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Diary Blog, 12 January 2022

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Looks as though the Ides of March have come early this year…


Mr Johnson’s public and private life have been littered with lies, which saw him sacked as a journalist, fired by Tory leader Michael Howard over an affair and eventually thrown out by his wife Marina, who believed he was having an illicit relationship with Carrie Symonds.

His former boss at the paper, Max Hastings, wrote in the Daily Mail in 2012: ‘If the day ever comes that Boris Johnson becomes tenant of Downing Street, I shall be among those packing my bags for a new life in Buenos Aires or suchlike, because it means that Britain has abandoned its last pretensions to be a serious country.’” [Daily Mail].

I have been infuriated for 20 years at the easy ride given to “Boris” Johnson by the mass media. Of course, it was no accident. The Jewish lobby was his mainstay, and Johnson is of course himself part-Jew.

Johnson has also been favoured because, despite the am-dram “English upper class” camouflage, ingrained by his time at Eton and then Oxford, Johnson is actually not only part-Jew but part-Levantine, born in New York City, brought up in New York, Connecticut and Washington D.C., as well as in Belgium. In other words, he has no real “blood and bone” loyalty to England or Britain. He is a “rootless cosmopolitan” in every way. A complete fake.

The international cabals have favoured Johnson for that reason, and because he is very easily bought, suborned, and used.

Looks like his own party members in the Commons realize that their own survival depends on, not so much getting rid of “Boris” but on installing a replacement who is at least semi-competent, before the voters chuck out 100+ Conservative Party MPs.

I expect that Johnson will be out before Summer.

Max Hastings is right, though; I mean not only about Johnson but about Britain. It is now not a serious country. Blacks and browns invade in rubber boats across the Channel, not only unchecked by Border Force, Royal Navy and others, but actually provided with a free shuttle service! The once-fine RNLI, now taken over by traitors, act as accomplices in that, as do a horde of virtue-signalling “refugees welcome” dimwits.

Britain rattles its all but blunt sabre at Russia and China, something which is actually embarrassing when one looks at the disparity in power.

British pensioners, once cheated by the Jew fraud who called himself “Robert Maxwell”, are now royally ripped off by others (mostly though not always Jewish), such as the Jew Green and his family. Who stands up for those poor British people? The “British” political parties? Ha, no! Riddled with “Friends of Israel” MPs such as Johnson, all of his Cabinet, and —arguably even more shameful— “Keir” Starmer and his Shadow Cabinet, Labour Friends of Israel members all. Starmer himself has a Jewish wife (a lawyer, at that), and children being brought up as if fully-Jewish.

Had I any money, I would pay a handsome reward to the first person capturing a photograph of Starmer wearing one of those little skullcaps. What is that I hear? Starmer would never do that? Oh, would he not?… Blair did…

[“fervent” Labour Friends of Israel member, Tony Blair, when he was an both an MP and the leader of the Labour Party]

The System will vomit out Johnson because his total inability to be a Prime Minister of this country is beginning to undermine whatever residual respect, or at least compliance to the System still exists in the public psychology.

Allesia Augello


A larger image shows mourners lining the street as the casket enters the church

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The USA is so divided that the “winner takes all” electoral system becomes meaningless. The demographic change in the USA over time has meant that what was at one time an almost entirely white (European-race) population (at one time about 90%) has become one where only about half are descended from Europeans (some say less than half). That is not the only division, of course; income, capital, age, and sex are other (but not the only other) aspects.

The principle of the NHS was/is good: free at point of use. However, its maladministration, particularly in the hospitals, has become so bad over many years that one could now almost call the NHS a hit-or-miss health service. That has been made even more evident by the “panicdemic” and the prioritization of the ridiculous mass “vaccination” programme.

Few would want the UK to go to a US-style health system, but the idea that the systems elsewhere, particularly in Western and Central Europe, are not worth even looking at, is just completely wrongheaded.

The UK was one of the countries which led the way in public health provision in the 20th Century, with the establishment of the NHS. Perhaps the UK can now devise a 21st Century public health system that works better for its patients and their families, rather than (often) seeming to be run mainly for the benefit of those who work in it.

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Victory and triumph to the Son of God
Now entring his great duel, not of arms,
But to vanquish by wisdom hellish wiles.

[Milton, Paradise Regain’d]

“The stars in their courses fight on the side of the just

[ancient Chinese proverb]

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A question often in my own mind. Part of the answer must be the (((influence))) of a certain infiltrative element…

Late tweets

Come to that, we presently have a Government, and Cabinet where many, perhaps most, and certainly at the top, are not really British:

Boris Johnson— part-Jew, part-Levantine; Grant Shapps— Jew; Dominic Raab— half-Jew; Brandon Lewis [uncertain];

Could an English person become an MP, let alone minister, in Israel, Turkey, or Greece? I think not.

Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel, Alok Sharma, Suella Braverman— Indian origin.

Could an English person go to India and become an MP or minister? I think not.

Nadhim Zahawi— Kurdish.

Could an English person become an MP or minister in Kurdistan, Turkey, or Iraq? I think not.

Kwasi Kwarteng— Ghanaian origin.

Could an English person go to Ghana and become MP, or minister, let alone describe British workers as “lazy” and useless? (and look who’s talking!).

We need to take back our country.

As mentioned previously, Sumption was not Lord Chief Justice, but he was a Law Lord.

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Diary Blog, Christmas Eve 2021

Whether it be called Christmas or Yuletide, the essence is the same.

No more wars within the European family and, now that Sovietism has perished under its own weight, no more wars with Russia or the Russian people.

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Quite right. In my several interactions with the UK police since I became more active politically online —in the past decade— I have come to realize, rather to my surprise, that the British police (often all-too-easily misled by the Jew-Zionist element) quite often have no idea, or proper idea, of the laws of this country, or of the liberties that still exist under those laws. As for knowledge of history, geopolitics, race and culture generally, forget it!

…and almost all the “civil rights” types, the (often Jew) “human rights” lawyers, the usual suspects of those and other sorts, as well as those working on TV, radio, or in the (again, supposed) “free Press” etc, backed the police state measures! Apart from those (such as me) not, or only peripherally, in the public eye, almost all of the self-proclaimed or supposed defenders of rights, “democracy”, decency, “freedom” etc went the same way, and became, almost overnight, sycophants of the police state. Or were they in reality always puppets of the System?

There have been a few well-known public figures or personalities who, in the past nearly 2 years of “Covid” socio-political madness and repression, have stood up for both liberty and the proper rule of law (law, not mere laws, in a “society under law” rather than a society merely “with laws”; even North Korea and Stalin’s regime have or had laws…).

Lord Sumption has been one [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Sumption,_Lord_Sumption]; the controversialist journalist and columnist Peter Hitchens another [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Hitchens; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/].

There have been some others, less erudite but perhaps more able to engage the mass audience; people such as, recently, Maajid Nawaz [

The monks who hammered a wooden stake into the mouth of the philosopher Giordano Bruno (in 1600, following long investigation, incarceration, and trial by the Inquisition), did so apparently believing that they were doing something good (because their cruel “measures” were done in order to prevent Bruno from further blaspheming and so further imperilling his soul). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giordano_Bruno; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giordano_Bruno#Imprisonment,_trial_and_execution,_1593%E2%80%931600. (Bruno was then hung naked upside down and burned at the stake).

People often do very wicked and/or cruel things either in the belief that they are not wicked, or because the measures taken are believed to be necessary in order to support a greater good, or to protect society, or an institution of society.

The execution of Giordano Bruno was 500+ years ago, but (to give only a few examples of the syndrome), electric shock therapy is still practised widely today; abuse of psychiatry for reasons of socio-political control did not stop with the Soviet Union and the Serbsky Institute [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbsky_Center] (Google, eg “Tavistock Institute” and “Tavistock Clinic”); and torture for allegedly “good” reasons has been practised even within the past couple of decades by the USA and other supposedly advanced states, as well as by the obvious examples such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Arab and/or Muslim states, North Korea etc.

“Prison Planet” Watson

I do not rate very highly, from the ideological or socio-political point of view, vlogger Paul Joseph Watson (for one thing, he never says anything critical of the Jew-Zionist cabals, or Israel, and never defends those under attack by those elements for dissidence, people such as Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner, Ian Millard…etc), but credit where due…

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The main reason people are still wearing facemasks in shops etc is because, at heart, British people are very law-abiding, at least usually and…when they think they are being watched…

Ukraine, as a fake “state” in the past few decades, is basically now, in terms of its set-up since 2014 especially, a Jewish-Zionist capture. The most important players in Ukraine, politically and economically, are Jews. The mass of Ukrainians are not of particularly high culture, and are easily fooled, ruled, and exploited, and they certainly have been…

For Britain, as part of NATO, to get into conflict with Russia about Eastern Ukraine, the eastern part of a territory inextricably linked to Russia for over 1,100 years, is absurd, and might lead to terrible consequences in the UK, should actual (strategic/continental) war result from all of this.

I would say “get Boris out!“, but most of those tweeting that want Jewish-lobby puppet and false alternative Keir Starmer in Downing Street, together with Yvette Cooper, Rachel Reeves, and the rest. Nein danke!

There is no true democracy, or anything approaching it, in the UK.

(then the first ICBM landed…).


From the golden days of Hollywood…

They may not have had the technical resources of today but, at their best, they could really make films back then.

I think that I may have blogged en passant in the past about how I saw Bette Davis a few years before her death, when she was on the (I think) South Bank Show with Andrei Tarkovsky and maybe someone else as well; filmed at the South Bank Centre in London. That was about 4 years before her death. Sometime in the mid-1980s. In fact, despite her age, she outlived Tarkovsky, who died only a year or so later (1986), aged only 54. Tarkovsky had been only about 5 or 6 years old in 1938 when Jezebel was released.

The public were kept back (mostly not allowed into the building at all). Even inside, there was tight control. I was there just to meet someone else but I was introduced by a third party to the (British) chief of Bette Davis’s security (there was a whole expert team guarding her) and he said that I could stand there next to him as she came through with her “lady in waiting” and a couple of other people. An almost fossilized —and rather imperial— figure, aware of her status, rather like the last Queen of Naples.

It was amazing to see how various unwanted people, mainly autograph-hunters, kept trying to get to her, only to be expertly and diplomatically (though firmly) blocked by the guard team. One fellow even swung down (literally) from an external concrete stairway as a small side door was opened! He too was stopped, autograph book and pen in hand, and still tried to persuade the dinner-jacketed guard to let him through! All the while, the guard chief and I stood about 12 feet away, and Bette Davis + small entourage closer yet. Interesting to see. The chief of security remarked to me, as she passed by, something like “there goes a living legend“. A bit of a cliche, of course, but true.

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Sick Britain, sick Europe


I should say that Europe, including the UK, would be better if it had only a tenth of its present population, if that population consisted of ethnic Europeans with the right attitudes— traditional, yet willing to march into the future.

More “Conservative” Party betrayal…


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[Marshal Zhukov at the Reichskanzlei, Berlin, 1945]

Let us hope that St. Paul’s Cathedral does not soon look as did the Reich Chancellery in 1945. Another war in Europe must be averted.

Diary Blog, 30 October 2021

Jonathan Sumption was one of the first barristers, in the 1990s, if not the first barrister, to earn over a million pounds per year in fees (albeit that a few pre-WW2 barristers made a similar real amount, in the money of their day). He later became a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, aka a “Law Lord”, i.e. a Justice of the Supreme Court (nb. not Lord Chief Justice— that is something else). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Sumption,_Lord_Sumption.

The above post is factually (and grammatically) inaccurate in that, but not wrong otherwise.

Now, because he has spoken out against the trashing of civil liberties and formerly accepted rights since the start of the “panicdemic”, Sumption is regarded by the System (of which he was, in a sense, part), and the msm, as a “conspiracy theorist” and effectively a crank.

Wake up, England!

Saturday quiz


I scored only 5/10 this week, same as political journalist John Rentoul, though I really knew one more (question 10) but it slipped my mind. I did not know, therefore, the answers to not only question 10 but also questions 1, 4, 6, and 9.

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Not sure whether Marine le Pen is worth supporting as much as was her father, but almost anything would be better than NWO/ZOG puppet Macron. See https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.

Peter Hitchens often fails to get to the roots of problems in UK society because he cannot see (((what))) is behind so many of them. In a word, “them”…

The revolution devours its own children…


Ha ha! You see the same lack of self-awareness in the Zionist Jew milieu online.

When I was up before a Bar Disciplinary Tribunal (which eventually wrongfully and unlawfully disbarred me in October 2016), one of my defence points was that the (eventually, only 5, out of 150,000+) tweets I had tweeted, and which were adjudged so offensive that I had, supposedly, no right to tweet them, had been tweeted in my personal capacity; also, that my Twitter account made no mention in its profile that I was a barrister.

The Tribunal, and the Bar Standards Board, twisted a very few other tweets to “prove” the contrary. All the Jews applauded both that (and my wrongful/unlawful disbarment).

Later, some of those very Jews, and who are solicitors or barristers, faced the same or similar problems as I had, but made the same plea, that their comments were made as part of their non-professional life. Other Jews weighed in on their side. What a pack of hypocrites they are (too)!

As to Novara Media and the like, see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/01/disordered-and-infantile-people/, and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/18/some-thoughts-about-venezuela-socialism-and-developing-a-more-advanced-society/.

Novara Media? Idiots, with no political future.

On the wider point, I have been blogging and (before the Jew lobby had my much-read Twitter account removed in 2018), often tweeted about the “privatization of public space” online. That also formed part of my talk to the London Forum in 2017.

On Twitter and other online fora, one has no rights beyond very limited contractual ones. There needs to be an independent appeal process but I fear that the Jewish element would infiltrate that (too), were it ever to exist.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/01/10/the-internet-privatization-of-public-spaces/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2021/02/24/diary-blog-24-february-2021-including-more-about-freedom-of-expression/.

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The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in action…

As for the £37 BILLION completely and utterly wasted on NHS “test and trace”, how infuriatingly crazy, when that money could have gone to new rail infrastructure, hospitals doing proper clinical work etc.

We need a mixture of ignoring the bastards, exposing them, and rising up against them.

All too many white people (in the UK too) simply accept the agenda being pursued. All too many ignorant and/or ill-intentioned schoolteachers and officials are poisoning the minds of the children, without sanction.

I notice, in that clip, among the most guilty of the school board officials was one “Ziegler”. As they say, “every single time”…

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Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain” [Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans]. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Maid_of_Orleans_(play).

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Diary Blog, 7 February 2021

Internet problem

Today’s belated Diary Blog will be truncated by reason of a national, possibly international, attack of some sort on Internet provision; the blog will therefore consist mainly of tweets that struck my attention today. There will be relatively little analysis.

I have also been musing today about how so many who try to do bad things to me, or who have written or said bad things about me, suffer severe hits themselves one way or another. A number have even died from various causes, though not directly through any agency of mine, I should add.

I may write about that some day.

Tweets seen


I have noticed over the past decade how tied in with the Jew-Zionist lobby is the “Scottish” Daily Record.

The Army, Royal Marines etc are finding it hard to recruit suitable, or any sufficient number of personnel now. The population has changed and is still changing.

Spelling mistakes aside, is he wrong?

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The Great Replacement. White Genocide.

We need a cultural revolution and a cultural purge.

You wanted to see what the emergent UK ZOG/NWO police state looks like in an ordinary little street somewhere? Look no further…

Naturally, films, TV shows, books too, about the evils of Sovietism are, and will be (until the causes are eliminated), outnumbered a thousand to one by films, TV shows, books etc about the supposed evils of the Third Reich, for the simple reason that Zionist Jews control the film industry, TV companies (including the BBC) and publishing empires across the Western world.


A large part of the problem is the personality of Boris Johnson – a public relations artist, not a policy-maker. He is guided by what he thinks public opinion will want. He is a follower, not a leader.

Nice to see a former Lord of Appeal echo what I have been writing for years. A part-Jew clown posing as Prime Minister. The results were predictable.

Migration invasion


Late music

Diary Blog, 21 June 2020, including Reflections on the Forbury Gardens

Forbury Gardens

Forbury Gardens, Reading.jpg
[Forbury Gardens, Reading]

Readers will be aware that an unpleasant incident has occurred at the Forbury Gardens in Reading, Berkshire.



In keeping with the weasel times in which we live, the local news report above simply says that the 25 y o suspect is “from Reading“, though the BBC report is, unexpectedly, more honest, stating that the suspect “is Libyan“. All reports seen are at pains to say that the incident is “not connected with the “Black Lives Matter” “protests“” (vandalism) and not “terror-related”. Oh, that’s all right then…

So, it seems that a Libyan (“asylum-seeker”?) may have walked around stabbing (British?) people in a park with considerable historical connections, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbury_Gardens#History including British Empire connections (as well as connections with mediaeval, Renaissance and English Civil War events), and near a British Empire military memorial, simply at random? Sorry, me no believe that…

I know the Forbury Gardens, though I have not been there for at least 45 years. I was born in Reading, and when I was very small, my grandmother would take me to the Forbury Gardens occasionally. That would have been around 1957.

The lion on the memorial was painted white or light grey back then or in the 1960s (though the Wikipedia piece about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiwand_Lion makes no mention of that). It looks much better now, or whenever the photo above was taken (obviously in a recent year, looking at the buildings nearby).

The Maiwand Lion, Forbury Gardens, Reading 2.jpg

The memorial was created “to commemorate the deaths of 329 men from the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot during the campaign in the Second Anglo-Afghan War in Afghanistan between 1878 and 1880. It is sometimes known locally as the Forbury Lion.” [Wikipedia]. So to memorialize soldiers who died fighting Muslims. Can this be simply co-incidental?

More information: https://web.archive.org/web/20070928000734/http://www.readingmuseum.org.uk/collections/album/pdfs/maiwand-25.pdf

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, when I was a small child, those gardens were peaceful, pleasant and safe, despite being in the centre of a large town.

The importation of the racially and culturally inferior is evil. Anyone supporting it or encouraging it is tainted by evil.

Ah…As I write, I have just read that the police now are treating the incident as “terror-related”. Just a label, really, but I do not suppose that Sherlock Holmes would treat such a crime as more than a “one-pipe problem”…https://www.rt.com/uk/492498-stabbing-reading-terrorism-police/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Katie Hopkins

The anti-British Twitter mob are still howling with delight about the expulsion of Katie Hopkins from Twitter. For example, here is a gross (and seemingly semi-literate, judging from other tweets seen) scribbler called Mollie Goodfellow:

That reaction to the Hopkins expulsion seems to be the norm for many actual or wannabee scribblers, “celebrities”, TV talking heads, System politicos.

Actually, the above-named bitch (of whom I had never heard until today) followed up with this unpleasant little tweet:

Incredibly, that creature is followed on Twitter by 45,000 people (for what that may be worth).

I have little time for the “libertarian” (when it suits), pro-Israel, pro-Jew, Faragist “conservative” populist politics of Katie Hopkins. She is not really social-national, and is saying what she says at least partly because she makes a living out of it, never having had a job or profession (except —she says—a few years in New York, in some office bod “consultant” role, and a year in a similar job at the Met Office in Exeter).

All the same, it should not be for some factotum at Twitter to decide who is and is not allowed to tweet. Especially when the process is so biased. Most of the Jew trolls are allowed to stay (the Stephen Silvermans, the Stephen Applebaums, “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, and the mentally-disordered Jewesses of North London and the neighbouring Borshch Belt), as are “antifa” idiots.

This is not a matter of a simple commercial setup which has the right to bar people; this is a quasi-monopoly (notwithstanding that small “baby-Twitters” exist), and there should be some kind of citizen’s right to publish on it.

I do agree with about half of the views expressed by Katie Hopkins, especially re. migration-invasion, multiculturalism, gypsies (whether “Roma” or Irish tinker) and a few other topics. I strongly disagree with some of her other views (not only her professed love for the Jews).

Funny to think that Katie Hopkins was working at the Met Office in Exeter when I was a barrister practising (2002-2008) from chambers in the same city. In fact, Katie Hopkins’ house (which had to be sold a few years ago, after her misadvised defence to a libel action by the so-called “Bootstrap Cook” failed, with large costs consequences) was in St. Leonard’s, a district of Exeter adjoining the area of the bluff over the Exe River, which is where my chambers were.

Colleton Crescent, Exeter (2) © Stephen Richards :: Geograph ...
[above: Colleton Crescent, Exeter, address of my one-time barristers’ chambers]

I never saw Katie Hopkins when I worked out of Exeter (I lived about 50 miles to the west, on the Cornwall-Devon border), though I did notice a few other “celebrities”, mostly at the Exeter County Court: Noel Edmonds the TV presenter, and John Burton-Race, the TV chef and restaurateur, among others.

As I say, it is not about being pro-Katie Hopkins, which I am not, but about the continuing attempt by a mob of Jews and “me too” groupthink idiots to shut down freedom of expression, either for socio-political reasons, or for their own advantage.

Tweets seen today


This nonsense (meaning the whole caboodle of “BLM” vandalism, “anti-racism”, worship of the backward races, “holocaust” fake “history”. etc..the whole bloody lot) will continue until the white peoples of Europe stand up with one voice and say “WE ARE THE RULERS IN EUROPE”! Also, until we have real history taught in schools and universities, and that includes reclaiming the honourable aspects of the civilizing mission of Aryan-descended mankind.

Much as I despise the misnamed “Conservative” Party, the Labour party continues to rule itself out. It just has little or nothing to offer English people.

Matthew Goodwin “forgets” that the Charlie Hebdo events were followed by a crackdown on free speech in the UK, in France and elsewhere, but only against anyone criticizing Jews, their behaviour, or the “holocaust” narrative fakery.

Most EU states now have repressive laws criminalizing “holocaust” “denial” (historical revisionism and freedom of expression), which bad laws echo the mediaeval laws against “heresy”.

These (often “conservative” or “Conservative”) commentators are now protesting about the madness that ZOG etc has unleashed (using the blacks as cannon-fodder), but where were they when I was pilloried in 2016 as the “extreme” “neo-Nazi barrister”, and when not one hand (from their milieu) was raised to defend me? Where were they when Alison Chabloz was prosecuted at the behest of a pack of Zionist Jews? Where were they to defend Jez Turner of the London Forum, or say any kind word about him, when he was actually imprisoned (in 2018) for speaking the truth?

More tweets etc seen today

[above: worth watching, especially from 3:35…]

Scottish independence (from UK, though not from NATO, presumably, nor from the EU, nor from international finance…) would mean a Westminster Parliament in which (on 2019 figures) the Conservative Party would have a majority of about 127 (because no Scottish MPs, of which 48 are SNP, 6 Conservative, 4 LibDem and 1 Labour).

I have a couple of issues with Nick Griffin’s tweet, above. First, he uses the old and now all but meaningless “right/left” binary; also, he posts a picture of the now completely sidelined Jeremy Corbyn. Not very skilled, politically.

Hard to believe that the “British” police can be “dumbed-down” even more! Anyone who has had more than passing contact with them in the past, say, decade or so will know that the Plimsoll Line on their ship is painted very low down already. I have often reposted one of my own experiences: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Having said that, the police were better before they started to insist on more than a few “O” Levels. They certainly had more common sense. Now, we have chief constables who seem to be entirely asinine. Most “university” degrees now are Mickey Mouse, one way or another.

America is changing. Indeed, America has changed. It is already majority non-white for one thing. That has not yet filtered down through the whole of the political process, but the effects are already there fairly widely.


Jonathan Sumption’s article is well worth reading in full. Extracts:

Scientists can advise what measures are likely to reduce infections and deaths. Only politicians can decide whether those measures make sense in economic and social terms too

“...the Government had made no preparations at all. It had not included a lockdown power in the Coronavirus Bill which was then going through Parliament.

Instead, it was forced to make legally questionable use of public health legislation designed to control the movements of infected people, not healthy ones. Even then, it took another three days to prepare the regulations, and meanwhile pretended that they were in force when they were not.”

“‘Christ!’ the Prime Minister is reported to have said when Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Business Secretary Alok Sharma explained the economic consequences to him three weeks later on June 2. We were heading for an economic catastrophe: gross domestic product down by more than a fifth and falling; 3.5 million jobs set to be lost in the hospitality industry alone; unemployment already up to two million; several million businesses snuffed out; job openings for a generation of young people extinguished.

Why was the PM so surprised? What did he expect to happen if he closed down the economy for several months and conducted a scorched-earth campaign against the rest of our national life? The only plausible explanation was that he had never properly thought about it.

I have had no political allegiance for many years. I have observed the coming and going of governments of one party or another with equal indifference. But it is hard to be indifferent to what is happening now. You have to go back to the early 1930s to find a British Cabinet as devoid of talent as this one.

The Prime Minister, who in practice makes most of the decisions, has low political cunning but no governmental skills whatever. He is incapable of studying a complex problem in depth. He thinks as he speaks – in slogans.”

These people have no idea what they are doing, because they are unable to think about more than one thing at a time or to look further ahead than the end of their noses. Yet they wield awesome power. They are destroying our economy, our cultural life and our children’s education in a fit of absent-mindedness.” [Lord (Jonathan) Sumption, formerly of the Supreme Court bench, in the Daily Mail].

Looks as though I have been proven right again. I was saying all that (minus the then unknown “virus” etc) last year.

Look at the Cabinet! Boris-idiot sits there, playing the Prime Minister, though he has cut down on the rote-learned Latin and Greek phrases (designed to show the plebs that he is a real English “toff” from Eton and Oxford, and not a part-Jew, part-Turk public entertainer, with no ideas beyond the 12-year-old schoolboy ones of building bridges from England to Ireland, creating artificial islands with fantasy airports on them etc).

Then there is Indian “clever boy”, Rishi Sunak, who was briefly hailed as “future Prime Minister” because he decided to throw public money at businesses which were on their last legs before Coronavirus and the crazy “lockdown”.

Little Matt Hancock has proven himself (like the rest) incapable of anything useful during the largely contrived “crisis”.

The Jew Grant Shapps, he of the false names and dodgy (((typical))) get rich quick schemes he sold to mugs, yet is still posing as a Cabinet Minister.

Priti Patel will probably make another “let’s get tough on immigration” speech soon, despite the fact that she has done nothing to stem the flow. Indeed, she has closed all the immigration detention centres and released all the detainees! The best thing she could and should do would be to deport herself! If her “native” Uganda does not want her back, she could try Israel. After all, the Israelis, like the old KGB, pride themselves on getting their agents back.

So it goes. The rest of the Cabinet is no better. Half-Jew Raab— useless. Then we have Michael Gove, the Israel-worshipping cocaine abuser and drunk, who is perhaps best known for his dedicated cheating on his expenses during the 2005-2010 Parliament.

Jesus H. Christ! Does it get any worse?! Oh, yes, it does! I forgot to include that little pissant Robert Jenrick, the one with the Jew corporate lawyer wife etc…