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Diary Blog, 1 March 2022, with more on the Ukraine situation

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Former BBC journalist John Sweeney [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sweeney_(journalist)] thinks that TV presenter Neil Oliver “should be in the Tower” [of London] as (implied) a traitor, merely for questioning the Western narrative and whipped-up NWO/ZOG msm hysteria about Ukraine.

Oliver, tweets Sweeney, supports “Russian fascism” (as against, presumably, the “fascism” of those such as Sweeney, who would label anyone with a differing view “traitors”, and lock them up as such).

We have seen recently a whole tide of such hysterical nonsense, most egregiously from part-Jew MP Tom Tugendhat, who actually said, in the House of Commons at that, that those MPs not wanting to get the UK involved in the Ukraine conflict were guilty of “treason“.

Tugendhat is not only completely wrong in the legal sense, but in the more general sense as well. The UK is not at war with Russia, and indeed is not at all allied to the corrupt and shambolic Ukraine regime based in Kiev.

In fact, as shown below, that Sweeney character does seem rather keen on censorship, certainly for a journalist:

Sweeney’s view from Kiev (from yesterday):

Sweeney has a point about the morale of the two sides. It is clear that the Russian troops are reluctant invaders. That reluctance may go right to the top of the Russian Army. None dare call it sabotage?

As for the quiet streets of Kiev just reported upon, it is said that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have fled overseas, which may mean that literally millions have fled from Kiev and other near-frontline areas of the country to Western Ukraine, and some then to neighbouring states. Kiev’s 3 million population may now already be closer to 2 million, or even 1 million. Hard to say.

I have seen the main points made yesterday by the Ukrainian envoy to the UN in New York. I may be wrong, but the supposed texts or conversation he read out, messages between a young Russian soldier (later killed, said the diplomat) and his mother, seemed to me to be contrived, at least in part.

I may be wrong, but there was something in those supposed messages that reminded me of the lying testimony of the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat in 1990. She claimed that Iraqi soldiers had killed small children in a hospital. I was in New York at the time, and recall the effect that that pack of lies had on many people (the falsity of the testimony was not exposed immediately, by which time the lies had done their job, of course).


The 13 Ukrainian border guards who were feared dead after they told the Russian military to ‘go f*** yourself’ over the radio as they defended a small island in the Black Sea are actually alive and being held as prisoners of war, the Ukrainian Navy has since confirmed.” [Daily Mail]

More lies exposed.

In war, truth is the first casualty“…

Interesting graphic

The effect of the Ukraine situation has been to push up oil and gas prices. Already, in the UK, the retail price of petrol (gasoline) is about 50% higher than it was a year ago. I have seen figures suggesting that domestic gas prices in 2023 may be double from where they are now.

This is not mainly the “fault” of Putin, and in fact may be in part the result of misapplied “green” policies in the UK and elsewhere.

On the wider front, it is clear that NWO/ZOG is getting the population(s) of Europe gradually accustomed to lower living standards. Causation can be blamed on Russia, “Covid”, “climate change” etc, as required.

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Ha ha! Bravo!

Absolutely emblematic of our times…

The American public, in particular, will always be gung-ho at the prospect of war until they themselves suffer its full consequences. That has never happened to them, certainly not in the past 150 years. Look, though, at how scalded they were when the 2001 New York attack occurred.

Russian economy

The Russian consumer economy has been hit hard by the economic warfare now waged by the West. Having said that, at one time Russia, or at least the Soviet Union, had no consumer economy to speak of, yet not only trampled half of Europe underfoot but built atomic weapons and a space programme. I speak of the times of Stalin and Khrushchev.

Russia is still, I read, receiving USD $1 billion a day from hydrocarbon sales. In hard currency, not roubles. It is said that the war in Ukraine is costing USD $15 billion a day, but I wonder how true that is, bearing in mind that the armed forces would still be costing money even in their home bases; and the weapons used are in existence already.

Russia’s geographic size, and its large population, make it as close to a potentially-successful autarky as can exist in this world. Putin’s supposed philosopher/adviser, Alexander Dugin, favours Slavonic autarky: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Dugin; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Dugin#Eurasianism,_fascism,_and_views_on_geopolitics; and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autarky.

Russia is 72x the size of the UK, has many different climates, has a large but not densely-packed population of ~145 millions, and the ability to live indefinitely, if necessary, entirely closed-off from the outside world.

Joke of the day

Part-Jew would-be hard man, Dominic Raab, “warning” Russian commanders that they may face war crimes trials. You mean after the UK’s tiny LGBTXYZ army captures Moscow? Get back in your box, idiot.

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The second tweeter is correct in saying that the Old Square and Cathedral area of Warsaw was reconstructed meticulously after the Second World War (I was there on a number of occasions in 1988 and 1989), but of course quite wrong in mentioning Gdansk (former Danzig), which was never a Polish city before 1945. It was a German city from at least the Middle Ages through to 1945.

The Teutonic Knights founded the city around 1300, though there was a small settlement or town there previously, occupied at times by Germans, Danes, and Polish tribespeople.

Subsequently, it was a Germanic city, though at times under the rule or patronage (before the 18thC) of the then Kingdom of Poland.

After 1945, almost all Germans were expelled, and the name changed to Gdansk. The postwar “reconstruction” deliberately diluted the Germanic history of the city (even Wikipedia admits that much).

Incidentally, I now see that the Jewish element is not alone in having “edited” Wikipedia in a slanted way. Danzig/Gdansk is one example of how Poles have done the same: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gda%C5%84sk; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_City_of_Danzig.

Well, if the British Government was willing to declare world war in 1939 over a worthless “guarantee” to Poland, why not declare another in 2022 because Russia has “invaded” Ukraine (which two countries were under joint rule from earliest times until 1991, except for very brief periods such as 1942-44)?

Of course, some Soviet leaders actually came from the Ukraine, or from the border areas. Khrushchev, and indeed Brezhnev: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonid_Brezhnev#Early_life_and_career; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikita_Khrushchev#Early_years.

The only personal benefit I would get were the UK to be burnt to a crisp by nuclear war would be that most of (((those))) who hate me would be annihilated. Only thing is, I would probably follow them a few minutes later.

On balance…I should prefer if the misgovernment of these islands managed to avoid a nuclear war with Russia, especially one in support of the Ukraine’s useless, corrupt, shambolic and Jewish-led regime.

Hard to accept, even in our decadent and increasingly-stupid country, that the agenda is being driven by idiots such as Piers Morgan, and that such ridiculous pseudo-macho posturing and opining might influence the UK government onto a path which could destroy the British people, what’s left of them.

I believe that a woman once asked that great genius, Rudolf Steiner [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Steiner] whether she might reincarnate with him at the end of the 20th century (Steiner died in 1925). Steiner is said to have replied that that might be possible, if the woman would be willing to walk across Europe with him over broken glass…

Presumably that (?) prediction meant 2000 or so plus (?) 20+ years. So…about 2022? Worrying…

I never believed that the Cold War would become a hot one, meaning a nuclear one. It would be more than ironic if NATO (NWO/ZOG), having gone through the Cold War and out the other side, sparked a nuclear war with a post-Soviet Russia that poses no threat at all to Western Europe or North America.

My thoughts on reconstruction etc, from a few years ago: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Unsurprising, though. I mean, look at those idiots, Justin Webb etc…

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If only…

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[Dresden 1945, after Allied bombing]

Diary Blog, 4 December 2021

Saturday quiz


Well, this week I was beaten, for once, by political journalist John Rentoul, who scored 8/10. I scored 6/10. The first time in months that Rentoul has scored higher than me.

I did not know the answers to questions 1, 2, and 10, and also could not recall (though I knew it in the back of my mind) the answer to question 4.

Tweets seen

Frightening. I recall reading a lecture by Rudolf Steiner, I think an unpublished one (read by me in manuscript at the Rudolf Steiner Library in London, 40 years ago), which if I recall aright predicted that the Earth would eventually be surrounded by a web of half-robotic, half-living creatures, akin to spiders.

I have been underwhelmed once or twice by these shows, but probably worth a selective listen, anyway.

Interesting, though it is rare for me to read things with which I am in full agreement, and this was no exception.

[“Russia has no borders; it is wherever there are Russians“]

The new Australian biosecurity police state. Only forceful resistance directed at those in power will stop this.

Don’t ferry the invaders to our shores! Sink the ships and boats of the invaders.

Starmer, of course, is a barrister, and was in practice at one time at the criminal Bar, as well as later becoming both Queen’s Counsel and Director of Public Prosecutions.

In fact, “QC” is not quite the distinction it once was: 10% of the practising Bar now hold “letters patent” as QC. Still, let’s leave that aside.

I myself was once a practising barrister, as many of the readers of this blog will be aware: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/.

I was always surprised at the naive mental attitude of many barristers in respect of the society in which they live and work. One often finds that barristers are not in step with the public. Often, also, the public view is the right one, and the barrister-view incorrect or too narrow.

For example, in the Tony Martin case 20+ years ago, barristers I knew were adamant that the defendant had to be guilty of murder because one of the “gypsies” (Irish tinker “travellers”) who attacked Martin’s farm (at night, miles from any help) had been shot in the back while fleeing. Legally, perhaps correct, or certainly arguable, but on appeal the judges at least recognized the realities, and reduced the conviction to manslaughter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Martin_(farmer).

The general public backed Martin to the hilt. So did I, a barrister (at the time), but then I was never a typical grey barrister-drone.

Take another case, the EU Referendum. No doubt many barristers were pro-Brexit, but (anecdotally) most favoured Remain. The public, particularly the white English public, favoured Brexit (perhaps by 60 to 40).

Look at the terminally hopeless Change UK “party”. Packed with pro-Remain members of the Bar. Electorally? Nowhere.

My point is that the Bar is totally out of touch with public sentiment. MPs are also out of touch. Both intersecting groups are insulated by groupthink —as well as money— from the realities of UK life.

Starmer’s reported outburst does not surprise me in the slightest. A wealthy ex-lawyer, married to a Jewish woman, completely tied-up with the Jewish/Israel lobby, and who apparently (I read) owns, with his Jewish wife, a number of buy-to-let properties. His world is also that of Islington/London. London Bubble. Westminster Bubble. Bar Bubble. Remote from the concerns of most people in the UK.

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The stunning Sadie Marquardt. Surely the best bellydancer in the world. What a woman!

More tweets

“Routine” surgery? Meaning that people who have painful, often dangerous, conditions, but that are not immediately life-threatening, will be left to suffer while the System pursues its mad and/or evil “Covid” obsession.

Can you believe that millions of poor saps actually stood outside their little houses and clapped all this, only a year or so ago?!

Like Tony Blair (for whom she once worked).

Blair was only a barrister, and on a low level, for a few years before becoming an MP and then, after many years, Prime Minister. Now he is said to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Yes, his moneygrubbing wife works as a barrister, but that scarcely explains capital of hundreds of millions. Neither came from a particularly moneyed background, either. Another mystery…

Kristalltag Wien jetzt!

There is only one justice for the government, ministers, and MPs who have done this.

The Great Replacement. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

The Great Reset…

Planned insanity, so that, eventually, the bamboozled masses reach out for anything promising social order. It is already happening. Look at the opinion polls (rigged or no). Majorities for facemask nonsense (which is pointless), “vaccines” (which don’t work), even for forced “vaccination” and punishment for non-compliers (the very hallmark of a police state dystopia).

…and answer came there none.

In fact, those refusing to say that “2+2=5” (or 55, or 555) are unwanted by the transnational conspiracy. That applies especially to Northern European (and derived from…) people.

The conspiracy wants a population, preferably mixed-race, that will listen to orders and obey, without ever questioning “the Science” or the propaganda, of the System, or the Government, and which will not ask “why has no-one died from or even become unwell with influenza for 18 months?“, or “if blacks are as intelligent and useful as whites, why does every country with a majority black population fall into poverty and savagery?“…and so on.


The little monkey even admits the conspiracy from his own mouth! Wants to build “a global surveillance network“…

Still say that that is “a conspiracy theory”?

The transnational conspiracy is racing ahead now, as we approach 2022, the next key year in the 33-year cycle. The last one, 1989, led to several world-changing trends: the fall of socialism, the fall of Arab/Muslim oil power, the destruction of any major military threat to Israel, etc.

We can seize back at least part of the agenda, though.

On this day, a year ago

Late tweets

Any business that goes beyond bare or superficial compliance with the System “Covid” nonsense must be boycotted, or otherwise caned.

“Antifa” and other “useful idiots”, pro-Jewish lobby (usually), pro-“Covid” police state etc. Many of them have mental illnesses or conditions.

More lies from the purveyors of lies…

“Manon des Sources” used to retweet me when I had a Twitter account (the Jew-Zionist lobby had me expelled in 2018). While we may not be ideologically at one, her tweets are well worth reading.

Is there not even one person in these islands who might…?

‘Nuff said…

Late comment

I happened to hear a very easy-going interview on BBC Radio 4 this evening. Nick Robinson interviewing expenses cheat, supporter of the Israel lobby —and otherwise sleazy— MP, Chris Bryant [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant].

I came in a few minutes from the start, but it is clear that Robinson did not tax Bryant on any of his contentious “issues”, such as his cheating on his Parliamentary expenses, his “colourful” personal life, or (which is what really caught my attention) his considerable connection with the subversive and unpleasant Common Purpose network (for which Bryant was once a salaried manager) [see https://www.cpexposed.com/about-common-purpose]. See also https://wikileaks.org/wiki/Common_purpose.

Robinson did not even mention any of the several scandals which have involved Chris Bryant, who now (“couldn’t make it up” department?) is…wait for it… Chair of the Standards Committee in the House of Commons! See https://committees.parliament.uk/committee/290/committee-on-standards/news/115155/chris-bryant-mp-elected-as-chair-of-the-committee-on-standards/.

Late music

The Conservatives, Boris Johnson, Upcoming Political Events and the Currents in Society

We come soon to the culmination of the farcical Conservative Party leadership election, the result of which will be decided by a simple majority of the supposed 140,000 (possibly only 100,000, though a few say 160,000) members of that party. About 1 in every 300 or 400 UK adults is a Conservative Party member. If two-thirds vote in the leadership election, that means that not only the Conservative Party leader but also the Prime Minister –by default– is about to be elected by perhaps 50,000 or 60,000 people, in other words by about 1 in every 900 adults in the UK. There is something bizarre and even sick about this.

At time of writing (5 July 2019) it looks as if Boris Johnson (for me, Boris-Idiot is the right label…) will win easily. Others say that the race may be closer than most have thought. Either way, very few if any are predicting a win for Jeremy Hunt.

I have blogged before about the contest and also about a few of the main protagonists. Most relevant now would be these:



Returning to my first paragraph, I happened recently to hear some Radio 4 Today Programme interviewer, perhaps Nick Robinson, asking Conservative Party members in Wales their views on what I see as the tragi-comic “leadership” contest. There were about half a dozen or so, all from one local Conservative Association.

Only one in that group was thinking of voting for Hunt; the rest all preferred Boris-Idiot. Only one struck me as in any way thoughtful, a young man (the only one, in fact, who seemed to be of under pensionable age) who was not much taken with either candidate.

What interested me most about that group was the incredible level of both political ignorance and socio-political unreality. One old bird, who sounded around 80, opined (re. Brexit) “we got through two world wars, we can get through this, and I think that Boris is the man to bring the country together.”

Where does one even start to unpack nonsense of that sort? First of all, it implies that Britain somehow endured two massive wars and came out OK (if not “victorious”), whereas in fact the two main open conflicts of the 20th Century crippled the UK and mortally-wounded the British Empire (qua empire), a fact concealed by the very great overall improvement in British living standards since 1914.

Then there is that bit about “Boris” being the politician (surely even the aforesaid old bird cannot regard the idiot as a “statesman”?) who can “bring the country together”. What country is that? Can people really be that blind? There is no “country” to speak of any more. What there is is a geographic space, inhabited by a motley collection of races, ethnicities, social groups, “tribes” (both social and ethnic), lifestyles etc. I do not think that even the old descriptive term “classes” really fits any more. Society has fallen apart to the extent that the idea of a “working class”, a “middle class” or “middle classes”, let alone an “upper class” or “aristocracy”, is not just lacking in credibility but is actually pathetic. That is even if we leave aside the race question.

What is the “working class” now? Anyone who receives less than a designated income? The bottle-throwers of the EDL? “White van man” with his artisan trade and his purchased council house or tract home, complete with Sky TV and an above-ground pool in the back garden? The “chavs” or “chavscum”, with their sub-American “culture” of baseball caps, untaxed cars and drug use? The officially-bullied and taunted unemployed or disabled? The blacks and browns?

Faux-revolutionary scribbler and metro-gay propagandist Owen Jones was unable to shoehorn these new types into the traditional Marxist categories, so conflated proletariat and lumpenproletariat in his book “Chavs: the demonization of the working class“. Unable to find enough steel workers, miners and trawlermen to constitute a viable “working class”, Jones ropes in whatever he can from the poorly-incomed “precariat”: call centre workers, unemployed, retail staff, low-paid office bods etc.

Then we have the “middle class”, or as used to be said, “the middle classes”. Prior to World War Two, these strata were fairly well defined: the “upper” middle-classes (fringing on the gentry and even aristocracy), with their successful, long-established business firms (The Forsyte Saga), Oxford/Cambridge education (Brideshead Revisited, Zuleika Dobson etc), careeerism in the Diplomatic Service, the Bar, the higher ranks of the medical profession, the armed services. Then there were the “middle middles” in management, small business ownership etc. The “lower middle class”, meaning the lower ranks of management etc, were a vast throng, sometimes only distinguishable from “the workers” by the wearing of a tie.

In America, these terms are (certainly now) either not used, or used differently.

Then we have the “aristocracy” and “gentry”, the latter sometimes termed (as late as the 1950s, in novels by the likes of Agatha Christie) as “the County” (the older, more significant, or wealthy landed families in any particular county). This stratum was already being infiltrated by foreign or alien elements as early as the 19th Century.

Winston Churchill was famously half-American. He was not alone. Many ancient or at least old houses admitted an American admixture, usually for reasons of money. Even some Jewish and part-Jewish women married into the English and Scottish nobility. One well-known example was the 6th Duke of Carnarvon, whose ancestral home, Highclere Castle, is today used as the fictional Downton Abbey on TV. His mother’s biological father was a Rothschild: “Rothschild provided a marriage settlement of £500,000 and paid off all Lord Carnarvon’s existing debts.” [Wikipedia] Tens of millions in the money of today.

The 2nd Duke of Westminster was incensed by the way in which Jews were infiltrating the British aristocracy, and (according to his third wife, Loelia) was writing a book on the subject, which book has, regrettably, never been published.

The society which now exists in Britain, especially in England and Wales, is a mixture of the old pre-1939 society, that which developed between 1939 and —arguably— 1979 or 1989, and that which has since emerged.

I think that we have to be quite clear here. At present, we do not have a functioning or sustainable society in the UK. The appearance of one owes much to the older, pre-1989, way of doing things, to institutions which still exist, though badly-wounded: the monarchy, the police, the armed services, the NHS, the Civil Service, local government. The people who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and even 1960s are carrying on as if Britain is a unified country. It is not. It is a mass of contradictions and absurdities.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in the late 1980s and early 1990s (officially, 1991), huge numbers of people in factories, on farms, attending country rail stations, driving trams, carried on working even though in many cases they were not being paid. The society carried on under its own momentum for a while. Britain is like that socially, politically. More and more parts of British society are either not working properly or are not working at all, but many have not fully woken up to that fact.

If the working classes and to a large extent the middle classes have been replaced by the “chavscum” and “precariat”, the short-term contract people, the here-today-gone-tomorrow little businesses etc, then the former “gentry”, “aristocracy” (insofar as the term has meaning in Britain) and even royals have just become functions of the cosmopolitan wealth-soaked “celebrity” culture, in which it is hard to distinguish between a film star, a pop star, a TV talking head, a Premier League footballer and his WAG, Gary Lineker, Prince Harry or the Royal Mulatta.

As far as the Royal Family are concerned, it is noticeable how there is an almost-complete gulf between the older royals, such as the Queen and Prince Philip and the present generation, with Prince Charles and the others a kind of halfway house. The older royals are recognizably “royal”. One might or might not be “royalist”; that is another question, but no-one could mistake the Queen and consort (whether one “likes” them or not) for “ordinary citizens”.

By the time you get to Prince William and “Kate”, or Harry and the “Royal Mulatta”, there is very little that marks them out as “royal” at all, unless it is ingrained public acceptance (propped up by the msm) and their own huge sense of entitlement, brought home most recently by the endless boring soap opera of Harry, the £2.5 million refurbishment of his new house (work paid for, in effect, by the people) , and the various rumours and tabloid interest around “the Royal Mulatta” (a mixed-race woman, formerly a Hollywood TV actress, and formerly married to an American Jew).

The present generation of “royals” are scarcely “royal” at all: they are educated in ordinary (if expensive) schools and universities, live lives which are carefully crafted to at least seem “ordinary” most of the time, and seem to feel that they can do largely as they please in terms of marriages, children etc.

In fact, it could well be said that the only thing linking the attitudes of the present three generations of royals is their sense of entitlement.

When we look at the more “ordinary” people of the UK, do we see there a “country” which is “united” or which might be “unified” (leaving aside the question of whether a clown like Boris Johnson could “unify” anything)? I think not.

The racial question is also hugely-important. Can a multikulti society survive and thrive? I think not; not for long. People used to point at the USA. Well, look now. Falling to pieces. Britain is about 87% “white” (mainly English), but even that figure is doubtful. If you take out Scotland, and Wales, and Northern Ireland, that figure, now for England alone, shrinks alarmingly. Huge cities and large towns in England now have a minority of inhabitants who are really English.

Looking again at Boris-Idiot:

The Balliol College Register for 1983 contains an entry that begins: “JOHNSON Alexander Boris de Pfeffel: JOHNSON, Boris – b. 19 June 1964. New York. American. Generally known while at Balliol as Boris Johnson. Eton; Balliol 1983–7.” [Daily Telegraph]

Note that. “American”. At that time, Johnson was considered to be an American, born in the USA, with an American passport, and brought up in the USA and Belgium as well as the UK.

Johnson was born to British parents on 19 June 1964 in Manhattan‘s Upper East Side in New York City.[4] His birth was registered with both the U.S authorities and the city’s British Consulate, thereby granting him both American and British citizenship.[5] His father, Stanley Johnson, was then studying economics at Columbia University.[6]

Johnson’s maternal grandfather was the lawyer Sir James Fawcett.[7] Johnson’s paternal great-grandfather was CircassianTurkishjournalist Ali Kemal[8][9][10] who was a secular Muslim; his father’s other ancestry includes English and French, including descent from King George II of Great Britain.[11] Johnson’s mother was Charlotte Fawcett;[12] an artist from a family of liberal intellectuals, she had married Stanley in 1963, prior to their move to the U.S.[13] She is the granddaughter of Elias Avery Lowe, a palaeographer, who was a Russian Jewish immigrant to the U.S.,[14] and Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, a translator of Thomas Mann. Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew and Orthodox Jewish rabbi.”

In reference to his varied ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a “one-man melting pot” – with a combination of Muslims, Jews, and Christians as great-grandparents.”


We see, time and again, and reflective of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion [usually called a “forgery” but better described as “literary fantasy reflecting facts and real events”], that those assigned leading political positions by the New World Order [NWO] and ZOG [“Zionist Occupation Government”] are not Jewish as such but part-Jew. Boris Johnson is one example. David Cameron [Cameron-Levita] was another. Theresa May another. Sarkozy too. This all fits in with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, which underpins the EU.



In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), written in 1925, [Coudenhove-Kalergi] describes the future of Jews in Europe and of European racial composition with the following words:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The EurasianNegroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.”


There you have it: a black-brown-white mulatto dustbin race, ruled over by Jews and part-Jews, and/or by freemasons. That is their vision of EU Europe, including the UK. Now you see how it is that the 2016 Referendum result has led to delay, vacillation, huge fear propaganda, plans to hold a second referendum, blah blah blah. All because this goes beyond trade, beyond co-operation. It is a massive international and cosmopolitan conspiracy.

“Hitler did not share the ideas of his Austrian compatriot. He argued in his 1928 Secret Book that they are unfit for the future defence of Europe against America. As America fills its North American lebensraum, “the natural activist urge that is peculiar to young nations will turn outward.” But then “a pacifist-democratic pan-European hodgepodge state” would not be able to oppose the United States, as it is “according to the conception of that commonplace bastard, Coudenhove-Kalergi…”


As so often, Hitler has been proven to be right. The EU, that “pacifist-democratic pan-European hodgepodge state” is indeed unable to oppose the American expansionism which is in fact better termed NWO/ZOG expansion. It was planned to be like that, secretly. The EU does not stand in opposition to the USA (meaning the NWO) but is at the higher levels tied in with it.

The EU has already begun “the Great Replacement”, the replacement of decent, progressive, evolving European peoples with the backward black and brown peoples who will make suitable slaves for the planned robotic and AI-oriented superstate or “European space” of the near or medium-term future. Below, one aspect of that:

An injection of millions of blacks and browns into the heart of white Northern Europe.

Not for nothing did Angela Merkel, a recipient of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize [sanitized as the “Charlemagne Prize”]


decide to break EU law and to “invite” untold millions of blacks and browns etc to invade EU territory. This is all part of the plan.



This continues, though now not much publicized. Meanwhile, EU “leaders” [NWO puppets such as Macron] recently met in Marrakesh, where they “decided” to funnel millions more migrants “legally” into the EU, thus not so much disturbing the invaded European peoples. At the same time, they decided to make any criticism of it illegal. The real decisions are of course taken earlier, behind closed doors.

Returning to the UK, to the Conservative leadership farce etc, there seem to be various possibilities when Johnson wins and, however briefly, becomes Prime Minister. The first thing to understand is that Boris-Idiot is no strong character, but a weak and vacillating one. I cannot be sure, but I think that he will probably agree to something with the EU, then try to sell it to the British people as a huge improvement on Theresa May’s “deal”. I doubt that he will, in any real sense, take the UK out of the EU in October 2019. If he does, it will almost certainly be a con-trick. Brexit In Name Only.

One has to ask oneself why the msm have been promoting Boris-Idiot as “Prime Minister in Waiting” for years and years, despite his obvious unfitness for any kind of high office.

Should Boris Johnson really try to take the UK out of the EU on WTO terms, his time as Prime Minister will be measured in weeks not months. It only takes 3 or 4 Conservative MPs to abstain in a confidence vote to effectively remove Boris Johnson as PM. Or for 2 or 3 Conservatives to vote against their own government.

If that were to happen, there would be a general election and one of the first seats to fall would be that of Boris Johnson himself, at Uxbridge. It will be recalled how Johnson at first signed up to the Theresa May “deal” (he wanted to stay in the Cabinet…). How much more will Johnson want to cling on as Prime Minister! He has no honour, no real ideas (beyond schoolboy ones such as garden bridges, cablecars over the Thames, water-cannon, Boris Island etc). He has no ideals, no real ideology. He is also administratively incompetent. He is very likely going to be the worst prime minister the UK has ever had, certainly for the past century or more.

Boris Johnson is looking to be not only one of the least-worthy and least-fitted persons ever to hold that great office of Prime Minister of the UK, but also one of the weakest. Johnson will be a prisoner of Remain-favouring MPs. He has no real desire to Remain or Leave. All that matters to him is being Prime Minister for as long as possible, not to accomplish anything, but just to be there (and to get the perks etc). Money in terms of salary etc is not the main thing, in fact he might lose out, though only temporarily. Memoirs can be penned later and millions paid…

Will Johnson last as PM (assuming that he even gets that far)? Probably not. He is being pulled in various directions, by the DUP whose votes he will need, by the pro-Remain MPs, by the EU. He is as weak as weak could be, politically.

The likelihood must be a 2019 general election.



Beyond that, there is a crying necessity for a serious social-national movement in the UK.













Typically, the Jews look only to their own interests, and the Conservative Party leadership farce is no exception to this rule:


The Jewish Chronicle at least admits to it: “we rate them on the only scale that matters [their Jewishness and/or attitude to the Jews]”

Boris Johnson is liked more than disliked by Conservative Party members (+31%) but greatly more disliked than liked by voters as a whole (-19%)…

Who knows what the future holds for Europe and the world?


Update, 9 July 2019

Having watched the above clip, either Boris Johnson is on cocaine, which would be worrying, or he is not, which would be even more worrying. What more can one say? This is somehow an area beyond ideology. It was once said that the Soviet Union was divided into the drinkers and the non-drinkers. Now Britain, whatever its other divisions, divides into, on the one side, those who see that an idiotic, uncontrolled, madly-ambitious, conscienceless incompetent, without ideas or ideals, is about to become, incredibly, Prime Minister of this country, and on the other side, those who either do not see, are too stupid to understand what Boris-Idiot is, or are totally deluded (or both, or all).

If anyone wanted to be convinced of the complete decadence of “democracy” in the UK, I should think that the Boris-Idiot/Jeremy Hunt “debate” (schoolboy level spout-fest) would be enough, judging from –admittedly– the bits that I myself have now seen. As for the audience, they seemed to love Boris-Idiot, I suppose because they, like mobs and crowds of plebs down the ages, from the days of the Roman Empire and even Republic, want to be entertained, want to be pandered to, and above all do not want to have to think seriously.

A small selection of Twitter vox pop

The lady below sets the bar low! What a stupid woman!

Someone [below] is awake, anyway…

Another who is not asleep…

As I predicted some time ago, Boris Johnson, Boris Idiot, shows weakness in every way. Here is his latest indication.


Johnson is a doormat for for the USA and for Israel.


Update, 15 July 2019

Ha. Here we are…https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7248815/Next-EU-chief-Ursula-von-der-Leyen-says-agree-Brexit-delay.html

Update, 18 July 2019

What more can one add?…

Update, 24 July 2019

Boris-Idiot won by about 92,000 votes to about 48,000. Clear but not overwhelming. “Boris” will therefore become PM today or tomorrow, unless some public-spirited chauffeur runs over him in a ministerial limousine.

92,000 elderly Conservative members have decided that they want Boris-Idiot as Prime Minister. The other 65 million UK residents have no say. All that UK voters can do, in any future Westminster election, starting today, is vote any way except Conservative

The reaction has been sharp and is not confined to those who want to Remain in the EU.

Foreign or near-abroad reaction?