Diary Blog, 6 March 2022, including Ukrainian bio-labs and my own experience of visiting Porton Down

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Homeschooling is better, and (contrary to what many believe) not illegal in the UK.


Biological Threat Reduction Program

When I was still a practising barrister in London, I was trying, around 1995, to get funding and support for an EU-award-winning project to make fuel out of biomass (I called it “gold out of straw”). I approached, to that end, two embassies, the Ukrainian and the Cuban.

Both Ukraine and Cuba had large amounts of biomass normally burned or left to rot, the unwanted surplus from agriculture (in the case of Cuba, mostly sugar-cane, in the case of Ukraine from grain crops, mostly wheat). Both countries needed fuel. Also, both countries were replete with scientifically and technically-trained people.

The Cuban Embassy ignored my letter, i.e. were useless bastards who deserved to wither on the vine (as they have done since); the Ukrainian Embassy was more interested. I was invited to meet, at first briefly, the then Ambassador, at the Embassy, which was then in Notting Hill (somewhere in the Holland Park area now).

The Ambassador, a Mr. Komissarenko, who now has his own Wikipedia page [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serhiy_Komisarenko] turned out, by lucky chance, to be a biochemist by training. He was a rather charismatic character (a former Deputy Prime Minister, who even had Presidential aspirations), and was very interested in visiting the British biological research (and “germ warfare”) laboratories at Porton Down, Wiltshire, which (partly-privatized) was the location of the lab and offices of the “gold out of straw” project.

A week or so later, I travelled with the Ambassador, his Scientific Attache, and a driver, to Porton Down. His driver, in a Lexus limousine, made the most of diplomatic immunity, running red lights from Notting Hill to outer London, then cruising at top speed down the A303. I thought that we must be going below the speed limit, so smooth and quiet was the ride, until I looked at the speedo— over 130 mph. We made Porton Down, on Salisbury Plain, a distance of about 90 miles, in about 40 minutes. Lexus make good cars.

After an initial hiccup at the sentry post, when the Ambassador, of all people, was not on the guards’ list, we entered the huge area, and the Ambassador was introduced to the main scientist on the Project, an elderly, gruff —and in fact hard to talk to— North Country boffin, Professor Someone-or-other, and the rest.

Anyway, an interesting day all in all, with a late pub lunch after we were checked out, and animated discussion between the Ukrainian and British or British-Iranian sides (one scientist, whom, with his brother and mother, I in fact knew personally, was one of a family that had fled Iran in the 1970s, the Ayatollahs’ regime having hanged the head of the family).

Porton Down is in a heavily military area. We were just starting to head back to London, down some country lane, when a British Army patrol, in full combat gear and camouflage cream, encountered us. The soldiers immediately went down on one knee. The officer then waved us on.

In the end, the project was at too early a stage for the Ukrainians. They wanted something more or less ready to begin producing on an industrial scale, so nothing came of it (and I missed out on what might have been a big fee). Still, interesting.

I saw some time ago from Wikipedia that Komissarenko was, perhaps still is, head of a biochemical institute in Ukraine. Ukraine seems to have a number of such institutes and laboratories. I wonder what they all do.

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…and Hong Kong Chinese.

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Migration-invasion. White Genocide.

This is not confined to the US or UK, though they are they are most heavily affected (with, possibly, Australasia). It is a general trend in the dying West. Conformism, and pseudo-“liberal” illiberalism.

You cannot “debate” such creatures (even if you were so inclined). The only thing to do is eliminate them.

Get Macron out, or otherwise dispose of him. My assessment from a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

Mia Farrow?! Is she still around? I wonder whether she will be as gung-ho about war with Russia when a missile with a nuclear warhead lands in her Californian suburb?

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We rarely get visitors at this time of year...”

So much for lovely liberal Ukraine…

Can Ukraine now be called a functioning state at all? Seems to be behaving just like some kind of bandit regime…

That nincompoop should be asking himself why Britain should risk nuclear war with Russia for the sake of a Jew-ruled bandit state.

The real answer, though, lies in the fact that the “British” government is just “ZOG” and part of the New World Order plan, or “NWO”.

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The Second World War was triggered when Germany invaded the territory of Poland (as did the Soviet Union), Britain and France having given Poland worthless guarantees that would be activated upon such invasion.

Britain and France could not save Poland from invasion, or be in any way involved in the matter, but those “guarantees” still meant that a world war was triggered.

In fact, without going into tiresome detail, the German invasion was partly the result of 20 years of Polish provocations.

Now we see, once again, Poland provoking matters, this time by having decided to supply Ukraine with fighter aircraft.

Many of Ukraine’s airfields are out of commission by reason of Russian attack. Will such aircraft now take off from and later land in Poland, having attacked Russian forces? What happens if Russian forces attack those bases in Poland? Poland is a NATO member now. Will NATO then take up arms against Russia?

This whole situation is in danger of sliding toward world war. Look at the deadheads in control in the UK, USA etc. I do not necessarily exclude Russia, not after this botched invasion that has trashed Russia’s reputation worldwide. The GRU and Russian Army need a profound reorganization.

Anything could now happen.

Hard to know what to make of the rumours that US Navy Seals and/or Delta Force are about to take the Jew Zelensky to safety in Poland, Lithuania, or elsewhere. Maybe. Certainly Zelensky is key. Were he to be captured or killed, the Russians would probably be able to take and hold Kiev more easily.

There is beginning to be a grim inevitability about events, which brings to mind 1939 and 1914.

I saw some idiot on a bicycle yesterday, fully masked in the cold wind. These “mask remainers” are mentally-ill, basically.

Quite. Most “British” athletes are now blacks. In fact, the “holy football” in the UK is now, mostly, “my blacks can beat your blacks”.

.”..and so administration slowly collapsed in Britain” [possible extract from a history book, hundreds of years from today].

At best, a useless millstone round the neck; at worst, hostile and even dangerous. We don’t need them, and don’t want them.

Daniel Hannan is the sort of person whose superficial intelligence and education conceals a deeply-rooted and eccentric stupidity.

The very idea that Boris-idiot is more than a loudly trumpeting bystander in world events is not even worth discussing.

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19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 March 2022, including Ukrainian bio-labs and my own experience of visiting Porton Down”

    1. Watcher:
      Mann is completely in the pocket of the Jewish lobby. His “peerage” was granted by Theresa May. What more need be said? He has even absorbed “their” ways of thinking, eg requiring Corbyn to “properly condemn” Putin.

      Mann is of a piece with the sex-pest depressives, and Israel-lobby liars, John Woodcock (“Lord Walney” now) and Stephen Crabb, among others.


      1. I believe the Mossad must have something on “Lord” Mann. He’s so fanatically and overtly philo-semitic that it’s actually comical. Like a terrified child desperately trying to please an abusive parent. With his serial killer eyes i’m guessing what they know is something quite sinister. The closet case neocon Lindsey Graham in the US is similar. I bet whatever they have on him has something to do with underage males

        Liked by 1 person

      2. SaxonEngland:
        I have no idea about any of that, though he (Mann) has always, to my recollection, been (as you say) completely fanatically pro-Israel and pro-Jew. Why exactly, not sure. Self-interest in part, as with 80% or more of Con Party MPs, but there *does* seem to be more venom in his case.

        I did wonder whether to redact your comment a little, in case the libel lawyers were to call, but I am so poor (and so combative) now that I am really not worth suing, on any basis.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh sorry. I didn’t realise the comment was
        potentially risky. I’ll be more careful in the future


      4. SaxonEngland:
        No, say what you want.

        If I need to redact anything, I shall, eg if it would enable Jews to make (another) malicious complaint to the police about me.

        Of course your assertion about Mann (and the other person) *might* be considered libellous (esp. the last bit, if indeed that refers to Mann as well as the other named person), which means that, in principle, as someone who has “republished” it now, I am (jointly and severally with you, though I do not know your real name of course) *potentially* liable to be sued.

        However, I am completely impecunious these days, and anyone suing me would, even if “successful” at trial, end up forking out tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds in costs, which could never be recovered from me.

        There are few good things about being broke; being all but un-sue-able is, however, one of them.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Regarding “Saxon England” ‘s comment about those pieces of …. called Lord Mann and Lindsay Graham I believe it may be true because their revolting subservience to the Jews and their desperate desire to please them suggests that (((they))) may have something on them.

    Talking about these scumbags another two came to my mind now: Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, one more disgusting than the other. I believe that “scumbag” is a too nice/polite term to apply to them but I don’t want to make trouble for you… (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Say what you want. “Mere vulgar insult”, in English law, does not amount to libel… I am sure that you will enjoy what Evelyn Waugh characters might call the “deliciously antiquated” language of our law.


  2. Here’s a video by Gonzalo Lira (from Ukraine), about who bankrolls Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and why:

    Topic begins at 17:45.


      1. I have to say, Ihor Kolomoisky played a master stroke funding these Hollywoodesque skinheads in the Azov Battalion. We now have both sides accusing eachother of being, or supporting, Neo-Nazi’s (Putin is literally Hitler reincarnate, according to the Twitter twits), while the (((nose))), on both sides, continues to pull the strings from behind the scenes.

        End result? Thousands of dead goyim.


      2. Alex223:
        Indeed, but beyond that, there may be groups secretly and actively pushing for a nuclear war. I do not mean the hotheads influenced by the msm, but people with real influence, and who think that their core can survive and then dictate the peace, or whatever is left after such a war.


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