The Tide is Coming In: Reflections on the Possible End of Our Present Civilization and What Might Follow

Preliminary Word

This may be the most important article that I have written, or will write, for my blog. It goes beyond the usual matters of personal experiences, party politics, ordinary events in society, analysis of historical events etc.

I have been thinking of writing this article for some time. I always get distracted. It will examine, as well as can be done in brief format, whether our present society, culture, civilization, even species, can survive even in the short-term (here meaning the next few decades). It will also suggest some possibilities covering the next few years, next few decades and also a longer-term human future.

General Background

Living in the world, we accept, as the default position, that which we have known all our lives. We consider that to be natural or normal. However, a moment’s thought tells us that that is not so.

As is known (though by no means universally accepted, and still a subject for debate), the Atlantean period ended about 10,000 years ago. The most advanced people of that period were not the latest in time (the Seventh Race) but the Fifth Race, the Aryans. The remnants of that race emigrated from what is now the North Atlantic area to parts of the Earth where they founded new colonies. The main one was that of ancient (pre-Vedic) India.

The foundations of modern Europe lie with the Aryans and their post-Atlantean, post-Aryan descendants:

“The place where Europe began: Spiral cities built on remote Russian plains by swastika-painting Aryans”

Ancient Turkic tomb stones on steppes of Hakasia, Central Siberia, Russian Federation.. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

“Desolate: The Bronze Age cities were built some 4,000 years ago by the Aryans in a 400 miles long region of the Russian Steppe.”

The Aryans’ language has been identified as the precursor to a number of modern European tongues. English uses many similar words such as brother, oxen and guest which have all been tracked to the Aryans.” [Daily Mail report]

These ancient Indian texts and hymns describe sacrifices of horses and burials and the way the meat is cut off and the way the horse is buried with its master. If you match this with the way the skeletons and the graves are being dug up in Russia [on the border of Siberia and Kazakhstan], they are a millimetre-perfect match.’ [Bettany Hughes, TV historian, in UK Daily Mail].

During our own Post-Atlantean Age, the line of cultures (in the sense of different “civilizations”) has travelled through a succession of Aryan-founded cultures: ancient Indian, ancient Persian, then the Egypto-Babylonian-Chaldean (etc), Graeco-Roman, and now our own, which might be called “Germanic-Anglo-Saxon-American”.

The clue lies in language. The Indo-European language family stretches from present-day India to the British Isles and Iceland and back across Russia and Siberia:

Our own present culture started around 1400 AD (or, in the alternative, “CE”). Its first fruits were a relatively brief recapitulation of the preceding culture, the Graeco-Roman. This recapitulation was what we term the Renaissance, and started in the homeland of the Romans, Italy.

In the future (postulated as expected to start around 3500 AD), another great culture will arise, based on the Slavonic or Slavic peoples; however, that takes us beyond the scope of this present study.


Present orthodox scientific consensus re. human or near-human presence in Europe

Some Changes During the Past 10,000 Years

This is not meant to be a comprehensive study (which would have to be at least of book length). I should like to highlight a few things as a foundation for what I shall write hereinbelow.

  • “From 20,000 years ago until 6,000 years ago, sea level rose steadily around the world.” [Wikipedia:];
  • in Europe, the human population seems to have been small, perhaps very small, until quite recent times (meaning times more recent than 10,000 years ago). The famous Lascaux cave paintings (present-day SW France) are believed to date from perhaps 15,000 years ago.


Leaving aside detailed consideration of yet more ancient times, the details of which are even more speculative, let us concentrate on the time between that period usually known as the Bronze Age (that is, the period which started no more than 5,000 years ago and in Northern Europe more recently, less than 4,000 years ago, and continued to as recently as 500 BC), and the present day.

Half of the Present-Day Inhabitants of Europe Descend from One Bronze Age Man

Recent advances in archaeological technology, DNA etc have established that over half of the present European population is descended from only one Bronze Age individual, who lived about 4,000 years ago.

In fact, studies seem to show that most present-day Europeans are descended from only three such Bronze Age “kings”, “nobles” etc (in fact, such titles are nothing more than journalistic guesses). Indeed, if present-day non-Europeans and part-Europeans (resident in the Europe of today) are taken out of the equation, the proportion descended from those few might well be far higher.

This is not the place in which to speculate about what events caused only 3 individuals to be the progenitors of most of the European population living today. That speculation is better left to others with wide knowledge of palaeontology, archaeology etc. In any case, that is not the point of this article. The fact remains that almost everything we know as our present culture originated, genetically, from those few men and their families. As a 1930s poster had it, “National Socialism, The Expression of our Biological Knowledge”.

Just think about that: everything, pretty much, that we accept as the human-created world around us, from planes to cars to our housing, to our philosophies, sciences etc, comes from those few people, whose descendants are now the European peoples, and also many of the Americans, Australians etc in the world. Yet those ancient people themselves of course knew nothing of what has become our world.

Ways of Life

Many tourists visit ancient ruined temples, fortresses, whole cities, whose inhabitants fled or were killed, hundreds or even thousands of years ago. In some cases, natural phenomena such as interruption of water supply caused places to be abandoned. More commonly, the cause is found in the military or social collapse of a society. One does not have to visit such places as El Djem, Dougga, Karnak, Babylon, Susa, the great temples of South-East Asia, the ruined cities and pyramids of the Aztecs and Mayans, to realize that even the most developed civilizations sometimes just stop.

In England (and Britain as a whole), for example, we have the remains of several previous cultures:

“[Britain] was first inhabited by people who crossed over the land bridge from the European mainlandHuman footprints have been found from over 800,000 years ago in Norfolk[36] and traces of early humans have been found (at Boxgrove Quarry, Sussex) from some 500,000 years ago[37] and modern humans from about 30,000 years ago.

Until about 14,000 years ago, Great Britain was connected to Ireland, and as recently as 8,000 years ago it retained a land connection to the continent, with an area of mostly low marshland joining it to what are now Denmark and the Netherlands.[38] In Cheddar Gorge, near Bristol, the remains of animal species native to mainland Europe such as antelopesbrown bears, and wild horses have been found alongside a human skeleton, ‘Cheddar Man‘, dated to about 7150 BC. Thus, animals and humans must have moved between mainland Europe and Great Britain via a crossing.[39] Great Britain became an island at the end of the last glacial period when sea levels rose due to the combination of melting glaciers and the subsequent isostatic rebound of the crust.” [from Wikipedia:]

When the Romans left Britain (410 AD is the usual date, but the decline of Roman Britain was a gradual process over very many decades on either side of the date of departure of the last legion), the existing inhabitants and later the incoming Saxons etc had to start anew. They were not equipped to continue Roman civilization and its way of life. Britain only started to climb to anything like the Roman level a thousand years later. Indeed, in some ways, Britain only reached a Roman level of lifestyle some 1,500 years after the Romans left, in the 19th and 20th centuries: central heating, good roads, a good level of general education, running water for the urban populations etc.

The biggest mistake that can be made in this area is to imagine that fallen societies are always replaced by more sophisticated, more advanced, more civilized societies. In fact, the usual situation is expressed by the staggered spiral. A period of advance is not infrequently followed by a retrograde motion, before another and greater advance can be made. So the Graeco-Roman period reached its greatest outward extent, only to decline internally, lapsing into weakness and decadence, before collapsing entirely; invaded and largely destroyed by peoples less civilized, who however had within them the seed of later greatness. “Dark Ages” followed, followed by several centuries of the upbuilding of culture by the “new” peoples before those peoples rediscovered antiquity in the Renaissance, which then led on to the Enlightenment and to a civilization of a new and different kind: scientific, interested in practical matters, which however incorporated into itself the earlier culture.

In terms of exploration of the world from Europe, we know that Columbus reached the islands of the Americas in 1492, and that Africa, Australia etc were only really explored by Europeans in the 19thC, so only about 150 years earlier than today, whereas Antarctica was actually unknown until sighted by a Russian ship in 1820.

Where We Are Now

It may be that our present (Fifth Post-Atlantean Age) culture has reached, or shortly will reach, its highest point, despite having run less than a third of its course. A vast array of scientific discoveries have been made since this age started in the early 15thC. Those discoveries have been exploited for both martial and ordinary economic uses. In the field of transport alone, there have been developed cars, motorcycles, trucks, tanks, trains, planes, rockets, powered sea-going craft, submarines, helicopters, hovercraft etc. In medicine, we have had the discovery of bacteria, of pasteurization, immunization, disinfection, advanced surgery (one only need think how primitive even basic anatomy was until the late 19thC), body scanning, antibiotics, organ transplants, powerful analgesics, homeopathy (controversial though that may be), DNA etc. All within the past 200 years or so, and much of it within the past 100.

The population of the Earth is now at what appears to be its greatest-ever extent, certainly in recorded history:

World population has experienced continuous growth since the end of the Great Famine of 1315–17 and the Black Death in 1350, when it was near 370 million.” [Wikipedia]

The highest population growth rates – global population increases above 1.8% per year – occurred between 1955 and 1975, peaking to 2.06% between 1965 and 1970.[5] The growth rate has declined to 1.18% between 2010 and 2015 and is projected to decline further in the course of the 21st century.” [Wikipedia]

The 10 most populous countries contain about 60% of the population of the world, India and China having about 36% (with Bangladesh and Pakistan, over 40%) of the total.

As we see, the population of the world, though still growing, is growing at a fairly slow rate now, though still huge in terms of numbers. It may be that almost all those who were sent to (re)incarnation in order to experience the high point of our age (now nearly a third of the way through its course) are on Earth or recently have been.

What Might Cause the Immediate or Very Swift Collapse of the Present World Order and/or European Society, As Well As Population Reduction?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse usually ride together:

Many will speak of climate change, but that, in itself (leaving aside to what extent it exists— and what is the cause of it if it exists), will not change anything significant in terms of social order in Europe in the next 10-30 years.

Then there is the possibility of a strike by a large object from space, such as a meteor. Impossible to quantify. Some scientists say that the odds are shortening.

Another possibility is a massive tsunami, which might be provoked by a seismic collapse in the area West of the Canary Islands. If that happened, it would dwarf the recent Asian tsunamis and wipe out much of the population in Western Europe.

Pandemic: with the gradual lessening of effectiveness of antibiotics, this must be a possibility.

The most likely large-scale event to affect Europe in the next few years would be war between Russia and NATO, provoked by NATO as the armed wing of the New World Order. NATO troops, especially American, with a small number from Britain’s depleted spearhead, now often go on “exercise” on the very borders of Russia (Latvia, Ukraine etc) and have even been deployed there on a longer-term basis. Were a NATO-Russia war to occur and to go nuclear, parts of Europe would be devastated. The UK, still after 75 years “America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier” (in the words of Roosevelt), would be all but annihilated as the major strategic targets were destroyed: submarine bases in Scotland, the various early-warning stations, US airfields and other facilities in the UK, large ports etc.

However, even nuclear devastation (so long as it did not cause a nuclear winter) would not necessarily be the end of the story. The Japanese cities hit by atomic bombs in 1945 and almost entirely devastated were rebuilt and are now thriving: photos below show Nagasaki by night and by day, c.2018



photo below shows Nagasaki industrial district after the American atom bombing in 1945


photos below: Hiroshima after atom bomb attack in 1945, and then today



In fact, such destruction was not confined to areas hit by atom bombs. In Japan, Germany and elsewhere, the devastation from conventional bombs and deliberately-created firestorms was quite as bad. Below, Tokyo and Dresden, 1945:



Both Tokyo and Dresden are now once again thriving and heavily-populated cities, of course.

It is common knowledge that the nuclear weapons of today are far more powerful than those used against Japan in 1945. However, the principle is the same. In fact multiple warheads would destroy the same areas, those of the highest strategic importance; other areas would be affected only indirectly, especially those likely to be upwind (in the UK, Wales, Cornwall, Devon, the Western areas of Britain generally).


The medical and other effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster have been terrible for very many people, especially in the Ukraine, especially those who lived near Chernobyl or under the path of its pollution. However, people generally do live unaffected by it, not only in Kiev (which was upwind of the “plume” of radioactive dust) but even (illegally or unofficially) within the “exclusion zone” (mostly now-elderly people who returned against orders to their former homes in the less built-up areas).

Below, before and after photos of the same street corner in Pripyat, the nearest town (until the disaster, 49,000 inhabitants) to the Chernobyl nuclear plant.


Below, Pripyat today, in Summer, a ghost town…


In fact, despite radiation and some undesirable genetic mutations and cancers, the animal population in the contaminated Exclusion Zone (i.e. nearly 20 miles in all directions from the Chernobyl reactors), an area the size of Hampshire, or 10 times the size of the Isle of Wight, has flourished since humans fled. Species rarely seen before 1986 are now almost commonplace: Przewalski’s horse, bears, wolves, elk, wild boar, lynx, among others.

Thinking The Unthinkable

Since 1945, the peoples of the world have, with reason, thought of nuclear war as the worst possible eventuality. The powers-that-be (on all sides) have encouraged that view. It has been part of the nuclear stalemate, the nuclear peace during the Cold War. Mutually Assured Destruction.

From the Kremlin to the White House, from Pugwash to Helsinki, from the Rand Corporation through Iron Mountain to Chatham House, and from Herman Kahn to Bertrand Russell, the post-1945 peace and standoff has been secured, in part, by the consciousness that nuclear war might well mean destruction of not only all human civilization but of all life on Earth. What if, though, that “Ur-fact” or Grundnorm is in fact only a partial truth?

Only a maniac could speak of nuclear war lightly. However, might our basic culture, if not the hugely-complex civilization based on it, be able to survive a major nuclear war? Not to think lightly of that possibility, and certainly not to promote it as a way forward, but might we (as a race or people), like the animals of Chernobyl, survive and eventually thrive if it happened?


The “Gaia Hypothesis”, that is, that the Earth is to some extent self-regulating (or even “alive” as an organism) was popularized from 1979 by the British scientist, environmentalist and futurist James Lovelock, but the essence of it, in more spiritual form, had been noted long before, notably by Rudolf Steiner, in some of his lectures. The latter also said that from time to time the Earth shrugs off unwanted irritants as a large animal does parasites from its body.

When we look at the Earth over the course of the present Fifth Post-Atlantean age, i.e. from about 1400 AD to the present day, we see how a relatively unspoiled natural world has been gradually polluted and abused. In 1400, even Western Europe had vast forests, few of which still exist to their original extent. That was even more true of Eastern Europe and Russia. Australia, New Zealand had not been discovered by Europeans; neither had the Americas, in effect, though in fact the Vikings knew of North America, had even visited it, but (for good reason) the Vatican suppressed that knowledge as long as it could, thus delaying for several centuries further European connection to the Americas.

The oceans were still pristine in 1400, and have become progressively more polluted and overfished in the past 600 years. Plastic waste has become almost ubiquitous on both land and sea.

As for the animal kingdom, many scientists think that we are living in a period of extinctions, a “Great Mass Extinction” of life on Earth. Unlike previous mass extinctions, this one is being caused mainly by human activity. We have all seen the struggle to protect the great (and small) animals of Africa, Asia etc, and those of the oceans.

Europeans have awoken to the world environment and its crisis, but that has mainly not been the case among the backward peoples: Chinese, Indians, Africans etc (speaking in group terms). Europe is at least now struggling to help the environment, but is outnumbered many many times over by the Chinese, Indians etc, most of whom have little understanding of the need for stewardship of the Earth, and who accuse the “West” of hypocrisy for its high per-capita consumption.

The human population of the Earth 10,000-12,000 years ago has been estimated as having been anything from 1 million to 15 million. In other words, speculation. The Roman Empire c.500 AD may have contained 50 or 60 million inhabitants, and China contained (another estimate) perhaps 100 million. The estimate for the whole world at the beginning of our age (c.1400 AD) is around 350 million. Now (2019) the world contains nearly 8 billion (8,000,000,000) people. Twenty times the population of 600 years ago, and those people are almost all each consuming hugely more than did people of former times. Something surely has to give.

The Path Ahead

I have blogged previously about the need for “safe zones” as a germinal ethnostate in the UK. I note that, in Germany, USA and elsewhere, others seem to have come to the same conclusion. People of social-national views are at least thinking about withdrawing from the present society and creating their own autonomous or semi-autonomous societies in rural areas. In its basic form, this idea is “white flight” and has been happening for half a century in North America; it happens now in the UK, Germany, France too. In more sophisticated form, the idea takes shape more consciously, not simply “white flight” away from the present society but also to the beginnings of a new society.

My past blog posts on the subject of “safe zones” etc:

[Update, 10 July 2020; blog post:]

The Role of Family

Nick Griffin, one-time head of the BNP, has written about how conventional politics is finished in Western Europe. He places his trust in the durability of the white Northern European family: the production of children to maintain the bloodlines or, as some term them,  “les rivieres pourpres”. While I cannot agree with him if he thinks that organization is unnecessary (I suspect that he does not go that far), it is certainly true that setting up little political parties, or having pleasant social evenings with like-minded political people etc is a dead duck at present, though we must never forget that Adolf Hitler was member number 7 of the DAP which became the NSDAP. Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

In the end, the future may be ours if we as a group have children who can bear our bloodlines into the future. In this study, I noted that one man long ago, about 4,000 years ago, is now known to have been the progenitor of over half of all European people alive today. I also noted that two other men were the progenitors of most of the rest of the people of European ethnicity who now live. Those three men created our present Europe and therefore most of the advanced world civilization of today. Three men!

It may be that a mere few people or even one couple will, through their children, be the transmitters of les rivieres pourpres into the future, that our present civilization will soon descend into bloodshed and chaos, but that the few who matter will survive and then create the future through their own bloodlines and via the culture and knowledge which they possess.









You carry in your blood the holy inheritance of your
fathers and forefathers. You do not know those who
have vanished in endless ranks into the darkness of the
past. But they all live in you and walk in your blood upon
the earth that consumed them in battle and toil and in
which their bodies have long decayed.

Your blood is therefore something holy. In it your parents gave you not only a body, but your nature. To deny your blood is to deny yourself. No one can
change it. But each decides to grow the good that one has
inherited and suppress the bad. Each is also given will
and courage.

You do not have only the right, but also the duty to pass
your blood on to your children, for you are a member of
the chain of generations that reaches from the past into
eternity, and this link of the chain that you represent
must do its part so that the chain is never broken.

But if your blood has traits that will make your children
unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the
heroic duty to be the last. The blood is the carrier of life. You carry in it the secret of creation itself. Your blood is holy, for in it God’s will
lives.”   [SS Verlag: material for instruction of the Hitlerjugend]


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    1. As to von Daniken, I did skim one or two books by him in the 1970s, and was not overly impressed, but I can remember little now; I am probably not qualified to judge, for that and other reasons.

      Thor Heyerdahl: interesting character. Someone of courage. A genuine adventurer and thinker: , but that does not mean that he was right on his various theses. I read his Kon-Tiki book long ago, again I think in the 1970s.

      This was another interesting (and brave) fellow:, though he did not pretend to deep learning or a scientific purpose: a straight adventurer, though rather a mystic in a pantheistic way. His books are worth reading.

      As to the latest Daily Mail story about Hitler, all one can say is that, were an individual obsessed by another individual the way the Mail is about Hitler, that first individual would be accused of stalking!


      1. I mentioned Von Daniken partly because of his view on “extraterrestrial” input into South and Central American culture/civilization – which always struck me as an oddity, considering the ” relatively ” advanced building methods, (Machu Pichu etc) yet their supposed descendants – modern tribes people, mestizos etc are considerably less advanced! History tells us Civilizations advance and evolve or at the very least “stagnate” they don’t go into reverse – which seems to have happened in the America’s! Whether it is Atlanteans or something else, the standard view doesn’t make sense to me, particularly when there have been mummies found of humans with red hair (Chile) which pre-date the Spanish conquest! As for Heyadahl – I know he suggested that the Ancient Egyptians may have built the Pyramids in South America, after having sailed across the Atlantic – he may be wrong but it is strange how similar some of the Ancient civilizations were – such as in Architecture and Linguistics for example ! As for the third man – I will look into it as was not aware of him to be honest!


      2. To my mind, the similarities or apparent similarities of, say, Egyptian pyramids and Central American pyramids *may* be (probably are) by reason of a common Atlantean heritage, though the Egyptians are one partial offshoot of the Aryans (5th Race of Atlantis), whereas the Central American peoples (Aztecs, Mayans etc) were descendants of the Toltecs (3rd Race of Atlantis). Blavatsky made the same point though using slightly different terminology, as here:



      3. I would hate to be in the position where I would need to apply to the Daily Mail for the job of ‘journalist’ at that utterly gormless, lying Tory rag. What are the essential ‘attibutes’ I would need to have to fulfill their CV requriments? Surprisingly, not a good command of our language as their ‘journalists’ regularly display bad grammar and suspect spelling but being mentally ill and rabid schizophrenic traits instead!

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      4. Most online-newspaper journalists now are students or p/t wannabees. As you say, the standard of grammar, spelling etc is often appalling. As for ethics, one of the main “journalists” (Jew, of course) at the Daily Mail is or was a crony of washed up Jew solicitor Mark Lewis; that “journalist” published, with others, a complete fantasy report on Alison Chabloz just after her trial, making all sorts of untrue allegations about how her family hate her etc.


    1. I agree, but there is no sign of that among those with the power to stop the flood. On the contrary. The EU ruling cabal is encouraging the invasion and now wants to conceal it by allowing mass “managed migration” (ie instead of hordes coming on rafts and rubber boats, causing European discontent, other hordes arriving daily on scheduled flights…). That is what the recent Marrakesh conference was all about. The general public in the UK, France, Germany etc want non-European migration-invasion stopped, but those in power and in the msm etc are either part of the conspiracy, or in thrall to it for money or career reasons.
      ps truth is stranger than fiction…

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  1. Utterly despicable lies from that Jewish ‘journalist’ at the Daily Tory Moron then. Personally, I’ve always regarded their ‘journalists’ as beyond any form of respect but that one outdoes the rest of the total pondlife at the rag. Who was it by the way? Geoffrey Levy? I think that woman Anne Leslie is Jewish too though I have a feeling she doesn’t write for them now.


      1. I don’t know if she still writes for the “Mail” but Melanie Phillip’s has always irritated me!


      2. Well, she irritates most people. Occasionally, she makes valid societal points, but in the end she is a Jewish Zionist supremacist. I noticed when I was up before the Bar Tribunal over two years ago, which tribunal hearing was held in Gray’s Inn Square, that she and her husband (the legal journalist Joshua Rozenberg) lived in the same building as the hearing rooms. There was a brass plate on the door.

        No, btw, she was sacked by the Daily Mail a year or two ago. She is going to speak, with “MarkLewisLawyer”, who fled to Israel recently, at a meeting against UK “antisemitism”. On 10 February, at Tel Aviv.


  2. She is vile in many ways but yes occasionally some of what she says does have a point to it. I remember her annoying a Question Time audience for god’s sake (and we all know how carefully Auntie Beeb selects them for obeying the PC script) just after 9/11 as she castigated every Muslim on earth for being evil and then acting all hurt and shocked by accusing the audience of (yes, you’ve guessed it, ‘anti-semitism’) when they were really being anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli. Like most Zionist Jewish supremacists she accuses others of extremism but can’t recognise it when she or other Zionist Jewish supremacists are guilty of extremism themselves.

    She must have committed a grave error for that Tory rag to have sacked her. Do you know what it was?


      1. Yes, she follows the Jewish Zionist supremacist playbook in that Israeli nationalism is fine for Jews in Israel but woe betide us lowly British goyim showing the same ethnic self-awareness/ethnic cohesiveness as her fellow Jews do in Haifa or Tel Aviv! She isn’t a fan of the so-called British ‘far right’ but Likud and Netenhahu are ok!


      2. Sometimes, I have to shake my head at how “they” have almost taken over in the UK. It was only in the mid-19thC that they were able to stand for Parliament (or become barristers) etc. The floods of the 1880s, 1900-1914 period and 1930s have brought the British people to the brink of complete serfdom. The saving word is “almost”. The Kraken wakes…


  3. Never knew she was married to Joshua Rozenburg – blimey! It is funny how “Israel Nationalism” is considered a honourable ideology but White Ethnocentrism is viewed as terrible! BTW, I thought she was moving to Israel – although she seems to spend alot of time in the UK?


    1. Perhaps, she should follow the example of Dame Shirley Porter of 1980’s Tory Westminster Council infamy and make a move to Tel Aviv!


      1. Just recalled an amusing incident: a old German aristocratic lady I knew lived in Little Venice, London. In 1980s, Shirley Porter was standing for election in Westminster borough and had a TV crew from BBC London (I think) following her. She approached my friend in the street and said “Hello, I’m Shirley Porter”. I loved my friend’s response: “I thought that porters were always men; anyway, I have no luggage today.” She then sailed away, leaving Madame Tesco spluttering! Sadly, TV news did not show that encounter!


  4. Dope Not Soap are getting increasingly unhinged if they truely think UKIP are the new BNP. Only very recently under Batten’s leadership has that party made the most minor steps into a small part of the BNP’s terrain ie warning Britain pretty sheeplessly about the dangers of Islamism. UKIP still has globalist economic policies whereas the BNP was an anti- globalist party which favoured free enterprise within national borders and limits like the Asian Tiger economies of South Korea and Japan. These Marxist anti-British fruitcakes pushed UKIP under Farage in order to divert working class voters away from the BNP as they knew that due to Farage and company being Thatcherite Tory economic globalists such people would either still vote Labour, abstain or waste their votes on UKIP which was and remains a ‘safe’ safety valve party the Lib/Lab/CON party need not have worried themselves over.


    1. I agree. UKIP never did as well as the BNP except in Euro elections (and BNP got 2 MEPs in early 2009…I heard the doleful BBC voices on radio in France, and rejoiced!). As you say, UKIP are “licensed ” faux-nationalists, just as there are “licensed” faux-socialists and “revolutionaries”, such as Owen Jones, Ash Sarkar etc. Allowed on a few TV shows (that few watch), in order to present a facade of “liberal freedom” to the public.


      1. Indeed. Before Farage was given unproportional airtime on the BBC on programmes like Question Time (ie compared to the likes of the Green Party with their ELECTED Caroline Lucas MP) in order to divert people into the electoral dead end of UKIP rather than the BNP the latter party was regularly outscoring them in council elections in working-class communities and at the height of the BNP’s success this was even starting to happen in a few middle-class Tory-inclined places. The supreme irony of the BBC, Dope Not Soap etc deliberating acting in this Machiavellian way is that they got the result of EU withdrawal they opposed in the 2016 referendum. Their plotting just goes to show that trying to manipulate an electorate can sometimes backfire spectacularly!


      2. Yes. There are many examples of attempts to set an agenda only to see the attempt blow up in the faces of the conspirators (sometimes literally: see “technical attack”…)

        The BNP was starting to gain traction, though I saw it mainly from afar. That Euro election success was stellar. The BBC voices told the story. I was laughing listening to it from Finistere. You would think that they were reporting on a latter-day NSDAP suddenly getting 50% in the Westminster monkeyhouse elections.

        The Jews and the “antifa” useful idiots should take a look at the idea of casting out one “demon” only for many to flood in.


    1. Thank you. Interesting. Have you read this, about “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, now fled to Israel, though keeping a toehold in the UK?

      “A lawyer at the centre of the inquiry into newspaper ethics once used a private investigator who had been jailed for helping a murder suspect on the run. Solicitor Mark Lewis…”

      “More, 70, was jailed for nine months in 2004 after admitting aiding his son.
      The client More was supposed to help was Pat Middleton, who wanted to sue over false claims that she stole from a Conservative club in Wythenshawe, Manchester.
      She later fell out with Mr Lewis after claiming to have racked up £80,000 in fees with his firm.”


  5. Off topic a bit, I have read a report in the Daily Telegraph today about the rabid self-publicist Nigel Farage and man with a rude gob from Dulwich College is in the process of setting-up YET ANOTHER party along with rich Tory idiots with the ever so imaginative title of The Brexit Party thereby in a few words singling itself out as a SINGLE ISSUE organisation like UKIP became famous for. When is Farage and these Tory multi-millionaires/billionaires going to realise it is SEATS in the HOUSE OF COMMONS that matters as far as REAL political power is concerned N0T the EU one? Farage never did get elected to the Commons even taking into account by-elections in Tory seats like the Bromley one back in 2006 which could have produced a UKIP gain. These political dullards need to face facts and realise one issue parties are NEVER successful and UKIP’s role as a pressure group on the Tories hasn’t achieved anything of substance yet with a BRINO at best being the likely end product.

    Daily Telegraph readers on that report are, predictably, supporting his latest vanity project in the main with few of them showing any real level of political astuteness by knowing this new ‘party’ is destined to be yet another failed fad.

    Many are condemning Gerard Batten and his alleged Islamiphobia even though he has only approached the subject of Islamists pretty tentatively. Speaking personally, I think Batten comes across better than loudmouth Farage and has a bit more political nous.

    Even this new party in Scotland: is a better bet for eventual lasting political success as the traitors in the House of a Treason only fear TRUELY BROADBASED opposition to them ie NOT Tory inclined pressure groups like Farage’s UKIP was.


  6. Although I only had a brief look, I was quite intrigued by this “new” party – I will have a more in-depth look later! Off topic – it seems the Antifa in Germany are interested in assassinating AFD leaders there. Let’s not forget that the Security Services recently admitted putting them under surveillance – seems they have the wrong target!


    1. Eventually, there will probably be a civil war, albeit muted or on a limited scale, in Germany. I think in the UK too, even if most people (in either country) are only spectators. When steam builds up and is prevented from escaping, either an unexpected outlet opens up, or there is an explosion.


      1. I think so too, I presume that is why the Government is so keen to clampdown on social media and the internet generally in-case they have to limit forms of communication in the event of societal breakdown? I notice Matt Hancock and Sajid Javid talking about threats to social media regarding suicide info and kids involved of or suspected of using/carrying knives – quite hysterical actuality! Also, just seen on BBC news 24 that the equality and human rights commission has proposed new guidelines (supported by the government minister) regarding free speech on campus saying that “free” speech must be protected – what about the rest of us? Off topic, this made me laugh!


      2. Yes, all that noise about “protection of children”, “prevention of crime and terrorism” etc is just a way of restricting free speech on socio-political matters. I too heard all about the “protect free speech on campus” noise, yet recently some young people were actually *imprisoned* for putting up a few stickers on a university campus! Must have been “the wrong sort” of free speech, I suppose…

        On the other point, I had not heard of him. Just looked at his designs and was underwhelmed, frankly. It may be cynical, but he fits the bill for the System: black, willing to doormat for the Jewish Zionists etc. As for his idea for a museum, I can only suppose that it would be a small one…


  7. Yes, the stickers on a university campus were displayed by “National action” activist’s, so yes quite ironic in regard to free speech on campuses lol! As to the threats regarding social media companies – very sad over that girl and perhaps a few others who have allegedly been influenced by material on those sites and committed suicide, however it is a tiny number in comparison to the size of the population and no government should use it as an excuse for any kind of restriction! What with Sajid Javid’s absurd proposal to ban kids from social media sites ( knife crime prevention order ) under the threat of prison for a breach as well, it is obvious the powers-that-be are doing everything In their power to maintain some sort of control of the last “relatively” free medium us citizens possess! Re. the architect – I am not familiar with him either, although I am surprised the Zionists have appointed him, because if his design is underwhelming I would expect the public to vote with their feet! Then again, as it is expected to be close to Parliament, it will be forever in the public glare – including during live broadcasts etc!


    1. The present government will find it hard to stamp on free speech very hard, if only because it will not have the Parliamentary time (and votes, perhaps) to do so. However, it is clear that the Jew-Zionist lobby is working away behind the scenes to restrict our freedom and our future: latter-day “Juden Suss”!


      1. They are also working feverishly to manuvere the Labour Party into a position where it can more easily be scared into obeying Zionist dictates. If you look on google you will find a story in the Observer tomorrow about ‘centrist’ Labour MPs and Zionists like Luciana Berger wanting to set up their own breakaway party. Apparently, Jeremy Corbyn is still firmly wedged in her ‘naughty house’ over his ‘anti-semitism’ so we are going to witness yet another storm on this subject pushed by the likes of her and this coming just when we were getting bored with Brexit lol!. Your prediction a few months back about Labour Party ‘centrists’ and Zionist doormats forming a new breakaway party may become a reality!


      2. I also predicted that a new “Centrist” party would get nowhere (probably). Two factors are key: name recognition (or lack of it) among voters and the fact that events are pushing politics to the (necessary) “extremes”.


    1. France has the most Jews of any part of Europe (mostly in Paris) and their influence is pervasive in the economy, mass media and politics of France. I wonder whether there will not be a backlash, though. Compare the Yellow Vests to the pathetic UK equivalents, such as “Tommy Robinson” and his beer-bottle throwers, or Katie Hopkins and her online following of blazer-wearing UKIP supporters. All under the Zionist thumb too, needless to say.


    1. The EU dictatorship will soon be fighting a 2-front war: on the one hand against states and peoples wanting to exit, on the other against nationalist parties in the EU Parliament, which parties will or may want to reform or even dissolve the EU as it now is.


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