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Diary Blog, 26 September 2022

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Viva Italia!

Things are looking up…



Tip the Jesuit anti-Pope and usurper out of the Vatican .

The 1938 Pathe commentary might be better termed “pathetic”, though. Cheap Jewish hee-hawing for an unsophisticated and uneducated audience.

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[Daily Mail headline]

Britain is becoming a very strange country, on the one hand a nuclear power with all kinds of advanced technology, on the other hand a country where millions of its own citizens rely on foodbanks, millions more on State benefits, a country invaded daily by invaders in small boats as well as “legally” (and who are then housed in advance of actual British people). A country the currency of which shows signs of crashing.

Still, when the UK government is headed by a stupidly ignorant woman who only became an MP on her back, and when the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a woolly-headed n****r whose previous jobs included being a gopher at hedge funds, as well as a newspaper columnist…

…and let’s not forget our new Foreign Secretary, a half-caste with a “mcdegree” in “Hospitality Management”…

Pay peanuts get monkeys”, they say. Is the aphorism true in reverse?

Britain needs, not fake “Labour”, but real social nationalism.

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The EU as it now is is a facade of “liberal democracy” behind which is a core of NWO/ZOG power. Those who accept the EU at face-value are the kind of people who accept “trans” people as women, who accept the “panicdemic” as a real pandemic, and who think that only “discrimination” by Europeans has prevented blacks from creating a civilization, etc. They also accept the “holocaust” farrago as an unquestioned and unquestionable historical truth.

Treat the von der Leyen type as the evil tyrants they are.

It looks as though Italy has a leader.

Wake up, Hitchens. There is an NWO/ZOG-approved msm mob, mirrored by a vastly larger amateur mob of the same sort on Twitter etc. They all know what to say and not say— the amateurs out of “me too-ism”, and those scribblers and talking heads making a living out of it because they know that if they do not support, eg the Jew/Israel lobby, the NWO agenda in Ukraine, or re Russia, or re Assad etc, or the whole “panicdemic” farrago, or the whole “holocaust” farrago, then their “distinguished” careers stop right there. Right there.

Anyway, “distinguished” is usually very much in the eye of the beholder.

Another would-be “saviour” glad to see the back of his Ukrainian “refugee” guest…


A “refugee” from Kiev, most of which has been little touched (so far) by the conflict.

Some of the Ukrainians in the UK are genuine refugees from war; most are not. They usually come from areas untouched by war, often have financial resources and/or expensive cars, and are looking for an economic or career opportunity.

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[Vladimir Nechayev, Road, Road…]
[Vladimir Nechayev, Autumn Leaves]

Unexpected event

I visited the only fairly local supermarket this evening, a Waitrose branch. Outside the entrance to the building, a makeshift medical bed, like a large sleeping bag. Several staff were tending to the occupant, an elderly person. There were medic-looking cases or bags around, presumably from the first-aid room.

I did not like to stare, or interfere, in view of the fact that the incident was under control, but found out from one of the staff inside that someone had tripped over and was unable to get up. An ambulance had been called some 2 hours previously, but had not yet arrived. Two hours!

When I left, half an hour later, with my shopping, the patient was still there, still on the ground, and a member of staff had even moved up a large square parasol/umbrella from the Waitrose Cafe, to shield the person from a shower.

As I pushed my shopping to my vehicle, a large new Bentley passed by. Like something from a satirical sketch about Britain in 2022: if you are lucky, you drive off in a large new Bentley, if not so lucky you lie on a pavement, dependent on “the kindness of strangers”, until the NHS can organize itself to get around to you.

Eventually, I drove out. The patient was still lying, waiting and, needless to add, no-one was standing around clapping…

Britain 2022, where an ambulance takes hours to reach you.

Meanwhile, in some seaside resort, the pathetic remnants of the Labour Party were all going through the motions of praising “our NHS” etc, as they always do. Still, I suppose that the next General Election is now, rather surprisingly, suddenly theirs to lose.

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As I blogged a day or two ago, “JimmySecUK” presents himself as “sometime journalist” and as a supposed specialist of some kind in the field(s) of “national security” and strategy, but seems unwilling to put either his name or his organizational affiliations (if any) on his Twitter masthead.

An example of his style:

At least Peter Hitchens is open about his identity, and that of his newspaper (of course, he actually has one).

I assessed Hitchens, some years ago, on the blog: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/

This is exactly the situation in respect of the UK msm. On many topics, but an obvious one would be the “holocaust” farrago.

Late thought

I do not know for sure whether Europe is heading towards a third and even more disastrous “world” war, but it certainly seems that that might be the case.

I hope that that will not be the case, and that, if it is the case and does come to pass, a new and better civilization will eventually emerge from the ruins. See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/

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Diary Blog, 11 April 2022

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[“At the end stands— Victory“]

On this day a year ago

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Migration-invasion shuttle service provided by Border Force (“Border Farce“), Royal Navy, and the suborned RNLI.

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I have tried to cover this issue before on the blog. Not easy, mainly because earnings of barristers in private practice (i.e. not salaried employees working for government or companies) vary widely, indeed wildly. Anything from almost pennies to a million or more a year.

The general public tends to think of barristers averaging at least a couple of hundred thousand a year, but in fact many (especially those doing legally-aided criminal and family law work) are earning well under £100K, and many of those are making below £50K.

Needless to say, the public does not feel very sorry for those earning as much or more than they themselves do, but at the same time, barristers do have many extra expenses, which can take thousands or even tens of thousands off their gross income.

In the end, there has to be an effective court system, and that does mean having at least a corps of advocates, and that composed of at least reasonably proficient persons, which in turn posits the need for adequate remuneration.

I have no real axe to grind here. When I was at the ordinary practising Bar (1992-1996 and then 2002-2008), my work was partly (and after 1996, entirely) non-legally-aided. Also, I am scarcely likely to be overly kind about a profession the regulators of which allowed themselves to be manipulated by Jew-Zionist troublemakers who complained about me on political grounds (long after I ceased actual work as a barrister): see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

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Look at the second tweet below:

Seems unaware that “Queen’s Counsel” is spelled thus, not “queen’s council“. Writes books on the criminal justice systems of several countries, apparently. Also, it should have read “German lawyer“, not “German Lawyer“. Oh, and “principle“, not “priniciple“…

Standards are falling through the floor in this country, as shown in another of my blog posts: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/04/03/diary-blog-3-april-2021/ (scroll down to the bit about Henry Hendron).


[Daily Mail map showing apparent state of play as of 10 March 2022]

I do not have comment re. that map specifically, beyond what I wrote yesterday, i.e. that the Russian immediate strategy seems to be to draw a line from Kharkov to Dnipro (former Dnepropetrovsk) and then down to where Russian forces are near Zaporozhye, to defeat all Ukrainian forces east of that line, and to occupy everywhere east of that line.

The Russians are now playing what is called, in chess, a positional game, relying on broad strategy and slow accretions, rather than swift tactics and bold moves.

Ukraine is now, having been for 30 years close to being a “failed state”, a complete shell of a state, at least in the east. The latest statistics show that its economy has collapsed by 50% or more already. It has limited vehicle fuel, and the besieged areas lack not only fuel, but food, ammunition, and even water in some cases.

Russian forces in Ukraine face logistical problems —unsurprising in a country the size of France— but not shortages as such. Time is on the Russian side in that sense. Their forces can be resupplied.

I should think that the Russians will start to target any large Ukrainian troop concentrations, as well as resupply lines, using more powerful missiles launched from inside Russia.

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[SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler at the Berghof]

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Good move, but probably wasted on most of the “wiggers”…

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Diary Blog, 11 March 2022

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On this day a year ago

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The impact of war on companion animals is one of the saddest aspects. Good to see that people show loyalty to their animal friends, though.

Regular readers of the blog will probably have noticed my recent brief account (a few days ago) of my trip to Porton Down, in 1994 or 1995, with the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Komissarenko, a trained biochemist.


[the virtue-signaller’s credo?]

[Western msm output]…in regard to Ukraine, too.

What is happening in Ukraine is tragic, and could have been far less tragic, but could not have been avoided entirely.

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Political instability may be on the horizon for the UK and other European countries. This may provide the opportunity for social-nationalism for which we have been waiting, but as yet there is no suitable vehicle.

I am sure that part-Jew MP, Tom Tugendhat, does not see the tweet of that “Labour” Party local politician as evidence of “treason”…


Quelle surprise…

Migration-invasion. The Great Replacement. White Genocide. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Were those Jews “vaccinated”? Were they also “boosted”?

What a “mystery”…

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The UK is in a similar position. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is now being set up as the fall guy for other causative factors in UK economic decline. The “Covid” measures taken weakened both the economy generally and the currency in particular. The massive (and massively defrauded) money giveaways, “furlough” payments, business “loans”, “Eat Out To Help Out”, £40 billion or more on the shambolic and completely useless “Test and Trace” system. Etc.

Now we see (what a shock…) that inflation is going to rise to ?7%, ?8%, or higher, within a year. We see that basic foodstuffs such as bread may double in price (bread price increase one of the few things genuinely the result of the Ukraine situation), and we have seen, already, petrol and diesel increasing hugely in price at the retail pumps.

Let’s be clear: the real economic villains here are not “Covid”, and not the Russian invasion, but the UK and other Western responses to those challenges.

Sanctions on Russia are a double-edged sword. They hit the UK as much as they hit Russia. Western Europe needs Russian gas, oil, and wheat. By refusing to buy most of Russia’s products, and by refusing to sell to Russia our products, we damage the lives and living standards of our own people, without —note this— helping the Ukrainians at all.

Unlike that lady there, I would not want to rejoin the EU, which may not even exist for much longer, but her basic point is right. This is an appallingly poor government, and the sad thing for the British people is that Jewish-lobby puppet Keir Starmer’s fake “Opposition” is at least as hopeless.

There does not exist a political party for the British, and particularly English, people.

Ukraine war

[state of play as of 10/11 March 2022; map by Sky News]

As I predicted from the start, the Russian forces are not trying to occupy Western Ukraine (west of the Dnieper), except for the Black Sea littoral, and around Kiev.

It may be that they hope to take Odessa first (before Kiev) now. That would free forces to strike north towards Kiev, supplies and fuel permitting. Once the battle for Mariupol is finished, those forces will probably drive west towards the Dnieper.

Once Kharkov is taken, those forces will also drive west, probably towards Kiev (which is on the Dnieper river).

As for the reports that Syrians are being recruited as mercenaries by Putin; if true, that is a very negative move in terms of public relations. More non-Europeans in Europe…

According to the Daily Mail, this (below) is the latest on the ground:

Kiev is being encircled, gradually. As previously blogged, the tactics of this war, for all the modern arms in use, would be recognizable by the likes of El Cid or Richard the Lionheart— siege laid to cities, and then bombardment of the gradually starving defenders.

It is clear that it is only a matter of time before the entire Black Sea coast, with all ports (including Odessa) is under Russian control.

I have no idea where the main Ukrainian Army actually is. Possibly concentrated in the South East and around Kiev, but that is just a guess.

If the Russians succeed in taking all major cities excluding Lvov (i.e. Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro [Dnepropetrovsk], Zaporozhye, Donetsk, and a few others almost as populous), then the war will change its character, and Russia will be in an easier position, fighting mainly in open country, a situation that will play to Russian strengths in armour, in the air, and in numbers.

In that event, and on those premises, the question for Russia will become one of whether it tries to take over the entire territory of the Ukraine, or whether it de facto allows the western part to exist as a quasi-rebel entity or hostile entity, with some kind of ragged border between that and the Russian-controlled east and south.

What a bloody mess.

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and again, more or less the same in the UK. “And none dare call it conspiracy“…

Late thought

We have seen Russian soldiers, some very young, captured and then paraded in front of Western msm cameras. What then? Are no British, American, French, German journalists interested at all in their fate, or whether they have been treated according to, or as if under, international conventions? Are they being brutalized, tortured, or even just shot out of hand? We do not know. Are the forces of the Kiev regime committing their own war crimes? We do not know.

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[Levitan, Eternal Peace Above]

Diary Blog, 4 November 2021

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[Yerevan, Armenia, in ?1930s-1950s]

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Sometimes history takes unusual and unexpected turns before it reaches its goal…

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…and it was largely the Italian experience in early 2020 that (supposedly) persuaded the UK and other European states to put into place the lockdown shutdowns, the facemask nonsense etc. God, what a disaster…

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[upper reaches of the Moscow river]

Wartime book losses and postwar censorship in Germany in the 1940s

A reader of this blog sent the following article: http://www.exulanten.com/germanbookburning.html.

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This is where England now is: a country where the people supposedly running the government know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

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…or something…

What a peculiar little twerp that Ferguson fellow is. I wonder what his married “ho” sees in him. She’s not bad-looking, from what I recall from the newspaper stories (in 2020, when Ferguson and said girlfriend broke the repressive “lockdown” “rules” which he himself was key to putting in place).

For the BBC, it may be too late, institutionally. Certainly about 90% of BBC staff have to go. A full-scale cultural purge is necessary, not only at the BBC, but at Sky, ITV, all through TV, radio, newspapers, and publishing.

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[I.K. Aivazovsky, Moonlit Landscape with a Ship]

Diary Blog, 11 April 2020

Matthew Hancock

Seems that little Matt Hancock has once again exposed his own ignorance…

Regular blog readers may recall that I wrote about Hancock last year:


Now he tries to seem terribly important and portentous as Health Secretary during our Coronavirus times, but somehow it just does not wash.


In fact, it looks very much as though Coronavirus has peaked in Italy

Despite the peak having probably been reached in Italy, its government has decided to extend “lockdown” until 3 May at earliest. Will there be an Italy left once the populace emerge blinking into the early Summer sunshine? I doubt it.

Does that mean that the UK government-of-fools will extend “lockdown” until June? If they do, they are looking for trouble.

This idiotic woman, below, has the same vote as you. Now do you see why our form of “democracy” leads to governments run by idiots and/or confidence tricksters?


The bitch is not even giving the stuff that is still OK and within date to local foodbanks! It is not hard. Waitrose and other supermarkets have large bins beyond their checkouts.

Early tweets seen

Ah. Here’s one from some Twitter “celebrity” called Felton. He has 170,000 Twitter “followers”, no less, and is a TV comedy writer, apparently.

Absolutely peak Twitter stupidity. Thinks that people are “expert” because they have a few letters after their names and/or positions as government advisers. Not so. The principal government adviser on Coronavirus, one Ferguson, of Imperial College, said that UK deaths from the virus could reach 250,000. A month later, quite recently, he said 5,700! Hello? The actual figure, at time of writing, stands at just below 9,000.

While we are on the unpleasant but necessary topic of deaths from (actually, “with” or “related to“…) Coronavirus, we might remind ourselves that there are about 70 MILLION inhabitants of the UK. In other words, and in round figures, so far there has been 1 death for every 8,000 of the population.

Obviously, that is a serious public health problem, amounting to several thousand people having died in the past week, but it has to be seen in the context of the approximately 10,000-11,000 people per week who die in this week of the year anyway, taking the past five years’ average. The increase is actually below 1,000 per week, over the past week, and a matter of about 500 extra per week in the past month or so.

So far, only a few brave souls such as the scribbler and TV talking head, Peter Hitchens, have put their heads above the parapet and asked “is it right to shut down the whole economy, pretty much, for this, particularly when we do not really know what if any beneficial public health effect the ‘lockdown’ has?”

One might say “weigh a doubt against a certainty”: the “doubt” is what if any good effect the “lockdown” is having; the “certainty” is what negative effect the “lockdown” is having on the already-fragile UK economy.

Lies, damn lies and statistics…

The government of fools

What would I have done?

What would I myself have done, were I at the head of government? This:

Had I been the ruler of the UK (take that as you will), I should have ordered a complete lockdown for one week only. Complete. That would have sent the message to the population, and would have enabled preparation in NHS and police etc. After that, I should have pushed hard, with every tool available to government, the only measure we know beyond question halts Coronavirus spread, namely the thorough and effective washing of hands with soap and water, perhaps every 15 minutes.

I should have restricted gatherings of people in large excited groups and in very confined spaces (again, the only places we know spread this virus greatly) and would have recommended the responsible use of parks, beaches, shopping areas and so on. No-one wants to get this nasty condition, so I think that would have been as, or nearly as, effective as the “lockdown” that we now have.

The Underground, trains and buses (and equivalents outside London) would have to cease operations for the duration, or only allow a small proportion of “key workers” aboard, so that “social distancing” could be observed in those incubators of the virus.

That would have saved most of the economy from a terminal spiral. Now, as things are, we are approaching what amounts to a near-collapse economically, unless the “lockdown” stops very soon.

The “furlough” payments cannot be maintained indefinitely, and at present are due to determine in 2-3 months, at (I believe) the end of June. When that happens, huge numbers of employees will simply be made redundant. Retail, manufacturing, service. Many enterprises and indeed whole sectors were showing weakness before “Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” was ever a factor.

The political impact will be huge. The millions who cheered on Dunce Duncan Smith in his attacks on those without paid work, for example, will be shouting, not cheering, when they end up on “Universal Credit” and find that they get a weekly pittance and not the pay they had before the “crisis”.

Housing too. Millions will not be able to afford rents, and Housing Benefit will not cover rents in full. We then see the collapse of both the parasitic “Buy to Let” market and the wider housing market. Property will be worth 50% of what it now is. Perhaps even 25%. Impossible? 20 years ago, properties were about a fifth, even a tenth, of what they are now, supposedly, “worth”. Does the rocket only go up and never down? Will banks be lending freely after all this? I doubt it.

Going, going, gone…?

It will be recalled that some “expert” called Ferguson, from Imperial College, told the government and msm that over 250,000 people might be killed by Coronavirus in the UK. He later had to “revise” his estimate to…5,700. In fact, that seems to have been mistaken too, though less so (the death toll is now, officially, not far short of 9,000, though that may be partly because everyone who has Coronavirus is now (for the past 10 days or so) registered as a “Coronavirus death” even though the real cause of death may be some other condition).

Well, now we see that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, based in the USA, and apparently the leading data collector for such things not only in the USA but in the whole world, has “revised” its 66,000 prediction for the UK to somewhere between 22,000 and 62,500! So much for “the experts”…


Silly, but it made me laugh…

Priti Patel

How can that freeloading and thick (in both senses) Israeli agent last, even in this government of fools?



Meanwhile, the bitch tries to distract attention from her own and the government’s failings: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8210601/Home-Secretary-Priti-Patel-reveals-paedophiles-stalking-children-online.html

Below, a scene from our wonderful, liberal, free country (that we have been told about all our lives…)

A police officer on a horse talks to sunbathers in Victoria Park, London, as Britons continue to bask in the glorious Easter sunshine

Speculations and conspiracy theories

The present atmosphere gives rise to all manner of conspiracy theories. One or two may have elements of truth in them.

What if “COVID-19” (or some other one next year or the year after that) were to be deliberately released and designed to mutate, with the idea of reducing the population of the Earth to say a tenth of its present size? What if getting infected by the virus were not to confer immunity to most victims? What if second, third waves of slightly different viruses were to hit the world, leaving only 10% or 1% of the population alive and immune?

The atmosphere must be getting to me! I have only had one can of Pilsner Urquell!

In the end, one must have faith that the advanced section of present-day humanity (white Northern Europeans) will, even if only a tiny number of them, survive and thrive, creating a new and better culture and civilization down the line.



Is not all Eternity mine?