but then it doesn’t have a moronic Turkish CLOWN for a PM), Vietnam the list goes on and on and on.

    If they work only a bit then as that Tesco jingle says it is a case of ‘EVERY LITTLE HELPS’🙄

    What would you care anyway for? All you libertarian extremists have a real fetish for other people’s deaths or serious illlnesses!🙄

    You, Mr Hitchens, would have had us continue with ‘Boris The Butcher’s’ wholly discredited ‘herd immunity (without a vaccine) strategy and we would now be looking at Professor Fergusson’s 400,000 deaths instead of our already horrific (one of the WORLD’s WORST).

    The degenerate libertarian loony land of the USA with its now 600,000 deaths from Covid-19 is NOT an example for us to follow!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Nick Griffin, that ‘man’ is no hero. His snarling face rather indicates his thuggish ‘qualities’ which you disgracefully and sadly endorse.😡🤬☹️😞

    These selfish idiots have no case for their libertarian extremist attitudes and deep down they know it which is why they resort to thuggish behaviour.🙄


  4. Sadly, and deeply irresponsibly, those thugs are the kind of people people like Julie Hartley-Brewer, Brexit/Libertarian extremist Richard Tice, Peter Hitchens etc have encouraged to come out from under their rocks.🙄🙄🙄


  5. So the braindead murdering Turkish cunt we have for a PM does what he usually does when he has been found out and resorts, childishly and pompously, to using those big words he rote learned at that sink school of Eton College.

    Well, that is par for the course for that abject moron.

    Yes, Mr Turkish cunt, YOU have been responsible for YET MORE UNNECESSARY deaths from Covid-19 (on top of the thousands you have already caused) by letting in various variants such as that one from India because you wanted your photo opportunity with Mr Modi and didn’t want to upset him by stopping flights from India.

    It is nothing short of s national tragedy you didn’t become the first British PM to die in office since the 18th Century. If you had expired, many more decent people than your wretched self would still be with us.🙄🤬😡😞☹️


  6. hello Ian! Lots of things to comment on. First of all what a pity that that piece of crap called Nicholas Watt (BBC correspondent) was beaten up by the crowd as he deserved!

    Regarding the “tweet” of Cummings: What is the big deal? Everybody knows that Matt Hancock is an arrogant imbecile. The only funny and ironic aspect of the story is that Boris had the cheek to call him “fucking hopeless/useless”. Look who is talking!!! LOL


    1. Claudius:
      Hello! Glad to see that you remain “on the top line” in terms of health.

      One can only shake one’s head, looking at this UK government of clowns: “Boris”-idiot, little Matt Hancock, and the now-departed Cummings, with his talk of recruiting “misfits and weirdos” as civil servants or special advisers!

      Where does one even start?

      Meanwhile, the storm is slowly gathering over Europe: economic, demographic, political.


  7. Unfortunately Sir Keir Starmer lacks the ‘killer instinct’ that is an important attribute of a successful Opposition leader.

    That no doubt arises because, in stark contrast, to the killer clown, he is basically a mild mannered and decent human being.

    Everytime, Boris The psychopathic LIAR uses those big words pompously and arrogantly and loses his rag in the Commons he reveals the essential TRUTH which is that behind that Jeeves and Wooster persona he is an utterly callous, lazy,, goof for nothing , total WRETCH of a human being.

    That is certainly the considered assessment of pretty much all world leaders from Biden to Merkel to Macron.


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      In my view, it is easy to call Starmer “mild” or “decent”, when the more accurate words of description might be “weak” and “compromizing”…

      Also, I think that anyone as much in the power of the Jewish lobby as Starmer must have something wrong with him.


      1. Weak and compromising are not exact substitutes for being decent and humane. Very often they are nothing like the same personal attributes at all.

        Starmer may well be under the Jew Zionist extremist thumb but Boris actually IS partially a Jew which no doubt explains his callous indifference to the loss of mainly white and elderly British lives during this crisis with his slowness in enacting a second and very necessary lockdown in the Autumn and his appointment of the ‘Wicked Witch of Witham’ to be his essentially foreign Home Secretary and her continual flooding of our one and only homeland with tidal waves of new immigrants.😡🤬🙄😞☹️

        I will not be surprised at all if he appoints another one of the anti-British Tory Party’s pet ethnics to be Defence Secretary soon and really rub salt into the wound.🙄


  8. I had Boris’s essentially unpleasant character sussed out as distantly as when he was a, “fucking useless” Mayor of London so why didn’t more Tories or the voters before that god awful day this idiot became Tory leader and PM instead of the decent and far more able Jeremy Hunt?


  9. Hear this: The government of the city of Buenos Aires sent us all plebs an email telling us that from next week onwards, we will be able to patronize restaurants and cafes BUT sitting outside! To put this in the proper context WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!

    Here is my reply: “Thank you very much! I was looking forward to eating a crapy/overpriced meal while shivering sitting on the sidewalk! Why don’t you go and f… yourselves?” (LOL)


    1. Why whinge? You should be proud that the Argentine government took firm actions early and continues to do so to prevent needless deaths from this utterly horrid viral pandemic.

      I, as a Briton, only wish my government had been as responsible and conscientious in its duties towards its people but we have an international laughing stock for a PM in Coco The Clown whereas you fortunately don’t.🤬😡☹️😞

      You have had a very good response to the crisis by the Argentine government which compares pretty favourably with many other countries and particularly does with that idiot who runs Brazil and the USA.


  10. Here is an interesting article. Kim-Jong-Un is, at least, a psychopath who I despise and dislike, BUT here he is right. He said that he will block South Korean pop music and videos (called “K-pop”) as they corrupt and pervert young. This crap was (and still is) promoted by the Americans who corrupted a great part of Japanese and South Korean youngsters. This is a cultural war.



    1. Claudius:
      My views are, I expect, similar to yours. In principle, I favour cultural freedom, but in reality there is no freedom except for the moneymaking and basically Jewish-owned and exploited “pop/rock music” industry’s products to be pumped out by what amounts to a near-monopoly, the msm.


    2. North Korea has done one thing right at least under their dictatorship ie they have instituted stern measures to deal with Covid-19 and have one of the lowest death rates as a result.

      There, Covid-19 restriction violators are shot dead on the spot!👌😎😂😷🍷

      It is high time that was introduced that over here for the fans of Julie Hartley-Brewer, Peter Hitchens who have broken our restrictions with utter contempt.


  11. You need to reduce your anti-Lib Dem animus. Yes, the seat has historically had an impressive Tory share of the vote in it and yes that 50% even n the disastrous Tory landslide defeat year of 1997 is worth noting.

    However, that was in a general election and is quite some time ago now.

    The Lib Dems have had a good ability to gather around themselves a big protest vote element in by elections. There is A LOT to protest about and particularly in that seat what with HS2 and the planning ‘reforms’ to build houses over the Green Belt because the foreign clown and his “fucking useless” Home Secretary can’t be bothered to control immigration properly. 😡🤬😞☹️🙄 Also, they have previously come back, Phoenix like, from the political dead, such as at Eastbourne in October 1990.

    That was in a seat that was quite similar to Chesham and Amersham where the Labour vote was fairly pitiful and the Lib Democrats were the clear and undeniable challengers to the Tories. Eastbourne had similar vote shares as well.


    1. Those who live will see, m’Lord of Essex.

      I am hostile to the LibDems because they are proven, time and again, to have no principles whatever. Not only that, but when emerged the one chance they had to hold out for real change, in 2010, they sold out for the semblance of power, and for money.


  12. The Tory share in 2019 was very good at 55.3% but it isn’t as good as in many other Tory strongholds where it often is in the high 50’s and usually over 60% and even within touching distance of 70%. My seat Brentwood and Ongar is their tenth safest (far safer therefore than Chesham and Amersham is) and has a Tory share of the vote of 68%!

    Chesham and Amersham is the Liberal Democrats 51st target seat. It requires a formidable ‘swing’ of 14.5% to win which is a tiny 0.5% LESS of a swing than Eastbourne needed.

    So, whilst it will be difficult to win the Tory percentage majority of 29% is no so huge as it is in my seat ( a ludicrous 55%) and others as to be impossible to overcome.


  13. Chesham and Amersham was one of the minority of Tory-held seats that voted to REMAIN in the EU rather than to leave so that factor is not against the Liberal Democrat candidate as it would be in my constituency.

    There was an internal poll released a few weeks ago that suggested the Liberal Democrats had achieved a ‘swing’ of 9.3% but there has been another yesterday which had the Tories on 45% and the Liberal Democrats on 41% so they only need a further 2% and they can then win by a hundred votes or so.

    This election will probably hang on how far the Liberal Democrats can squeeze the 13% Labour vote share and that of the Green’s 5.5%

    Simply put, do those Labour and Green voters want another Tory MP or do they want a Lib Dem instead as the candidates from those two parties are the ONLY candidates who can win the seat.


    1. I agree, m’Lord of Essex, that only the LibDem has even a chance of beating the Con candidate. However, any LibDem MP elected will have no influence at all with the present government, so the Chesham/Amersham voters would have voted for and voted in a complete waste of space…

      My prediction is that the Con candidate will win by a large margin (again). My main interest is in seeing how low Labour will sink. My feeling is that Lab could be in lost-deposit territory here. Maybe 4% or so.


      1. Well, having another CONServative MP nodding dog that will only approve of libertarian extremism ie murdering people during an international viral pandemic by having no border controls, lifting mild restrictions too early etc like Boris did won’t do any good either not that lockdown opponents care about people dying!🙄🙄🙄

        The residents there will be IGNORED again if they elect the Tory candidate. Why should the fake globalist open borders supporting (even during a worldwide viral pandemic) CONServative Party give a damm about voters doing what they have done since 1974?🙄


      2. Their victory in the Eastbourne By-Election was wholly unexpected and shocked Tory MPs who had confidently predicted the Tory candidate would win. Indeed, Mrs Thatcher herself only a week ago beforehand at the Tory conference that year had written off the Liberal Democrats with a witty reference to the new party symbol of the bird of liberty being a good symbol for a party that had become a “dead parrot”.Her amusing speech is still up on YouTube!

        Within a month, Maggie was gone having been stabbed in the back by her own MPs. The Eastbourne by-election also started the chain of events that led to the hated Poll Tax being abolished by the new PM, John Major.


      3. The difference, m’Lord of Essex, between then and now is that the LibDems were, until 2010 or 2015 the “nearly men”, who were at least arguably viable as a alternative major party. Now, the LibDems are essentially washed-up as a party, with only isolated individuals here and there.


      4. If the Labour vote collapses and that must be a strong possibility as it did in the Winchester By-Election of 1997 and the Newbury By-Election of 1993 where it was around 2% and goes over to Sarah Green the Lib Dem candidate then she will have a greater chance of becoming the new MP for Chesham and Amersham. Even if it doesn’t collapse that far and stays at around 5% then it might well help her to win.


  14. If Hancock is, “totally fucking useless” then what does that make the moron who gave him the post?🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I would call Matt Hancock one of the more capable ministers compared to the utter rabble of Priti ‘ I like effectively murdering huge numbers of old mainly white people during a international viral pandemic because I didn’t impose ultra-tough travel restrictions to Britain as Shinzo Abe did with his country of Japan, for example, from the beginning in March 2020 of this crisis’ Patel or the other incompetent chancers in the Cabinet.

    Could it be that it is Boris himself that is, “totally fucking useless” for appointing Matt Hancock and surrounding himself with people even thicker than he is?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  15. If Matt Hancock is useless then why doesn’t Boris dare sack him? Is it because Matt might well expose the true nasty character that is Boris behind that pathetic made-up Jeeves and Wooster persona?🙄🙄🙄


    1. Watcher:
      If the “CST” were to say that “anti-Semitism” had *decreased*, then the CST could hardly go to government and rich Jews to demand more funding…


      1. I don’t mean to sound flippant, but when was the last time a Jew was killed for being a Jew, here in the UK? It must be so far back, that even i have no idea, yet to hear these people carry on you would assume that a new pogrom was just around the corner!


    2. Even giving a slightly less than 100% admiring glance at a Jew will get you called an ‘anti-Semite’ by these Jew Zionist pro-Israel extremists/Jewish Supremacists!🙄

      Then they go and wonder why gentiles become exasperated and there is an increase in GENUINE ‘anti-Semitism’!


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