Diary Blog, 28 October 2022

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Cruelty to animals


One Julie Newcombe, of Blaenau Gwent, Wales.

What is the point in strengthening the law around cruelty to animals, when the courts continue to hand down such toothless sentences? Also, is the CPS charging correctly?

Animal welfare has to be given more emphasis in this country, even if the UK is better than most other countries in this respect.

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Ha ha! The bitch must have seen my assessment about her! Actually, that is quite likely: thousands have, since it was published over three years ago. Many MPs, ministers, members of overseas governments, read my work.

[Therese Coffey, Secretary of State for the Environment; former Secretary of State for Health; former Deputy Prime Minister]

Seriously, though, the fact that a useless and dishonest creature such as Therese Coffey can reach the level, politically, that she has, surely proves that the whole system is sick.


If there is any truth in the news, or rumour, that Elon Musk will reverse the millions (?) of “lifetime suspensions” of Twitter tweeters (one of which was me, after a pack of Zionist Jews conspired to have me expelled in 2018), I may decide to return to Twitter, but only to promote this blog.

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In reality, the “aid” being given to “Ukraine” (to the Jew Zelensky’s Zionist and dictatorial regime in Kiev) is not aid to the Ukrainian people, and is given with the intent of pressuring and eventually collapsing Russia as an independent state.

The New World Order [NWO] cabals want Russia to return to a completely supine, powerless state, as it was in the 1990s under Yeltsin, a state in which Jewish and (other) foreign exploiters can profit hugely off the suffering of the Russian people. The same, mutatis mutandis, as happened in Germany in the 1920s.

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Interesting comment both on the specific question and also, impliedly, on how popular perception of what “The Science” says (or is believed to say) can lead to a kind of mass conditioning (cf. the “Covid” “panicdemic” and several other issues).

Ha ha! Into the bin with them!

Who knows? Twitter might even become interesting again, as it was when I, David Icke, Alison Chabloz etc were “allowed” to tweet…

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[Arnold Bocklin, Villa by the Sea]

6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 October 2022”

  1. Hetty Wainthrop Investigates 😂😃😂 may be rubbish at her job but at least she is actually BRITISH and not someone you would likely meet in Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay or in Lagos!

    So there is that! She is very lucky to be given any form of job with the ‘modern’ Tory Party’s attitudes to job recruitment!🙄🙄🙄

    It is fortunate she is Environment Secretary and not the Health Secretary now as I don’t think that with her cigar smoking etc she could be said to have promoted the right image for that post!🙄😀


  2. One thing Elon Musk could do to improve Twitter would be not just cutting down on the now almost surreal levels of censorship and bannings but to remove the pop-up that appears after a few seconds to urge you to join it when you go onto someone’s account. It blocks the view of accounts unless you are willing to join. I used to enjoy reading the tweets from various accounts but now you can only read the first few ones before the pop-up appears.

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  3. Hello Ian! I wish those nice rumors (perhaps too nice to be true) about Elon Musk are true. I met some very nice and interesting people on Twitter and I would like to be back)

    Two things:

    (A) That f… evil, horrible monster in Wales who tortured the animals in her charge should have a slow and painful end as well as the judge who imposed that ridiculous sentence. The f… judges are responsible for a lot of appalling crimes thanks to their leniency towards monsters like this Welsh beast,

    (B) That disgusting creature called Therese Coffey has shown herself up very nicely. The fact that a useless, disgusting person like her has even been an MP is already disgraceful and, as you said, showed to what extent the political system is completely rotten in the UK.


    1. Claudius:
      Re. Twitter— as I wrote, if I did return (I may not), I would probably simply post a link to my blog once or twice per day, and not allow comments (in order to freeze out the malicious Jew element which tries to create controversy before making a faked complaint).


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