The Main Conservative Party Leadership Contenders in Outline

First words

One of the 5 tweets that got me disbarred at the instigation of a pack of Jews was that describing Michael Gove MP as “a pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat”. I am very glad to be able to post the key words yet again (as I do from time to time), now with the addition “who is also a dishonest, cocaine-snorting little degenerate with a Jewish wife.”

Major Candidates

I have decided now to blog about the main rivals for Theresa May’s threadbare purple as leader of the Conservative Party. I start with Gove.

Michael Gove


[above, Gove enjoys the company of Jew paedophile and rapist, the now-deceased one-time Labour MP and (later) “lord”, Greville Janner, at a Zionist social gathering]

Gove was adopted, his origins not publicly known. He was a journalist before becoming an MP. At that time, he showed his adherence to the Israeli cause by participating in a pro-Israel demonstration in Trafalgar Square.

It seems that, like —sadly— too many of “our” mainstream media scribblers, Michael Gove was a fairly frequent abuser of cocaine before (only before?) his Jewish Zionist backers got him onto the System political racket as an MP.

For several years, Gove had a relatively low public profile as MP, despite his promotion to Shadow Cabinet in 2007, after only 2 years as a backbench MP. He was one of the most blatant (though far from the worst) expenses cheats and blodgers exposed in 2009: he and his Jewish or part-Jewish wife, Sarah Vine (a Daily Mail columnist), claimed as detailed here:

Gove is an active member of Conservative Friends of Israel. He is a non-Jewish Zionist, completely in the pocket of the Jewish Zionist lobby. He has always supported UK “intervention” in the Middle East and elsewhere (eg Libya).

Gove was Boris Johnson’s campaign manager (in effect, Johnson’s deputy) in the Conservative leadership contest of 2016, but stabbed Johnson in the back at the crucial moment, causing maximum damage to the leadership bid that he, Gove, had been supporting until that moment.

Gove’s wife has said that he cannot do as much as boil a kettle. Well, Einstein was like that and look how he benefited humanity. Oh, no, wait…

Conclusion: A doormat for Zionism and the Jewish lobby; intelligent, but not as intelligent or cultured as he and his backers believe him to be. A driven careerist. Completely untrustworthy. Not reliable in any way (except in his support for Israel, which for me is a negative). Administratively, probably competent. Otherwise unfit for the office of Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson


[above, Boris Johnson “praying” at the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem]

Boris Johnson, aka Boris-Idiot, has wanted to be Prime Minister for a long time. A melange of different ethnicities, he is partly-European, partly-Turkic, partly-Jew: his maternal great-grandfather was an Orthodox Jewish rabbi in Lithuania! Three generations on, the Eton and Oxford “fiddler on the roof” was born in New York City to a father who worked for the World Bank and was later a Conservative MP.

Boris Johnson has been a backbench MP twice, without having distinguished himself. He has been Foreign Secretary and was terrible at it, incapable of doing the job properly. He has been a journalist-trainee (at the Times— sacked for making up a quotation), a journalist (at the Telegraph— where he was known for making up news) and an editor (The Spectator-— where he was notorious for absenteeism, lateness, making the staff make up for his defaults, also rude and unpleasant to the staff, and spent much of his time, in office hours, out of the office screwing lightweight airhead Spectator scribbler Petronella Wyatt).

Johnson has always had to face accusations of incompetence, complacency, laziness, lack of serious thought and application, as well as charges of dishonesty. These traits have characterized Johnson from his days at Eton right up to his shambolic and quite brief time as Foreign Secretary. A further trait has been appointment by reason of connections, rather than merit.

Johnson, who spent his childhood and youth amid the wealthy without himself really being of (very/extremely) wealthy background, is obsessed with scrabbling for as much money as he can get, and apparently gets (on top of MP salary and expenses) £250,000 per year for writing garbage in the Telegraph, which garbage he cobbles together once a week in about one and a half hours. One has to wonder at the motivations of the Telegraph’s editor or, perhaps being more significant, owners. The Telegraph is owned by the Barclay Brothers [] who both favour Brexit and would no doubt find it very useful to have a UK Prime Minister obligated to them. Johnson tried to be Mayor of London and MP at the same time, in order to double his salary.

Boris Johnson is not prepared to do the preparation necessary to avoid egregious and avoidable mistakes. Two that come to mind are the water-cannon he bought as Mayor of London (unusable because not approved by the Home Office, a fact that Johnson did not bother to find out in advance) and Johnson’s painful mishandling of the Zaghari-Ratcliffe case:

Johnson will do almost anything to become Prime Minister. Though probably genuinely at least cynical or sceptical about the EU, he has fluctuated between Leave and Remain for most of the past two decades, and only committed himself to Leave when it became politic so to do.

He’s lied his way through life, he’s lied his way through politics, he’s a huckster with a degree of charm to which I am immune

[Anon., said to be a Cabinet minister, quoted in The Times of Israel]

Johnson, like 80% of Conservative MPs, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In 2017, an Israeli employed by the Israeli Embassy in London, Shai Masot, was covertly filmed talking about how he had a million pound slush fund for “friendly” Westminster MPs, and how he wanted to have others “taken down”.

The Jew Masot talked to a “British” traitress and/or agent, one Maria Strizzolo (an aide to Jew Zionist “Conservative” MP Robert Halfon), about Boris Johnson, who, said Masot, was OK. “Ah, Boris…Boris…is good; he is solid on Israel. Of course, Boris is an idiot…” (and smirks…).

After being openly talked about like that, Boris Johnson just laughed it off in the Commons. He knows that he needs the Jew-influenced “British” msm to publicize him and support him. What’s a few insults from his Jewish “friends” anyway?

As MP and as Mayor of London, Boris was rumoured to have been an occasional drug abuser and, more often, a stalker of women in supermarkets etc. After having been (in the Minder appellation) “‘Er indoors” for many years, his (second) wife, a half-Indian woman, finally chucked him out in 2018.

Apparently, Johnson rarely if ever reads a book or anything beyond newspaper opinion columns. His pathetic attempts to pull rank on the plebs and make himself seem cultured by using Latin or classical Greek words fell flat after a few years. People saw through it.

Johnson’s latest girlfriend, whom he will probably marry, is a Conservative backroom PR woman who has smartened him up, cut his hair, put him on a diet and generally made him look less like a clown. She cannot do much about what is in his head, though.

Johnson has something in common with Donald Trump. Nothing that he says can be taken at face value. In fact, the sharp-eyed Jews have not had difficulty noticing that:

Johnson’s…actions have done little to assuage liberal Britons. Last year, he came under heavy attack from Jewish community leaders after he described Muslim women wearing burkas as looking “absolutely ridiculous” and like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers.” The Jewish Leadership Council said Johnson’s words were “utterly disgraceful,” while a leading rabbi accused him of “racism with a smile.” The Jewish Chronicle compared the former foreign secretary to a “bar-room bigot”.” [The Times of Israel]

Now we see that Johnson is again trying to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.

Conclusion: Boris Johnson is a basically rootless character. Ethnically somewhat “diverse”, born in New York City, brought up in Belgium and England, educated with the (very) wealthy while not being quite one of them [cf. David Cameron-Levita, who was heir to a fortune in the tens of millions of pounds], Boris is always the slight outsider. He is pro-Israel mainly because it is convenient to be so (though he is part-Jew). His am-dram Bertie Wooster impression is no doubt an attempt to fit in with an England where he still does not wholly belong. The same is true of his equally am-dram but totally empty Winston Churchill impression and mimicry (he even affects a slightly-hunched posture at times). As a politician, he makes a good public entertainer. Driven. Unreliable. Incompetent. His Uxbridge seat may not be safe. Unfit to be Prime Minister, however looked at.

 Jeremy Hunt

The most serious main contender for Conservative Party leader, as I identified some time ago.

From an English background, Hunt is distantly related both to the Queen and to one-time Labour government minister and founder-leader (1930s) of the British Union of Fascists and (1950s) Union Movement, Sir Oswald Mosley. Born into an old Establishment family (his father was an admiral).

Politically, Hunt has had a fairly meteoric career. Elected as MP in 2005 (at age 39), he was made a Shadow minister almost immediately, promoted to Shadow Cabinet minister in 2007 and, as soon as the Conservatives formed the Con Coalition in 2010, appointed Cabinet minister (Culture Secretary 2010-2012, Health Secretary 2012-2018, Foreign Secretary 2018-present).

Hunt has by far the widest experience of government of the present contenders.

Hunt’s wife is Chinese, yet he has on occasion criticized the Chinese government.

Hunt is (predictably) pro-Israel:

Conclusion: Probably the most serious contender for Conservative leader if one forgets about level of public profile (Boris Johnson’s trump card). A smarmy snake type, but (despite gaffes here and there) reasonably competent (when compared to Johnson, especially). It would be surprising were he not one of the final two candidates.

Sajid Javid


By origin Pakistani Muslim, Javid could be described as an apostate, having said that:

My own family’s heritage is Muslim. Myself and my four brothers were brought up to believe in God, but I do not practise any religion. My wife is a practising Christian and the only religion practised in my house is Christianity.” [Wikipedia]

Javid is not a practising Muslim and he drinks alcohol. One of his brothers died from ingestion of alcohol and codeine.

Javid has been a devotee of the “philosophical selfishness” of so-called “Objectivism”, the “philosophy” invented by Jewess Ayn Rand.

Philosopher and theologian John Milbank commented [about Javid]: “It is extraordinarily disturbing that any mainstream politician should express any admiration for Ayn Rand. We should be concerned that someone like Sajid Javid can now hold high office within the United Kingdom.” [Wikipedia]

Javid was an international banker for about 18 years, rising by 2009 (when he quit to pursue his political ambitions) to an income of some £3 million a year. At least it can be said for Javid that his political career is not motivated by money-grubbing (cf. Johnson and, to some extent, Gove). Whether being an international banker is quite as impressive as it sounds, after the debacle of 2007-2008, is a matter for debate.

It was a shock to many that Sajid Javid, as Home Secretary no less, expressed support for the “antifa” thugs and snoopers. It shows either malice or, more likely (?) ignorance. I saw a Twitter photo of Javid at a Metropolitan Police event at which some of the most notorious Jew-Zionist trolls and troublemakers were in attendance.

Javid is yet another Conservative MP who belongs to Conservative Friends of Israel.

Javid is regarded as one of Israel’s staunchest supporters in the Cabinet and is a long-time supporter of Conservative Friends of Israel.” [Wikipedia]. He even went there on his honeymoon!

Javid’s strong record of speaking out against anti-Semitism has earned him plaudits from leading Jewish communal figures” [Wikipedia]

In 2015, at a Board of Deputies of British Jews hustings event, Javid stated that publicly funded cultural institutions that boycott Israel risk having their government grants cut.[81] Citing a boycott of the UK Jewish Film Festival[82] by the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, Javid said: “I have made it absolutely clear what might happen to their [the theatre’s] funding if they try, or if anyone tries, that kind of thing again.” [81] British playwright Caryl Churchill raised concerns about political interference in the arts and questioned: “All Charlie Hebdo? Except when freedom of expression means freedom to criticise Israel.



Sajid Javid seems to be a genuine Leaver/Brexiteer. Put another way, a convinced globalist…in favour (unsurprisingly) of immigration into the UK. A complete doormat for the Jews and Israel, too. Intelligent…up to a point. Seems to be another one who is either narrow or has idees-fixes: Israel, Ayn Rand etc. May be administratively competent. As potential Prime Minister, a Pakistani-origined capitalist-globalist who supports Israel, the Jewish lobby, the mindless “antifa” idiots and the outlook of Ayn Rand, is not my idea of the right selection.

Dominic Raab

Raab is half-Jewish (and half-English) but was brought up culturally mainly English, including Church of England, and in –perhaps appropriately– Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire, the next rail stop from Beaconsfield, one-time seat of deracinated Jew Benjamin Disraeli, later Lord Beaconsfield, who became both Conservative leader and then, in 1868, Prime Minister.

Raab has a background in law (a degree and solicitor’s qualification, as well as a 2-year training term with Linklaters, a leading City of London firm), the Foreign Office (5-6 years) and as adviser for 3-4 years to Conservative Shadow Cabinet ministers. He was elected MP in 2010.

Raab has had a turbocharged career in Parliament, being involved with numerous serious policies and initiatives, including cross-party ones. Evenhanded (on the surface) re. Israel, he has criticized the most egregious excesses of the Zionists, in particular the settlement movement. He reached the Cabinet in 8 years.

Raab was involved with the Britannia Unchained booklet, which might be said to endorse what some have termed  a “Zionist slavemaster agenda” for the British people.

Raab is a sincere Leaver/Brexiteer.

I assess Raab as hard and indeed ruthless.

Conclusion: Another rather rootless person. Not quite Jew, not quite full English. Probably competent in terms of administrative and executive ability, but there have been allegations that he bullies his staff. Seems doubtful whether he can much impress the British voters, and his suggestion of forcing a WTO Brexit through via the prorogation of Parliament (something not done, for purely tactical political reasons, and as far as I know, since Cromwellian times), must give pause to those who would support him as potential Prime Minister.

Other candidates

There are a number of other candidates, though it may be that few if any can get 8 MPs (increased from 2 to cull the numbers) to support their candidatures. I have already blogged, a while ago, about Rory Stewart, arguably the most interesting candidate individually:

though I note that some msm commentators have now expressed some of the same doubts as I did some time ago, and wondering whether his whole adds up to the sum of his parts, basically.

Should other candidates get through the initial process, I shall also examine them (or should that be “turn on them”?).


The Conservative leadership contest is yet another “shitshow” (in the elegant word of Johnny Mercer MP). The Conservatives cannot organize Brexit, cannot even organize their own leadership election effectively! They certainly cannot run the country properly. I wonder how long they can cling to government.

Another point comes to mind, in relation to various issues but, for example, Gove’s cocaine abuse. MSM commentators and talking heads all saying that the public don’t really mind if journalists, MPs, Prime Ministers, snort drugs. I wonder. There may be plenty of people who think that frequent abusers or users should be machinegunned , if only as a public health measure. I merely pose the question…

There is a real and growing rift between the “socially liberal” metro-people and the other “tribes” in the UK.

[example: the Political Correspondent of Sky News does not regard it as significant that at least two of the main contenders for the Conservative Party leadership were habitual cocaine abusers! ]


As for the Conservative Party, it seems bizarre that a few hundred MPs, and then what amounts to about 40,000 70 and 80 year olds, can elect a party leader who will then automatically become Prime Minister and may serve until 2022 without any need to be endorsed by the whole people. 


Afterthought, 10 June 2019

Boris Johnson has just “pledged” (whatever little weight that carries in the mouth of a congenital liar like him) to cut taxes for the 5%-10% of the adult population with gross incomes above £50,000 a year. He thus addresses directly the affluent and wealthy people who, as members of the Conservative Party, are about to elect the leader of that party. People who would benefit from any such policy.

To put it another way, Boris Johnson has just made it more likely that he will be elected Conservative Party leader, but at the same time has made it even less likely than it already is that the Conservatives will win the next general election. In fact, they will probably not even be the largest party in the Commons after a general election. They might not even be the second-largest party.

I wonder what the mass of voters (90%+) who earn less than £50K a year gross will think about a Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson that prioritizes tax cuts for the affluent and wealthy 10% at the expense of the other 90%? If only 10% of voters vote Conservative next time, it is “Goodnight Vienna” for the Conservative Party; and Boris Johnson, in his modest-majority Uxbridge seat, will be one of the first to fall.

Tweets and updates

Update, 13 June 2019

After the first ballot, the three least-supported candidates have been eliminated: nonentity Andrea Leadsom, ex-accountant Mark Harper, and dishonest (and thick-as-two-short-planks) Esther McVey.

As previously said, you can have any Model T Ford car as long as it is black, and you can have any Conservative MP as leader so long as he or she is pro-Jew and pro-Israel. In fact, the voting record of the candidates shows identical voting on a number of important issues; for example [see tweet below]

Update, 14 June 2019

“Suited thug” Matthew “Matt” Hancock MP has withdrawn.

Rory Stewart MP on Marr. It seems that, in polling of Conservative Party members, he is now second-placed (after Boris-Idiot). That would seem to prove what I have previously written, that Boris Johnson’s “popularity” is no more than the outcome of his 20 years of publicity largely generated by himself. Stewart has matched that, or tried to match that, via a social media blitz.

I have written about Stewart individually and I see no reason to alter anything I wrote then (except that I thought then that Stewart would have more MPs behind him), at the beginning of May of this year:

Stewart only received 19 votes in the second ballot, thus coming last. Matt Hancock MP (who had received 20 votes) then withdrew.

Stewart has more self-belief than Hancock (and more intelligence). He is still standing and may be gaining ground. For him it is all or nothing. He has ruled out serving in a Boris Johnson Cabinet, and it is hard to see Boris appointing him anyway. Boris does not like to see his idiocies floodlit.

To me as an observer, it seems that Gove is probably out of the running now, as is Sajid Javid. Be grateful for small mercies. That leaves, realistically, Johnson, Hunt, Raab and Stewart.

I had thought that Stewart would find more support among MPs than he has done so far. However, assuming that Johnson will be in the top two, Stewart now has a 3/1 chance of being there too. I had thought Hunt the obvious second-place candidate at the end. Now, well, we shall see.

Stewart is basically pro-EU, so it is hard to see Conservative Party rank and file members voting for him on that basis, but on most other bases he scores over Johnson.

Whoever becomes Conservative Party leader, this is a party going nowhere but down.

Update, 17 June 2019

Well, as I guessed a couple of days ago, Rory Stewart has gained ground, at least in the betting, though the betting exchanges’ and bookmakers’ odds are often not a reliable guide to political results (see the EU Referendum, the Trump election, the recent Peterborough by-election etc).

Stewart is now at 2nd place in the betting to be next Conservative leader, though only at 16/1. Boris Johnson is favourite at around 1/5 odds-on (Hunt 20/1, Gove 46/1, Raab 85/1, Javid 120/1).

By all accounts, Stewart did well in the TV debate (Johnson the sole absentee, obviously afraid of being exposed as an idiot and incompetent, as well as wanting to seem to  be the “presidential” figure above the fray).

Update, 19 June 2019

The latest “debate” on TV was held. I heard a few minutes. Boris Johnson…what a complete idiot. Is that really the best that can be offered for potential Prime Minister? God help the UK…

The tax plans of both Johnson and Hunt are mad. Anyway, there it is…

A piece in The Guardian (see below), by Jessica Elgot, a Jewish Zionist journalist (who used to block me when I had a Twitter account). She refers to Rory Stewart as a “Black Watch veteran”. Not sure what the hard core of that very tough regiment would say to that; after all, Stewart only spent 5 months, if that, in that regiment (as a probationary short service 2nd lieutenant). Still, the inside track on the Con leadership campaign is interesting. Seems that my 3 May blog about Stewart hit the spot, pretty much.

Update, 19 June 2019

Well, Rory Stewart is out of the race, which means that, until or unless Boris Johnson leaves frontline politics, his career is stalled again. He pledged not to serve in a Johnson Cabinet, and, as I blogged previously, it is doubtful that Johnson will appoint him to anything significant.

That leaves Johnson, Hunt, Gove, Javid.

Gove has said that he would serve under Johnson. As usual, willing to do whatever it takes to keep the career going and the salaries rolling in (a Cabinet minister gets about £75,000 a year on top of the MP salary of about £80,000; also, a ministerial car, a large and staffed country house in several cases).

I doubt whether Gove will be one of the final two; neither can I see Sajid Javid making the cut. That would leave Johnson and Hunt. The assumption is that Boris-Idiot would be be given a triumph by all those retired affluent Conservative Party members across the UK, all 100,000 or so of them (about 1 in maybe every 500 UK people belong to the Con Party). The assumption may or may not be right. If Hunt is the alternative, he may yet be in with a chance.

As to Boris-Idiot, this completely incompetent and clueless fool may well be posing as Prime Minister soon. Good grief…

Update, 20 June 2019

The final ballot having been held, the two candidates still standing are Boris-Idiot and Jeremy Hunt. Exactly what I predicted at the start (see above), though I was beginning to wonder whether Rory Stewart might make it into the final showdown.

Everyone is now assuming that the conclusion is already cut-and-dried. Probably, though Hunt may do better than expected as runner-up.

I find myself wondering about why it is that Boris Johnson has managed to shrug off all the (entirely justified and proven) allegations about his drug abuse, sex life, incompetence, lies etc. I think that the answer(s) are as follows:

  • Boris took drugs. Gove took drugs. Boris has been unaffected, while Gove has been diminished, ending up looking like a squalid and rather silly little figure. Why? I think because people are not comparing like with like. If Mick Jagger, at age 65 or for that matter (and as now) 75, plays around with some young girl, well, people just shrug and say “that’s what he’s like, he’s always been so”, or “that’s rock music for you”. Now, if some, say, respectable vicar, bank manager or headmaster does the same or even somewhat less, he will be pilloried, because people do not expect such behaviour from their local vicar or whatever. I think that that is part of the answer. People assume that louche Johnson might have snorted cocaine, but few not in the know thought it of apparently straitlaced Gove;
  • Gove has policy in mind. He is at home in the world of policy. Johnson has no real policy (or indeed ideology, or indeed belief in anything). So why do most people prefer Boris-Idiot? Because emotion is stronger than intellect, and will is stronger than emotion. Boris does not appeal on the intellectual level (how could he?!) which is Gove’s stronghold; he, Boris, appeals to emotion, whether to people liking his public persona, or his “dogwhistling” re Muslims, those two combined neatly and amusingly in his “Muslim women looking like” pillar-boxes or letter-boxes. It could even be said that Boris is appealing to the Will, to an inchoate Englishness (even though Boris himself is, at highest, only part-English);

Of course, the political fusion of all three parts of human mentality and being, meaning Will, emotion and intellect, was personified by Adolf Hitler. Obviously Hitler “bestrides the narrow world like a colossus”, even today, and was a titan compared to a silly creepy grubber like Boris Johnson, but there we are: “history repeats itself, first tragedy, second time farce.”

Poor UK…

Update, 25 June 2019

Update, 30 June 2019

Even if Boris Johnson wins the absurd Conservative leadership contest, he may be prevented from becoming Prime Minister:

27 thoughts on “The Main Conservative Party Leadership Contenders in Outline”

  1. Boris Johnson is clearly unsuitable to be PM as you have illustrated so powerfully. We would be even more of an international laughing stock on the world stage with unkempt (as you say he has been making more of an effort regarding his appearance lately) Worzel Gummidge in No. 10 than with Teresa Maybe/Mayhem and Gove is as well (though his basic competence level is higher) for much the same reasons. If we have Gove then, frankly, such is his unhinged devotion to Israel I would be severely worried that we could be looking at more of our finest young men and women arriving home in bodybags after yet another senseless war in the Middle East for no readily discernible British national interests. If he were to be Tory leader they may as well rename themselves Likud West! He is also a creep and a backstabber ie he possesses personal attributes unbecoming for a potential PM. Worzel also has a now distinctly unsafe constituency (in contrast to Michael Gove) in Uxbridge and South Ruislip so would the Tories really choose him as their leader when he could be the first Tory leader to lose his own seat on election night since Arthur Balfour lost Manchester East in the Liberal Party landslide of 1906? Mrs Thatcher’s seat of Finchley was also never totally safe but it was safer than Boris’s constituency in West London now is.


    1. Yes to that, and thank you.

      Mrs Thatcher was pro-Jew (she respected money and her constituency was very Jewish) but she never displayed the slavish devotion to Israel of Cameron-Levita, Gove, Johnson. The Israelis respected her, whereas (as seen with Shai Masot) the Israelis laugh openly at Boris etc, but expect them to doormat for Israel. Which they do!


  2. It is a shame Hunt doesn’t share Sir Oswald Mosley’s fervently pro-British opinions seeing as he is distantly related to him but then Hunt is a Tory!

    I would say Hunt is the only really credible contender for party leader. As you say, he has wide experience in government and presently is Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary – one of the four great Offices of State.

    Despite his privileged background (he would be only the second PM in history to have attended one of Britain’s most elite public schools ie Charterhouse in his very safe constituency of South West Surrey) he comes across as fairly ‘normal’ for a leading Tory (certainly for one of that background ) and even relatively relatable. He looks and sounds Prime Ministerial unlike Boris. What the Tories need to demonstrate is more competence in government above all else. As they so obviously need a ‘safe pair of hands’ at this point in time then Hunt is their man. If I were a Tory Party member and if Jeremy Hunt was in the final two to be put to the members I would vote for him.


    1. Hunt certainly has the basic background, ordinary competence and ability. However, he presents as serious, rather than a clown (thinking of Boris), which might be a negative for a country obsessed by “celebrity” narcissists.


      1. Indeed. Jeremy Hunt sounds and looks the part of a potential PM and nowdays that is a minus point for a politician. Sadly, Britain weaned as it is on trash tv (the sainted Baroness Thatcher is partly responsible for the degradation of British terrestrial tv due to her government’s passing of the liberalising Broadcasting Act of 1990) like I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here etc is not a serious country nowdays. Where else in Europe would a Zionist/Globalist media-puffed ‘celebrity’ politician like Nigel Farage have any credence or real popularity? Nowhere but here! Certainly in France and Germany he would be laughed out of the room!


  3. I take note of your remark about Beppe Grillo. Yes, other electorates can be frivolous and stupid too so this isn’t a problem that we only have in Britain. Italy is a unique country in many ways and certainly their politics can be rather strange to say the least!

    As a nationalist and non-globalist I don’t have much regard for Nigel Farage and I certainly don’t for his new Brexit ‘party’ but if he helps to turn people seriously away from constantly voting for the anti-British CON Party and Labour and reducing their share of support in the electorate to smaller levels (more than 60% is still too high) than they can command at the moment then some good can come out of that.

    Back to the CON Party leadership election, NONE of them are ideal for the country and that is what we should expect from a party that has shunned socially conservative people for decades now (ie their abysmal treatment of Enoch Powell) If you are socially conservative and patriotic/nationalist in your inclinations you would avoid joining that party as they have made plain such people are not wanted hence the bunch of jokers they now have to choose from. They deserve that poor choice.

    That being said and with the fact of this bad selection to choose from, their best bet would be Jeremy Hunt as he is the only truely serious person amongst them.


  4. The CONS are seriously mistaken if they think one particular party leader or another is the real problem. It isn’t. the problem is with the party itself and the fact they have consistently pandered to the likes of those who read the globalist rag called the Guardian instead of those who would more naturally back the Conservative Party.


  5. Dominic Raab says he intends to prorogue parliament to push through a WTO Brexit. I was under the impression that a PM CAN’T do this by himself/herself but must ask the Queen to do it? I very much doubt she would agree to do this since Brexit is still a contentious idea in the country and she wouldn’t want to be seen to take sides on the matter. However, that being said, she clearly didn’t have a problem with her grandchild Prince Harry’s choice of spouse and some people may well choose to see that wedding as blatantly political.


    1. This would cause a constitutional crisis either way. Unlikely that the Queen would refuse to prorogue, but in a circumstance where the prorogation is blatantly and directly political, it puts her in an awkward position.

      It might even cause chaos in terms of passing laws and regulations, Parliament being prorogued and unable to pass any:

      A useful commentary:

      In the realm of the absurd, ESTHER MCVEY is still pretending that she might be Prime Minister!
      The very idea of that vulgar little airhead as Prime Minister! Incredible!


  6. I am a bit surprised that Dominic Raab has been eliminated from the contest seeing as he is undoubtedly a very convinced Brexiteer but then I suppose his plan to prorogue parliament was viewed as just too extreme and he does come across as a little ‘cold’, slightly weird and ‘clinical’ to the voters. I think he would have made a fairly competent PM though.

    It is sad that the creep, untrustworthy backstabber, degenerate drug snorter, pro Zionist doormat and member for Jerusalem Central rather than Surrey Heath, Michael Gove is still in the running. Just what are CONServative Party MPs thinking?

    Roderick Stewart done better than many, including himself, (a newspaper reported he believed he would get between 31 and 35 votes) predicted.

    As for the straw man from the Wizard of Oz:

    words just fail me! Does the Tory Party really wish to be viewed as a least a semi-serious political party or not?

    If he wins the Premiership, not just EU leaders but ALL world leaders will wonder what the hell happened to Britain and this will be their reaction:

    Coco The Clown simply isn’t a serious potential PM!

    So, is the contest going to be Eton College versus Eton College or Eton College versus Charterhouse?


    1. As you say, Dominic Raab was not a voter-friendly candidate. A little bit on the scary side, with his Cromwellian prorogation idea etc. Ironic that a half-Jew is less obviously pro-Israel than Gove, who, though his origins are not known publicly, is evidently not Jewish anyway.

      *All* the candidates *are* pro-Israel, and pro-Zionism, though.

      As you may have seen, in early May I examined Rory Stewart and assessed him at first as quite likely to become Conservative leader, though I had doubts from the start about how fully-accurate his “legend” is:

      Like you, I cannot believe that Boris-Idiot is now likely to be “elected” by about 40,000-100,000 elderly Conservative Party members (ie about 1 in every 400 or 1,000 of UK voters) and so become Prime Minister. As Tommy Cooper used to say, “just like that!”…

      I blame the msm for lazily assuming, for 15+ years, that the idiot (Boris Johnson) has some kind of divine right. The msm have validated Boris, given him fake “credibility” with the public.

      I think that part of the problem is that the msm talking heads and scribblers are assuming that Boris has at least some kind of ideology or belief in something, some preferred policy, whereas in fact he is a completely rootless person, and that includes ideologically. He says what will help him at that moment. A day later (in some cases, mere hours later) he backtracks, or changes, or waffles. Not one thing that that idiot says can be relied upon. His tax “plan” (soundbite) is just one recent example. It appeals to some Conservative Party members, so he says it. Hopeless, but he has achieved his ultra-short-term aim.

      As I blogged, the very idea that Boris-Idiot could be PM shows a grave weakness and decadence in the msm, the political system, and yes in the voters, if they eventually vote for him. I wonder, though.

      The MPs are supporting Boris because they hope that he will make them individually less likely to lose their seats. An arguable proposition. As to Con Party members, they have not yet spoken, but Boris’s fair-weather Brexiteerism and promise of tax cuts will probably secure the prize for him. Stupid, but we are talking about the Conservative Party grassroots, not the Nobel Prize committee…

      The only silver lining is that antifa-supporting doormat for London Jew-Zionists, Sajid Javid, is out or soon will be. I am very anti-Javid.

      I think that if/when Boris becomes PM (not certain though, even now) he will, as said previously, *either* try to take the UK out on WTO terms (typically, his recent GATT “idea” was exposed as unworkable in hours…) and he will then be no-confidenced and face a general election at which the Conservatives will be all but wiped out, *or* he will take the UK out on EU-approved terms, i.e. Brexit In Name Only, in which case the other parties, esp. Brexit Party, will kill the Conservatives down the road. The bottom line is that Boris cannot deliver but only seem to deliver.


  7. So, Britain’s ‘stupid party’ (can’t think why they got that reputation in the first place and maintained it to this day!) rejected one of the few candidates (the other one being Jeremy Hunt) who has more than a few functioning braincells. Says all you need to know about the party! Tory MPs should realise that tactical voting in these circumstances can lead to a less than favourable fate for them and that these displays can be too clever by half.

    I have a horrible feeling this sick anti-British joke of a party is about to present us with a very dangerous Islamist as PM. If that happens, I am sure that former pretty good Tory PMs like Stanley Baldwin will be tuning in their graves and I would remind that party of the circumstances that once befell a certain Tory PM called Spencer Percival – an event unique in British history matched by no Labour PM ever.

    Tory MPs should grow the hell up and select Jeremy Hunt as one of the two candidates to go before the members. Whilst not ideal, he at least has got bags of experience and a decent IQ level and he won’t make this country a complete laughing stock on the world stage like Boris the Buffoon. Unlike the idiot, he also seems to be a pretty decent and fairly moral chap. Also, he is wise enough not to allow himself to fall into the Labour trap of an early vote of no confidence that Boris probably will. If they think Boris will win a vast victory at an early election they could be in for a shock. The days of Tory landslides are over from good and they need to recognise this fact.


    1. I cannot see Sajid Javid being acceptable to grassroots Con Party members, but we shall see.

      One thing about the Con Party in the past 20 years that has surprised is how feeble is its grasp and how shallow its national roots. There were always some Jews, but now Con Party MPs and fake “peers” include Africans, Pakistanis, Chinese etc. Not even those of exceptional ability. Look at “baroness” Warsi, who was never elected even as a local councillor. Her qualifications were slight (a local solicitor in the “occupied” North) and her intelligence low (imo). The System press went mad praising her, eg Telegraph.

      As Disraeli put it, “the great Conservative Party, that destroys everything.”

      I of course oppose all the Con leadership candidates, but as I have blogged, Hunt is the only presentable choice. So I agree with you on that. Javid and Gove would both be almost absurdly pro-Jew and are carpetbaggers, basically; rootless floating individuals

      As for Boris-Idiot, he is the personification of “loose cannon”, yet in a way would be less likely to cause serious harm (arguende) because he is so very changeable. People may think that he is a strong character, but in reality he is very very weak. He wants only three things: to be the centre of attention, to get the applause of the mob, and to get money. In fact, to be PM even for 6 months would satisfy his ambition and give him a base from which he can get money for the rest of his life, via scribbling etc. He has no ideological or political aims.


  8. Phew, that was close! I did think the ‘stupid party’ was about to give us our first Islamist PM! He would have been a severe danger to this country of ours. Sajid also had the damm cheek to criticise the Tories over where some of their candidates went to school! It is not Rory or Hunt’s fault their parents invested in what they thought would be good education for their sons. Isn’t that a form of prejudice being against a candidate for high office simply because of the educational institution they attended? It is what you would expect from a Laborite not a Tory!

    Now, Tories, if we are going to have a ex public school chap in No 10 at least make sure the school in question is a excellent one such as Charterhouse and NOT Eton since the latter institution has had many opportunities to provide decent PMs and the last one that was seemingly good was Salisbury!

    It also helps if they have wide cabinet experience, look and sound Prime Ministerial and are NOT a total CLOWN so that excludes Boris!


    1. Sajid Javid is very odd. He would not have done well either with Conservative rank and file members or in any general election. I don’t think that most Muslims would have voted for him either. Labour is still the main “black and brown” party.

      On paper, of the poor choice now offered, Hunt is the better candidate, but that means nothing. The Con grassroots want Brexit and think, almost certainly wrongly, that they can get it with Boris. He will probably try to get some Theresa May Mark 2 “deal”, but will probably fail. I can see him lasting not long as Prime Minister, but there is a small chance that he can last the course until 2022, when the Conservatives may be wiped out, though that *is* a bold prediction so far in advance of events.

      We are about to enter interesting times.


      1. He certainly is and not just in terms of his looks not that this should be any consideration when it comes to politics (what is in the head is the important factor, or should be!). Being a fanatically pro-Israeli Zionist is very strange for any non Jew but for a Muslim it is particularly so. I agree that even had he been chosen Muslims would still not have voted Tory in any appreciable numbers not least because of the pro-Israel stance of Javid.

        Yes, Labour is the party for ethnics whereas the Tories are the party for the white man and even though they are very uncomfortable with that idea it is the the electoral reality whether they like it or not. It isn’t by accident that the remaining Tory seats in London are virtually all on the outer rim of the city and the whitest constituencies on the whole.

        If the CON party had any brains it would have taken note of Enoch Powell more than it did and realised that Enoch wasn’t saying what he said because he genuinely believed that but also because he was worried about the future electoral prospects of his party.

        It is excellent news that Jeremy Hunt managed to get through (just!) and beat the very slimy, overly ambitious, slightly weird, loony pro-Israel backstabber and all round creep Michael Gove . At least now there might be a semi serious contest for the next Tory leader and PM.

        Sadly, I suspect he won’t win and become PM and we will get Coco The Clown instead and become an even bigger worldwide laughing stock than we are now.

        Boris will be totally inept as PM as his less than stellar record in government so far indicates and yes his chance of getting a real worthwhile Brexit is very small.

        If the Tory Party’s grassroots want their party and their country to be held in any serious regard there IS now a choice and I would urge them to take it. Our country deserves far better than to have an utter clown in No 10!.

        Have the Tories ever had a serving Foreign Secretary move from that job into No.10? It should have been Lord Halifax in 1940 after Neville Chamberlain’s sad resignation in May 1940. Looking at the records on Wikipedia we don’t seem to have had a PM with a seat in Surrey either.


      2. I have little time for Jeremy Hunt (or any leading politician of the System parties), but he is at least presentable, is not held in contempt by everyone important in other states, has a brain (which Boris has not; all he has is a school/Oxford debating society veneer of education and intelligence), and (having maybe £15M-£20M from his business activities ) is not hungry for money. Boris-Idiot is the reverse. Boris is scarcely presentable, has no real or deep education or culture, has no deep intelligence either, is a proven incompetent, and is laughed at across the world. Even the Israelis to whom he crawls laugh at him and openly mock him! Also, Boris is very very interested in getting in as much money as he can.

        Boris is favourite to win simply because the decadent, degenerate, cocaine-abusing “journalists” and msm talking heads in London have been validating him to the public for nearly 20 years.

        By the Autumn, this Con government of idiots will have a working majority of ONE even with DUP support. Boris may now blag his way into No.10, but his stay will, I expect, be very short. Labour knows that the 2022 boundary changes will deprive them of 30 seats. They have to get into government, at least a minority one, before 2022.


  9. On another note, why is the Conservative Party doing this so quickly? It seems to me to be almost absurdly rushed! I think it should be a little slower. After all, this process isn’t just about electing a new leader of the Conservative Party but a new PM as well so some care and thought should be devoted to it.


  10. Jeremy Hunt’s chances of winning look to be pretty remote but when was the last time the favourite for Tory leader won? Mrs Thatcher in 1975 was very much the outsider in the race.


    1. Try as hard as I can, and I have, I just can’t take Boris Johnson seriously even with regard to being an ordinary politician, let alone as a potential PM. As Rory Stewart so eloquently put it would you REALLY wish to have PM Boris Johnson in charge of the nuclear codes and able to order a captain of one of our nuclear subs to fire a Trident nuclear missile? At least PM Jeremy Hunt would pause for some careful thought before giving the order!


      1. As you say. As far as “nuclear codes” are concerned, any British PM launching an attack (presumably on Russia, with or without support of USA, “without” being even more suicidal) is a turkey voting for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. Take a look at the present Russian order of battle in respect of nuclear attack etc:
        About 390 nuclear missiles, some with MIRV capability. By 2024, maybe a 50% increase on that.

        That does not include missiles under other control (air force, navy etc)

        As for overall order of battle:
        “Active personnel 1 million, reserves 2.5 million.” 3.5 MILLION in all.

        Rather puts into the shade the UK’s c.187,000 active and reserve forces.

        Also: , which are huge in number compared to SAS/SBS etc. Man to man, the British *may* score (though I am probably unqualified to judge), but when the imbalance of numbers is this great, it scarcely matters.

        The UK could only do anything alongside the USA (with the UK as vassal state). The UK itself could not survive a major war in Europe. Almost complete obliteration would be all but inevitable.

        The best thing any BRITISH special forces or other commander could do, were Boris Johnson as PM to order an attack on Russia, would be to quietly approach his desk and put a well-placed round in the back of his head.

        ps. Just saw this!


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