Diary Blog, 22 February 2023

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[All Souls College, Oxford]

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This is the moment a grown woman allegedly ‘punched and kicked’ a 13-year-old schoolgirl on a bus in a row over music being played on her phone.

[Daily Mail]

I know which side I am on, and it is not that of the teenage nuisance.


Tony Blair sparks anger with ‘creepy’ plan for every Briton to be issued with a ‘digital ID’ to hold their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status.

The former prime minister, together with ex-Tory leader William Hague, has called on the Government to introduce a digital ID that people can have on their phones.

This would hold details such as their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status.

But critics hit back at the push for digital IDs, with ex-Tory chairman Sir Jake Berry branding it ‘a creepy state plan to track you from the cradle to the grave’.

Campaign group Big Brother Watch condemned Sir Tony for ‘reviving failed proposals for an intrusive mass digital identity system and a database state’.

[Daily Mail].

The ZOG state is constantly circling our laager with various proposals to create a society of what amounts to disguised but effective serfdom.


The Pentagon‘s UFO office is investigating historic reports of mysterious objects interfering with key nuclear missile silos.

[Daily Mail]

Are higher beings or more advanced civilizations trying to save the Earth from nuclear destruction? One can only hope so.

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I happened to see the above tweet from 2022, and it recalled to mind my own stay in Alexandria in 1998: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/03/07/when-i-was-not-arrested-in-egypt/.

More from the newspapers


Rishi Sunak faces renewed pressure on immigration after a new fast-track scheme for 12,000 asylum seekers – including Channel migrants – was dubbed an ‘amnesty in all but name’.

In a bid to begin clearing the massive asylum backlog, the Home Office will launch a streamlined system which will see migrants granted refugee status on the basis of a 10-page questionnaire.

…one senior source said: ‘This is an asylum amnesty in all but name. One major issue here is that it will encourage people from these nationalities who are not yet in the UK to come here and attempt to get asylum.

‘It will also push up immigration figures because once these 12,000 have been granted refugee status they’ll be able to bring relatives here through the family reunion scheme.‘”

[Daily Mail].

As I have repeatedly predicted: the “illegals” will be made “legal” at the stroke of a pen.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan again.

What more can one expect from an Indian money-juggler completely tied-up with Jew-Zionism and transnational conspiracy?

Late tweets

That is what happened to most policemen after the Bolshevik revolution of late 1917. They ended up either getting shot, or in labour camps.

That woman, a Councillor Taylor, is the kind of pseudo-democratic cretin ubiquitous in this country. She probably applauded the 2010-2023 attacks by the Conservative Party on the lives of British unemployed, sick, and/or disabled people, but now the bitch says that it is not “kind” to try to defend Britain and its people, and their future, from invasion and occupation by horrible untermenschen.

Untermenschen of another sort.

Most of the USA has been abandoned by the U.S. Government.

As noted previously, “Ukraine” (the Kiev regime) is running out of ammunition, willing recruits and, as we shall soon see, time.

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3 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 February 2023”

  1. The “Daily Mail” has begun to pester people with “turn off your ad-blocker”. F… them! I am not going to play their game!

    BTW, how pathetic is this; for decades the US Air Force and the US government denied the existence of UFOs (I do not believe in them either) and now, suddenly, they are all over the place (LOL) They don’t know what to invent to keep the people/sheeple distracted from the great political issues of the day.


    1. Claudius:
      Perhaps. I have an open mind on that. I knew a woman who saw what appeared to be an alien craft close-up (I mentioned it on the blog once, I believe). As for me, I did see, very briefly, an unidentified flying object (a small silver sphere) once, in 1979 (I think; maybe 1980) and the local radio was inundated with calls from listeners who also saw it, but as far as I know no evidence was ever put forward as to what it was.

      On a different topic, I remember that you like sweet things (I mean edible, not such as that blonde with the Bentley); I saw this


      1. Thank you for the reference to the Arab pastries/cakes. I had some, many years ago, and I found them too sweet, and this is coming from a person who loves sweet things.

        I grew up in home with a loving mother who was a brilliant cook and spoiled us making cakes and sweet treats EVERY weekend. However, the sweets we eat in Argentina are the result of the European culinary tradition, so, nothing is terribly sweet. The exception could be the wonderful Sicilian “canoli” and the very sweet and moist cake known here as (you may laugh) “English soup” (what a ridiculous name! LOL. I will see if I can find some pictures.

        PS: All this conversation made me crave some sweet biscuits and coffee. I am off to the kitchen… (I am not joking!)


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